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Our skin is exposed to daily negative environmental impact wind - weather-beaten, sun - desiccate. To face as long as possible to stay beautiful and young, for them will require careful and diligent care of particular importance which plays cleansing. Natural Facial Scrub allows the skin to rid of the accumulated in the pores of dirt and dead cells.

How to choose and how to use a facial scrub?

Scrub in the translation from English means rub clean, scrape. This cosmetic product, which consists of an emulsion, a gel or a cosmetic clay (base) and abrasive particles.

To decide what is best facial scrub should understand its features. This product, like other skin care products may have different components and components that are designed for different skin types.

Effective facial scrub with oily skin is created on the basis of clay. As a result of the shine disappears and pores narrowed. Facial scrub for dry skin is better to choose creamy. Funds on the basis of gel are considered universal.

Actions scrub

Anyone, even the best facial scrub, operates on the same principle. Through exfoliating solids are scraped off dead cells, perspiration products, cosmetics residues and dirt, and the skin is cleansed. From damage, scratches and microtraumas, protects skin softening base in which further contains anti-inflammatory components. As a result, improve blood circulation and oxygen supply of the skin, it becomes more soft and smooth.

But the use of even the best facial scrub can often lead to the fact that the protective layer is depleted, disrupting the water-salt balance, because evaporation of moisture from the skin is significantly faster. Even the most effective facial scrub with sufficient frequency use can dry up the skin, which would entail an increase in its susceptibility to infections and irritations.

How to use a facial scrub?

How to use a facial scrub that he brought no harm and maximum benefit? On this question Estheticians always respond the same way: do not abuse, and choose the product that corresponds to your skin type.

Facial scrub for dry skin should be used once every two to three weeks. Those with oily skin can use a scrub once a week.

Recommendation: for dry and sensitive skin facial scrub the best one that uses synthetic abrasives. They do not have sharp edges and will not further irritate troubled skin.

To use facial scrubs have a few rules that you should follow:

  1. Facial Scrub is better to use at bedtime. Clean the face, lightly moisten the skin and apply the scrub. Within a few minutes of gentle circular movements massage the facial litso.Skrab House applied the same way as in the salons - on massage lines: from the middle of the chin in the direction of the ear lobes, from the middle of the forehead on both sides to viskam.Lyuboy facial scrub is not applied to the skin around the eyes because the skin there is very delicate and requires special attention. After the procedure, means wash with warm water and applied to a nourishing cream.
  2. After removing makeup, cover the face with a thick layer of moisturizer, relax for three - five minutes, then remove with a damp cloth remnants of fabric, and only then proceed to use a facial scrub at home usloviyah.Esli discomfort occurs, the skin reddens and discomfort lasts longer a few minutes, then scrub for face reviews which could leave to earn the trust of Estheticians, personally I do not suit you. Use it the next time not to be.
  3. After use, be sure to moisten the skin scrub cream. It is best to use the products of the same line and the same manufacturer.

About facial scrub respond well, but there are certain guidelines that should not be ignored:

  • When inflammation, trauma and abrasions skin, do not use a scrub, so as not to cause even more irritation or inflammation. It is best to consult a beautician who give good advice.
  • Burns, dermatitis and skin diseases are also contraindicated.
  • Advise facial scrub those with sensitive skin should also be gently. Formulations in which the granules are made of synthetic material, do not injure the epidermis, but such a product should not be used more than twice a week.

How to choose a facial scrub?

Natural facial scrubs often contain mashed peach or apricot seeds, ground walnut shells. These particles are fairly rigid and can have sharp ends. Granules from synthetic materials do not cause microtraumas epidermis, but no less effectively purified.

Facial scrub for acne have different compositions. Scrub with menthol have a refreshing effect, antibacterial effect have cleansers, which is composed of tea tree extract.

 Coffee Scrub

Facial scrub their hands

Facial Scrub your hands to make quite difficult, the main thing to know exactly what components are best to use. Preparation facial scrub will not take much time, and there are many components in your kitchen.

Facial Scrub home recipes which can be found in the notebook in virtually any woman, is quite effective. Incomparable plus - you know what is included in its composition sure.

  • Facial scrub with coffee

Scrub preparing coffee for the person with a few drops of cosmetic cedar oil. You will need the coffee grounds after just drinking coffee. Let it be a little damp, it will give greater effect.

