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  • Cooking Scrub: select ingredients
  • Features homemade peeling
  • The basic rules during peeling

Scrub use all of the fair sex who want to look young and fresh. Solid fine particles contained in these cosmetics, rough skin perfectly clean. They not only remove dead skin cells, but also the sweat, grease, all kinds of dirt. And a few hours later, a woman receives a healthy, gentle and beautiful skin.

Scrub for exfoliation at home can always be bought in commercial establishments, it would be time for shopping trips. They are usually accompanied by instructions, advice and other such information. Plus, sales consultants will always help you make the right choice. But this means it is better to do at home. Then you'll know exactly what it consists of. In it there is not any harmful substances, which are usually still added to cosmetic products. No dyes, flavors, fragrances, etc.

Cooking Scrub: select ingredients

Let's find out what products we have in the house of each family can be used for self-scrubs. The main thing that they were useful and safe for the body and face. I agree that it does not make sense to add a miracle mask everything. In the best case, no effect will be, and at worst - will be boring. Plus, do not forget to test the mixture on a small area of ​​skin to avoid an allergic reaction.

  • Sugar

Common sugar, which we add to tea and coffee, in fact, has a high abrasive property. But remember that this ingredient should be used with caution. Firstly, the particles are very sharp and large, so it can scratch your skin. Plus, they quickly erased and rounded, because of which decreases efficiency.

Thus, if you decide to use sugar to cleanse the skin, not add to it additional ingredients. It all depends on your style. It may be aromatic or vegetable oils, moisturizers, etc. In this case, we get a great scrub, relieves dryness. And if the cooked mixture to pour a few drops of lemon juice, then it can be used also for problem skin whitening. So, for example, can be quickly and easily cope with pigment spots.

If you have oily skin type, it is best to cook the usual scrub, which includes sugar, oatmeal and milk. To reinforce the positive effects add to the mixture a spoonful of cocoa powder. After the procedure is recommended to wash the skin with plenty of warm water, towel dry and apply moisturizer treated area.

  • Starch and coffee

This means perfect the fair sex, who do not want to mess around with long searches and preparation of suitable scrubs. Thanks to him, you can make your own body scrub at home, and at any time of the year. It is suitable for fatty and dry skin type.

The first thing you need to do the cleaning mixture of potato starch. Pour a small amount into a cheesecloth (2-3 tsp per gallon of water), roll, wet and wring out thoroughly. The resulting mass is mixed with freshly milled coffee beans. It is recommended to use on pigmented skin, which needs clarification.

  • Coffee grounds

Another simple and rather interesting way to prepare scrub at home: take any means to shower, olive oil or honey, mix it with the brewed coffee grounds. The resulting composition will help cleanse the skin and give it a bronze tan.

  • Sea salt

Food and sea salt, too, is an essential component of many scrubs. Was added thereto, and vegetable oil, honey, and lotions and shower means (gels, conditioners, liquid soaps). In fact, you can even just become powdered it. However, it is worth doing only if your skin is sufficiently prepared, or has a low sensitivity.

  • Cereals

To ensure the effect of exfoliation scrub to do on the basis of buckwheat or rice. Peremel rump state in a coffee grinder to powder. The resulting dust, use daily. But if you have dry skin, you can make a scrub bran or oatmeal.

Do not forget that facial scrub should resemble a powder, while the composition of the body can be and with larger granules. In the first case it is recommended to use a grinder to grind salt, rice, buckwheat and other ingredients in the powder. Also, you can sift through all through a sieve to remove large particles too much.

 Body Peeling

Features homemade peeling

As you know, peeling, women needed to clear the skin from the dust and dirt that clog pores. It should take responsibility for the conduct of such cosmetic procedures, especially if you are doing it at home. So, for example, the fair sex with oily skin should use cleaning 2-3 times a week. At the same time, ladies, whose face and body are constantly shelled, will have to make peeling once every seven days.

