hourglass body type


  • general characteristics
  • Choice of clothing
  • What to avoid

If nature has awarded you a certain type of figure, then, no matter how you try, it will not be able to change. Because this type is determined by the structure of the skeleton and the ratio of the width of the chest, shoulders and hips. The most fortunate women with type figure "hourglass". I was lucky in the sense that this kind of hourglass figure closest to the desired parameters of 90-60-90. In any case, it is the "hourglass" shape to achieve such proportions easier than all other women.

Large breasts, wide hips, pronounced waist ... It would seem that on a figure can still dream of a woman? But even the owner of the treasured proportions are not always satisfied with their own appearance. And why? And because there is no perfect figure! And even so close to the ideal figure, not all clothes will look flawless. So, what constitutes this type of shape, and you need to choose what clothes to its owner? Let's face it.

general characteristics

Generally, women with this type of shapes have an average growth and harmonious proportions. The shoulders have the same width as the hips, narrow waist and full breasts. Most of the "hourglass" - normostenik, but a large part of the women of this type have hypersthenic physique.

Doubtless advantage of this type of figure - proportioned and pronounced the female form. Shortcoming is the tendency to gain weight. Although these women are too fattening very evenly and even gaining extra weight, keep proportions. First, that "out of order" in fattening hourglass - a leg and thigh. Often these women is the lower part of the body is too heavy. But note that they begin to gain weight only if the excess intake. Therefore moderate power allows them to easily keep in shape.

Hourglass considered the classic type of the female figure. Different women this type can be expressed to varying degrees. Pronounced figure of "hourglass" from Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Laufey. The moderate version of "hourglass" Cindy Crawford. Among other well-known people such perfect figure can boast Melanie Grif, Emma Thompson, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell. As an example of a lush version of this type of shape can cause mold charming Oprah Winfrey that when excess weight is clearly not lose attractiveness and sexuality.

Slender woman of this type can afford almost any clothing. And her choice will depend not so much on the form, but on the overall shape, hair and eye color. Plump "hourglass" less free to choose the clothes, but also can choose for themselves the many styles and models. The problem of women's wardrobe with this type of figure - not to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of repeating the natural lines of the figure.

 hourglass body type

Choice of clothing

The main feature of clothing for owners of this type of figure - to emphasize femininity. Soft tissue fluids contribute to this as well as possible. However, the best - the enemy of good. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance. And to combine light and soft fabric with rigid elements of clothing - straight lines of collars, cuffs and edges of the garment. Type of fabric and style of dress should complement each other, solving the basic problem - the creation feminine image.

We can not forget about balance: curvature should be combined with more rigid elements, straight lines cuffs, collars and the edges - with a soft cloth. All the details and all the fabric should complement each other, working on the overall impression: femininity and softness. The emphasis in clothing for women with this type of shapes - the waist and neckline.


  • Straight and slightly flared trousers with a low waist, smooth the top and straight leg.
  • Jeans with stretch denim.
  • Capri of thick cotton long leg from the middle of the ankle to mid-calf.
  • Shorts of any length, but ending below the widest part of the legs.


  • Pencil skirt just below the knee, with a small belt at the waist, sitting right on the figure.
  • Polusolntse skirt without a belt or with narrow belt at the waist.
  • Trapezoid skirt is good for tall women and ladies of average height.
  • Skirt-trousers with low waist.
  • Tiered skirt will only fit tall women.
  • Diagonal skirt only soft tissue, highlighting the curve of the hips.

Blouses and tops

  • Shirts with a belt a little below the waist combined with straight trousers and skirts.
  • Tops with a V-neck or odor in combination with any skirts and trousers.
  • Slightly form-fitting T-shirts and tank tops made of soft cotton jersey or rib.


  • Dress Case-knee length.
  • Dresses with rigid corset, with a straight or slightly flared skirt.
  • Dresses with a plunging neckline or smell and asymmetrical draping.
  • Silk and wool dresses diagonal cut.
  • The simple sleeveless dress with an oval or V-neck.

Coats, jackets and cardigans

  • Single-breasted close-fitting jackets combined with skirts and pants of soft tissue.
  • Denim jackets length just below the waist, sitting right on the figure.
  • Cardigans length slightly above the middle of the thigh in combination with straight trousers or skirt pencil.
  • Knitted cardigans simple shapes and uncluttered.
  • Fitted elongated coats.
  • Coat with the smell and the length up to the knees.

Shoes & Accessories

  • Shoes with high heels and an average almond noses, so-called "boat."
  • Bags made of soft leather or cloth without sharp corners and hard.
  • Rounded but not sharp tips of the collar.
  • Lightweight chiffon and silk scarves, lace collars.
  • Ornaments, and a corresponding increase in the width of the bone: a tall woman - big jewelry, ladies of average height - large but graceful accessories, "Thumbelina" - fine jewelry and jewelry.