Apply scrub of coffee on the face should be light massage in a circular motion. The treatment lasts 5-10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

  • Coffee Scrub with cheese

Coffee Scrub well with the addition of cheese tones and cleanses. Take equal proportions of coffee grounds (and coffee should be drunk just) and cottage cheese.

Coffee Scrub, apply a soft, pleasant movements and relax for 10 minutes. Gruel rinse with warm water.

  • Facial scrub from oatmeal

The facial scrub from oatmeal add cream or milk. It will take two tablespoons of oatmeal to be grind in a blender or coffee grinder. The resulting "flour" is added to the milk (cream), the amount of which is determined on the eyes - the mixture should have a creamy consistency.

Apply facial scrub from oatmeal to damp clean skin. You can make a light massage, and after 10 minutes rinse with water.

  • Homemade facial scrub for oily skin

Homemade facial scrub for oily skin is on the basis of oatmeal. 2 tablespoons cereal mixed with one teaspoon of ground rice and 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil.

Apply a homemade facial scrub as well as everyone else - massage movements, after the 10-minute procedure, the remains washed with warm water.

  • Sugar Scrub

Facial scrub with sugar is also called sweet. Prepare a facial scrub is easy: 5 Art. spoons of sugar mixed with one packet of whipped cream.

Facial scrub of sugar should be applied immediately after preparation. A little massage and rinse.

  • Nourishing Facial Scrub

Sugar Scrub not only gently cleanses the skin, formulated with other ingredients it can be a very decent nutritious means.

How to make facial scrub with sugar? Take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sweet almond oil, 2 tbsp. spoon cranberry, 3 tsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. spoons of oatmeal and 2 drops of orange oil. Cooking facial scrub better in crockery, all components must be thoroughly crushed. Simply crush them, let pestle. It is necessary to allow time to oat flakes swollen.

The use of sugar scrub for the face is no different from the use of other similar products: apply, rub, rinse.

  • Facial Scrub acne

Facial Scrub acne, prepared on the basis of honey, has a regenerative effect. Suitable for people with acne and rough skin.

Cooking facial scrub their hands: steamed 2 tbsp. spoon of honey in a water bath (not to lead to a high temperature), removing from the heat, give a little cool, add the juice of ½ lemon, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of bran.

Facial scrub with acids, in particular citric acid, which is contained in the lemon juice will give the skin a nice, bright color. This facial scrub at home recipes brightens, nourishes and smooths the skin, and will contribute to the restoration of the bran.

  • Facial scrub with salt

Facial scrub of salt perfectly polishes the skin and restores its elasticity and returns a healthy look. Traditional recipes facial scrub because of salt called natural.

But if you are asked to: advise facial scrub, do not recommend this method of purification for those who have irritated or sensitive skin.

Traditional recipes facial scrub based on sea and salt:

  1. Facial scrub of sea salt is made with olive oil. Consistency monitor independently, bearing in mind that salt is much more rigid than sugar. Mix the ingredients, let the salt dissolve. After use, the rinse water.
  2. Facial Scrub folk remedies for the preparation of which are well known, may consist of a single component -hydrochloric. Taking a shower, pour a teaspoon of salt in the palm and rub the body. After wipe the body dry and moisturize cream. To do this procedure with the skin should be carefully, but the previous recipe for yet more "soft".
  • Facial scrub for oily skin

Facial scrub with acids suitable for oily skin. Pour ¼ cup almonds 100g of boiling water, leave to stand for 5 minutes, then drain and mince. The resulting mush, add 1 tsp. Lemon juice. Stir properly.

This facial scrub on folk remedies will help get rid of greasy, and skin color will be a pleasant one.

  • Raspberry Scrub

Daily Facial Scrub Raspberry cooked very quickly and easily, has a tonic effect. Take 2 tbsp. spoon raspberry, 1 drop of peppermint oil, and ylang-ylang.

One can use this daily facial scrub as a tonic because annoying and sharp components which may injure the epidermis, it is not present.

  • Facial scrub soda

Facial scrub soda will help restore moisture balance and is suitable even for sensitive skin. It should be pre-wet the face. Soda mixed with a little water, very gently and carefully wipe the face. We avoid the area around the eyes, but the cheeks, chin and forehead three carefully disposing thus of dead skin cells.

Facial scrub of baking soda should be used once a week. The optimum ratio: 1 part of water and 3 parts of soda. Water is better to take boiled or chlorinated.

 the best facial scrub

Branded facial scrubs

Many manufacturers offer their cosmetic scrubs, which differ not only in composition, but also the price. Let's look at some of them.

