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Pets masks from fruits and vegetables are essential for any woman watching over her appearance and makes great efforts to preserve youth, beauty and attractiveness. Of course, these tools gives a professional looking after cosmetics, and their use should take into account factors such as skin type and purpose of the mask. Dry skin needs moisturizing composition, suitable for oily pores, tired skin requires toning options. And it is pretty easy to make at home.

Masks of kiwi

Since recipes nourishing masks very, very much, all kinds of ingredients on all occasions and not list, is, perhaps, concentrate on one thing. Today, our focus facial mask of kiwi. This wonderful fruit not only has a pleasant taste and color, but also contains a lot of vitamins and organic acids, including an impressive amount of vitamin C. Kiwis are extremely useful, whether you consume it in food or use it topically. He gets rid of acne, it gives elasticity to the skin, whitens and smoothes it.

In addition, the kiwi - a dietary and accelerates fat burning product that is to eat everyone who wants to lose weight. However, it should be remembered that it is not necessary to lean on the fruit: a day is desirable to use no more than three fruit as kiwi fruit acidity and its laxative effect can play a bad joke even with the owners of a very strong stomach. It is important to remember that this fruit is contraindicated in people with allergies, patients with gastritis or have stomach ulcers.

Before using the recipes below, make sure you are not allergic to the main ingredient. To do this, apply a little elbow bend pulp kiwi and wait a few minutes. If there was a reddening of the skin or a rash, the mask of the fruit, alas, you will not fit.

Masks of kiwi for dry skin

  1. Ingredients: one and a half tablespoons of kiwi juice, a half tablespoons of olive, linseed or other vegetable oil and egg yolk

    Mix the ingredients, put on fifteen to twenty minutes, remove the mask with a damp cloth. This recipe is not only significantly improves the complexion, but also, and tones the skin.

  2. Ingredients: a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese and kiwi juice

    Mix both components strike, hold for twenty minutes and rinse with cold water too. It can also be used for very dry and normal skin.

  3. Ingredients: One kiwi, stuff a few almonds, a tablespoon of orange or grapefruit juice, sour cream and vegetable oil, half tablespoon of honey

    Grind to puree the state of kiwi fruit, add-ground in a coffee grinder almonds, add the remaining ingredients and stir. At five minutes to put on the face, constantly massaging, then rinse with a cotton disc. This mask exfoliates gently scrub your skin cells obsolete.

 Useful facial mask of kiwi

Care oily skin

  1. Ingredients: kiwi and lemon in equal amounts, grated horseradish

    Grind and mix the ingredients, spread the massage of the face, after ten minutes, rinse with warm or cold water.

  2. Ingredients: half a ripe kiwi fruit, a tablespoon of cottage cheese (or yogurt with no additives)

    Mix the cottage cheese and kiwi, distribute weight on the face, after cleaning the skin, wait fifteen minutes and gently rinse.

  3. Ingredients: kiwi, white, two tablespoons of cosmetic green clay, a teaspoon of olive oil, mustard or any other vegetable oil

    The flesh of the fruit mix thoroughly with beaten egg whites and add remaining ingredients. Apply for ten or fifteen minutes, clean the skin with a cotton swab.

  4. Ingredients: Kiwi

    Mash kiwi with a spoon, put on the face for about ten minutes and then immediately rinse with warm water mass .. If you suddenly will be a little pinch, do not worry, as it should be. This simple mask can replace easy peeling.

Masks Acne

  1. Ingredients: half a kiwi, half a banana, a teaspoon of natural yogurta.Razmyat into mush, both the fetus, add yogurt and mix well. Apply, wait twenty minutes, then rinse with water is not too cold, treat the skin with lotion.
  2. Ingredients: Half kiwi fruit maka.Rasteret teaspoon and add the poppy seeds. Apply weight, rubbing the skin for three or four minutes, leave for another fifteen, rinse with warm water.

 nice facial mask of kiwi

Reducing and whitening mask

  1. Ingredients: kiwi, two teaspoons of honey

    Mix all of the ingredients, spread on the face for twenty -Twenty five minutes. Carefully remove with a cotton swab.

  2. Composition: two tablespoons of pulp kiwi, two teaspoons of sour cream or yogurt with no additives

    Mix all the ingredients and spread on the pre-treated skin tonic, mass leave for about fifteen minut.Eta mask saturate the skin with nutrients, removes spots, moreover, it could easily replace easy peeling.

  3. Ingredients: One kiwi, five strawberries, half a large cucumber

    Mix all the ingredients; If the mask is too much liquid, add a little oatmeal. Apply on face and neck and leave for ten to fifteen minutes, you can massage the skin a little. Remove the mask with warm water, a soft handle skin moisturizer. The recipe is very well whitens and cleanses the skin.

