Beauty at home

Probably every girl dreams of a modern beauty salon at home. Interestingly, and if the opportunity to choose only one master, who would you prefer?

Perhaps the hairdresser? As applied daily makeup can do everything, and it is fashionable to dress it is not difficult, but to build on his head something attractive is not everyone's strength. Actually, this is the reason that the vast majority of girls walking around with the most simple hairstyles. And they can understand, because to create a beautiful and interesting styling will take at least two hours of special means of mass. As to the time, as a rule, it does not exist, and "equipment" is rarely enough money. Of course, every morning you can run into the room, but again, everything depends on the lack of money and time.

But the output is still there - you can call a barber home.

First of all it is worth noting that his services will cost much cheaper than a trip to the most simple interior. Every hairdresser-owner-driver works only on itself, allowing it to assign a lower price - it is not included in the "share" of the cabin.

If the barber would come to the house, you can save significant time. While the master is cast over your hair, you can paint your nails, eating a sandwich, to write a report on the work, as well as do many other useful things. Question time is incredibly relevant for those who are going to attend an important event.

Perhaps you had to deal with the problem of recording a particular get noticed craftsmen working in a beauty salon. They work part time, strictly on certain days, so sometimes it has to be written in a few weeks. And if because of the circumstances you have to cancel the recording, the next "opportune moment" in the schedule, you can wait for long time. It is much easier and more convenient to call to negotiate with the private master, shifting the planned procedure at a convenient time for you.

For convenience, the search has been recently created a professional community of experts in beauty "Kreys Masters", which contains a huge number of profiles masters. You will be able to choose for themselves any professional, whether it is makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist. In addition, you can simply ask for advice, and in the community is required to recommend the best options. Any advice on the selection of artists for free. You pay only the service itself directly to the master.

 Beauty at home

 calico wedding


  • An important milestone in the life of a man
  • Why is the first anniversary of calico?
  • Gifts for the cotton wedding

In the life of every person there is an event on which so many legends and stories, many sayings and proverbs, so many poems and songs, many written works, and to make a film about him is simply impossible not to know. Of course, it was a wedding. A first wedding anniversary in a long line of wedding anniversaries - the first anniversary of marriage.

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An important milestone in the life of a man

Why wedding event is almost the most important milestone in a person's life? Because from that moment, as stated in scripture,

"And a man will leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh."

Because it creates a new family, a new "cell of society", which will build the temple of love with its laws and regulations and with its charter. And in many ways, this is a church depends on the two erecting him whether they respect each other and build their relationship on love and respect, or will find out who's in charge. As the proverb says: "Marry - not to attack as if married not divide." You can transform family life in a paradise on earth, and it is possible and to hell. Although everything depends on the will of God, but the couple is required to work, and the work does not end in the first year after the wedding, and sometimes lasts a lifetime. But the fact that the first anniversary of the hardest, no one would argue not. And how many years will last the life of a family, God knows. Everything depends on the foundations laid in the early years was the joint construction.

 calico wedding celebration

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Why is the first anniversary of calico?

Why 1 wedding anniversary is called calico? Often it is understood literally.

A year has passed family life. This is a little much. Flying like an instant, "honeymoon" is over a holiday and start a family routine, the first discrepancies, disagreements, the first resentment and frustration. Two loving people began to discover each other some hitherto unknown character traits are not always attributable to the liking of the other half, they began to adapt to them and try to put up with them - in a word, began to adapt to one another, and the life of the young became ordinary as "calico simplicity".

But why are they still referred to the newlyweds? They will be called, and so as long as the relatives and friends are gathered to congratulate the "calico wedding."

The first year is the most difficult. Each pair comes in a new family with their way of life, with its worldview, with its habits and inclinations, and even, to confess, with their ambitions. Here much depends on the young what they want to see their family, whether they are creating it together or each will cut its own way. It is believed that the day of the wedding to the day of the celebration of the first anniversary of the couple held a trial period, after which sums up: whether they have to maintain the flame of love, learned to whether to take the interests of each other and to give Dispute whether to support each other in difficult times, or proud "to pose" and how to actually implement their promises made to each other on their wedding day.