  • Facial Scrub Clean Line

Facial Scrub Clean Line is quite soft, has a double effect: cleansing and active renewal. It is made on the basis of raspberries are high in oils. As part of the present as cranberries, which contains vitamin C, which promotes cell regeneration.

Facial Scrub Clean Line improves the complexion, the skin becomes softer and glowing.

  • Facial Scrub Clinics

Facial Scrub Clinique has a thermal effect, it helps to narrow pores. The present composition of both physical and chemical abrasives, promotes deep cleansing. The product is low fat.

Tips for applying facial scrub from the clinic: to clean skin, apply a thin layer of means to soften the skin. Rub the scrub into the skin lightly, but do not do it for too long. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Facial Scrub L'Oreal

L'Oreal Facial Scrub cleanses the skin thanks to the peach seed oil. The present composition of vegetable glycerin, which will moisturize. Suitable for mixed and normal skin.

Facial Scrub L'Oreal - it's a little liquid cream with transparent small granules. Cleans shallow pores, removes minor peeling, moisturizes.

  • Facial Scrub Garnier

Facial Scrub Garnier enriched with vitamin E and the water of the fruit. The product with a creamy texture and exfoliating microbeads provides impact and deep cleans pores.

Facial Scrub Garnier does not dry the skin and does not damage it. The complexion becomes more radiant and fresh and silky texture -more.

Facial Scrub Garnier is applied to wet face, spread evenly and gently rubbed. Pay attention to areas of the chin, nose and forehead, wash thoroughly with warm water.

Facial Scrub Garnier is better to use other related products from the same manufacturer.

  • Facial Scrub Nivea

Facial Scrub Nivea quite soft, gently exfoliates and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. The manufacturer claims that the facial scrub Nivea is able to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin thanks to panthenol.

Those who enjoyed the facial scrub Nivea, claim that the product has a dense texture, it can be used more sparingly. Plastic particles and blue beads cleanse the skin without damaging it.

Facial Scrub Nivea is not quite suitable for sensitive and dry skin because it can cause irritation. The product has a pleasant smell.

  • Facial Scrub Vichy

Facial Scrub Vichy helps to eliminate toxins and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. As part contains the pulp plant, thermal water Vichy, tocopherol, essential oil, jojoba, uvihinon and ubiquinone.

Use a facial scrub Vichy can be up to 2 times a week, should be applied on a damp face, except the eye area. The product is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tests.

  • Facial Scrub Black Pearl

Facial Scrub Black Pearl is similar to a moisturizing cream, moderately thick and soft. Abrasive particles are sufficiently small, almost imperceptible. The composition contains zinc, which regulates sebum production and creatine - reduces irritation and contributes to the saturation of the skin with oxygen.

Facial Scrub Black Pearl evens the complexion. Use it should be twice a week. The feeling of dryness and tightness after use does not occur.

  • Facial Scrub Yves Rocher

Facial Scrub Yves Rocher contains an extract of apricot pits, it has a pleasant smell and texture of pearl.

Facial Scrub Yves Rocher cleanses the skin from the inside and gives it shine.

  • Facial Scrub Oriflame

Facial Scrub Oriflame little watery, the abrasive particles are smaller and the skin did not hurt, smell nice and unobtrusive. Facial Scrub Oriflame not tightens the skin, making it silky smooth and pleasant to the touch.

  • Facial Scrub Mary Kay

Facial Scrub Mary Kay has a gel-like consistency, while using the foam is formed, as the abrasive particles - grains of jojoba bean. Suitable for all skin types.

Facial Scrub Mary Kay contains ginseng extract, which has astringent properties, and chamomile extract, which calms irritated skin. Pleasant aroma. It can be used several times a week.

  • Shiseido Facial Scrub

Facial Scrub Shiseido has self-heating effect is helium texture, removes excess fat and cleans the pores, making them less noticeable.

Facial Scrub Shiseido first leaves an unpleasant sensation that resembles the stickiness of honey, but as the heating of the product, it begins to melt, creating a feeling of oiliness. It washed off fairly easily. The result is very pleasing.

Which product is right for you - we can not answer. There is such a thing as an individual intolerance that can appear on one or the other product. Cosmetics empirically chosen according to skin type. We can suggest some particular means, but can not decide for you - whether or not to use them. In any case, stay beautiful!

 Best Facial Scrub

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