Bath Body

After exhausting, hard days spent in labor, primitive woman went to sea in the hope of a catch of fish. But she was so exhausted that lay right on the beach in some sand funnel, where it was forgotten soundly. Woke up a few hours later, she was surprised to discover that the funnel is filled with warm salt water, her head lying on top of the dry sand and knees sticking out of the water. It turns out that during sleep there was a surge of her shelter was flooded, and the sun warmed the water. Then there was low tide, and the water in the crater remained. The woman was so pleased to rest in this place, it often was the drop in front of the tide to the funnel, and then asked her primitive man to dig a recess next to the cave. This is a myth about how there were the first baths for the body.

In our time, a sin not to take advantage of the benefits that civilization offers: comfortable bath, a Jacuzzi, a million of cosmetics for softening and healing the skin. We are just like millions of years ago, a great pleasure to sink into a fragrant, relaxing bath after a hard day's work. And all the problems, stresses and anxieties are out there somewhere, beyond our consciousness when we absorb every cell of our body beneficial effects of water.

The benefits of baths for the body

Most of us are willing to lie for hours in the bathroom, getting from this great pleasure. Someone listening to soft music, someone reading your favorite book while lying in foam water. However, it should be noted that too long stay in the water can damage those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, or various kinds of infections. This category of women take a bath more than 15-20 minutes a day is not recommended.

Typically, there are three modes for the temperature of the water bath. Those who prefer the average temperature - 33-37 degrees, are used to complete relaxation and stress during bathing. These baths best to take before going to bed: you will sleep soundly and peacefully. Cold bath (20 degrees) appropriate to take in the morning, as the cool water perfectly tones and invigorates the body, helping the body to wake up. Hot same bath (40 degrees) is usually taken in the cold if no heat. But lying in hot water for more than 5 minutes is not recommended to avoid overheating of the body.

Taking a bath, we do not just purify the body with sweat and dirt. Water has amazing properties to tone, invigorate the entire body. Whatever gloomy mood we are, but after taking a bath, each one of us a feeling of freshness, comfort and updated as if thrown off our shoulders with a whole load of problems. And if you add in the water aromatic oils, sea salt, or infusions of herbs, the healing properties of water will increase many times.

Who of us would have refused to fall into the water, strewn with rose petals, or try to imagine the famous Cleopatra milk bath? But if you look, there is nothing impossible, every woman simply must from time to time to pamper yourself such trifles. So we present to your attention some of the most interesting, but at the same time simple in execution of recipes bath for the body.

    Bath with sea salt

What is usually associated in humans the expression "sea salt"? With the sea, sun beach, relaxation and pleasure. Taking a bath with sea salt, you can feel rest and relaxation as if you are not at home in the bathroom, and somewhere far away on the coast. In addition to pleasant relaxation, sea salt brings tangible benefits for the whole body thanks to the natural mineral content of microelements.

Even Hippocrates said, "These baths help in many diseases, when all else has ceased to help." Take a bath with sea salt, you significantly improve the condition of their skin. She smoothed to become more elastic. Besides the fact that sea salt is perfectly cleanses the pores, it is largely helps in the fight against the eternal feminine ailment - cellulite.

So, enter the bath, the water temperature should resemble the body temperature - about 36-37 degrees. Dip into the water 350 grams of sea salt and enjoy your personal search! Take 10-12 such baths, better to do it through the day. However, do not forget about that and this miracle - a bath with sea salt - has its contraindications. They are not suitable for those who suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular, cancer. Pregnant women before you take a bath with sea salt, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

 moisturizing bath for the body

    Cleopatra's milk bath

The fame of the beauty of Cleopatra has reached our days. Moreover, her name has become the personification of female attractiveness and sexuality. A recipe for her famous milk bath, which helped make famous queen skin perfectly, and still used by women around the world.

To prepare the "milk bath Cleopatra" is not necessarily to fill the tub to the brim with milk and cream (and is hardly possible!). Just add water to a liter of milk, and your skin will get a lot of useful substances. Incidentally, many believe that Cleopatra herself is added to a bath and melted honey. Well, we will not argue - just dissolve a cup of honey in a hot (but not boiling) milk and Spill the mixture in water. So we significantly increase the impact on the skin.

In addition, the famous queen did not forget to use a body scrub before a dip in a fragrant bath. In order to replicate her recipe, you will need half a cup of very thick cream and sea salt. Just rub salt in the cream and the resulting put on the body scrub. As a result, your skin will be smooth and silky.

    Herbal baths

Sea salt and milk - are not the only ingredients that can make a bath for the body really useful. Ever since ancient times, "Grandma" and quack herbal infusions offered to women designed to combat certain skin problems. Enjoy the old recipes and modern woman, because one of the virtues of herbs - in their affordability. Find out what the bath of herbs beneficial for the skin of the body, you can just go to the store and buy them.

For example, a decoction of sage and oak pores, which is ideal for owners of oily skin. Field grass in combination with horsetail help find the tone sluggish and flabby skin. If you have dry, cracked skin, then you are perfect moisturizing bath for the body. Make a decoction of chamomile and hops and add to the water when bathing - you get excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent.

