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Again on the toothbrush traces of blood? Approximately 75% of all adults and 40% of children are familiar with the phenomenon of inflammation and bleeding gums, as well as irritability and swelling. In almost all cases, the cause of such phenomena is a disease, such as gingivitis.

Special insidiousness of the disease lies in the fact that it does not manifest itself in the early stages. And only when the disease is already at an advanced stage, symptoms such as:

  • The gums are swollen, very sensitive to the slightest stimuli.
  • In providing some impact on the gums start to bleed, they - the blood can be seen not so much on the toothbrush, but even on a piece of soft bread.
  • Changes itself gum color - they can acquire from pink to bright red.

The first sign of gingivitis is a kind of plaque on the gums - a film formed by bacteria of saccharides. While brushing your teeth, this film is destroyed and annihilated, but quickly re-formed. In the same case, if for some - any reason teeth cleaned often enough, or not at all cleaned, the film hardens and is transformed into tartar, which is easy to remove with a toothbrush is no longer possible. To remove it require professional cleaning. Next there is bleeding gums.

Plaque is not only a cosmetic defect - they serve as a kind of repository for bacteria. In addition, he is very tartar irritates the gums, causing swelling and bleeding. And the longer plaque remains on the gums, the more affected gums. Therefore, if you are experiencing bleeding gums, treatment should begin as soon as possible.

In fairness it should be noted that there are also other reasons for the development of gingivitis, which, although less common, but still have a place to be. These reasons include:

  • Pharmacological preparations

Many drugs, such as antiviral, antidepressant or include a composition of such substances, that reduce salivation. And in fact saliva cleanses the gums from bacteria. In the same case, when the saliva is produced in small quantities, tartar is formed more quickly and in greater quantity.

  • Fungal and viral infections

Despite the fact that in most cases, the reason causing gingivitis pathogenic bacteria are, in some cases, lead to the development of the disease can result in fungi and viruses. For example, herpetic gingivostomatitis occurs when the mucous membranes of the oral cavity affected by the herpes virus. When this form of the disease the whole mouth, and especially the gums are covered with small ulcers. If the damage is due to the effects of fungi on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity - in the language, cheeks and gums - there is a white plaque and bleeding gums.

Treatment of gingivitis

In no case is inadmissible to ignore gingivitis, leaving it untreated. In that case, if the disease is left untreated, it will gradually spill over into periodontitis. A periodontal disease is a much more serious problem because it leads to loss of teeth. For general health, he also has a very negative impact - increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and in pregnant women can provoke preterm birth.

Treatment of gingivitis is engaged in the doctor - dentist. The key to successful treatment is a thorough oral hygiene - this will tell your doctor. That he will select for you individual treatment. As a rule, without drugs can not get around: apply anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs as well as immune modulators.

However, do only medication almost never fails - usually necessary to remove tartar, which is done either by means of mechanical action or with the help of ultrasound. Replacement of the seals that hang over the gums.

Other causes of bleeding gums

In addition to gingivitis, bleeding gums and causes may be different. There are also a number of diseases that lead to the fact that the gums become inflamed and bleed. For example, diseases such as lupus and red lichen, in case they are in an advanced stage, it can lead to severe inflammation of the gums. As a result, the mucous membrane of the gums can just simply peel off from other underlying tissues. A people suffering from leukemia, gum filled leukemia cells, which also leads to increased bleeding gums.

  • Hormonal changes

In the event that changed hormones, a person may also face increased bleeding gums. A striking example is the pregnant women - have significantly changed hormones, and as a result, the gums become very sensitive, there is bleeding gums. Coupled with morning sickness all this gives the expectant mother a lot of discomfort.

  • Poor diet

In that case the human diet contains insufficient amounts of vitamins, especially B, and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, bleeding gums also inevitable. In such cases, you need to revise your diet and start taking a multivitamin complexes.

Prevention of inflammation and bleeding gums

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to treat later. This also applies to bleeding gums. The best way to avoid this problem is careful oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, do not forget about the most distant corners of the mouth and tongue.

Try to slightly revise your diet - Reduce intake of food that contains large amounts of sugar. Try as little as possible to have a bite, because it is very quickly formed plaque on the teeth. Or after every meal, use dental chewing gum. You also can not forget about preventive checkups at the doctor.

 Bleeding gums

 biliary dyskinesia

Dyskinesia of the gall bladder is found in one in five adults. This disease is a functional disruption of the gallbladder and biliary tract. If the violation contraction of the gallbladder and bile ducts occurs untimely and not in sync. In all cases, the gallbladder dyskinesia occurs gallbladder dysfunction.