  4. Ingredients: half a kiwi, three teaspoons of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of low-fat milk, honey and oatmeal milled, a drop of essential oil of lavender and orange

    Beat with a mixer all the ingredients until smooth, and then in a circular motion to massage the skin of the neck and face with a cotton pad. After five minutes, rinse with cold water, process and apply a moisturizing tonic krem.Eta express mask gives tangible results, and quickly leads to skin tone.

  5. Ingredients: a teaspoon of persimmon pulp, ripe kiwi, apple and pear soft

    Mix the ingredients. A few minutes spread over the skin of the neck and face. Remove the moist cotton swab.

  6. Ingredients: Two kiwis, juice of half a lemon

    Mash the peeled fruit, add the juice, stir well. Carefully avoiding the area around the eyes, to distribute weight on the face and leave for a few minutes. Rinse the face not too cool water and apply moisturizer.

Making a mask of kiwi fruit, it is worth remembering that this fruit is quite caustic, so avoid contact with eyes. And if the kiwi juice still got the mucous need to immediately flush eyes with a very large amount of cold water. It is not necessary in the hope of any miraculous results leave the mask on your face longer than twenty minutes, even if you do not have an allergic reaction, it is sometimes better to be safe. By the way, ripe kiwi fruit acid is less than unripe. If you are afraid for one reason or another allergic reaction, try to make a mask of a softer fruit.

 Beauty Recipes: facial mask of kiwi

 Facial Mask for skin elasticity


  • What prevents the skin to be resilient?
  • All in your hands!
  • What are the face masks?
  • What kind of mask can be done quickly and easily?

Among the majority of women are of the opinion that only youth can guarantee the health of the skin, elasticity and beauty. It is also believed that when the fairer sex cross the threshold of forty, about all these qualities can not even dream of. You see, from the age can not escape. But the number of years is not the main indicator for assessing the state of a woman's skin. In all ages, it can shine youth.

Another question - how it relates to the woman herself. After all, often on city streets you can meet still very young girls who, because of their unhealthy lifestyle or regular laziness did not monitor the condition of the skin. How not cool, but care is far can not be called a waste of time. And the earlier a woman begins to do it, the better, as the skin tends to fade. This process is necessary to try to hold up, or better yet a complete stop.

What prevents the skin to be resilient?

All the beautiful half of humanity just wants to maintain the elastic skin for years to come. But few are endowed with the privilege of nature. The rest have to constantly fight with all kinds of external and internal factors influence the condition of the skin. These include voting age, poor environmental conditions, unbalanced diet, stress, abuse of alcohol and nicotine.

The same negative number can be attributed to excessive care of his face, as well as the use is not appropriate for the type of skin cosmetics. Remember that the rule "the more the better" in this case can only do harm. But it is worth just a little to try and elastic facial skin can become your business card and will testify that you are confident, interesting and full of vitality woman.

 Mask for skin elasticity

All in your hands!

Should I say that today, with all the abundance of expensive cosmetic procedures and newfangled drugs to help women respond very Mother Nature? She generously gives us the most incredible natural and wholesome ingredients. Masks for skin elasticity often included in its composition products which are in the kitchen of every housewife, which is very convenient for those girls and women who lead an active lifestyle. As a rule, such masks have astringent, nourishing and protecting it from external influences effect.

The only thing you need to worry in advance, so it's about establishing your individual skin type. This procedure can also be performed manually using conventional napkins. A little bit more complicated is the evaluation of elasticity and skin tone. In this case, it is best to help cosmetologist. But it is possible to do and few simple tests that really hold their own.

To do this, thumbs slightly push the skin near the nose and take them aside in a clockwise direction. With a positive result of this rotary compression test on your skin will noticeable wrinkles, and with a negative - it will resist the pressure and shear.

Another test will help determine the degree of exposure of the skin to wrinkle. To do this, just on the side of the face area with two fingers by squeezing light forms folds. If this had some difficulty, and reminded the rubber skin, congratulations - your test is negative. Otherwise, you can not much upset. After all, the issue of restoring its former beauty, elasticity and help us solve a mask for the face.

What are the face masks?

Beauticians subdivide all the masks for the face into several types: nourishing, moisturizing, toning, softening, bleaching and vitaminized. Thus, the move may seem like a bit much. But it is not necessary to use all of them. It is enough to determine the most accessible types and use them by alternation. After a certain period of time, and you can try other kinds of masks, as they are all in their own unique and useful.

You will be able to experience for yourself the usefulness of masks, if you cook them just before use. Remember that just cleared the skin will respond positively to such procedures. Until the removal of the mask, try to keep relaxed and stillness of the face. To achieve a stronger effect as a result of deep absorption, try to strengthen the pre-circulation and reveal the pores in the skin by washing or hot compresses contrast water.

Fruit masks will help to enrich, tone and smooth the skin. Only in the event that it is prone to dryness and rashes, should abandon the use of acid fruits and berries. If there are no problems, the elasticity and velvety skin with regular use of such masks are guaranteed. The feature is such cosmetics is that they can be prepared from any local ripened fruits.

