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  • What is this type of hair removal?
  • How to bioepilyatsiyu home?

Leather women should be smooth. This postulate is dictated by current fashion for frank and transparent outfits, miniskirts and short dresses. And very nice woman, her body looks attractive and sexy. Of course, the removal of unwanted hair from the skin - this is a private matter of each girl, but she decides to be or not to be epilation. Although recent years, women claim - to be! Today, a popular method of hair removal is waxing bioepilyatsiya - a little painful, but quite effective method.

What is this type of hair removal?

So, what is bioepilyatsiya? This is one of the most common methods of rapid, inexpensive and efficient removal of hair from the skin by the wax. And cosmetologists say that this method is known since the days of ancient Egypt. Typically, this procedure is carried out in beauty salons, but with certain skills it can be done at home, and over time the organic method would be familiar and accessible procedure. But before you do your own hair removal, you should consult with a beautician. The proposed recommendations in this article, we hope, also help you to understand the difficulties of the procedure.

Let's start with some important nuances that you need to know about hair removal:

  • Firstly, bioepilyatsiya removing fine hairs, does not destroy the hair follicle, but because the procedure must be repeated regularly.
  • Secondly, to slow the growth of hair, it is advisable to use special cosmetics.
  • Third, it should be noted that the length of hairs to be removed should not be less than five millimeters.
  • And, fourthly, remember - bioepilyatsiya, like any other cosmetic procedure has contraindications. Varicose veins, pregnancy, cancer and dermatological problems during exacerbations are the reasons for the rejection of the procedure.

 bioepilyatsiya wax

How to bioepilyatsiyu home?

Bioepilation at home is possible provided that you have the skills to work with wax and wax alloy, have all the necessary tools and materials.

To carry out waxing is necessary to prepare the skin for a more snug fit of wax: remove remnants of cosmetics and dirt. Heated for half an hour wax is applied to an area of ​​skin with a wooden blade or cartridge. Heat steamed skin and opens the pores, allowing a large amount of hair removed without pronounced pain. The wax is removed by a sharp movement against the hair growth. After the procedure, the skin should be cleaned from the remnants of wax with special oil, which soothe and soften it.

That's basically it. At first glance, nothing complicated about this procedure is not. Proceed carefully, and all must succeed! Another important piece of advice: after bioepilyatsii not recommended solarium, swimming pool or sauna.

 Bioepilation - a proven and safe method of hair removal

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 how to get rid of Athlete's Foot


  • Shoes
  • Hygiene Products
  • Traditional methods
  • Special funds

Any self-respecting woman should be groomed from head to toe. And how could it be otherwise? Otherwise, the woman herself does not like and does not respect. So all sorts of excuses about lack of time - just an excuse carelessness and disregard for his own person. However, even perfectly groomed woman may experience some almost insoluble problems. It is clear that many of the shortcomings easy to hide skillfully choose clothes or the right makeup and hairstyle. And what about the fact that it is impossible to hide? For example, how to get rid of sweating of the feet?

Sweating feet, of course, largely a problem for men. However, women suffer from this scourge. Not only that, this problem gives a terrible discomfort (slippery feet wet tights and socks), so still and the smell, which is able to kill the most expensive perfume fragrances and the best deodorant. Therefore, to deal with this problem, the most effective way. And what measures are able to deliver us from this problem - let's see.


Firstly, the quality shoes made of "breathable" materials, helps to get rid of this problem, at least partially. But most of us are forced to settle for a fashionable and beautiful boots, sandals and shoes made of artificial leather and other synthetic materials. Sometimes, due to the financial capacity, and sometimes as a tribute to fashion (popular rubber boots, for example). But to find a man who would not sweating feet like shoes, is almost impossible.

So try to observe (if possible) such rules.

  1. Try to wear shoes made of leather.
  2. In the season of wear at least two pairs of shoes alternately (in summer - two pairs of sandals in the winter - two pairs of boots).
  3. Try to buy shoes with a woven, cloth or perforated top.
  4. Even if the feet do not smell, change socks and stockings every day.
  5. If the shoes can be washed or wash the inside, make sure you do it at least once a month.
  6. Keep shoes in ventilated cabinets.
  7. Try insoles absorb odors.
  8. Take off your shoes, put it in bags of deodorant (shavings of coniferous trees, for example).

