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  • What type of shape?
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  • A healthy body - healthy mind

All people are different and absolutely ideal parameter does not exist. Each has its shortcomings and problem areas that are not always possible to get rid of. Even if you think that some friend or cover girl - true perfection, believe me, it's an optical illusion. Every woman is inherent in a particular type of shapes, depending on where the lady has wide hips and narrow shoulders, small, or, conversely, large breasts and so on. Defining the parameters that relate to a particular type, you will be able to skillfully hide the flaws of nature and focus on its merits. After correctly selected the appropriate clothing and make-up can work wonders!

What type of shape?

Do not rush to buy new clothes, first take a good look at yourself in the mirror. The first step is to figure out what kind of body type you have, identify problem areas, and subsequently you will be adjusted with the help of clothes.

According to the standard classification of geometric forms, there are five species of the female body. They are referred to as the names of fruit, and the Latin alphabet.

Body type is determined by three criteria: the overall constitution of women (eg, astenik, hypersthenics or normostenik), its proportions and skeletal bones in places where fat deposits are concentrated. If, say, you first "distributed" hips, then you are of the type "pear". "Apple" is inherent in the fullness at the waist, and a girl with a figure of "banana" is often very high, thin and narrow in the hips and shoulders.

The basis of this classification is not the ratio of the volume of the pelvis and chest and the classic 90 * 60 * 90, and most other parameters, namely the width of the shoulders and hips, the severity of bends and shapes the waist, also takes into account the place of distribution of body fat. With regard to growth, posture, weight, shape and size of the chest, neck length and so on, these details are only important in visual perception, however, so they should also pay attention to the selection of the wardrobe.

Features of the "rectangle"

Today, we will study the type of shape rectangle. Women in this category often have a slim build and small breasts. Their shoulders and hips are usually the same width, waist hardly marked. If she starts to gain weight, it is distributed evenly throughout the body, so the extra weight is not particularly noticeable at first.

There are two types of "square" shape: a column and brick. The first characteristic equal to the width of the shoulders and hips, tall and long legs, slightly contoured waist. Bright representative of this type - known American actress Nicole Kidman. If you can see a small belly, hips and calves thin, shoulders broad, and the waist is not expressed, that your figure is defined as the "brick." These parameters have the star of "Sex and the City" - sexy Kim Cattrall.

Women "square" type of metabolic rate is moderate, so they practically do not get fat, but if it does happen, the main "hit" occurs in the region of the abdomen and thighs.

These ladies are incredibly active and hardworking. All that they might take, it turns out. Women "boxes" very straightforward and sincere, they have the talent of persuasion, are able to "shake up" even the most avid demure. They are all my life to find themselves and to only forty gain an understanding of what they want really.

The girl with a figure such as rectangular ambitious, impulsive, endurance and determination. She's the first place is not a family and children, as many, and self-actualization. Therefore, not all men are capable of a long relationship with a woman. "Rectangles" are not used to talk - people actions. They are excellent performers and staff under the supervision of a leader is doomed to success.

 clothing such as a rectangle shape

Working scope and love

If woman- "Rectangle" creates a family, it is not necessary to hope that it will be a quiet, peaceful, exemplary mother and wife. Not being able to be realized in the career of such a lady will guide the Housing Committee and participate actively in the parent council in the school or in the garden with your child. It needs to act and to direct their energies to useful things. These women are able to rally the people to organize them and to inspire.

The team of "box" supports all friendships, avoids conflict, demonstrates the increased efficiency and purposefulness. However, a woman does not like to be in the shadows, always trying to win the respect, recognition and gain prestige. These ladies are very responsible, and if taken for what whatever job is always to bring the case to the end.

In the amorous sphere of the "boxes" are often problems occur. For example, many women postponing childbirth to be realized in the profession, then realize that their train was already long gone. Moreover, they are often blamed himself for being too masculine and straightness, as being too stubborn and straightforward natures, they are conscious of the strong half are not associated with the ideal companion of life. Therefore, the most suitable partner for such a lady - a sensitive and kind person that can understand and support.

Type "box" - a perpetual motion machine. If such a woman a family, she soon realizes that all the time to sit with your child - it's not for her. Therefore, it is too early coming out of the decree and to conquer the top of the professional, providing an opportunity to engage the baby nurses or spouse. If for some reason the woman is still forced to stay at home, the education of children became her full-time job. She puts them all the time, engaged in their education leads to extra classes. Often these women are trying to realize their ambitions in Chad, it is very demanding mothers.

