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Stylish make-up, fashionable hairstyle and elegant clothes turn a woman into a real goddess. So every morning, millions of women begin to standard procedure - applying makeup. One of the components of this magical ritual is a foundation. When applied to the skin it begins to glow and fade fine lines, evens the complexion, the pores are hidden.

The range of cosmetic products available today is very diverse, and each of them gives any particular effect. What foundation is the best that today is in the top cosmetics? It is these dumb questions freeze in the eyes of women and girls to the store shelf. "Tell me a good foundation," - they Teasing sellers. Let's try it for yourself to understand this question to understand what means and when to buy.

Types of foundation

To begin with, there are many varieties of such cosmetics. It may be thin or thick, in the form of powder, stick, fluid - variants actually missing. Therefore, the choice of foundation depends on your skin type and on which I would like to hide the flaws. For example, a liquid agent has good density and lasts a long time in the face. It can help you align your skin, mask vascular "stars" and freckles. For dry skin, use the correct with an oily texture. For the same or mixed fatty best concealer one that contains absorbent material and incorporates the oil.

Thick tool perfectly hides the flaws and is ideal for dry skin, because it contains a lot of fat. Tone Cream Stick has a moisturizing effect and covers the skin evenly. He is well-aligns the structure and color of the skin, but to hide wrinkles with it will not be possible. Very good creams and a cream powder. This facility has an excellent masking ability and creates the effect of dusting. But, unfortunately, this makeup is not suitable for those women who have the enlarged pores. Tone cream mousse has a unique structure, and it is a pleasure to apply. Hiding facial imperfections and aligning its color, this tool gives a matte and velvety. It also creates the effect of dusting, very convenient for all the beauty in life.

What is the foundation to choose - to decide, of course, the woman, but this should be done taking into account the skin type. Take into account this factor, then your purchase of cosmetics is not only correct, but also easy.

 the best foundation

The choice of foundation

To make-up on her face looked natural and relaxed, to the acquisition of cosmetics should be treated with special care. And this could and should benefit from our advice. So, how to choose the color of foundation? It is best to match the hue of his skin color. Although it is note that makeup artists recommend to the competent applying makeup to have two versions of colors. One should correspond to the primary color, and the other - to be darker. It is applied to the sides of the nose and cheekbones - thanks to revive the person and will not resemble the likeness of the mask.

How to choose a foundation shades, so they fit perfectly with the color of the skin? This is best done not in the store, trying to shade on the wrist, and at home in a relaxed atmosphere, acquiring several probes. When applying a thin layer of cream in the light of the day, you can easily determine if this option is right for you or not. Before you decide on a shade of foundation, it should be remembered, and that his final color appears within 3-10 minutes. Recommended top firms, for example, Vichy and L'Oreal: they varied range of models - you will have plenty to choose from.

If, after a long search, and you could not find the optimum tone cream, you can try to mix different shades and get the option that suits you the most. But keep in mind that the darker shade to get much more difficult than light. If you did not get the right, then to the question of how to choose the color of foundation, it is necessary to turn to a professional makeup artist. He will gladly help you in this difficult matter, if not free.

The best foundation for the face - is the one that is ideally suited to the type of your skin and gives it a well-groomed and beautiful views. But beyond that, you must also know that with the help of what is best to apply creams. You have to understand how to do make up so that others pay attention to your beauty, not the makeup. Therefore, we offer you several options for applying different types of funds for the skin.

How to apply foundation

To get the perfect base for make-up, a means must be applied evenly and thinly .  If you need a thick layer, then he still has to consist of several finest .  The better to apply foundation? This can be done with a damp sponge, sponge - so you evenly means .  Begin to rub cream on the center of the face to the cheeks, gently pressing the sponge to the skin .  Very good concealer is ideal to go to bed, giving a feeling of freshness and providing a soft glow .  When a beautiful healthy skin does not necessarily handle all the face, you can just touch up the eye area .  In this case, make-up artists recommend to apply foundation with a brush, without fail paying attention even centuries .  In this case, your make up will be a truly uniform and will look just perfect .  By the way, after applying the cream under the eyes slightly better than wet, so it does not score in facial wrinkles .

Of special mention: to tell a good tool, you must also know your skin type, because of their many varieties, and each of them to achieve the effect needs a certain care. But do not worry, here we'll tell you that out of the top cosmetics should acquire to create the perfect makeup.

