bezammiachnoy hair dye


  • Is it possible to harmless staining?
  • A definite plus ammonia-free color
  • Cons natural dyes
  • How to use the paint bezammiachnoy
  • The most famous paint bezammiachnoy

According to scientists, in the mind of a person is 10-15 thousand hair follicles. Daily we lose combing hairs from 50-200, depending on the health condition, age, environment. And in order to look well-groomed hair, and the hair perfectly, women have resorted to a variety of tricks. Shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners and hair dye - all built in rows on shelves bathroom.

European researchers have estimated that for every life, watching their appearance woman spends these funds about 500 thousand dollars. A considerable amount agree. But to be beautiful, spending only what you will not go, and we will deny ourselves in many ways, just to get your favorite new to hair coloring. However, not all the colors are equally good, and very often instead of the expected stunning effect we get a lot of problems: hair loss, dull, dry and other troubles. That is why the choice of the coloring agent should be treated with special care.

Is it possible to harmless staining?

Bezammiachnoy hair dye makes it possible to paint the gray hair or just change the color of the hair without much harm to their health. After applying proof paints that are based on oxidizing agents, hair condition deteriorates incredibly, they are slow to heal and recover. The appearance of natural colors without ammonia caused a furor. Although they can be considered relatively young invention bezammiachnoy paints have found their fans, becoming more and more popular.

Such paints are perfect for frequent use, with their help you can easily change their image as often as you want. And if your hair is relaxed - do not despair, bezammiachnoy using paint, you will not cause them any harm, but rather support and rebounded slightly. Because of the natural dyes include natural ingredients, which have strengthening effect.

 bezammiachnoy hair dye

A definite plus ammonia-free color

  • Contents of only natural ingredients: extract of millet, birch, walnut and grape seed;
  • Support for damaged hair, strengthening their structure, giving a natural shine;
  • Sparing coloration in which the pigment ink does not penetrate deeply but acts only on the surface of the hair;
  • After using the paint, hair looks very impressive: bright, shiny and silky. And most importantly - live.

Cons natural dyes

Despite the many positive reviews, bezammiachnoy inks have drawbacks. Maybe for you, and they do not seem quite so severe, but to talk about them still stands.


Manufacturers of these funds argue that they hold on the hair for up to six weeks. However, this is not true. Color fading becomes noticeable already in the second week after staining. And with each washing head hair becomes paler, and towels can be traces of paint. However, despite the foregoing, bezammiachnoy paint color tend to accumulate over time. This means that the more often you use them, the richer will be the color of your hair.

Poor coping with gray

For gray hair, experts advise to use paints containing chemical oxidants. Or do you have to repeat the procedure of staining almost every week, which is not very convenient. But there is a solution! You can go to a beauty salon, where the master will produce coloring agent without ammonia, securing special gels color-fixer. Thus, the hair will suffer less damage.

Poor brightens

If you have black resin locks, it will become a blonde using bezammiachnoy paint (and let it be the best), you will not succeed. All what you can achieve - is to lighten the hair on the 2-3 pitch.

It requires skill at drawing

These dyes are very capricious. To achieve the desired effect, it is best to seek help from a hairdresser. If you decide to spend their own painting, be prepared to explore all the nuances of this work, carefully read the instructions and remember everything that you know about mixing colors.

It has a high cost

Yes, for someone, and this fact will be considered as a drawback. Dyes without ammonia there are two or even three times more resistant vehicles. Wizard of such coloring is also valued higher. If you can find an inexpensive bezammiachnoy paint, do not rush to buy it immediately. Perhaps it is a fake. Saving now, you will subsequently spend many times more on hair restoration.

 bezammiachnoy best hair dye

How to use the paint bezammiachnoy

  • Before staining procedure is not necessary to wash your hair, so the paint better entrenched;
  • But a variety of varnishes and mousses still need to wash away, otherwise you run the risk of not quite the shade, which is calculated;
  • As in the case of persistent staining agent must be applied to the entire length of the hair and to keep no more than half an hour;
  • Rinse the paint should be using shampoo and balsam, which comes bundled with the dye. Well, if you have in stock and will gel fixative.
  • If you choose to paint only the regrowth, first apply the paint on them, wait 15 minutes, then spread the remaining funds for the rest of the hair. Rinse after another 15 minutes.
  • The intensity of exposure to the paint is temperature dependent. Therefore, if you want a more intense and vivid color, hide the hair under polyethylene and Wrap a towel.

The most famous paint bezammiachnoy

  • Wella Professionals - the creators of this tool claim that it can withstand up to 25 Flushing.
  • Chi Ilonic - natural and safe product designed specifically for gray hair. Copes with gray at 100%.
  • L`Opeal Professionals - this paint on the Russian market the most diverse range of shades. She is very well combined with the natural color, so the hair looks natural and naturally.
  • Revlon Professionals - bezammiachnoy dye, known for its soothing properties. Hair after dyeing becomes soft, silky and shiny.
  • Matrix - creamy paint. It is used to restore the natural hair color.
  • Cutrin - fairly stable tinting colorants.
  • Londacolor - gives the hair a rich and intense color, it is a palette of 34 colors.
  • Schwarzkopf Essential Color - cream. In addition to staining, takes care of the health of the hair. Popular for painting gray, has a presence in 20 shades.

Of course, there are not all bezammiachnoy hair dye. They are so good that they give the opportunity to experiment with color and slowly pick your perfect image.

