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  • And you know the story of nail polish?
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  • Love does not love…
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Women's handle is always in sight. That is why care for them is an important point. As important as the preservation of perfect shape and the fight against wrinkles. The modern woman can absolutely everything. And cook a gourmet dinner, and make cosmetic repairs, and even the failure to find a car. But she will never allow his hands to look sloppy, because the neat manicure - this is a sign of elegance. And who among us does not want to feel like a lady?

Probably will not find a girl who did not try to make yourself a manicure. After all, beauty salons, not all have the time, and sometimes money. And why pay if you make a beautiful manicure at home easy. The main thing is to think carefully about how you want to look today, enforces the goal and reach it, in that no matter what!

And you know the story of nail polish?

It turns out, manicure became popular in ancient Egypt. Even the lower class of Egyptian stained nails with henna and other vegetable dyes. But the wealthy ladies were kits that allow the hands to bring order. European women learned about the manicure only in the XIX century, at the same time, it has become popular in Russia.

And then it began a real nail boom. Caring for hands began to not only women, but young people. Mark discovered the benefits of herbal baths and polishing tools. For a long time such good care was available only to wealthy people, and well-groomed hands and smooth, shiny nails have become a trademark of high society.

Today, of course, everything has changed. In stores you can find everything from nail polish and manicure sets to special arrangements for exclusive nail design. In this article we will talk specifically about home manicure, learn how to properly care for your nails and learn how to draw interesting and stylish paintings.

 Fashionable beautiful manicure at home

Pre-treatment of nails

Classic manicure can be done in two ways: cut and dry. The last has become popular recently, and came to us from Europe, so people call it "European". There is not used steaming hands. To soften the skin using special products that contain fruit and lactic acid. Thanks to their emollient properties, cuticle becomes supple and simply pulls back to the base of the nail using the orange stick.

To make the desired shape marigolds used nail files with different grits: diamond, ceramic, cardboard. Select the tool you need, based on the density of your nails. And best of all buy a combined nail file having a plurality of surfaces: for cleaning, polishing, to shape. Use a metal nail file experts strongly not recommended, because it injures the nail, which can lead to delamination and breakage.

Manicure performed all known way - with the help of steaming the skin of hands. Baths for manicure can be done with sea salt, and herbs, and essential oils. After steaming special scissors cut off the cuticle. This is done very carefully so as not to damage the skin around the nail. Then each nail lubricated with reducing oil, and after 10-15 minutes (when the oil is absorbed) is applied to the hands of rich cream. Nail filing takes place in a conventional manner.

As you see, to bring their nails in order can literally 15-20 minutes. That's how much time you need to spend the above procedure. Which one to choose, to you. But then it begins the most interesting process - design of marigolds. It will require all your skill, imagination, patience and accuracy. Draw on the nails can be anything you wish. Repellent of the total image, mood and forward - to create masterpieces!

Poppy field

So, you need: base coat, light green matt lacquer, acrylic paints, fine brush, nail polish fixer.

  • Apply foundation - it is necessary to paint lies flat. We are waiting for the complete drying;
  • Paint each nail varnish green is also waiting for drying;
  • Now you need a dark-green paint. Brush dipped in water, then we collect a small amount of paint and paint oblong leaves. Draw can be arbitrary;
  • Rinsed brush applied to the entire surface of its red paint, and the tip - yellow. So when drawing bud paint mix and you will turn colored petals;
  • It is not necessary to choose exactly poppies, you can draw any flower that you like;
  • Next, we need black paint. She draw flowers core;
  • After finishing work on all nails, wait until completely dry, and we put a fixer.

Here's a bright and colorful design turned out! For a beach party or a romantic walk is the best option. Especially in combination with an air sundresses.

Snake happiness

Current - the year the water snake. So let's create a suitable design to appease the snake. Who knows, maybe a manicure will bring good luck and happiness? For work you need the white nail French manicure, matte clear coat (best to take the "smart enamel"), a set of high-gloss paints in a transparent manner, which can be purchased in the pro shop.

