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By the way, if you remember, in ancient Greece there was supermarkets and cosmetic companies. Therefore, all care for women had to do ourselves. Including body scrub. The result exceeded all expectations. And the secret of the effectiveness of such cosmetic wing is not in the divine charms of Greek damsels, and in the ideal proportions of the components. Intrigued? Then let me introduce you to homemade recipes for scrubs and exfoliating body.

Scrub or peel: choose correctly

Before opening the secrets of ancient Greek goddesses, let's see, what is the difference between a body peeling and peeling. Some women find that they are one and the same. But there is a difference. And very significant. Both procedures are designed to exfoliate the skin. If peeling does it carefully, the body scrub removes dead skin cells more aggressive. At first glance it may seem that it is best to use a gentle care. However, in some situations, is little gentle exfoliation. Therefore, should be based on personal feelings. If the fine particles have coped with peeling skin cleansing, wonderful. No? Remember the recipe for body scrub and prepare for more effective action on the skin.

Body Scrub: art application

But before you close the bathroom in anticipation of a home spa treatments, let me tell you about the intricacies of exfoliation. After all, just put on a body scrub and rinse with warm water a little. In some cases, the healing properties of scrubs have a negative effect on the skin. Therefore, in order not to be trapped, remember a few rules:

  1. Do not use a body scrub if you have inflamed skin. Either give up the procedure at a time, or replace the scrub peeling.
  2. Also, do not apply the scrub if you have enlarged pores. So you hurt yourself more. Sometimes exfoliating particles clogged in the enlarged pores and cause inflammation.
  3. Use a body scrub should be no more than once every 4 days. However, there are homemade recipes softer action, which can be used much more frequently. However, in this case we recommend to be careful. Frequent use of dry peeling skin.
  4. Do not apply body scrub to dry skin. First, degrease the body using a shower gel. After a rinse with warm water, and only then put on a skin scrub. Notice we did not say anything about the towel.
  5. After peeling the skin should moisturize cream. And to do this it is best to wet skin. Although if you use a body scrub based oils, the skin has to be sufficiently hydrated and the cream is not required.

 recipes for body scrubs

  The main ingredients scrubs

The home of cosmetology is very important to grasp the principle of cooking scrub. You can not even stick to the proportions dictated by the recipe. But to understand the essence of cooking is to every woman. As an example, cooking, where there are thousands of recipes for meat, but they are all united by one principle. And if a woman has no lemon sauce to the meat, she intuitively can replace it with another citrus fruit: lime, orange or grapefruit. Also, a body scrub. Since its objective is to update the skin, it must contain exfoliating particles. This can be salt, sugar, coffee, oatmeal. Let's look at the benefits of each of the components separately.

  • Coffee

Great for fighting cellulite and vascular "asterisks". In addition, ground coffee constricts blood vessels and smells. A disadvantage scrub containing ground coffee, is the fact that it is poorly soluble in water. Therefore, after the procedure at the bottom of the bathroom often left the coffee sand. If this prospect does not frighten you, feel free to use homemade recipes coffee scrub. If - no, read on and you will find the recipe scrub like.

  • Salt

Salt is different. But since we are not going to cook the food, and the body scrub, we will suit absolutely any kind of salt. Just do not forget to use a good grind it to sharp particles do not hurt the skin. The consistency, it should resemble ordinary table salt is fine. Saline body scrub perfectly relaxes muscles, relieves swelling and fights cellulite. Particularly effective are bitter and Epsom salts. In addition, the great salt dissolves in water, so if you do not have time for lengthy procedure and at least long janitorial, select the recipe in the salt scrub. Moreover, it is entirely natural product and is suitable even allergies.

  • Sugar

Sugar in the composition of body scrub performs exactly the same function as, and salt. It also relaxes the muscles and perfectly soluble in water, saving you time. You can equally well utilize both white and brown sugar. All homemade recipes provide this replacement. In addition, sugar-scrubs recommended for those women who have sensitive skin. The reason is simple - the sugar has a mild effect on the skin, rather than coffee and salt.

  • Oatmeal

But most still considered mild body scrub on porridge. We're not talking about ordinary oatmeal, and an oat flour. It is this part of the home recipes scrub sensitive and dry skin. Very often, because of problems with the high sensitivity of women can not use the oil in a body scrub. Many of them refuse to do the procedure exfoliation. And for good reason. Oatmeal is so universal that it does not need oil as a link. It is enough to dilute a water scrub.

 body scrub recipe

Homemade recipes for scrubs

This brings me directly to the recipes themselves. Take a notebook and a pen, write:

Scrub salt


  • Small salt (any) -1 cup;
  • Grapefruit essential oil - 8 drops;
  • Bergamot oil - 8 drops;
  • Sweet almond oil - 0, 3 cups.

Mix all. Apply to clean skin. This scrub is not recommended during the first week after hair removal. But it is perfectly suited as a preparation of the skin to the hair removal.

Vanilla sugar scrub


  • Brown Sugar - 1 cup;
  • Sweet almond oil - 0, 3 cups;
  • Vanilla essential oil - 20 drops.

All mix, apply a thin layer to clean skin. Rinse with warm water after a few minutes.

Oatmeal Scrub


  • Oat flour - 1 cup;
  • Lavender essential oil - 8 drops;
  • Chamomile essential oil - 4 drops;
  • Essential oil mandarin - 8 drops;
  • Dried lavender petals - 1 tablespoon.

All the ingredients are mixed. Apply to wet body, rub into the skin massaging movements. Rinse with warm water. Oatmeal Scrub is good because it is suitable for long-term storage (in the refrigerator). At the expiration of the time simply dilute with water, exfoliating, and can use it.

Coffee Scrub


  • Ground coffee - 1 cup;
  • Table salt - 1 tablespoon;
  • Sweet almond oil - 0, 3 cups;
  • Peppermint oil - 4 drops;
  • Grapefruit essential oil - 8 drops;
  • Orange oil - 8 drops;
  • Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp.

All mix, apply to damp skin. Rub with soft circular motions. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure in 5-6 days.

Ginger Scrub


  • Sugar - 1 cup;
  • Grape seed oil - 0, 3 cups;
  • Orange essential oil - 12 drops;
  • Ground ginger - 1 tablespoon.

Mix all. Apply a thin layer to the body. Give a little soak. Rinse with warm water.

Scrub Cinnamon


  • Coffee - 5 grains;
  • Cinnamon - 4-5 centimeters;
  • Sour cream (15% fat) - 1 tbsp.

Coffee and cinnamon in a coffee grinder to grind (or blender). Stir sour cream. Apply to wet body. Rub the skin neat circular motion. Rinse with warm water.

Rice Scrub


  • Oatmeal - 1 tablespoon;
  • Figure crude - 1 tablespoon;
  • Olive oil.

Rolled oats and grain milled rice. Season with olive oil to the consistency of thick cream. Apply to the body for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. If the skin remains oily film, wipe with a paper towel.

Smooth body - that's fine. It gives confidence, you can wear any clothes and feel relaxed in the arms of a loved one. Just a lot of women in the pursuit of perfection completely forget about the beauty of the soul. No, we are sure that you do not belong to their number. Just recommend to look once again at its close. Not if they need your help? Perhaps it is necessary to replace the regular procedure for home peeling sincere conversation over a cup of sweet tea? Or go to the movies with your family? We are confident that this will further bring you closer with your family.

 Body Scrub: homemade recipes

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