The next thing you should pay attention - means structure. As mentioned above, the most popular are coffee scrubs and mixtures made from sea salt and sugar. You can also choose additional ingredients that will help to cope with some problems. Oil, for example, soften the skin, relieve dry, lemon, cucumber, oatmeal eliminate age spots.

Do not forget about the indications, contraindications and precautions. There are several factors that you can not resort to the body peeling. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a specialist previously (cosmetology) and consult a dermatologist.

  • Contraindications: do not make anyone peel

At home, it is not recommended to do face and body peeling the fair sex with problem skin. Therefore, if your hands have cuts, fresh scars, scratches, wounds, tumors, sores, wait a few weeks. Otherwise, solid particles scrub damage still unhealed or inflamed part, leading to irritation or fester.

Not recommended prodelyvat such manipulation, if you have health problems, manifested an allergic reaction, you are in a position or have recently given birth. Any mechanical effect on the delicate skin of a woman completely contraindicated, if she has problems with the cardiovascular system, there is varicose veins.

Naturally, after the removal of body hair, sunburn, chemical peeling, laser treatment and other similar cases also injure your skin is not necessary. Treatments better to move than a few days in advance to avoid complications or deterioration.

  • Indications for peeling

Resorting to clean the skin at home is necessary for women who suffer from ingrown hairs, roughness, pigmentation. Making peeling must-urban women to get rid of dirt, which over time have time to settle on the exposed areas of the body. The bad ecology, heat, synthetic fabrics - all this adversely affects our epidermis.

By the way, even if you live in an ecologically clean area, you still have to contend with keratinized. Have you noticed that rural women rougher skin, hands and elbows - rough. These girls just are longer than the time in the sun without using a protective creams. As a result - bad skin condition.

 body scrub at home

The basic rules during peeling

Now you should be familiar with how to do body scrub at home, so as not to hurt yourself. The main thing - to follow the basic rules, ie not to experiment with ways and methods of compounding, preparation and application of funds for problem areas.

  • Steamed body

To start such a procedure should be immediately after taking a shower, when the skin has time enough for it to soften. Not bad will happen if you grab a tool to the bath or sauna, which can be done at the beginning peeling, then nourishing mask or wrap.

If you are planning to clean, for example, the skin of the legs, not necessarily hour steam in the shower. It is not profitable, especially if you are at home or counters you are a champion of the environment and preservation of nature. In this case, you can make hot compresses. Boil the broth of herbs, slightly cooled, put in a towel for a few seconds. Pulled out, press and apply to problem areas. Do whatever is careful not to burn yourself.

  • Apply gently

On the chest, neck, face, buttocks scrub should be applied with gentle, smooth and lightly massaged to avoid scratching or damaging delicate skin. But this does not mean that the back, hands, legs, you can rub until the body turns red. During the procedure, you should not be painful or unpleasant.

  • Use a sponge

Apply the cleanser can be both hands, and the normal sponge. In the second case, you are more evenly distributed throughout the body scrub. Plus, the risks of injury to the upper layers of the epidermis is minimized. True then have to throw out a washcloth.

  • Duration of treatment

Many women with a body scrub wash immediately after application. Maximum much as they can massage the problem areas - two minutes, no more. In fact, doing peeling in the home should be a full five minutes, give or take thirty seconds. That's how much time is needed to fully peeled horny cells and dirt - has worn off. If you do it fast, there will be no effect. If a long time, then you just natret skin.

  • Moisturizing

No matter what your skin type, after peeling at home in the body is always applied to a nourishing cream. This is necessary in order to relieve irritation, inflammation, tightness. The fact that virtually all such means slightly dried.

Now that you know all the intricacies of conventional peeling, so you can safely start the procedure clean the skin. The main thing - be careful to avoid the appearance of itching, irritation and other side effects. And, of course, do not forget to listen to their feelings.

 Body Scrub: cleanses the skin yourself

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