 Bezammiachnoy hair dye. Harmless coloring and excellent results

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 how to plait braids

Long hair - sheer torture? You're wrong .  Not for the first season at the height of fashion different variants of braiding hair .  Braids and cornrows fashionistas stylists advise to use in a variety of hairstyles - from the simplest to the most complex .  This French braid, and the braid "fishtail" and all kinds of bundles and braid a la Yulia Tymoshenko ... Depending on hairstyles, braids can be elegant and romantic, mischievous and feminine .  Passed time when tight braids braided and smooth .  Now in vogue and rigor and deliberate negligence that gives hair a unique charm .  These spectacular hairstyle is not difficult to make the most .  The main thing - to have the desire to show the originality of thought and imagination .  Here are some options for how to plait braids with different types of weave, that will update your image .  We are confident that they will serve as a good incentive for developing your creative abilities in such an interesting and exciting ways as creating hairstyles .

Zapletal simple braids can, of course, everything. Try the original braid pigtails. How beautiful braid braids with complex weaves? For any business need skill, but to buy it, you need only to start. Let's start with a simple and gradually move on to complex.

French braid

 plait braids

This option will spit appropriate for the image of a business woman, and for an evening publication. At first glance, it seems impossible to braid a braid on their own, but in practice it turns out quite easily. Before you begin to weave braid - carefully comb the hair over the entire length. Then select the lock of hair and divide it into three parts.

 plait braids

  1. We begin to weave braid: take the right strand over the center strand throw. In the same way the left strand to throw through the central strand.
  2. Picks up the strand on each side and added to the main strands. All locks should be about the same, only the braid is smooth and accurate. (For a tight braids come from thin strands braided loosely woven braid of wider strands). Woven into the remaining hair in a pigtail, until all the hair is braided.
  3. Pigtail fasten a rubber band or twist into a bundle, stabbing pins.

Inverted French braid

 how to braid French braid

If you have already mastered weaving classic French braid - you can begin to master inverted French braid.

  1. Inverted French braid woven similarly weak braided classic French braid, but strands podpletayutsya below. That is, the strands crossing over, is not superimposed on the center strand, and underneath it.
  2. We continue to weave, each time picking up the strands, thereby increasing their volume.
  3. Then weave a normal braid strands but just puts a bottom. Because reverse this elegant weave braid becomes more voluminous.

The same principle plait two braids - classical or inverted.

Disheveled French braid

 plait braids fashion

Now fashion naturalness, sometimes negligence, but negligence should read this chic. With such a hairstyle you are bound to attract attention. From the classic braided plaits or inverted French braid learn to do disheveled braid. Its extremely easy to do the most, and will look like styling salon.

  • From braids, since the end of fixed elastic weakening weaving, begin pulling strands, climbing higher and higher. Pulling the strands to the side, giving the queue volume. It is important not to weaken the scythe, but only to remove the extreme strands.


 learn to braid braids

  1. Divide hair parted on the line of growth - from ear to ear. Remove the rest of the hair in a ponytail. Then, from the left ear, French braid weave - classic or inverted.
  2. Locks for podpleteniya take not too small but not too big. Scourge bezel to the right ear. When the locks are over, fasten hair into a ponytail or continue to weave a simple plait.
  3. You can leave your hair loose, then fasten the clasp braid or rubber band.


 how to plait braids plaits

  • Harness, usually woven from the tail. The hair collected in a ponytail and secured a rubber band, are divided into two equal parts. Each part of the tail is twisted in one direction (both sides of both the left or right side). When the strands are twisted tight, begin their intertwined, but in the opposite direction. At the bottom of the wiring fasten a rubber band.

Likewise tow can be woven into three parts.


 plait plaits braids

When the braids, plaits, in the same way as when weaving a French braid, podpletayutsya additional strands. These intricately twisted bundles on their heads create a unique embossing pattern of the hair, and may become your favorite hairstyle. Hair is first performed on one side of parting, then the other. Learn how to plait braids, plaits:

 modern braid braids

  1. Do the vertical parting, fasten one of the hair elastic, and on the second start weaving.
  2. Separate from the front face lock in the direction parting from the temple.
  3. Twist it 2-3 in the direction of the person and press the right hand. Well, if you have a helper.
  4. With his left hand separate the second strand twist 2 - 3 times, and cross over to the first strand, twist the strands together. Press the right hand.
  5. With his left hand following separate strand and repeat.
  6. Continue to tighten the tourniquet on the entire length of hair.
  7. Secure the tow band.
  8. Likewise, tighten the tourniquet on the other side of the parting.
  9. Hook both harness band. You can leave a ponytail or braid on the wiring of two parts.

Kos "fishtail"

 how to braid the fishtail braids

Looking at such a hairstyle, it seems that it is impossible to perform it yourself. But it turns out that this kind of weaving is almost the easiest after the usual braid. The main thing - to braid it carefully.

 plait braids spike

  1. Combed all the hair back and separate the two thin strands - one to the right temple, the other from the left.
  2. Strands cross - the right strand over the left.
  3. Grab a new strand from under the left strand. Crosshair left strand of the right strand.
  4. Grab a strand from the right strand. Crosshairs right strand with thickened left strand.
  5. Continue to weave a "fishtail", picking locks on each side.
  6. Secure the braid band.

Plait braid can be another way. The hair collected in a ponytail and secured a rubber band. Then weave "fish tail" at this exciting extreme locks as if from under the tail.

You can braid two "fish-tail". Zapletal braids braided weak, pulling strands along the entire length - and that your hair has acquired a bohemian chic!

If you want to be trendy and unusual hairstyle to shine - it's time to learn to braid braids. Good luck!

 How to braid braids

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