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  • From the history of rubber footwear
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The end of winter and the beginning of the wet spring! Why is wet? Because the snow melts or rains, puddles appear everywhere and dirt. And autumn is often "encouraged" us rain and slush. How to get out of this situation and did not dry to catch a cold, wet feet? Wear fashionable rubber boots and boldly walk through the puddles in the right direction! At least, so it does today is not only advanced Muscovite.

In rubber boots flaunt and very young ladies, and the ladies in their prime, and who appreciate the convenience and comfort of middle-aged women. And what's interesting, beautiful rubber boots is no longer awaken in us dormant systems - we risk becoming like zatyukali kolkhoz life. Enjoy the convenience of this shoe, we ourselves have made it fashionable. And the designers and manufacturers to please us finicky) produce beautiful rubber boots to suit all tastes.

It's actually a convenient and beneficial in many ways. Here are just five "for" the benefit of rubber boots:

  • There is no need to replace naboek.
  • Puddles on the knee!
  • Easy to clean - easy to clean.
  • They can walk where they like.
  • Comfortable and durable.

So, fashionable rubber boots - women's fad or a trend? Most likely the latter. After all, fashion is not only what is beautiful, but what is convenient. And if this is a trend, let us know about it in detail.

From the history of rubber footwear

Everything is new - well forgotten old. It is a truism, which reminds us of returning fashion rubber boots. So already. Fashion dictates reality. And the first models of rubber shoes, invented specifically for leg protection against dirt and water, were initially not very beautiful, and very comfortable. However, these shoes in demand, and demand, as we know, breeds supply.

This is where it all started. From unpresentable and rough obuvki galoshes (ie they have become "the ancestors" rubber boots) miraculously began to turn into a fashionable and even elegant article of clothing. Initially they put directly on top of the "civilized" shoes to protect it from dirt and water. A first batch of elegant and stylish galoshes Russia appeared in a half-century ago. They were American-made galoshes, put the German businessman Ferdinand Krauzkopfom. Assessing the demand for these shoes, Krauzkopf quickly established its own production, and three years later to produce up to twenty million pairs of rubber shoes a year!

Before the Great Patriotic War in the USSR, rubber boots and galoshes, too, have been very popular and fashionable. For women even issued galoshes hollow heel, so they can be put on shoes. After the war, rubber boots and galoshes turned into utilitarian shoes worn exclusively for the work in production or in agriculture. Only children's boots continued to be bright and beautiful.

Although at the end of the last century, and there have been attempts to revive interest in rubber shoes and make her fashionable and stylish, they have been unsuccessful. Looking to the West and seeking to "meet the foreign countries", our compatriot flatly refused to take rubber boots as an integral object fashionable wardrobe. But perhaps the time has come, and rubber boots strengthened their positions.

 rubber boots

Rubber boots today

What is the modern rubber boots? This shoes made of synthetic rubber, which is produced by knitting or insulated manner and are of high quality. And the variety of models find their admirers among women of different age and income. What did not see on the pretty female legs! And brutal "rovers" with thick soles and mischievous imitation shoe on a high lace and stylized embossed leather, and stylish model with heels and boots with zipper and "counterfeit" under the children's shoes.

Designers and fashion designers try to "fit" the mood. And is not the first year, they offer us a stylish, beautiful and fashionable rubber boots that are "nail" the shoe collections and irreplaceable part of the fashion wardrobe. And, besides, this shoe is durable and has almost universal. And by the way, returning to the old, designers offer not only shoes, no shoes are worn on the foot, but also those which can be worn on top of the model shoes.

Modern rubber boots is not what their predecessors, though today many women horrifies the very phrase "rubber boots". They are at once clumsy and ugly mokrostupy in shoes that our great-grandmothers. But apparently these ladies just do not see what can be beautiful rubber boots.

Previously, rubber boots were usually black or, at best, some dark colors. Even the models did not differ grace and ease. But as time passed, and women's rubber boots magically transformed. The impetus for the rubber-shoe boom, the researchers believe the moment of appearance of fashion Kate Moss at Glastonbury music festival in black rubber boots of the brand Hunter. The press focused attention on this fact and publicized touching aggressive image of the lady in the "Hunter".

Continued popularize rubber footwear well-known designer brands (Prada, Burberry, Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, Emilio Pucci), when poudimah model appeared in rubber boots and boots. More recently, the Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo came up with a model of boots (Hunter) crocodile skin. This series of shoes design quickly found their buyers.

Brands and Trends

Hunter, and to this day remains the leading manufacturer of fashionable rubber footwear for women, which, in general, is not surprising: these shoes were still in the nineteenth century the British hunters and lovers of country rest. By the way, the appearance of rubber footwear of this brand has changed little since that time and is different except that the new materials so colors.