  • To begin draw edging, for tunic. Making it widely;
  • Now covers all the nails "smart enamel", preferably in two layers. We are waiting for the complete drying;
  • Take the blue tinsel and using a thin brush, paint the three lateral stripes on a white edging. Try to keep the distance between them was the same;
  • Next, you need silver sequins. With their help we draw a snake. It should be located in the middle of the nail, vertically, not capturing blue stripes;
  • Lilac sequined put dots between the curves of the snake;
  • Then proceed on your own. If you want to add more bright colors, paint a red "smile" at the base of each nail. A Mezhuyev blue stripes gently swipe the green line;
  • We cover fixer ready to manicure.

This design is sure to give a good mood and give confidence. Evening dress, updo, which opens the delicate neck, high heel shoes - you will surely conquer the man of her dreams.

 sdelatkrasivy as a manicure at home

Love does not love…

You will need: white matt lacquer, glossy pink, silver glitter, a few rhinestones.

  • Apply the white paint on the entire surface of the nail;
  • Once the base is dry, take the pink nail polish and paint the petals in the top right corner of the nail. Imagine that corner - is the heart. From it and begin to display the petals. As a result, you should get half of the flower;
  • With the help of polish silver encircle flower on a path;
  • Now, with the same color paint a couple of curls, right and left. One has to get under the petals, the second - in parallel to them;
  • Rhinestones decorate the tip of the nail and optionally add them to curls. Do not overdo it, one for each will be enough;
  • Fix the picture with two layers of topcoat.

This design combined with almost any outfit. It would be equally appropriate for the office everyday life, and for a weekend in the countryside.

The smile will brighten all

Napa spring blues? Outside, the sun instead of the expected dark clouds and rain? Do not be discouraged! Draw a smile on Marigold, and the day sparkle with new colors. Stock up on multi-colored paints, in their arsenal must be present yellow and black. The rest of your choice.

  • The first step is drawing on all nails polish pastel-pink color;
  • After it dries take any color, such as blue and draw a different size of a pea;
  • So we treat each nail. Any color choose, you can make all peas of the same color, the color can be alternated through one nail, and can choose the colorful design. Here it is as prompt imagination;
  • When the peas are dry, take the yellow paint and draw a smiley face, it should turn out larger than the other patterns. Eyes and mouth smiley Draw black lacquer with a very fine brush;
  • Cover all fixative.

Emoticons can be anywhere on the nail. Arrange them randomly, so the design will look more fun. For this manicure appropriate green, blue, red or crimson. All of them are perfectly combined with a sunny smile.

Sun in the hands of

You will need: basecoat, solid and bright yellow paint, black and white paint, rhinestones, gold and silver paint manicure brush.

  • Apply the base, waiting for drying;
  • Now we take the solid lacquer and they cover the entire nail;
  • Yellow diagonal strokes do, leaving small gaps;
  • The same method applied on top of white lacquer;
  • Gold and silver paint draw a few small leaves, directed towards the base of the nail;
  • Black gently draw out the leaves. You can step back a little from the contour and to create some interesting pattern in its sole discretion;
  • Sticking crystals as will prompt a fantasy;
  • Coated with a protective gloss varnish.

Design a particularly festive and bright as the summer sun.

 how to make a beautiful manicure at home yourself

Once the strip, two strip

Striped pattern in fashion for several seasons in a row. And this concerns not only clothes, but also manicure. For the next design you need only two colors: white and black.

  • Start with the usual application of basecoat;
  • After it dries paint the nails white. Luck is necessary to choose a matte, not to leave gaps;
  • Now on the index finger of each hand draw black, wide crescent. Right in the middle. "Horns" Crescent should look up;
  • Further, the black color paint the same location at the base of the nail, as if repeating the natural contour;
  • The remaining fingers crescent is not necessary, treat only the base;
  • Now paint the black bars on the index finger from the inside half moon and sending them up. Three thin line in the middle and two at the sides - a little thicker;
  • Other fingers, too, decorate the middle of the three strips, starting from the base and ending with the tip of the nail;
  • We fix the result.

This manicure looks very strict and at the same time refined. It will be well combined with classic trouser suit. Suitable for a business meeting or a job interview.

As you have to make sure to make a beautiful manicure at home is possible. The main approach to work and a desire to gain a bit of patience. Maybe you just never get the perfect design to put on the nail, but after a few workouts you'll see that nothing complicated, and not worry about it. Try, fantasize, and experiment to create their own unique designs and always be irresistible!

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