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"Chic woman", "goddess", "Beauty Queen" - these epithets is made to award recognized the Italian beauty - Monica Bellucci. Successful actress and former model, she's crazy my fans are not as bright appearance as hypnotic, attracting the attention of eyes. In our time, when there is any more or less popular diva simply must be subtly skinny girl, Monica with its curvaceous safely trampled on all the rules. It is unlikely that at least someone will come to mind to name Monica Bellucci's too thin, because the shape of its body border between harmony and splendor. However, this does not prevent it to be the standard of beauty and real sex symbol for the majority of the population of our planet. What is the secret of beauty Monica Bellucci?

Success Story: beautiful also cry

Childhood and adolescence very rosy future stars will not name. No, she did not look like an ugly duckling, as often happens with many recognized beauties, and the unfortunate orphan it too can not be called: parents dearly loved one and a long-awaited daughter. That's just her beauty, so vaunted by fans all over the world today, in the early years brought a lot of trouble the future star. The dark brown-eyed girl with bright appearance caused burning envy bad neighbors and market women. "You - the fruit of sin with the devil! "- Shouted after her jealous woman, and classmate repeatedly staged her" dark "to the pulling out of hair because all the boys just looked at her.

Trouble associated with jealousy surrounding women pursued Monica for a long time: moonlighting as a waitress during the student (as she studied a lawyer!), The beauty could not even stay in the same restaurant for a long time. First establishment occupied men, eager to witness firsthand the wonderful waitress, and then to go and see their angry wives in order to create a scandal "insolent girl." So poor Monica and fingers from place to place, until a kind soul told her not to try himself in modeling: there is something her beauty certainly does not hurt anyone!

Belle did not think twice and went to conquer the world of fashion. Success was overwhelming. Teeny Bellucci noticed and appreciated, the very first photo shoot gave her the title of "Discovery of the Year." Just a month after the beginning of his career, Monica signed a contract with the famous modeling agency "Elite", became the face of the trade brand «Dolce & Gabbana», and the muse of this cult photographer Richard Avedon (rented at the time the very Marilyn Monroe). Not bad for a start, is not it?

And what malicious neighbor and girlfriend? Surely choked with black envy, looking at the cover of expensive glossy magazines, which proudly sported beautiful Monica Bellucci. Especially that very soon the reason for jealousy added, the famous Italian film director Dino Risi invited beginners model to star in his film. It does not matter that the role was small, but it was immediately noticed himself and Francis Ford Coppola offered the role of one of Dracula's brides in his film "Bram Stocker". So slowly, the role of the role, the name of Monica Bellucci caught on, and soon it became a coveted actress not only in Europe but also in Hollywood.

So what's the secret to this incredible woman that helped her to reach such heights in his career and won the love and admiration as the men and women around the world? Surely it is not just the right shape and classic, with a bright and expressive face. Monica Bellucci has absolutely stunning power, which makes it attractive and stands out among other women. It is possible that Monica will shine beauty, whether she even uncombed and dressed in rags. However, watch out for the appearance Monica loves and believes that every self-respecting woman should try to look elegant. What it does A to earn the admiration of fans and jealous enemies? Let's face it.

 Secret beauty Monica Bellucci

Secrets curvy figure

By his forty-eight years (yes, she was born in the autumn of 1964) the figure Monica is simply stunning settings: with growth of one hundred seventy eight centimeters of her weight - sixty-eight kilograms. Online, there are many versions of the volume of her breasts, waist and hips (92-61-91), but all these data refer to her modeling past - is now a much more elaborate form superzvedy than before.

Actually, she did not Monica complex about small weight gain, and, by the way, quite rightly so: the army of enthusiastic fans only confirms that thinness is not happiness. For example, after the birth star has recovered as much as ten kilograms, but it is not thought to sit on any strict diet until until he finished breastfeeding (at nine months of age). An adequate solution to a reasonable woman, is not it? Even after the expiry of feeding a diet Monica especially not peretruzhdaetsya: just gently moved to the vegetables and lean meats with fish. As she says beauty, her work day so packed that help drop those extra calories are not worse diets and tedious in the gym.

Speaking of the latter. Monica Bellucci in life is not involved in sports (except for periodic swimming and yoga classes), because at the time of her life style it just does not remain. Average time filming began - six in the morning, and this process continues until late at night. "Do you really think that I would get up at five in the morning for sports training, to six in time for the shooting? "- Surprised the star. Even if Monica is gaining a little extra weight, she resorted to its favorite method of "weight loss": dresses black dresses that make the silhouette slimmer visually.

Though Bellucci in life there are moments when, willy-nilly, to go on a diet: some roles require just throw a couple of extra kilos. The secret of one of these diets, and she shared. Just do not expect a surprisingly rigid diet that will allow you to obtain the desired shape for a couple of days - Monica does not like to poke fun at your body and prefers to eat sensibly. Here is the menu of its famous seven-day diet that will not leave hungry any woman:

First day

  1. Breakfast: One cup of coffee, a couple of big crackers with a dollop of jam.
  2. Lunch: vegetable salad with olive oil, a slice of whole-wheat bread, one hundred and fifty grams of fresh fruit or berries.
  3. Dinner: Spaghetti plus shredded cheese, any kind of fruit and vegetables.