If Europe is famous for its "hanterovskoy" rubber footwear, among the American manufacturers of rubber boots palm firmly holding company Aigle, which specializes in the manufacture of clothing and footwear for outdoor activities. The first product of the company's crude steel rubber boots for the French farmers. Famous brands of rubber boots - not only Hunter and Aigle. Here's a list of the best known and most famous brands in the world of footwear (including rubber)

  1. Overhagen Giesswein. More democratic Brand: heel, platform, stylized tree and Scottish tissue.
  2. Gianmarco Lorenzi - Italian brand. Under this brand you will find boots luxury: quilted tops of waterproof fabric, heels, zippers.
  3. Diesel and Melissa. Also very interesting brands bet on shine and luster. And Melissa - even on original accessories: chains, straps, buttons.
  4. DAV - English style in the Italian interpretation: a variety of prints, lace and ties behind the boots.
  5. Keddo - one the most popular brands in Russia: heels, prints, stylized Pavlovsky Posad painting and Scandinavian patterns.
  6. Wedge Wellyi - stylish dress shoes (bright colors, the platform and wedge). Rubber boots of this brand were originally designed for girls, annealing at street festivals. However, relished and ladies leading a somewhat different way of life.
  7. "Econika" - a classic rubber shoes in the tradition of Hunter and Gianmarco Lorenzi.
  8. Alessadro Frenza - a model designed for youth drive, recklessness and a penchant for adventure.
  9. Burberry - classic models from the old brand Britain: sleek black and a traditional cell.
  10. Kenzo - this brand has found its niche in the world of fashion rubber in 2009. Relief, frivolity, femininity and floral design - that's what distinguishes the rubber boots from Kenzo.
  11. Marc Jacobs - the rigor and conciseness, without any attempt outrageous. But in style and quality.
  12. Marni - stiffness, heaviness and external claim to aristocracy.
  13. Emilio Pucci - Marni opposite effect: mischief and brightness.
  14. Louise Vuitton and Dsquared - the master of outrageous. It is these brands for the first time have put mannequins in rubber boots on high heels. Well, everyone is entitled to their vision of the world. Including the world of fashion.


  Rubber boots domestic production

Unlike the global brands, evaluate their shoes too high (according to our income and purses), Russian shoe factories offer no less interesting model. And in fairness it should be noted that the quality of such shoes is not much different from brand boots.

Domestic producers have learned to work with polyvinyl chloride, used to make good waterproof boots. Such "conditional rubber" boots are equipped with warm insoles and linings, and winter models also trimmed with fur cuffs. Colours, too, are not inferior to their foreign counterparts. The only disadvantage of polymer footwear - fragility in comparison with rubber boots and shoes.

Most legendary domestic brands, such as "Red Triangle" became part of history. Modern large shoe manufacturers in Russia can be counted on one hand: "Pskov polymer" Rostov "Khimprom" yes "Tomsk plant rubber shoes." Well, maybe a dozen is not as large manufacturers. But China is always ahead of the rest. We will not even call these manufacturers - the Chinese, they have Chinese. However, regardless of country of origin, value and style rubber boots, they need to choose wisely.

How to choose the rubber boots?

If you are still tempted by the prospect to fill your wardrobe with stylish and beautiful rubber boots, then usvoyte few rules of their choice. Moreover, these rules apply equally to both models exhibited in the expensive boutiques and on the shoes, which is on the shelves of conventional shoe stores or flea markets on the shelves.

  • Rubber retains its shape and size: it does not stretch and does not "sit" on the leg. Therefore, choose only those boots that you are not too tight.
  • Rubber shoes not warm (except insulated boots). Therefore, when buying to measure it on a cotton sock, with which you and will have to wear rubber boots.
  • If you buy shoes without trying them (for example, the online store), then choose the shoes one size larger.
  • Pay attention to the inner lining of the boot (if any). The best option - lining made of natural fabrics. The synthetic foot will sweat. Although, in the rubber shoe, it will sweat anyway. Just a natural lining, this process is more aesthetically pleasing.
  • External inspection - checking shoes for various scratches, punctures (rubber after all), badly dyed areas, grayish plaque and stains.
  • Internal inspection is done by touch. Stick in hand boots and palpate him whether wrinkles, irregularities, deficiencies in the lining or insulation. In the latter case, also check the strength and density of the insulation to fit rubber.
  • To test the strength of the backing layer color, soak a clean handkerchief and rub the inside of the boot lining. If no traces of scarf, then the lining is not shedding.
  • And be sure to try on shoes on both feet. Then you definitely understand you in this comfortable shoe or not.

  How to wear rubber boots?

From what to wear rubber boots - no longer a question. And if even three or four years ago fashionista looking for advice on this subject, but today the issue off the agenda. Rubber boots are so diverse and "many-sided", that you can wear them with anything: from jeans and blazers and elegant finishing coats and raincoats, and even office clothes.

It is therefore important to know how to wear rubber shoes. We should not forget that radically changed his appearance, rubber boots have not changed their destination. And the purpose of this shoe - protection against dirt and moisture. So remember:

  • Rubber - an artificial material, and no natural lining will not save your feet from uprevaniya. But this, of course, only if you are abusing their boots and they are too long. Always try to change the shoes in the room: rubber boots - shoes street.
  • Try to wear boots with cotton socks - so the leg will be less and less being cold sweat. A sweating foot in rubber boots, not because it's hot, but because it is stuffy.
  • Therefore, always be sure to ventilate the area and his rubber boots, wipe the inside of their deodorant and disinfectant.
  • Do not wear rubber boots (even warmed) in severe frost or ice. Otherwise, you risk getting a cold or a fracture. Yes, and look at them, you'll be silly.
  • And do not forget to wash your boots time, clean off the dirt with them and rub glycerin.

Good luck choice, pleasant shopping and useful acquisition. Be beautiful and healthy!

 Beautiful rubber boots - women's fad or a trend?

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