To achieve the effect of smoothness and freshness of the skin, use a mask made of vegetables. Moreover, they can be prepared from both the raw and cooked fruits of vegetables.

Owners of dry skin can be added to the cooked weight oil or butter. This will make more and softening mask. Oily skin "loves" the addition of a mask of lemon juice, flour or bran.

According to cosmetologists, most nutritious and rejuvenating, considered honey and milk mask. But in the case of problematic skin honey is best mixed with aloe juice, and dry - with the egg yolk. Again, add the lemon honey mask, if you observed increased oiliness of the skin. Allergy honey masks are contraindicated.

If your skin tone is lowered, and she looks tired, try to heal it through the egg mask, the main ingredient of which is the yolk. That it concentrated all biologically active substances iron and sulfur, which gives the skin elasticity and beauty. Such masks are almost always blended with curd, vegetable oil or milk.

Oil mask made from crude plant material, are also nutritious and do not require rinsing. Simply soak the skin tissue.

Do not be afraid of using inaccurate proportions in the preparation of masks. No harm will not do, as the skin will absorb as much nutrients as it needs.

 elastic face mask

What kind of mask can be done quickly and easily?

In order to more fully disclose the above information, we present some simple examples of making masks of those components that have any hostess is always at hand.

  1. Dairy

    With the help of the usual fat cottage cheese can significantly improve the elasticity of skin, giving it a healthy appearance and a pleasant smoothness. To do this, simply rub 3 tablespoons of this product with 1 tablespoon of honey. The resulting mass is put on the face (except around the eyes) and after 20 minutes, simply remove the whole mixture with a cotton swab soaked in cold milk. This mask working form a protective thin layer prevents loss of moisture of the skin surface. In addition, the facial skin after application of such means noticeably smoothed.

  2. Rolled oats

    This recipe has given us generous Switzerland. As you know, oatmeal is very rich in B vitamins and folic acid, which helps to purify the sebaceous gland and relieves irritation, causing the skin to become opaque. For the preparation of such a mask, a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal poured unpasteurized milk or else natural yogurt. The resulting mixture should be spread on the face and let stand 20 minutes. After removal of the mask holders of dry skin will appreciate its beauty and smoothness. Those who are struggling with fat content of the skin, so a mask, simply replace the milk with lemon juice and beaten egg whites.

  3. Healing Honey

    It's no secret that honey has healing antioxidant effect on the human body (except for allergies). No special recipe for a mask no. It is easy to smear honey on your skin and a little massage. For a variety of honey can be mixed with milk. This fructose, glucose, minerals and vitamins contained in honey, will make your good work. And you instantly noted the positive results.

  4. Potatoes

    A favorite with all our jacket potatoes can not only satisfy the stomach, but pretty to work on improving the elasticity of skin. Simply boiled potato mash thoroughly and apply on face. This polysaccharide molecules and vitamin C will smooth and clear up your skin. After 20 minutes, remove the weight from the skin and wash with warm water.

  5. Egg

    More our grandmothers used a simple but very useful for the face mask on the basis of eggs. Note suited as chicken and quail. Beat eggs should be spread on the face, leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. The eggs can be added to milk and honey. Long-term use of such a mask will certainly revive even the weakened skin.

  6. Yeast

    Every self-respecting hostess knows that the yeast will not only help to bake delicious cakes, but also do wonders with the skin. Simply mix 20 grams of yeast with a small amount of warm milk. The resulting mixture was put on the skin and soak 15 minutes. When the mask cools down a bit, try to rub the skin soft, circular movements of its remnants. After a good wash, and look in the mirror. There you will see the freshness and radiance.

  7. Citrus fruit

    Masks of grapefruits, oranges and lemons are perfect for the prevention of early wrinkles and smoothing for a long time already formed. Mix a couple of tablespoons of any representative of citrus pulp with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 50 grams of fine rice flour. Apply the mixture on your face and kept for 20 minutes. After all rinse with warm water. From fine lines will evaporate.

  8. Oils

    There are many essential oils, which are very helpful to maintain and restore skin elasticity. But we should remember that each type of oil works differently. So, anise oil is an excellent antiseptic and promotes skin elasticity. Oils of mandarin, orange and grapefruit are working on wrinkles, moisturizing and skin renewal, tone and tighten it. Frankincense, myrrh, clove and help rejuvenate the skin quickly. Olive oil can replace all the most nutritious cream. You only need to make a choice.

Traditional medicine has a great many recipes for masks for skin elasticity, and to enumerate them all would Spend countless hours. But it should be remembered that the effect of any mask can be enhanced with the help of facial massage. These simple steps you will be able to overcome its laxity and achieve radiance and elasticity. Reward your skin for those tests, which it is exposed every day. Be beautiful and healthy!

 Face Mask for skin elasticity: the impossible is possible