Brazilian Hair Removal


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  • How is the procedure?
  • "Do it yourself"

In recent years, more and more often you can hear the term "Brazilian hair removal." What is it? Let's deal. As stated at the classics: "In man, everything should be fine ...". Chekhov is certainly right. It only remains to add - especially if this person - woman. With a capital letter. From the time immemorial, great ladies of Egypt, Rome and Greece paid special attention to the decoration intimate places. Depending on your preferences and fashion trends, hair gave the desired shape, stained in different colors, or removed altogether, causing the smooth skin of intricate patterns and designs.

According to some reports, in Europe the fashion of jewelry naughty intimate zone imposed thirsty Catherine de Medici. And it was, if you remember from the school course of history, in the XVI century. Moreover, it is difficult to deny the French queen in the absence of imagination - "squeak" of the time except for a few braids, woven into them with colored ribbons.

A new push fashion for intimate haircuts given the sexual revolution that began in the 60s of XX century. With the advent of bikinis and nudist beaches ladies were again to focus on the beauty of the intimate parts of the body. However, Brazilian hair removal all came later - only 90 years of the last century. Where did this fashion, and why hair removal - "Brazil"? Everything is very simple.

Twenty-five years ago, in New York, seven sisters by the name Padila decided to open a beauty salon. The girls were from Brazil, and they have shown to the world that their country epilation bikini doing so. This is understandable - the hot climate, the southern temperament, narrow swimwear - of excess, "vegetation" in intimate places was necessary to get rid of. This method is very fond of many women in various parts of the world.

Indeed, Brazilian depilation can be compared with the carnival - it is the same passionate, attractive, exciting and alluring. And, also like the carnival, it has its ardent supporters and opponents. Some women believe that it exists mockery. Others, who at least once in your life passed through this procedure, say that no, no pain and discomfort did not eclipse the undisguised delight and admiration in the eyes of men. So once is better to venture out and try to make their own conclusions.

What it is?

So, the intrigue created. Now let's talk about the Brazilian depilation in more detail. Under brazilian meant waxing deep bikini area, that is, hair is removed, not only in this zone, but also with the labia, perineum, and from around the anus. But not all so mundane as it may seem at first glance. Brazilian waxing is like art - if desired, the hair can not be removed completely, and the remaining plants will be given the original form and color.

As has become clear, it is - the procedure is very intimate and not for shy persons, because that the procedure was successful, you have to take the most revealing and surprising poses. But if you ignore and realize that the designer bikinis - it's the same doctor, the awkwardness and shyness will be held after the first procedure.

How is the procedure?

Brazilian waxing is performed, usually with hot wax. What awaits you on arrival to the salon? For a start - a consultation with a designer bikini. Very well, if you have at least approximately, imagine that you want to get a result. However, even if it is not - does not matter. The designer will show you a variety of catalogs and help you choose the appropriate option, to discuss the possibility of additional ornaments. One of the most popular hairstyles in the bikini area are the heart, herringbone, crown, bat and butterfly. However, other options - weight. You can easily pick up something for your taste.

For extra decoration, you can use sequins, rhinestones and feathers. They are fixed by means of glue for eyelashes. Look, it's very original and sexy, however, there is also one drawback - to preserve this beauty all have to perform hygiene procedures very carefully. So before you settle for jewelry, all you need to think carefully.

When the decision is made, then the second stage - inspection. Beautician must make sure that bikini you have no wounds, cuts or inflammation of the skin is intact fungal diseases, and lymph nodes in the groin are not increased. If even one of these problems is present - the procedure would have to move.

The next step - patterning. Using a special stencil master gently contour drawing inflicts on the skin. All unnecessary removed from the bikini hot wax. This - the most unpleasant and painful part. But without it, unfortunately, I can not do. In order to smooth the discomfort, most salons offer make light anesthesia using special ointments.