Skin type and the choice of foundation

Let's begin to consider specific options. How to choose the foundation for oily skin? The basic requirements for such a facility - is the lack of structures and the presence of oily absorbents, absorbing lipids. Naturally, it will have a denser texture than, for example, foundation for dry skin. By the way, is to choose a tool that will also further lifting effect. Best matting creams for oily skin can be 'Rose de mer' or firms Christina SCREEN SES from Mediderma. Their effectiveness is proven rave reviews of thousands of women.

We'll tell you about what creams are better suited for dry skin. Naturally, the safe bet would be a means with a moisturizing effect, since they look very natural. This can be Satine Cosmetics Aera tone series or Alliance Perfect Vichy L'Oreal.

Liquid foundation - the best option for combination skin. It provides a comfortable surface and absorbs fat in the right places. An example of this can serve as a means Superbalanced Makeup - it effectively and women like.

If you pinpoint with your skin type and know what foundation is better to buy, you can safely go for purchase in the nearest boutique. But before it is available for more information - it will save you time.

 What is the best foundation

Cosmetics top Properties

Creams - a reliable protection from harmful UV rays, because they contain UV filters. In this makeup also contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and restore skin youthfulness. These include vitamin E, C, rosemary extract, wheat germ oil. About the best creams reviews the most delightful, they are in great demand.

It should be noted that high-quality cosmetic products in the winter serve as an excellent protection for the skin, because they have the necessary nutrients. But what better to buy creams for the cold and in general for any time of the year?

Naturally, the tool is not brought to skin damage, it must not be too expensive. Remember, in a very inexpensive cream certainly no moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging components. Therefore it is necessary to give priority to really top, cosmetics with a worldwide reputation. By the way, if the foundation is meant for oily skin, the further it must also contain antibacterial ingredients that reduce the number of lesions on the skin. There is no cheap means of such properties, pay attention to it.

But whatever the creams, and the best including important that their effect was moderate. If the means to apply for a long time, especially in the heat, it causes sweating, and then the women have to additionally use powder. Cosmetics components are mixed with the dust and cause the appearance of black spots on the skin. But this should not be allowed, so you need to choose a product with a moderate effect.

Sometimes asking questions about what creams are best for young girls. And no, as cosmetologists do not recommend the use of these funds in the age of 15-25 years. Young girls need to be healthy and beautiful skin that needs a normal supply of oxygen.

Review tonal creams

We have already introduced you to how to choose the means by which to apply them to the skin as well as how to choose their optimum tone. Following our recommendations, you will easily cope with all these problems, and your makeup will be perfect.

As an additional useful information to present you a little review of tonal creams from different manufacturers. Within its framework we will examine what means better. On this subject more than once surveyed, we tested different brands of foundation, but the question is still open. When choosing cosmetics in the store, we will first of all pay attention to the packaging of products and trying to solve the question of how to choose a good agent, and not to be mistaken.

The company produces MAX FACTOR foundation Colour Adapt, containing new components in the form of particles capable of four times faster to adapt to the natural color of the skin. It also has and molecules elastomers which give epithelium smooth and silky. Through reflective particles means well masks small wrinkles, wide pores and other imperfections.

How to select creams if your skin some time after applying makeup starts to shine? Try to use a foundation with a matte effect. Best matting agent will give a magnificent view of the face and makes the skin radiant. From the side it would seem that you powder it lightly. Chanel Mat Lumiere SPF 12 - a tool that makes the skin perfect 12 hours! With this cream you provided dullness of skin, which contribute to the maintenance of the silicon particles. It has a silky texture and perfectly applied, which is very convenient.

How to choose a concealer, if you want to have a toned and fresh face? An excellent option would be the basics with lifting effect. To skin look young and smooth, the company has developed Vichy Flexilift Teint. Silicone provides a uniform application of cream to the skin, and its flexibility allows not constrict it and does not slide down.

We hope that after all our recommendations, you can quickly and easily choose a good agent. And finally a few more tips: do not forget that such cosmetics should be kept away from sunlight - in a cool, dark place. For the cream in jars, use a special spatula, because if you use your fingers, it will reduce the shelf life. If the vehicle has changed its consistency and it had a different smell, it should be thrown away immediately.

Now, when applying makeup, you can be confident in themselves and their appearance, because they know how to choose the right foundation.

 Best foundation: every beauty - his ideal means

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