 Clothing hourglass body type

What to avoid

Materials and patterns that add volume figure, hourglass contraindicated. Also avoid clothes free straight cut, which will hide the waist and do a squat figure. Women with magnificent breasts should abandon too deep neckline and bodice of the details in the form of ruffles, patch pockets and folds.

Not recommended model overwrought. If you choose a skirt or trousers with lots of pleats, ruffles or pockets, combine the base with a simple and smooth riding. Choosing T-shirts without sleeves, do not purchase models are too thin jersey. Needless fitting fashions - is not your option, however, as the wear of the hard tissue. Not recommended length figure of "hourglass" and fabrics with geometric patterns, stripes and bright cell.


Women with classical figures "hourglass" can and must choose for themselves:

  • close-fitting and tight clothing;
  • Lightweight, soft flowing fabrics;
  • upper middle and low neckline;
  • dresses, jackets, coats and blouses, emphasizing the waist;
  • skirts and trousers with a straight or slightly flared silhouette.

Perfectly feminine figure type spoil:

  • baggy and loose clothing;
  • pleated skirt;
  • too tight pants;
  • heavy and hard tissue

In short, given to you by nature extremely feminine silhouette, with the help of clothes can be made even more effective or negate the effect of the natural feminine figure of the "hourglass". So choose the right clothes, so as not to spoil what possess from birth. Stay always beautiful!

 Body type "Hourglass" - choose clothes

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 leopard dress photo

It is difficult to find at least one item of ladies' toilets, which could compete on the part of the outrageous and extravagant with dresses, leopard print ennobled. It is very prestigious for fashion publications considered placement of publication of this bright plumage, they can be seen in all its glory leopard dress with photos that reveal all the charms of spicy ladies' assistant in the struggle for beauty. By the way, the previous seasons were based on collections that are only focused on the extraordinary women of fashion colors, such as abounded leopard bags, accessories such as sunglasses, scarves and shawls, and jewelry. But now the fairer sex will be free of these "half-measures", because their attention given not only fashionable leopard dresses and coats, coats and coats.

The history of the dress with leopard print

So what caused the excitement and heated debate centered around dress with leopard pattern? Often the most daring color schemes can be easily converted into a clumsy touch outright vulgarity, and that for these reasons the majority of the fashion critics have no common view on the dress of leopard fabric. Therefore, the masters of haute couture behind the scenes divided into two camps, one of which is both hands on the outrageous and colorful. They defend the view that bestow this woman to a greater extent can not no other clothes except decorated with animalistic print. While the opposition has a more conservative views and calls for modern fashionistas moderate their appetites, floating convincing argument was even a diva, Coco Chanel: "Beware of originality in women's fashion originality can lead to a masquerade."

But the fact remains, and it is obvious that dress with leopard pattern - a trend that is required to appear in the image of every self-respecting fashionista. Love to such a blatant pattern came in the turbulent 80s, when fashion only served animalism, ie print, transmit coloring the skins of animals, mostly exotic African species, such as zebra, tiger, cheetah and here is a pattern which is present in leopard-print dresses. But over time, the African animalism because of poor compatibility with other styles departed from the arena of high fashion. And women have ceased to publish directories leopard dress, a photo of which were once so popular.

Save the reputation of the clothes designers could only worked over pretty shaped leopard dress: brevity, clarity of lines, simple cut, no pompous additional decor could ever draw a line between vulgar and extravagant brightness that distinguishes modern outfit. Stylists convinced one that the more original color schemes should be muted and conceals self-colored accessories, such as scarves, shawls and miniature hats, that is important to beat the drum with small neutral elements, just as the lady will look appropriate and elegant model dresses leopard fabric.

In general, the modern market offers the fashion industry the attention of fashionistas widest range of leopard dresses 2011, ranging from classical, calm models, suitable even for everyday wear, and ending with extraordinary outfits designed more for theme parties, carnivals and club life.

Leopard dress 2011 - trends that define the trend

 Leopard Dresses 2011

Such a specific element of a ladies toilet as fashionable leopard dress, lives almost his life, dressed him, fashionista unwittingly falls under its veil, at the time of becoming a graceful Bagirov said. However advantageous to simulate the image and successfully emphasize the charm of the figures is possible only knowing the general trend trends trendy determining the cut, style and conceptual solutions of the season.