And finally, the final stage - the creation of the drawing. Using tweezers, beauticians tweak the shape and comb and nail scissors, hairs give the desired length. Then - painting. Typically, it takes from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the structure of the hair. Typically, such seats gentle only natural dyes. Established picture will delight you for 15-20 days, and then have to repeat the entire procedure. However, some lucky women whose hair does not grow very quickly, manage to preserve this masterpiece of erotic art and much longer - up to six months. However, this - the exception rather than the rule.

"Do it yourself"

You can not decide on such an intimate procedure in the cabin? Feel free? Option for prudes - Brazilian hair removal at home. After all, the house, as they say, and walls help. However, if you are not a designer bikini, that on complex figures and ornaments should forget - this is hardly something to happen. However, the complete removal of unwanted hair is possible. For this you need a cosmetic wax and a wooden applicator. 20-25 minutes before the procedure is recommended to drink painkillers. Heat the wax in chinaware and gently apply the applicator all the hairs. Once the wax hardens, remove it abruptly. You should not "stretch the fun" and try to do it slowly - will only be painful, and the effect will be much worse.

After the procedure is necessary to soften and soothe irritated skin in the bikini area. This will help a variety of powders, creams and oils. When the hair will start to grow, experts recommend the use of scrubs and sponges, to avoid problems with ingrown hairs. Remember that for a Brazilian waxing the hair should not be less than 5 mm, or wax them just do not take.

There are also a number of contraindications: pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, hypertension. In addition, it is not necessary in the first days after epilation steam in the sauna or sunbathe, to avoid inflammation. We all strive for perfection, and Brazilian waxing - just another small step on this long and difficult path. Doing it or not - you decide. After all, everyone - its ideas about beauty.

 Brazilian Hair Removal - Beauty requires sacrifice

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 linseed oil for weight loss

Flax seed oil - is an indispensable product for health. Just include it in your diet, you normaliziruete the whole body and can be cured of many diseases.

Flax - is one of the first crops, which began to cultivate people. Over the years this plant lechilo, provided clothes and feed people. In Russia, it was almost the main product after grain. Oilseed flax grown specifically for seed. Natural flax seed oil is obtained by cold-pressed flax meal under pressure. The result is two useful products: unrefined flaxseed oil and flaxseed meal (cake which remains after pressing the seeds). The oil contains a lot of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, and remain in the flour and cellulose fiber, useful for your body substances.

Flax seed oil can be golden yellow or darker, depending on the degree of squeezing and purity. The biological value of flax seed displays it on the first place among other vegetable oils. It contains vitamins F, A, E, B, K.

Be careful, flaxseed oil can not tolerate prolonged heat treatment, so it is desirable to add to the already prepared meals. Fry the linseed oil is not worth it - because it will lose all its useful properties.

Due to its characteristics, it is widely used flaxseed oil for weight loss. Its use in medicine and cosmetology. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid), has beneficial effects on brain activity, memory and reaction speed.

Losing weight with the help of linseed oil

New fashion trends raises the front of the girls the problem of excess weight. To get rid of the hated couple of centimeters at the waist or hips, many decide to abandon the use of fats in general, including vegetable. Doing this is strictly not necessary, because for the normal functioning of brain cells, some types of fats are essential. There are two essential fatty acids - "omega-3", and linoleic acid. It is from them alone the body synthesizes all the rest he needed fat. Specifically, these acids, the body obtains only with food.

Deficiency of essential fatty acids may lead to chronic degenerative diseases, such as cancer, hypertension or stroke. Great helper in this situation can become lean flaxseed oil. Moreover, use of this oil normalizes lipid metabolism and, therefore, promotes weight loss. Many nutritionists suggest using slimming linseed oil for those who want to lose weight.

Much to lose weight with linseed oil, of course, fail. But you can easily achieve the desired results, replacing the white bread for whole grain wheat, from raw flax meal. In addition, it will help you lose weight, then the bread also contains a plurality of active elements (minerals, vitamins and crude fiber - fiber). Fiber in this case acts as an absorbent and cleanses the intestines of toxins and impurities. Linseed oil for weight loss application that lubricates the intestines and contributes to its stable operation, will produce results only after long-term use.

