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The history of formation and development of the fashion house Louis Vuitton dates back to the mid-19th century, when the young dreamer of a French village went to the embodiment of a long time dream lurking. This was the basis for future achievements!

Today, Louis Vuitton - one of the most popular brands and the most desirable! Stars and bloggers all over the world demonstrate again and again, bags and accessories Louis Vuitton .  Unique classic present in the Louis Vuitton collection won the hearts of both girls and women and men all over the world! Today, 530 Louis Vuitton store opened in 53 countries .  Louis Vuitton - a sample of style, wealth and quality .  The centuries-old history of handbags Louis Vuitton is one of the direct evidence of reputable fashion houses . Louis Vuitton bags on the market of the fashion industry have established themselves as high-quality products that meet all the requirements of customers .  Laconic design, impeccable style, excellent quality, the colors, even the most fastidious taste of Louis Vuitton bags will not leave anyone indifferent - her or him! Constantly updated product range and related to current trends, classic shapes and shades constantly changing modes, it allows you to always keep up with the times .

 Women's Louis Vuitton bag

A huge network of Louis Vuitton store does not make doubt the scale of the importance of this brand .  Fashion house Louis Vuitton offers customers a women's and men's bags Louis Vuitton, bags, purses, clutch bags, accessories and many other things made by hand from high-quality raw materials .  The skins of cows subjected to scrutiny .  Bags Men's brand glorified stories of extraordinary individual orders Tailoring suitcases and bags Louis Vuitton .  A huge range of brands does not leave anyone indifferent .  A wide selection of Louis Vuitton bags will help you find what you were looking for for a long time, to pick exactly the model that you like so long ago .  Emphasize your personality and style of your image will help to accessories! Scarf Louis Vuitton has long been an attribute of style icons .  With a scarf Louis Vuitton you inimitable! Accessories Louis Vuitton handbags dilute any, even the most boring way, make your life brighter and more modern! For every bag purchased will exercise your small dreams bag that carries the story of a young dreamer from villages near Paris .

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 Office work

Office work at first glance may seem gentle to health: it does not require great physical strength and is not associated with an aggressive environment, such as in the chemical industry. However, office workers can be exposed to a variety of so-called "professional" disease, whose symptoms may not appear for a long time. Basic knowledge about these diseases can change your view of the work in the office and in the future to prevent the occurrence of serious health problems.

Consider the most common ones:

  • Microcirculatory disorders and fatigue

The level of humidity in the room - an important factor for maintaining good health, because the human body is 60% consists of water *. If office work predominates dry air, for example, using the air conditioner, a worker may be disturbed by the circulation of oxygen in the system circulation. As a result, there drowsiness, fatigue, risk of frequent respiratory and skin diseases. If possible, it is best to equip a room humidifier, and drink more pure non-carbonated water.

  • Dry eye syndrome

Long hours at the computer lead to the development of so-called syndrome of "dry eye." Today, it is increasingly common among office workers. If you know the feeling of fatigue, "sand" and hurt one's eyes, it is time to consult with an ophthalmologist or a couple times a day to perform simple exercises for eyes (circular rotating clockwise and counterclockwise). Remember - to maintain visual acuity while working at the computer, you must monitor looks from afar and sides at least every 5 minutes.

  • Rachiocampsis

Spending all day in a sitting position, which increases the load on the spine, an office worker at risk of "buy" disease of the musculoskeletal system. Compounding the situation, and bad posture: often people whose activities are related to work at a computer, sitting at the table and pulling his neck hunched forward (which is easier to look at the computer screen). Regardless of the age of the curvature of the spine can cause poor health or chronic disease. Sedentary office work leads to changes in the intervertebral discs and pinched nerves. In addition, office workers often notice recurring pain in the muscles of the back, neck and hands.

To prevent scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and spinal curvature need to move more regularly do exercises and sports, as well as periodically take a massage course. Especially useful exercise on the bar to stretch the spine. During the working day, try to get in the habit of constantly monitor posture - keep your back properly, leaning back in his chair, a monitor at the same time should be at eye level. Also, if possible, often change position. After the end of the day instead of using public transport or private car as much as possible, give preference to pedestrian walks.

  • Pain in the joints

In the joint pain of varying intensity complaining about 58% of men and women engaged in sedentary sedentary work. ** To prevent the development of serious problems with joints will help an active lifestyle - take the time to train in the gym as much as possible give up the elevator and public transport, or dedicate least half an hour a day hiking in the surroundings.

It is also important to know that the pain can be a sign of osteortroza in the early stages of the disease, which is caused by cartilage damage joints. After the first symptoms slowly progressing, osteoarthritis causes disruption of the joint and leads to reduced mobility. It is therefore crucial time to see a doctor and start treatment. As a means of preventing the destruction of the cartilage in the joints, chondroprotectors used, for example, one of the most famous - the drug "Teraflex" from Bayer. With proper reception (at least 3 months), it improves the mobility of joints, and slows the development of osteoarthritis.

  • Phlebeurysm

When you are a long time in a seated position, under the action of gravity in the veins of the lower extremities accumulates additional amount of blood. Prolonged sitting motionless venous blood volume in each leg sharply increases, which may eventually contribute to the risk of developing varicose veins. Since it is not always possible to get up every hour from the workplace and walk around the office, the alternative may be exercises for the legs (warm feet) behind a desk.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you are constantly running for the PC at risk and hands: from office workers often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Its main symptoms - numbness of the hands, pain in the fingers of varying intensity. To prevent further progression of the disease, work on the correct posture, regular exercise the wrist and possibly equip a home computer keyboard and mouse anatomical shape.