Such measures will not only help get rid of the odor as a consequence of sweating of the feet, but also to reduce this very sweating.

 Athlete's Foot Cream

Hygiene Products

The best remedy for hyperhidrosis - regular washing of feet a conventional (preferably antibacterial) soap. The tool is actually better, but, unfortunately, does not operate for a long time. You can, of course, begin immediately to use a special ointment, cream or gel, but try the simple hygiene products available to you one hundred percent (or very likely).

We are talking about ordinary antiperspirants, which are processed by the armpits. They act equally effectively on all parts of body, including legs and reduces the sweating. Before putting on clean socks or stockings, just sprinkle or smear legs so deodorant. To prevent odors, sprinkle feet (before you put on clean socks) ordinary talcum powder or baby powder. They act as dehumidifiers, perfectly absorbing perspiration and inhibit the multiplication of bacteria that cause odor.

Get rid of this trouble, and help the special foot massage with tea tree oil, cypress, lavender or orange. Also effective foot bath with the addition of a few crystals of manganese. Spending ten-bath is recommended that no more than two or three times a week.

Dry feet hairdryer, adjusting it to the lowest temperature. Here, the principle of drying and warming at the same time. This method avoids the development of fungal infections and diseases. It is particularly recommended for those who are predisposed to such diseases.

Traditional methods

Hydrotherapy helps with fine Athlete's Foot. For example, tea foot bath. Two bags of conventional black tea is necessary for fifteen minutes to boil a liter of water. Then throw bags, tea leaves and add a couple of liters of water. This "tea" is allowed to cool and then half an hour hold it up. These (daily!) Bath weaken due to sweating tea tannins, which tightens pores and kill bacteria.

No less effective bath with the addition of infusion of oak bark, chamomile and horsetail, which also can be cooked on their own. To do this, pour two liters of boiling water two tablespoons of dried chamomile, horsetail or oak bark and herbs to brew. After the procedure, feet talc powder is recommended.

Deodorant foot bath. In a basin of warm water diluted with a glass of apple cider vinegar, to which is added a few drops of thyme oil (it contains a preservative that kills bacteria). In this solution, keep the feet in twenty minutes, and make yourself a bath every day for one week. After some time, the procedure is repeated. However, the bath of vinegar contraindicated in public or non-healing wounds.

 ointment sweating feet

Special funds

Do not pass by the pharmacy, if the sweating of the feet for you to become a real problem. Special funds will help to solve it. You might fit a cream or ointment that you begin to use it. It's best to buy a special cream, normalizing sweating and having deodorizing properties. You can use a universal tool designed for application on the soles of the feet, on the hands and armpits. However, this cream will be quite expensive. But you can buy a special cream for the feet, for example, a cream "5 days» (Five Days) domestic production. This cream helps get rid of sweating and odor and softens the skin of feet and prevents chafing and cracking.

Well-known cosmetic companies also release funds from the sweating of the feet. This cream company Dove, and deodorizing cream from Vichy. From sweating helps the gel antiperspirant "Algel" (also from the category of expensive drugs). This feature blocks the sweat glands and is considered very effective. Among all kinds of ointments note proven over the years paste Teymurova (very effective and worth while ridiculously cheap). However, this remedy is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

In fact, to list all the commercially available creams, ointments, pastes and gels can be to infinity. Special hygienic and remedies for getting rid of sweaty feet in abundance in pharmacies. Some of them are designed for everyday use, while others are used less frequently. Only by choosing a cream for feet, be sure to read the instructions, paying special attention to the contraindications. Better yet, consult a doctor.

By the way, the reason for excessive sweating can be not only hot weather or bad shoes, but also diseases of internal organs or problems with the endocrine system. So pay a visit to the doctor is still worth it if traditional methods or cosmetics (hygiene) means do not help. Be healthy and beautiful!

 How to get rid of sweating of the feet? Useful tips

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