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Since time immemorial, men and women adorned themselves with jewelry. It had all kinds of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and necklaces, embroidered with precious and semiprecious stones, belts and hats, household items and weapons. But in those days jewelry not only served as decoration. Our ancestors have firmly believed in the magical power of stones and metals and is therefore often used them for protection against evil spirits, misfortunes, troubles and even diseases. Some of these beliefs have survived to the present day. So many articles about jewelry talk about the healing properties of stones, their energy, and human exposure. This knowledge is very useful when choosing jewelry, as well picking up the decoration, you will not only make a great gift dear person, but also take care of his health.

Today, buy a gold ring will have no difficulty - in every city, there are specialty stores .  But it so happens that the store is too far away or do not have time to get into it, or you just feel uncomfortable, looking abundantly dotted with gold and diamonds showcase, not knowing what to choose, and to ask questions in the presence of other buyers you do not want .  This is where you come to the aid of the online jewelry store .  Here you can watch, without hurrying, to consider the range of products offered, to study and to compare prices, read articles about jewelry, to ask all of your questions for our consultants through our feedback form .  It will help you make the right choice, because in this store not only sell jewelry - its managers consulted for a variety of customers 'precious' issues .  Determine the choice, you can just order your favorite product .  And all this without leaving your home!
In a large and respectable online jewelry store you will find jewelry for every taste: necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, in the broadest range. Do you want to buy gift beloved something unusual? Necklaces of gold with red accents rhodolites, tsavorita citrine and will not leave indifferent any woman! Do you have something simpler and, frankly, cheaper? The thin elegant gold ring with cubic zirconia, arranged in the form of outlandish flower - this is exactly what you need! In the online store you can buy and sets with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Well, if your favorite is already a small bag of jewelry? Then be sure to read the article about the decoration to know exactly what the stones are combined with each other, and which in any case should not be worn together. If you can not find the information you need, just ask for advice from sales assistants. After all, their main goal is not just to sell the jewelry, and deliver it to the buyer when the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from its acquisition, that from now on when buying a precious gift he addressed it only in the online jewelery store!

 Benefits online store

 Buy Sneakers

Can you find a shoe for any occasion? Can I run on asphalt, climb a mountain, jump over a puddle in a shoe? In fact, to find the perfect shoe has not so unrealistic. The main thing - to know how to look for.

Thus, the sole should be quite wide at the heel and toes.

Running shoes should be well encircle the leg, and have the anatomical shape of the insole. Wear Adidas sneakers and try poperekatyvatsya back and forth. If outsole helps guide the movement, the shoe fits. Trainers should have a wide sole and cushioning at heel and front area of ​​the foot. Segmented outsole allows you to ensure the best grip.

Depreciation running shoes depends on the layer between the top and bottom of the foot. Typically, the interlayer serves as a silicone gel. Especially pleasing to run the model in which the gel is not only under the heel, but also under the thumb pad. So you will be able to run without damage to the knee and spine.

Depreciation is a special importance for people with high arches. To learn your foot type, test. Wet feet, stand on a dry piece of paper and vote now. If the fingers and the heel drawn, and nothing between them, you own a high arch. This means that you need a shoe with maximum cushioning. If the foot on the paper was printed entirely or almost entirely - you have low or normal arch. You come running shoes with arch supports, which will not allow the foot strongly flattened at shock while running.

Pay attention to the weight of athletic shoes. However, if you are not a runner professionally, not chase the easiest couple. Feet can not feel the difference in the weight of one hundred grams, but the cost can be quite noticeable.

Shoes for movement on rough terrain, that is, on the ground, for hiking and tourism is different from running shoes jogging as SUV from a sports car. Even the soles of some models of this series reminds tires with spikes and iron accents. Pay particular attention to the comfort of the shoe. Poor steam in the heat can quickly wear off, and the winter freeze and dubet. The cushion in this case, the gel may be replaced by etilvenilatsitat from which make Kroksi. It is not so easy to damage the gel, if you come across sharp stones. Remember the details: the upper part is required to be made of a membrane material - breathable and quick-drying, laces - Kevlar, is characterized by its strength, and the toes should be rubberized.

Deciding to go to the gym, a lot of girls want to stand out and choose a stylish shoes. However, it is fundamentally the wrong approach, because the fitness classes ankle should be well secured.

For most training in the hall recommended cushioned running shoes adidas. This advice does not apply to dance training, where work is proceeding on the toes and better to give preference to Jazz.

If you just practice sports style in clothes and seeks to find shoes for every day, you can look for a pair of cross-country among the classic models with a strong depreciation. They are safer than shoes that are contraindicated for flat feet.