Remember - keep health, working in the office, it is not difficult. It is important to acquire healthy habits that gradually come into your life. When sedentary lifestyle in the body breaks down the metabolism, so try to move more and do not skip exercise - this will help to maintain the metabolism at the right level and to prevent the emergence of chronic diseases. Be healthy!

* Kukushkin YN Chemical elements in the human body. L .: Chemistry, 1998

** Among the respondents older than 45 years. According to the study "Teraflex index" group Bayer (October 2014).

 Working in the office: 6 occupational diseases

Health care in the family, perhaps starting with a healthy lifestyle and, of course, the home kit. Along with medicines for chronic diseases and pain medication, an important place in the home medicine cabinet to borrow from poisoning. How is drug poisoning consumers prefer, what is expected of them and what property value? That is what this publication.

 Preparations poisoning

Poisoning: what is expected from the drugs

So it happened poisoning. Unpleasant, but fixable - because that is what created the drug. What do we expect from the drugs in the treatment of poisoning?
First of all - safety. Rapid withdrawal symptoms, removal of harmful substances from the body, alleviate the condition.

In the case of poisoning by users in the same note the importance of restoring damaged by toxins microflora. If the drug has such functions - this is certainly a big plus.

In addition, it is essential that the drug was safe, no danger "pobochki" serious consequences overdose.

A nice bonus to the reliability and safety can be ease of use of the drug: the ability to take it at any time, without using large amounts of water and the need to swallow at once a large number of pills, convenient packaging.

And, of course, an important role in the choice of the drug plays its price.

Pros and cons of pharmaceutical assortment

So, a "portrait" of the ideal means of poisoning have received:

  • effective;
  • safe;
  • restores microflora;
  • with a small amount of tablets / capsules for reception;
  • with the convenient form of release;
  • pleasant to the taste and color;
  • affordable.

With this feature set and go inspect the pharmacy shelves. Which means in the end it would be optimal?
Of the total pharmaceutical range for comparison, we selected four of the most popular among consumers for the treatment of poisoning. Compare them in the pre-selected quality Us:

activated carbon Karbopekt Enterosgel White coal
Effectiveness Efficiency tested by several generations, proved many years of experience, efficiency clinically proven Basis of preparation - the same activated charcoal, the effectiveness of which is no doubt the consumer does not occur, the effectiveness is clinically proven. Efficacy clinically proven Efficacy clinically proven, but consumer survey showed that, in practice, not all are happy with the action of the drug
Security You can apply for adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. You can apply for adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. You can apply for adults, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers Not suitable for children, not shown to pregnant women and nursing mothers
The impact on flora Sorbed as toxins and nutrients from the microflora Thanks to a special technology - mikrogranulyatsii, the sorption properties of the preparation work selectively remove toxins and leaving the body nutrients. Also contains pectin and microcellulose promoting restoration of the microflora Sorbed as toxins and nutrients from the microflora Sorbed as toxins and nutrients from the microflora
Dosage If poisoning - 500-1000mg 10 kg (250 mg per tablet) Due mikrogranulyatsii coal in a preparation, the sorption properties are increased three-fold, respectively, capsules Karbopekta need three times less than the activated carbon pellets Adults - 1 tbsp 3 times a day, children - 1h. Spoon 2 times a day If poisoning - 3 tablets 3 times a day
Product form Round pills fairly large. Members say that such children do not swallow the pill, and the process for adults taking the drug difficult because tablets often need to take much. The capsules are small, easy to swallow. Powder for solution. Along with the drug for adults will need to drink a liter of water, in terms of vomiting in case of poisoning can be difficult. Tablets or powder for solution.
Taste, color Black tablet. When you receive may color the mouth and hands, which is one of the major complaints from users. Taste coal also causes some consumer dissatisfaction. Due to the containment, coal capsules can stain hands and mouth, the capsule shell dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract only. Kapusly no need to crack, so that the taste of coal at the reception is not felt. Light, sweet substance. Sugary taste like it is not all that complicated drug. White pills with no clearly defined taste. Unlike conventional coal, it does not stain the oral cavity.
Cost Pack 10 tab. - 6-10rub, packing 50 tab. - 40-50 rubles. In the case of poisoning with an adult weighing 70kg need 30 tablets. Packaging 20 caps - 60-70 rubles. In the case of poisoning of adults need between 12 and 24 capsules. Packaging 225g - 220-250r. For adults, this package will last for five days of treatment. Pack 10 tab. - 100-130r.

Summing up

For the price of the investigated drugs (based on the daily dose for an adult) are located as follows, in order of increasing price of activated carbon, "Enterosgel", "Karbopekt", "white coal".

Questions to the effectiveness of the drug users to the drug appeared "white coal". "White coal" - the only one of the drugs not shown to children, pregnant women and lactating women.

Most tablets in cases of poisoning have to swallow if you choose for yourself charcoal.
Unpleasant surprises in the form of dirty hands and black teeth can give its customers activated carbon.

"White Coal" and "Karbopekt" - the only of these means, whose taste qualities not complicate the drug.

Actions aimed at restoring the microflora of these drugs has "Karbopekt."

At the same polls show that the most reliable means, from personal experience, users are referred to as activated carbon and preparations based on it. And the rest - make your conclusions yourself!

 We investigate the medicine cabinet: drugs poisoning