Whatever time of any living woman - whether Stone Age or the beginning of the III millennium - a passion for baths for the body does not leave us. And it does not really matter what recipe we choose for the next washing - at the moment we get closer to nature, and our skin absorbs all the best properties of natural ingredients. After bath body - this beauty ritual, granting us the youth and health.

 Beauty rituals: bathing body

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 how to paint nails

When doing a manicure at the salon, you come out with beautiful, smooth painted nails. As soon decide to save and repeat the procedure at home, it turns out something unintelligible: the skin around the nail and cuticle stained, lacquer lay jagged strips. What kind of injustice, because at home we used the same nail polish, as in the salon! Surely, manicure there is some closely guarded secret of how to paint your nails, and it is not necessary to know the "mere mortals". But we have something you are not that simpleton not to understand all the tricks of the case.

Cooking marigolds to the coating

So you led your fingers in order, gives nails a nice shape, anointed and prepared to handle a cream coated. Stop! Inspect your nail plate, if they are fat from the cream, then a smooth coating is useless to dream! To paint lay down evenly and beautifully nail should be completely dry. And therefore urgently wipe nails nail polish remover and blot with a tissue.

Do not forget to prepare a set of "first aid", which may be required in the case of corrections during the application. It will include ear sticks, cotton pads, toothpicks and means for removal of a varnish. Even serious experts sometimes resort to this set, as you will need it even more so. Quick-drying nail polish on the skin - not the most pleasant thing, if you do not delete it immediately, then do it later will not be easy. So do not ignore such "little things", because you are just learning.

In order to process the application of varnish it was not only successful, but also enjoyable, is located as comfortable as possible. You will need a bright light, a small pillow under the arm (fit and rolled towel) and light, nice music. What you need to at the most crucial moment of the hand does not tremble? The confidence and the right attitude. Therefore, do not neglect the emotional background - purring pretty loud songs can bring no less good than the most complex accessories for manicure. And having come in a good mood, and you can begin staining. Where do you start?

 how to paint fingernails

This mysterious basis under a varnish ...

Now, you're absolutely ready to apply to a transparent substrate under the paint (also called base coating). Have you ever wondered why do I need this foundation? Do it from any benefit, or in the salons of her tear off you with the extra money? Well, firstly, not all perfect nails, beauty, some have small bumps and cracks in the nail plate. And when nails are not made up, this can not be seen. But we need only apply varnish, especially bright, all the flaws are visible to the naked eye. In order to rectify the situation and to disguise the "ugliness" use basis under a varnish. Quite often, they contain tiny particles of silk, talc and other useful substances.

Secondly, any bright varnish (even if he indecently expensive) has pigments that penetrate deep into the nail plate. If you always use a nail and not to apply the foundation, will soon acquire the nails jaundiced. And then good-bye with an opportunity to walk or not made up nail varnish to use lighter shade! You'll have to paint a vivid yellowing varnish constantly deteriorating condition of the nail plate. Well, and, thirdly, any basis under the varnish is full of vitamins that help strengthen your nails and give them a healthy, attractive appearance. So, without thinking twice, apply foundation on your nails. Once the base coat is dry, you can start the fun.

 How to paint your nails correctly

The most crucial moment: lacquer

Finally came the turn of the longed-vial with a varnish. Needless to say that the quality of the varnish depends on the beauty and neat painted nails? After all, you can endlessly talk about how to properly paint the nails on the hands, but if the nail polish is chosen poorly or acetone before the divorce, all efforts have been in vain. And if your shelf is a whole collection of lacquers has acquired a certain number of years ago, you can forget about it. Shelf life of nail polish just a year, do not expose the health of their nails at risk. And as soon as you make sure that your nail polish is all right, it's time to start:

  1. Properly warm the paint by rubbing it in his hands. This is to ensure that the varnish has become a smoother consistency and went;
  2. If you are right handed, the light should fall on the nails from the top left. If left-handed, respectively, top-right;
  3. Always start to paint your nails with the little finger, gradually moving to the big toe;
  4. Do not try to make up the entire nail with one stroke. Start painting from the middle, gradually moving to the base, and then to the sides of the nail;
  5. If your nails are short, then take on a brush so much polish as needed for a single nail. To paint lay down evenly, each nail should be painted a new portion of the varnish. Short nails can visually lengthen when left unpainted sides of the field.
  6. Do not paint your nails short, thick varnish: to achieve smooth, accurate coverage will not be easy;
  7. The two-layer coating looks much more attractive than a single layer. Wait until the first layer of varnish is dry and apply a second;
  8. If you accidentally touched the skin of the nail and understand that gently wipe will not work, remove only the large spots. During the day, wash your hands several times, and everything else will disappear by itself;
  9. It is important not to touch lacquer cuticle. Better not dokrasit 1mm to it than spoil the impression of the coverage;
  10. Do not forget to take advantage of fixing varnish coating with him will last much longer.
  11. Give your coating to dry thoroughly. Survive at least 20-30 minutes before you take on the case. It is better if the nails dry naturally if they blow soak in cold water, etc., then fade paint and coating lose its luxurious look.

Here we discovered the secret of how to properly painted fingernails. And now we can calmly tell her friends that three times a week visit the most expensive beauty salon for a manicure that's that. No one would think of that we are slightly exaggerating, because such a luxurious coat is able to make only a professional!

 Secrets manicure: how to paint fingernails

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