Brazilian Carnival


  • Moments of History
  • The ecstasy incendiary rhythm
  • Feathers and rhinestones, or a masterpiece for one night
  • While waiting for the dawn

That just does not make people in an attempt to escape from the dullness of everyday life! Someone goes on a journey to exotic countries, someone develops extreme sports. However, such a class may not be available each for different reasons. And absolutely desperate shrugged laid on the couch in front of "blue screen" TV's, trying to get away with his head in contemplation of another's joy. Not a very attractive prospect, is not it? And why not try to take part in any festival or carnival procession? The choice depends on the time of year, and it is huge on a global scale.

Perhaps the most rich in numerous festivals and carnivals can be considered in February. In late February-early March all over the world a wave of carnivals. Then you and the Venetian carnival with gorgeous masks, more like works of art, and carnival in Dusseldorf, by the way - the longest in the world, with their eccentricities and comic processions. And Goan Carnival, a three-day reign of Moma. Carnival and Mardi Gras - cherished dream of gourmets and hedonists of the world. But the most striking and the most crazy can rightfully be called a Brazilian carnival. An exotic blend of European elegance and passion of primitive peoples of Africa, endearing and fun infecting her.

 history of Brazilian carnival

Moments of History

To this day, do not calm down a heated debate about where the originates Brazilian carnival. Many believe that the beginning served as a celebrity in his time in Portugal "mock processions." In those days it was decided to make fun of each other, drench passers-by with water, "shelling" paint balls, eggs, beans and flour. Girls from the balconies of the houses were labeled improvised projectiles in the head guys liked it. Moreover, the "victim" exact hit was not offended, on the contrary - it is perceived as a kind of flirting and flirting. And could serve as the basis for a closer acquaintance.

It is believed that the foundation of the carnival were the pagan dances, when the colorful procession passed through the streets of towns and cities. By the way, a tradition to adorn themselves with bright feathers originates in these dances.

Of course, the church condemned elements of paganism inherent in such festivities, but over time, as in the case of the Russian carnival, even those festivities timed to the last days before Lent.

But the Brazilians would not be Brazilian if not made in the Carnival unique to this country nuances. The history of the Brazilian carnival in the form in which it is presented annually to the numerous participants and guests, dates back to 1916, when specifically for the festive procession was written first samba, which became the main attribute of the carnival. Already in 1928 there were the first samba school. Exactly four years later it became the seat of the Brazilian Carnival competitions of all these schools. And despite the fact that the Carnival in Brazil is young enough, he pressure inherent temperamental only Brazilians, it takes prisoner and won the hearts of many at this fantastic holidays.

 Brazilian carnival costumes

The ecstasy incendiary rhythm

Rio de Janeiro - a city-dream of Ostap Bender. In the days of the carnival of its air once in a special electrified. It seems that small sparks run through the skin, or injected into the blood injection of adrenaline. Another second, and the holiday falls tsunami wave, causing choke universal happiness and joy. During the week of life in Rio is subject to the same rhythm - the rhythm of the samba. On many streets of the city is no place for cars and motorcycles. Only a half-naked people dancing in the middle of multi-lane roads. Temperamental Brazilians are experts with gladness, not in vain in the culture of this country intricately intertwined, African, European and Native American traditions.

For five days, the many samba schools compete with each other in the art of dancing, colorful costumes and the design of special platforms .  Rio Center, Avenida Marques da Sapucai, where the Sambadrome - wide mall thirteen meters and length of seven hundred meters, turns into an open air theater .  This mall designed in 1984 specifically for carnivals .  Heart seventy thousand people are still on the stands, beat in the same rhythm .  The famous samba schools have to show their ability in all its glory .  During certain times they have to pass on the Sambadrome, doing dance steps .  In his speech, attended by several thousand people at a time .  By the way, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - the phenomenon of democracy, and then it does not matter in what area of ​​the city is a school of samba .  It can be a school of the prestigious area - Grande Rio or favelas - Rocinha; everyone has the opportunity to become the best of the best .