This first year so called "chintz" that this delicate fabric, cotton, weak, as gauze, has many shades and easily torn by the slightest effort. And family life in the early stages is very fragile, it can easily ruin a careless rude word, indiscretions, indifference. The holiday can not last forever, and not without reason are called gray weekdays. And it is very important during the first year not to allow "family boat crashed against life". If each of the newlyweds will try not to "pull the blanket over himself," and to do everything to bring the joy of a spouse, then there is confidence that the family and through the years is strong.

There is another version of the origin of the name. On it the name "calico" comes from the Sanskrit "sitras" meaning "motley". And, indeed, the first year the family can not be called monotonous: sometimes there are "Shakespeare" passions boil. Life Suite is a continuous overlapping of: idyll is replaced by the storm, love - hate, joy - tears. The diversity, and only.

The simple people explains the name "calico" on its simple-way: the young in the first year so actively behave in bed linens that calico wear gauze to the state (which is why the cotton is also called the wedding and gauze).

How to celebrate the first anniversary? On this day, a beautiful young wife wears a cotton dress, which by tradition is to sew herself, and her husband - a beautiful embroidered shirt, his wife is also stitched. These clothes as it symbolizes that life evolved from a young festival during the week, but the routine is still colored in bright colors last holiday. On this day, the couple drank a bottle of champagne, which are specially kept for a year from the date of the wedding. In addition, they have to eat up your dishes clean, "not to lose a fortune." Wife embroidered with the anniversary a festive table cloth that covers the table with dishes and drinks for guests. On a holiday invites parents, witnesses, relatives and best friends.

 gifts for wedding calico

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Gifts for the cotton wedding

Most important is the question of what to give for a cotton wedding. Young give each other calico handkerchiefs, tying them for the nodule, as if giving this promise to keep the love for years to come. Then they stood facing each other and holding hands, recite together spell the word "How knots tied us strong, and our words are strong. As the wind-reveler in the wake cornfield so joy and happiness forever be upon us. " It is believed that properly conducted ritual of tying knots promises a long and happy family life. Then these handkerchiefs are placed in a corner and kept all his life.

By the way, the Orthodox Church does not approve of such ceremonies, considering them pagan. Instead, she recommends to seal the union wedding who did not do it before, but the anniversary necessarily go to the temple and put candles to each other "for the health."

Well, when the couple on their first anniversary make each other the other wedding gifts, except calico handkerchiefs.

A husband can give his wife kits for knitting, needlework and embroidery, if his wife - or mistress wants it to be. Beautiful lingerie, negligee or nightgown, too, do not remain indifferent to its half. Jewelry has always been out of competition. A set of makeup can give only the spouse who has studied tastes and preferences of his wife, otherwise there is a good chance to miss with such a delicate gift.

Wife demonstrate his love for her husband, when he will present his own fashion knitted sweater or scarf. Warm soft dressing gown, too, will love his wife. If the husband has a hobby, it is the first thing any of the subjects of his predilections, given to him by his wife, he will remember for a lifetime.

Guests usually give spouses products calico (but not necessarily): tablecloths, towels, napkins, curtains on the windows, fancy kitchen aprons husband and wife, bed linen, light summer dresses, shirts, shorts, tunic - and the newlyweds, who are planning to have a baby, give diapers and sliders. It must be remembered that the cotton wedding anniversary can give any clothing, paying attention only to the opacity of the tissues. And, of course, is always appropriate to give jewels: articles of gold, silver, platinum, especially expensive products made of semiprecious stones colorful. It is possible, using imagination, give the original memorable gifts: a pillow in the form of a half moon, sun, his own heart with embroidered inscriptions on them. You can give a picture of the newlyweds with portraits or posters, calendars with wedding photographs of the newlyweds.

But the main prize still gives daughter-in-law: it is a beautiful print dress with the wishes of simple and easy relationship with her husband, just like this stuff.

Congratulate the young can be such verses:

On the wedding day of your gingham

We give of handkerchiefs

And sincerely wish you

Son or daughter.

 The first wedding godok give a cotton handkerchief