Regular intake of flaxseed oil promotes weight loss, but only cold-pressed oil. To this end, should take 1st teaspoon daily, 20-30 minutes before meals. The dose of flaxseed oil for weight loss should gradually increase to one tablespoon.

You can buy flaxseed oil for weight loss at any pharmacy at a reasonable price. Regular consumption of oil will help you get rid of 4 to 8 kg per month. More effective linseed oil for weight loss in conjunction with exercise on weight loss. Linseed oil diet helps increase the flow of night fats in the body - it does not allow the new deposited fatty layer and helps burn already accumulated in the body fat.

Girls who have been using for a couple of months linseed oil for weight loss ratings left uniquely good.

The benefits and applications of linseed oil

Regular consumption of flaxseed oil helps to reduce cholesterol and blood viscosity, increases the elasticity of blood vessels and, therefore, reduces the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and many others.

Daily consumption of flaxseed oil can help lower blood pressure and to carry out prevention of heart attacks and strokes. This is due to the reduction of load on the cardiovascular system, by reducing blood viscosity and a balanced fat level. Flaxseed oil helps to improve skin color and hair, has beneficial effects on the nervous system and improves vision. If you are concerned about the frequent swelling, linseed oil will contribute to the work of the kidneys. Lean oil well helps to ease or cure asthma symptoms and helps to alleviate premenstrual syndrome and premenopause flow.

Linseed oil can be used for weight loss in pure form or in admixture with other vegetable oils. You can also mix the oil with honey, fruit or berry syrup.

Flaxseed oil can be added to salads, mixed with yogurt, yogurt, cereal, or fill them boiled potatoes. Flax seed oil can be added to baked goods, it will give it a special flavor and a pleasant shade.

Flax seed oil normalizes the functioning of the entire digestive system: improves liver function, is used to treat colitis, gastritis, has antiparasitic action. In medicine, the use of flaxseed oil is recommended to patients during rehabilitation after surgery. Also, it is believed that flax seed oil prevents cancer.

Linseed oil can be used for breast cancer prevention. Also linseed oil is used for breast augmentation. After a lot of research, scientists have shown that as the prevention of breast cancer, young women is recommended to eat foods with a high content of lignin in the first place - it is flaxseed oil. Lignin binds and neutralizes the compounds that contribute to the development of breast cancer. Many help linseed oil breast augmentation.

There is a wonderful recipe for homemade mask with linseed oil to the chest. Take 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of honey, 5-10 drops of lemon oil and 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. Mix everything and apply on the chest and neck area. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply cream - the skin becomes taut and fresh.

Very useful to use flaxseed oil during pregnancy - the components have a positive effect on the brain development of the unborn child. In addition, linseed oil during pregnancy facilitates its flow ourselves childbirth.

 linseed oil for hair

Linseed oil in cosmetics

Not only in medicine it showed its healing features of linseed oil used in cosmetics also developed very well. It is a part of all sorts of masks for hair and skin due to its rejuvenating and antibacterial properties.

Probably, there is no area in cosmetology, which would be useful not flaxseed oil - the use of hair always gives positive results, regardless of their condition before treatment.

First of all flaxseed oil is useful for the beauty of your hair. For example, if your hair is dry or damaged after dyeing, apply a little bit of linseed oil and massage lightly for 10 minutes. Try to distribute the oil evenly over the entire length of the hair, then rinse your hair with shampoo.

Also effective is the use of flaxseed oil for the hair when dry seborrhea. The heated oil is rubbed into the roots of the hair 2-3 times a week for two months.

Linseed oil will become an irreplaceable hair when dry, or hair loss. Women who have used flaxseed oil for hair is left only good reviews.

Moisturizing the skin can also be trusted with oil. A lot of girls use flaxseed oil for the body to refresh and soften the skin. It is used for sensitive and normal skin. Linseed oil for the body can be used for daily care - it will help to maintain skin tone, protect against UV rays. In addition, the oil has a rejuvenating effect.