As for the sex life, even in this women-industry "boxes" are very practical. They are able to separate love from desire, so having sex, these ladies just get pleasure by satisfying their physical needs.

Style and Clothing

According to nutritionists, a girl belonging to a rectangular type, are often likely to be overweight. Places where the extra pounds - thighs and stomach. Therefore, experts recommend to adhere to the correct way of life: sports, time to eat, eat healthy food. Also, do not be amiss to limit yourself in the consumption of salt, alcohol, smoked meats and sausages.
However, no matter what settings you did not have, beautiful clothes, properly chosen according to your body structure is able to hide any flaws. For a rectangular type of thing - it's visually enlarge the breasts and hips - in this case, the waist will look much thinner. This will help to outfit parts, located horizontally at the level of problem areas, such as wide belts, voluminous flounces, cutting lines in the pelvic region, and would look favorably tops with bare shoulders. The ideal clothing for a rectangular shape - dress in the style of "peplum" with exquisite frill around the waist, but in this case, the model must be supplemented sleeves in the form of wings or in the form of a flashlight.

To visually make the silhouette slimmer fit classic clothing, which is dominated by vertical lines cut, as well as cuts and fasteners. It is advantageous to look sweaters with V- neck, dress or skirt with a smell, short jackets and blazers, dark trousers and a long cardigan. Stylists recommend to choose shaping, dense fabric, finished edging, with decorative lines and design lines.

If you want to create the effect of long legs, choose the right pants or jeans. Firstly, they must reach the mid-heel, and secondly, with the same shoes in color. Visually help to grow and short jacket - he harmonizes rectangular silhouette.

If you score a few extra kilos to upper body looked too massive, combining their dresses contrasting colors - dark top, which should cover the abdomen, and a lighter bottom. This will visually correct proportions disturbed due to changes in weight. Another escape for "rectangular" women - layered clothing. It allows you to create a stylish and fashionable image of a slender girl.

When choosing wardrobe, remember that style outfits must repeat silhouette of your figure. We note a few options that will help to achieve volume, flowing lines:

  • Extended versions of sweaters, jackets and cardigans - the main thing that was not a round neckline;
  • monochrome tunics, dresses, tops and blouses with high waist, gathered under the bust and flared down. Suitable as a model based on not too tight corsets;
  • women with a type of "box" is not recommended to fasten the jacket - this will help to balance the hips and shoulders;
  • such clothes as skirts, jeans or pants should be high-waisted length not below the knee. If you have a slim, straight leg, pick capris.
  • buy slimming underwear: waist, high shorts, long shirts. These items of clothing will help hide the tummy and visually narrow the waist.

"Rectangle" is strictly forbidden fitting and baggy clothes, as well as too narrow skirts. Prefer jacket with oval or square neck, and looks great deep V-neck. As for fabrics, the soft chiffon, silk, lace and lace will not make your image elegant - try to trim more dense materials. To make shoulders more feminine flowing lines, use of shoulder pads.

Pay attention to the tone of clothing. In order to choose the right shade, attach the outfit that you intend to purchase, under the chin. If it makes you a faded gray mouse with colorless hair and unhealthy complexion, set it aside. Experts recommend to pay particular attention to neutral colors: black, dark blue, cream, coal.
No woman is complete without jewelry. However, this element of the wardrobe as a capable emphasize your strengths and nullify all the efforts on the selection of dress, so remember a few rules:

  • accessories to give preference to geometric forms;
  • type "box" around the earrings do not fit - it is better buy a square or triangular.
  • bracelets and necklaces must be made of twisted or flat elements.
  • petite women should abandon the large ornaments, they fit graceful small earrings or chains. While high ladies look favorably large, noticeable accessories.

 rectangular type of shape

A healthy body - healthy mind

No one, even the most expensive and fashionable clothes does not make you healthier. Therefore, to look young and beautiful, do not forget about sports. Women "square" type of God gave a strong body, created just for training. So ladies fit active activities such as aerobics, jogging, tennis, swimming. A few hours a week spent in the gym, have a positive impact on your figure: the muscles tightened, his stomach disappear, legs and thighs will become stronger. If you have health problems, be sure to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Many of the "boxes" like to eat. If they see a meal, it is no longer able to give it up. Therefore, the girls belonging to this type, a rigid diet is contraindicated. Just try to adhere to the principles of a separate food. Do not put in a bowl concentrated carbohydrates and proteins. Meat eat with salads or vegetables, for bread and sweet for a while, try to forget. In general, eat healthy food and do not forget about sports exercises, and your body will thank you.

 Body type - Rectangle

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