Beautiful sex positions


  • If a woman likes to dominate in sex sessions
  • If the initiative belongs to the man

Couples who prefer variety in sex and prone to fantasize in this matter, as a rule, are capable even of the classic poses - such as missionary - to make a real exclusive. Here, the main thing is the lack of facilities, very frankly and thirst for aesthetic pleasure, not just to achieve orgasm. After all, the quality of sex is not only the position, but also on the surroundings: the environment, the sounds used in the intimacy of objects and things. And a mistake to believe that all of this is important only for the beautiful half of humanity. Believe me, these aesthetes men in sex and seduction for a long time are not uncommon.

However, a true masterpiece of lovemaking can be obtained only when intimacy occurs in some especially alluring and erotic poses. After all, we women are so beautiful it is very important to file your own body, to your partner breathless with passion. So ignore the eroticism in lovemaking is not necessary if you want to always see the light of admiration in the eyes of the elect, no matter what pose is for each of you most preferred. After all, you can try many variations in sex, and all of them are interesting in their own way.

Since we, the fair sex, are different from each other appearance, temperament, intelligence, spiritual organization, and many others, it is not surprising that sex and love in different ways. Some people prefer, as in dance, to be led by a partner, while others relish the active positions. Therefore, we consider several options for intimacy in beautiful locations where the role reserved for women are different levels of participation in the process.

 Beautiful sex positions

If a woman likes to dominate in sex sessions

One of the key in which the partner can take the initiative and be active is a very old stance, entitled "From China with love." It was invented in China, and its residents are known, great inventors in terms of lovemaking! Therefore this position and similar provisions of the beautiful erotic sex partners require some skill. In position "From China with Love" active in sexual intercourse belongs to the woman. Therefore, it often becomes one of the favorite item of the fair sex. The man in this case acts as an additional stimulant. However, he also receives under this option intimacy great fun.

This position is the location of sex involves men in which it lies across the bed, dangling from the edge of her feet. To sexual intercourse in this seductive and erotic pose was not just full, but also brought indescribable pleasure, the partners should know each other well. This will allow them during intimacy stimulate the most sensitive areas to each other and to achieve a higher degree of excitation.

So, the man in the form of sex "From China with Love" is across the bed. Woman caresses must first bring it to a member state of maximum erection, and then lie down on his hands and the partner enter the penis into the vagina. Then she makes a few moves back and forth, and then deviates a little back and gets on the floor. Having got under the feet support, the Lady repeatedly raised and lowered on a limb, tightly clutching the man's body hips, and then alternates between all its movements.

These sex positions are a favorite for women because they allow the penis very well stimulate the anterior vaginal wall. This gives the fair sex indescribable pleasure, the result of which - very bright and powerful orgasm. In order to reach the highest peak of pleasure, it is necessary, in addition to moving up and down and back and forth, and make more circular. The partner is in such a beautiful sexual poses gets maximum pleasure in when his girlfriend, moving up and down, moves back a bit. This increases the voltage of the penis, thereby increasing the sensitivity and the head.

The depth of penetration of the penis into the vagina can increase a man taking the woman's thighs. In general, the hands in a similar seductive poses for sex with partners are free, and they can caress each other, encouraging more erogenous zones. With significant activity strong female orgasm occurs simultaneously in both. If it will be more passive, orgasm in men usually occurs after the way his favorite peak enjoyment.

Also described posture should pay attention to another, allows a woman to be active and initiative in sex, but also beneficial to emphasize the charm of his body. And to help you in the mirror installed before bed. If such an arrangement it is difficult to use for lovemaking ordinary chair. After all, it is precisely possible to put in any convenient place to observe the process of proximity, changing his position. For the classical variant man should sit on the edge of the bed or to get a chair. A woman needs to stay on top, while turning his back to the partner, and move up and down and around, selecting optimal rate and amplitude.

Because in this position sex lovers both hands remain free, they can caress each other. Do not forget that the reflection of your naked bodies will always be in front of the eyes, as a wonderful stimulant. So do not hesitate to bend the back, showing seductive partner raised the chest, touch it with your hands, exciting and enthralling man.

It is impossible to ignore the position of all known sex called "rider". It is in this woman looks very exciting for the partner, as his gaze opened her seductive roundness. Use this to deliver the chosen even aesthetic pleasure, because in this case his thoughts will arise the details of this particular posture in conjunction with the outline of your perfect body, and will be the favorite few hours before meeting with you. Therefore, riding a man, do not hesitate to bend, leaning back, caressed her breasts and clitoris, waves and tempt.

But we should not stop at one embodiment pose - face to face. Diversify her, turning her back to the partner, squat, lie down. The same applies to motions in addition to the usual up and down, imagine that twist gymnastic hoop and rotate your hips in one direction and then the other. Take the initiative and be creative, then your sex will be truly beautiful and magical.

 beautiful poses sex

If the initiative belongs to the man

If you prefer making love to rely on a partner and gladly submit to his will, it should not be neglected as a classic missionary position. It is erotic and exciting, because the sacrament surrounded by a halo. After all, in the old days in this manner for the first time a man has sex with his young and chaste spouse. In addition, the missionary position allows a man to control the depth of penetration, as well as to choose the rhythm and movement options. However, a woman can be in every way to help the partner to caress his back and buttocks, as well as to put passion in kissing, which is convenient to give each other in this position for sex.

If the initiative belongs to the man, it is worth trying other equally beautiful poses. For one of them a woman should lie on the bed chest and legs to separate the sides, and the man should take her back and hips slightly raised, enter a member into the vagina. The special charm and sexuality that position gives seductively curved spin partner, her vulnerability and well-rounded buttocks. If the partner can not afford to keep you on the weight, the lower one leg to stop and to facilitate additional poses.

Since sex in front of the mirror is capable of the most wonderful way to diversify the intimate life of any stable pair, giving it more spicy, try another position. It is suitable for those who enjoy slow movements during intercourse. For this woman needs to kneel down, and the man at the same time to stand behind her. Pose provides no support on hand, so your back during lovemaking should be firmly pressed against the body of the partner. He should not rush - better that moves carefully and with reverent tenderness. The reflection in the mirror of your body makes sex erotic and beautiful.

Since it is not a secret, and the fact that men are very exciting swiftness in which it belongs to them the initiative, you should definitely try the position for sex while standing. After all, a strong muscular torso partner and the fragility of the partner - a combination that is unlikely to impress you both. Thus lovers it's best to be facing each other. If a man has the strength and endurance, he can hold his partner in the air, and it must embrace his hips and his feet priniknut to his body. Otherwise, try to use as a prop, such as a table, or to allow one man to lift your foot and the other at the same time will be on the floor.

Beautiful sex positions - the key to innovation and eroticism every moment of intimacy. Such a position can easily be varied by adding some special accessories, just changing the position of the bodies, alternating traffic and so on. Experienced advise couples to make love blindly, tying each other's eyes. It sharpens the perception of both partners opens up space for erotic fantasy and gives freedom from complexes are often inherent in the weaker sex.

Without experiments to discover new sex positions to maintain an exciting thrill for a long time is very difficult. A variety of game and just needed couples close for a long time, because they are refreshing attitude, again evoking the feeling of love! So let's stop shy and afraid of experimentation, learning, testing and modifying new and old beautiful pose one after another. Look up and try, because it is so in the intimate life can achieve harmony and sincerity.

 Beautiful sex positions: a variety of intimate relationships

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