  • Showing from Valentino rife with sexual fashionable leopard dresses with corset. This corset is a piquant twist, but the designer himself emphasizes that sleek tailoring and clean lines of his clothes conceal aggressive frankness, making notes of rigor. This collection - a godsend for young and daring, and the ladies who prefer a more leisurely options, will find them in the world-famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Fashion columnists published leopard dress, photo showed a winning combination corset spotty and aggressive colors.
  • Big hype surrounding his show called Cavalli, because his collection was based not on the controversial images, and stricter, more options office dress with leopard print. Paradoxically, this master was able to reconcile the irreconcilable: the aggressiveness of the pattern with the censorship office dress code. Softened colors and finer pattern of spots, as well as the severity of style gave an unexpected zest along and allowed to look at it a completely different angle, deleting all of the categories of vulgar, second-rate clothes.
  • The creators of traditional and luxurious clothes Blumarine could see glamorous leopard print only in combination with evening dresses on the floor options. It's the perfect outfit for the "publication of" thanks to his lady is simply doomed to success. Lightweight, flowing material, for example, a noble silk, playing with all the colors atlas - the basis of the collection. Such a beautiful leopard dress by Blumarine was a low-cut, decorated with incisions or notches on the back.
  • But Givenchy have not changed yourself and have traditionally sought to emphasize femininity and gracefulness of the ladies, so there were models in the style of the 50s. This multi-layered outfits with a fairly lush midi-length skirts so adorable style icon Marilyn Monroe. Dress leopard, in the style of the 50s, has not traditionally hoses, allowing the lady to show the beauty of the body. Women's magazines topics pin-up model is often used dresses leopard, photo transfer flavor of that era and reveal the diversity animalistic prints.
  • Beautiful leopard dresses boast and line by Chloe and Ermanno Scervino. These masters of haute couture have relied on women's sexuality and seductiveness, so almost all the models showed screaming mini length. It is this style leopard dress most often found on the covers of specialized magazines for men.
  • If we talk about the trend decor and fabrics, which are more likely to occur on stage fashion shows, all designers use the unwritten rule that requires moderate use decorating elements. Therefore, to meet ruffles, ruffles or bows on dresses with animalistic print virtually impossible. Pockets, colorful rhinestones, decorative embroidery - the worst enemies of leopard dresses. A woman reshivshayasya purchase what is called the "all at once", risks to get a reputation as a ladies' bad taste. All the fashionable conceptual solutions demonstrate women's magazines, by posting on their pages leopard dress 2011, photo speak louder than words talk about the trend of design decisions this season.

Dresses leopard fabric - the rules of good choices

 Dress leopard

Selecting any items of clothing - troublesome and responsible, especially when it concerns the dress with leopard print. Due to high specificity and authenticity, a kind of a unique identity, which has this dress is very important to know the basic rules of selection of dresses, so that it is not only pleasing to the eye and effectively emphasize the female silhouette lines, but also granted a lady the feeling of convenience and comfort. Fashion critics in one voice say that the leopard print has to be appropriate, but in this case we can speak about beauty and style. Let's try to figure out how to choose the right product according to their own particular shape and size.

Women who can not boast of high growth and are so-called Thumbelina, better to give preference mini or midi length dress exactly these styles are optimally allocate the legs of a girl and will not burden the image. This length is typical for most cocktail dresses options. Particularly relevant are the model at the beginning of summer - the hot time of graduation, that's when women's fashion catalogs are placed on your pages leopard dress, photo prints convey a unique flavor that is ideal for young graduates who wish to rivet the eyes.

But the long-legged beauties can easily replenish their wardrobes evening dresses to the floor with a flowing silhouette and smooth, soft lines. They are simply designed to emphasize the harmony of the ladies' figure.

The fair sex, who can boast curvaceous contours and outstanding figures, are obliged to pay their views on clothes, including a corset or a rigid substrate. You can navigate on midi length with lush skirts and cleavage frank, this style allows profitable to emphasize the dignity, visually removing some pesky centimeters at the waist. Fashion catalog includes on its cover evening leopard dress, photo handed a unique combination of precious fabrics with youth spotty coloring.

But for women who are different teenage figure with angular forms and narrow, it is better to look for items midi length, made of an elastic material. These options are designed to make women more feminine silhouette, which is achieved by fitting properties of the fabric.
Dear ladies, in our arsenal stashed one unwritten rule that laconic, but expressive formulated Coco Chanel: "Luxury without the amenities - not a luxury." Do not sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of striking beauty and extravagance, only to experience the comfort you can fully radiate an attractive lure.

Leopard dress in 2011 and creating the right image

As already mentioned, leopard outfit lives its own life, the color of this product is not in doubt, even the most vocal critics of the modern fashion industry. Due to high specificity there are so many nuances of modeling an attractive image, because not every accessory or item of clothing can be combined with advantageous animalistic print. Women's fashion reviews are placed in their catalogs model leopard dresses 2011, photo shows an abundance of options for images that can be constructed to include one or other accessory in a ladies' wardrobe.

The simulation is to give priority to image enhancement, otherwise just reboot the risks of fashion image. But a slight accent mostly peaceful, noble tones, such as black, will only reinforce the effect of eccentricity. Designers recommend to combine these dresses with clutches, scarves quiet tones, shawls or boleros, especially when it comes to detail, sleeveless. That's all. Leopard print is self-sufficient and does not require elaborate, grandiose setting. Only one pin prodigious height will fully complete stylistic image.

So, if the lady trying to express their own individuality and to emphasize the expressiveness of his nature, there is no better option than the leopard dress, not to find. Thanks to this original color performance lady will loudly announce itself and is simply doomed to success and attention.

 Leopard Dresses 2011: create an image of a cat

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