Second day

  1. Breakfast: yogurt, some fruit.
  2. Lunch: fried eggs (three proteins and one yolk), steamed zucchini, whole wheat bread.
  3. Dinner: one hundred and twenty grams of cooked lean meat, salad of fresh vegetables or fruits.

Third day

    1. Breakfast: two toast, fruit, cup of tea with a slice of lemon.
    2. Lunch: boiled potatoes, seasoned with olive oil and fresh herbs, cheese, low-fat varieties.
    3. Dinner: Spaghetti with ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs, fresh fruit.

    Fourth day

      1. Breakfast: two hundred grams of low-fat yogurt with a tablespoon of corn flakes.
      2. Lunch: fifty grams of cooked rice, one hundred grams of boiled beef, stewed hundred grams of zucchini, berries.
      3. Dinner: one hundred and fifty grams of boiled fish, salad from fresh vegetables, olive oil, grapes.

      The fifth day

        1. Breakfast: toast and two hundred grams of fresh juice.
        2. Lunch: Spaghetti with fresh herbs, a few slices of pineapple.
        3. Dinner: salad (canned beans, boiled egg, onions, herbs), a slice of whole-wheat bread, fruit.

        The sixth and seventh days: repeat the menu every day

          It is this diet and adheres to a famous actress in those periods of life when the job requires more sophisticated forms of the body. However, you will agree that the above diet is very rich, absolutely delicious and affordable to every woman: neither you strange mollusks nor mysterious delicacies. So to all lovers of good food and dream a little bit to lose weight - you are welcome, try this diet.

          The secret to beautiful hair

          The luxurious dark hair - a business card of the beautiful Monica Bellucci. Not every woman is so lucky: the nature has awarded her gorgeous, thick hair. However, this does not mean that she does not care for them, allowing them to split and break as much as they want. The fact that the head Bellucci washes twice daily shampooing, diluted with water (apparently normal shampoo concentrations it is too high). Note: not twice a week, twice a day! Apparently, the actress wants to be irresistible, not only during the day but at night (with husbands in such a handsome man like Vincent Cassel, it's not surprising).

          Besides frequent shampooing, Monica regularly makes a mask for hair: does the olive oil on the roots and leaves for thirty to forty minutes. Curls after this procedure no longer split, grow healthy and shiny. And the stars prefer to go without a hair dryer, since it dry out hair. "Hot" laying it does just before the release of the important, otherwise prefer to dry the strands naturally.

          Hair color changes very rarely Monica: bright brunette sometimes lightens his hair a few shades. But to see her blonde, of course, is impossible: the actress is proud of their natural hair color. Her dark hair is much obliging women, because their background tiniest flaws on the face simply striking. That allowed blondes, brunettes have to hide or correct. "We, the present brunettes in Hollywood and almost gone," - says Bellucci, - "I, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penelope Cruz ... that's all."

           valuable secrets of beauty Monica Bellucci

          Secrets radiant skin

          And skin care Monica Bellucci prefers full natural: no plastic surgery, no strong anti-aging creams - nature can not be fooled! "I never in my life did not lie under the surgeon's knife, everything has to go his own way. Forty-year woman trying to look at the twenty - it's ridiculous and absurd, "- says Bellucci reporters.

          Each morning starts with Monica contrast shower, a beneficial effect on skin condition. And in order to face stay young as long as possible, the actress twice weekly scrub cleanses the skin and nourishes it with almond oil. Also, do not neglect Monica and moisturizing facial mask. Here is the recipe of one of them: a paste of fresh avocado, four teaspoons of almond oil and six teaspoons of cream applied to the face and leave for fifteen minutes. After a wash and enjoy the soft and tender skin like a baby.

          The secret to natural makeup

          Everyone knows that Monica prefers completely natural makeup. His face, as well as the body, she said working tools, which should serve as the main goal - to help the viewer to see it as one or the other way. In order to mimic the natural actress remained, Bellucci using cosmetics with the mind, creating a light, natural makeup. In everyday life she is quite content with black mascara on the eyelashes and transparent gloss on the lips that does not spoil its natural beauty.

          A minimum required for the publication - a makeup base, matting powder, black eyeliner and lipstick. According to Monica Bellucci, this makeup kit is enough to look elegant and sexy. Pencil it encircles the eye contour, drawing a line on both the upper and the lower edge of the lid. At the bottom line should be a little shade to get the effect of naturalness. In general, Monica prefers effect "bare face" when the visible natural, natural beauty.

          It can be hard work to achieve figures as Monica can grow long hair and paint them in the dark, or regularly make-up "a la Bellucci." That's just whether you will become a beautiful and happy from this? After all, perhaps, the secret of attraction Monica is that it does not seek to imitate anyone and tries to live so that every passing minute gave her pleasure. Only in this way, according to the actress, one can be truly happy and beautiful woman.

           Beauty Secrets Monica Bellucci

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