The official part of the carnival begins with the transmission of the symbolic keys to the city "King of Carnival". His symbolic confer the right to issue and revoke any laws at all times of the carnival. However, the main law these days sounds quite clearly - all have fun! And he enthusiastically obey as the indigenous people, as well as numerous tourists who came specifically to see this costume competition dancers. And the bravest dare to join. By paying only $ 600, anyone can become a part of the process of one of the samba schools.

Peak carnival falls on a Sunday and Monday, when the Sambadrome take place on a platform representing the big leagues - fourteen best schools in Brazil. Sounds anthem Brazilian Carnival - March "Spread Your Wings", written in 1899 by composer Shkin Gonzaga. And begins the eye invisible competition. Why invisible? Quite simply looking at this incendiary act, the beautiful and mesmerizing movement of dancers, it is impossible to believe that every movement, every smile, and every look rehearsed during the year. Strict jury tracker for carnival procession, closely following the slightest inaccuracy in the pattern of the dance. Clearance marching in a column, or slack in the storyline could lead to the fact that precious points will be removed, and the dance school next year will be forced to find new sponsors.

 Brazilian Carnival in Rio

Feathers and rhinestones, or a masterpiece for one night

Undoubtedly, at the mention of the phrase "Brazilian Carnival" emerges clearly in the minds of fantastic costumes, consisting of feathers and small pieces of cloth, decorated with rhinestones and glitter. After all, his main task - to emphasize the excellent, well-trained dancer's body, select it in the crowd and to identify the main theme of the festival. Thus, the Brazilian carnival costumes become full participants in the festival.

Every year, each of the hundreds of calls the theme samba schools, or «enredo» in Portuguese, which is based on the composition of the dance. And that means, and execution of the dance platform and carnival costumes must exactly match, and disclose designated theme.

Elegant, hand-embroidered with crystals, beads and shells, suits cost a lot of money. Designers are developing specially design carnival costume, trying to outdo each other. After all, it is their competition.

Each pattern, each accessory carnival costume has its own value. And this is no accident, since the tradition to wear a tall hats decorated with feathers, came to Brazil from Africa. Each headdress - saying that is carrying a certain sense. Just like embroidery, inherited from Indian tribes. Weigh these costumes sometimes very much up to fifty kilograms and fragile girl standing on the platform, it is necessary also to dance, and so that no viewer will not notice the voltage. And so easy to suit it becomes one of the main criteria.

Sometimes a part of carnival costume can become a body art. The authorities of Rio de Janeiro banned naked dancers perform, but it's best to pep samba dance in minimum clothes. And not to break the law, but it does not hamper the numerous beautiful body clothes, dancers resort to tricks and applied to the body, "ritual" drawings.

Oddly, but these are small and not very (height of some costumes reaches five meters) masterpieces do not store after the carnival as props, which can be useful in some performance. They simply throw away .... Despite the fact that many participants sell the machine to sew a decent carnival costume. And it is connected not with the difficulties of storage. Like many other Brazilians this action has a deep symbolic meaning. Since Carnival in Brazil is preceded by Lent, a farewell to the suits means parting with all flesh and lowlands, the so-called farewell to flesh. While some costumes still awarded the honor of being saved. Most often it suits winners. They are stored in special rooms. And put on a different show and enchanting event.

While waiting for the dawn

Endure a night of dancing, singing, even just waving his hands - not so easy. Emotions going wild, scatter eyes, is simply impossible to determine where the same look: at Sambadrome, where the main action, and the stands, where no less incendiary viewers shake a leg. Sometimes dancing can compete with professional dance steps. Brazilian Carnival ends at dawn. And with the first rays of the sun exhausted, but, of course, to get a real sense of celebration spectators on the white buses leave the Sambadrome. Each of them took with them incomparable positive emotions. And this piece of Brazilian passion.

 Brazilian Carnival - a holiday non stop