By the way, if you have bought shoes on advertising, which is pumped muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves, you will be interested to know that in theory they are working through unstable insertion into the sole. This sole makes the muscles work. The movement can be compared with the occupation of the balancing platform. However, walking to the office and back, you do not create themselves beautiful buttocks. At the very balancing platform to achieve the effect you need to sweat. So it will still have to engage in any sport, if you want to have a shape like some beauty from advertising.

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 knitted dresses

If the hot summer were popular light translucent texture and lace, it is quite natural that with the onset of cold weather we want to wrap yourself with warmth and comfort. It is not surprising that it is knitted dresses, included in fashion last spring, this fall and winter promises to be a hit. What knitted women's dresses in store for us for the new season fashion designers and well-known masters of fashion?

The collections of this year presented a lot of knitted dresses of varying lengths, form and function. Today, the fashion catwalks you can find delicate and light dresses, alluring transparent patterns and warm, practical model for everyday and even evening and wedding dresses knitted. The variety of styles and models enable each woman to choose the most suitable option for any occasion.

Fancy dress 2011-2012: colors and pattern

 knitted dress spokes description

Knitted dresses the coming season are made primarily in warm, soothing colors - blue is a soothing, warm brown and black. Among the quiet shades favorably his tone crocheted white dresses. Red Dress kindle passion yellow dress uplifting. And to add to the picturesque calm palette of colors knitted dresses, most of the designers decided to include in its collection of models of colorful purple and bright orange flowers. Such colors as if specially chosen for warm knitted dresses, to warm, soothe and comfort their owners envelop overcast autumn day or a cold winter evening.

The patterns decorating knitted winter dress in the collections of the season autumn-winter 2011-2012 year, distinguish them from each other. Fashionable knitted dress can be made thick viscous, delicate, floral or other weave. The collection of well-known brands can be found a lot of interesting models made from yarns of different colors that form an unusual pattern on the knitted things. Colored inserts in a pattern, national ornaments and bars - all this gives originality knitted winter clothes, bringing a special touch to the images of the fair half of mankind who wear them.

The most fashionable models of Autumn-Winter 2011-2012

 knitted dress

To look fashionable and stylish this autumn and the coming winter, we offer to pay attention to the most pressing knitted dresses new season .  With a light hand of Fashion Designers of this fashion trend as women's knitted dresses, came to taste many of our compatriots .  All kinds of styles and models of knitted dresses can not be found on fashion catwalks today! Therefore, when choosing a warm knitted dresses this season you will not be bored .  After all, there really is plenty to choose from .  And since this incredibly fashionable attribute of the female wardrobe, like knitting stylish dress, fits perfectly into any style, to find a suitable specimen, relevant both for the home environment, work in the office, party or gala event, will each of the fair sex, based on their personal preferences and taste .  How not to get lost among the proposed options for the variety of knitted dresses and make the right choice? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current models of knitted dresses that are perfect for the cold season:

 fashionable knitted dresses

  • Thin openwork crocheted dresses attract attention and lure with their openings in the pattern. Among the many models deserve special attention stylish knit dress with an open back or fancy cutouts on the back, with different length skirts and sleeves, with thin straps or without them, as well as over one shoulder.
  • Knitted dress-holder - straight, with a fluffy skirt and A-type can have completely different length and shape. This option is well emphasizes the female figure and is suitable for all occasions.
  • Knitted dress tunic or sweater dress in the cold winter season is simply irreplaceable. Without such a convenient and practical things in your winter wardrobe can not do any woman who appreciates comfort and elegance. Dress-tunic often act as an independent outfit and sweater dress perfectly combined with thick tights, leggings, skirts and narrow trousers.
  • Knitted dress-coat - another trendy trend of the new season. Fitted and free models such outfits certainly will appeal to modern women of fashion. Particularly elegant look knitted black, gray and white dress by Alexander McQueen, decorated with pockets, zippers and fur. Such warm knitted dress will be a perfect fall or winter outfit for owners of slim figure and beautiful legs.
  • Knitted evening dresses certainly will help you stand out among the festive dresses made of other invoices. Especially beautiful and elegant look to the female figure-fitting knit dress with a skirt diverging downwards from the line of the hips. No less interesting evening dress with a full skirt and a close-fitting top. Also attractive knitted evening dress knee-length or slightly below.

Autumn and winter - the best time for needlework. Therefore, if you have the desire and the free time, you can associate an exclusive dress with their own hands, devoted to needlework full weekend. Knitted dress spokes description - You fall-winter 2011-2012 season - will give your image a maximum of individuality.

 Knitted dresses - fashion trend of the winter season

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