For gall bladder dysfunction is characterized by impaired ability of the gallbladder to contract. Such violations are almost always accompanied by biliary colic - intense pain in the gall bladder. Almost always, the emergence of such colic is due to the fact that the gallbladder does not empty properly. Biliary dyskinesia symptoms is different, but the pain - the most obvious.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the sphincter of the gall bladder, which is called the sphincter of Oddi. It locks and unlocks the entrance to the gallbladder. Any biliary dyskinesia accompanied by a violation of the work of this sphincter. And it introduces an additional complication for the disease. In addition, malfunction of the sphincter of Oddi often accompanies diseases such as cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Varieties of biliary dyskinesia

Dyskinesia biliary tract and gall bladder can be of two types - primary and secondary. Basically it depends on the causes of the development of the disease, and the nature of its course. So:

Primary biliary dyskinesia:

Primary gallbladder dyskinesia characterized by a secondary that organic pathological changes of the gallbladder and bile ducts are absent. But do not relax and not to take primary gallbladder dyskinesia as something trifling and inconsequential. In that case, if the disease is left untreated for a long time, which constitutes a serious stagnation of bile in the gall bladder.

As a consequence, such dyskinesia gallbladder leading to its inflammation and the formation of gallstones. Yes, and the general condition of the human digestive system, the disease affects a very, very adversely. And this is understandable - as you know, the human body is like the most accurate clockwork. And the failure of a - a body will inevitably lead to disruption of the normal functioning of the whole body without exception, and especially the human digestive tract, in which the gall bladder plays a significant role.

Secondary biliary dyskinesia:

In the same case, if dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract occurs as a result of certain diseases. Most often leads to dyskinesia such violations as cholecystitis, both the formation of stones, and without them, the pathological development of the gall bladder, his excesses and constrictions, stenosis. In the event that biliary dyskinesia in children, it is possible to suspect the presence of congenital anomalies.

The essence of the disease is as follows. In the liver, bile is produced continuously. Receipt of the bile into the duodenum itself takes place directly during the process of digestion. The coordination of this process is due to the specific relationship between the end section of the main bile duct and bile duct itself.

In order to hit the bile into the duodenum during the digestive process, the gallbladder begins to contract rhythmically. As a result of the active reduction of the bladder wall, and there is a separation of bile. Sphincter of Oddi relaxes and opens the gallbladder in order to separate the bile could leave it and get into the bile duct and from there into the duodenum.

Features of the disease

Both primary and secondary current form dyskinesia of the gallbladder and bile ducts is much more common in the female body. Men suffer from this disease in the two and a half times less often than women. Very often with the disease faced by women slim build. In addition, recent studies have shown that the relationship between the menstrual cycle and gallbladder dyskinesia. What is not a regular cycle, the greater the likelihood of developing the disease.

And the secondary dyskinesia associated with a variety of other diseases, as it is much more common in women. Although, strictly speaking, the incidence of diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract is about the same in both men and women. And why are women more often complicated by the development of secondary dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract, doctors install still failed.

 biliary dyskinesia symptoms

Causes of gallbladder dyskinesia

The fact that it is often triggered by the development of gallbladder existing gastro - intestinal tract, mentioned above. However, apart from this factor provoking the disease, there are many others. In particular, such as:

  • Violation of hormonal

About 30% of all cases of dyskinesia of the gall bladder is connected with the existing human hormonal disorders that are associated with disruption of the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

  • Pharmacological preparations

Many drugs have the side effect, which results in the stagnation of bile in the gallbladder, are often very long. And, of course, that this phenomenon is extremely negative consequences for both the gallbladder and bile ducts for. Carefully read the summary to each host you drug. Do not look for a doctor - unfortunately, not always the doctor himself drew attention to such nuances.

  • Hormonal contraceptives

Incidentally, another reason that women suffer gallbladder dyskinesia more frequently than men, is the use of hormonal contraceptives. As already mentioned, hormonal changes often triggers the development of the disease. But taking these drugs, the woman deliberately changes its hormones. This is what increases the risk of dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract.

  • Allergic reactions

Quite often doctors approached by the sick person is diagnosed the presence of biliary dyskinesia. However, despite all the efforts to establish the causes that trigger the development of the disease, they still can not. And very rarely some - a doctor may suggest that the precipitating factor may be an allergic reaction of the patient to any person - any products.

  • Poisoning and hepatitis

Often severe poisoning and lead to development of dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract. And it does not matter what substances have led to severe intoxication - food toxins, poisons, household chemicals or - else. The result is usually one - state operation and suffers as the gallbladder and its ducts. About hepatitis and does not talking. After all, if they significantly affected the liver and the gall bladder is directly related to the work of the liver.

Terms of supply in the gallbladder dyskinesia

About nutrition need to talk separately. Proper nutrition can not only alleviate the disease and speed up recovery. Proper nutrition can become a good tool for the prevention of dyskinesia of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

Try to review your diet. Because it is necessary to try to exclude completely the following products:

  • All savory - rassolnik, salted fish, pickles.
  • All dishes are marinated.
  • Smoked and spicy food - sausages, seasonings, and others.
  • Various sauces, except cream.

Instead of these products is much more reasonable to include in the menu of dairy products, fruits and vegetables, which contain large amounts of dietary fiber. Such a diet would benefit the whole body, and not only facilitate the work of the digestive tract. And women such a diet will please the disappearance of a few extra kilos of weight.

 Biliary dyskinesia

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