Very useful linseed oil to the skin of hands. If, after the hard work the skin of your hands slightly coarsened, is to take a few drops of linseed oil and rub it in your hands. It will soften your skin better than any cream. Mask of flaxseed oil great help for dry and damaged skin of hands. Take one egg yolk, one capsule of vitamin E and half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Mix all ingredients, put on your hands and put cosmetic gloves. Wear a mask for half an hour and then rinse it with warm water.

If your skin is too dry and flaky, use this recipe for a mask: 1 tablespoon of honey, juice of one lemon, egg yolk and a teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Then wash your hands with warm water and apply the mask on for 2-3 hours. The effect will not be long in coming.

Flax oil can be added to the mask for décolleté, face and neck. Will linseed oil against cellulite, if you add a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee and used as anti-cellulite peeling. Such a mixture is easy to apply and does not cause allergies. Flaxseed oil helps cellulite better than any cosmetic product and, in contrast, does not cause irritation. Use linseed oil against cellulite will be even more effective if you add to it the essential oils. Thus, you get almost the effect of SPA at home.

Unrefined flax oil contains vitamin A and F, which promote skin nutrition and moisturizing it. The lack of these vitamins can lead to dry skin and peeling it, the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. The use of flaxseed oil for the face helps to soften the skin and moisturize her. It is suitable for skin of all types, and also helps to smooth out shallow wrinkles.

Flaxseed oil promotes healing of bruises, cuts, bruises and other skin damage, flaxseed oil will help acne. It can be applied in a separate form, and as a part of domestic creams. When using the last note with a mixture of linseed oil should be used for 15-20 days, and the oil is in a closed form can be stored for about a year.

Use flaxseed oil for the skin better at night. Just smear it on your face an even layer with a cotton swab and do not wash up in the morning. Then rinse with warm water and a mild facial wash. Do not use oil for the skin around the eyes - linseed oil for the skin in this area will not bring the desired results.

Also popular here is a recipe for a face mask with linseed oil. Take a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, a tablespoon of yeast and 1 tbsp. l. linseed oil. Mix everything and put in a container with hot water, then apply to the face and rinse with warm mass after 15 minutes. Linseed oil for the face - is primarily hydration and nutrition starved cells with essential vitamins. This mask will help to achieve good results in a short time.

The use of flaxseed oil for the face helps to protect the skin from UV rays, frost and wind.

The healing properties of flax seed in folk medicine

Since ancient times, linseed oil has been used not only in cooking but also in medicinal purposes. It was with linseed oil people initially coped with many ailments. It is important to eat only high-quality oil, cold pressed. To achieve good results, it is recommended each day to add to eat 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

You can use flaxseed oil for external use in the residual foci of psoriasis, skin rashes, with herpes. The application of linseed oil on the blisters and warts promotes rapid healing of damaged skin.

Several old folk recipes using linseed oil survived to our time:

  • For the healing of superficial burns, linseed oil is used in a mixture with calcareous water. Mixing should be in the ratio of 1: 1.
  • In chronic constipation, you can use linseed oil as a laxative: 1-2 tablespoons per night.
  • Flaxseed oil can be added to food baby with chronic lung disease. The oil helps develop factors in the body, protecting the bronchial mucosa. A positive influence on immunity flax seed oil. Mix 1 teaspoon of butter with a spoon of sugar and let kiddies weakened three times a day.
  • Also, flax seed oil is used in folk medicine as from heartburn, ulcers and intestinal worms.
  • Traditional recipes using linseed oil used to treat loss of eyelashes. Coat the lashes before going to sleep with a mixture of grape, almond and linseed oil for eyelashes. All components must be taken in equal proportions. Linseed oil for eyelashes will help to increase their density, to make longer and more beautiful.
  • Traditionally, flax seeds are also used in order to get rid of stretch marks. In a few spoons of linseed oil, add 5-6 drops of essential oils of rosemary and neroli. The resulting mixture lubricate the area where there were extensions. This method will get rid of more efficient if flaxseed oil of stretching combined with massage and beauty wraps.
 Linseed oil for weight loss and body care and hair

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