hairstyle on long hair


  • How to create beautiful curls by yourself?
  • How best to care for stacking on the basis of curls?

Beautiful curls on long hair will give your hair a spectacular volume that will be beneficial to look at both the party and in everyday day. And create them quite simply herself, without the help of professionals.
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How to create beautiful curls by yourself?

Before you start you need a little spread over the entire length of hair mousse or special foam hands and hesitated strands. With these funds styling will keep much longer.

If you want to create large curls, you will need to do the following:

For large curls can be used utyuzhok. You simply divide the hair into strands and turns them curl. To not be damaged scalp, use heat-protective agents. Under the influence of heat they release specific substances that are not allowed to damage the hair structure. Such locks are beautifully flutter on your shoulders, giving you a romantic look.

Also, curls can be created with the help of the good old curlers. Today we can see the sale and soft and hard varieties of this device. Take any choice that you like, screw them in at night and in the morning, carefully remove. Hairstyle is ready. The greater the curlers, the larger will be the curls and vice versa.

Bulk hair and create using braids. If you want small curls, braids braid need more, if larger, it is enough for a single braid. This method will give us a three-dimensional and heavy curls over the entire length of hair. Zapletal braids need to clean the head. After their raspleli, no need to comb.

Another view of the beautiful styling - long wavy hair. To do this, you need to wash your hair and then comb to make a smooth parting top. Every part of the hair we process mousse and remembers little hands, or blow dry. As a result, get easy curls.

For beautiful hairstyle on the long head of hair and use a variety of rims. They can be worn with flowing hair, and clean, and with straight and wavy. The rim underlines the line of the face, which is important for girls. The advantage is the speed of creating a hairstyle.

 hairstyle with curls on long hair
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How best to care for stacking on the basis of curls?

The most important rule for the curls, and for any hairstyle - the net head. Dirty hair is bad to style and not fix it, and they look very ugly and unhygienic.

Also it is necessary to accustom yourself every day to comb your hair. Better to take a wooden hairbrush with natural bristles. When combing the scalp gets massage, whereby the normal blood circulation, which stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Long hair combing is recommended 2 times a day for 10-15 minutes.

Every hair it is necessary to fix the lacquer, preferably strong hold her to stay longer. Make it interesting accents in the installation can be, to use a cosmetic wax.

 Beautiful hairstyles for curly hair

 hairstyle for medium hair


  • The most optimal length - to shoulders
  • Features hairstyles with curls

Curls - a gift of nature. The fair sex with straight hair envy the owners of ringlets. But the mistress curly shag often do not realize their happiness and sad look at myself in the mirror, not knowing how to tame fluffy hair. But it is necessary to appeal to all sorts of sources, learn how to deal with unruly curls, and now you look in the mirror smiling, confident woman.
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The most optimal length - to shoulders

The average length for the curls are best suited.

As a rule, a hairdresser in this case, choose a graded haircut. With medium-length locks can think of many hairstyles, even at home. It is not necessary to visit the salon masters. For kucheryashkami such length and easier to maintain. One, perhaps the most useful piece of advice: when you have laid your curls as tells you the mood today, wet your hands with cold water, then smooth them his head. In this way, you can adjust the hair in places where unruly curls out of the general composition. Originally looked at the mid-length curls asymmetrical haircut, t. E. When the hair in the front to one side longer than the other.

This type of hair used to seeing on the straight hair, but curls it looks, perhaps, even more impressive. If you decide to do like with his curls, believe me, I think of you as a woman who is not afraid to go for the experiments. On top, you get a bonus of another hairstyle if such straighten the hair, will get the same asymmetry, but in a "smooth" variant.

 beautiful hairstyles for medium hair
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Features hairstyles with curls

Weekday or a festive evening - every hairstyle on curly hair will look favorably

  1. Loose curls hairstyle can already be considered, and this version looks quite attractive and with an average length too.
  2. Kill it in your kudryahi sparkly barrettes or small flowered, and hair becomes more festive look.
  3. Curls of medium length, collected in low bushy tail - why not. Many girls have to tease your hair to get such an option, and you do not need to waste time on it.
  4. Remove the curls on one side, and your face will become more flirtatious character.
  5. Pigtails curls to look chic. They are tight, dense, even if the hair itself thin. A pair of woven braids in your hair, and you have yet another option as soon as possible to remove the beautiful curls. Or make a weak scythe, do not tighten it and make sure it looks very romantic.

List the various options for hairstyles curls can be long. But most importantly - it is your imagination. That it will help to create a beautiful image, and rejoice at his reflection in the mirror. Everything is very simple.   After all, no matter how kucheryashki lay me, they will still look beautiful, even if it's quite simple hairstyles.   So do not prefer curly hair straight. Short, medium or long curls - it does not matter. Experiment and do not be afraid of the results.

 Curls, curls - elegant basis for creating hairstyles

 voluminous hairstyles


  • Secrets from the pros
  • Bulk packing

Voluminous hairstyle for medium hair can be called universal, because these hairstyles can be installed in various ways. Voluminous hairstyles involve sostriganie strands ladder, it will help to achieve a visual increase. For example, the classic bob - the most common and simple version of the classic hairstyles of average length. In just a few years, "Bob" was different from the original classical style of long and short, asymmetrical, perfectly smooth and ragged strands, with curly locks and a curled or "ragged" ends. Bob on curly and wavy curls always give the maximum amount without any extra effort.

If your hair is shoulder-length or below, a variety of packings will depend entirely on your imagination.

Hairdressers rarely advise voluminous hairstyles for medium hair owners of thin, brittle and split ends. To achieve volume at medium length, preferably dry with a round brush head, and then put the right and a little tousle with your fingers. Upon completion of the need to sprinkle or spray for laying special varnish with average fixation.

 Hair styling medium volume
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Secrets from the pros

Remember the cardinal rule: if you want the hair look magnificent, it is not necessary to dry their hair dryer with hot air flow.   Watch the temperature and choose a temperature range in which the flow of air will be just warm.

Also at medium length locks do different hairstyles bahromistye and after poyntiruyut them. The form of such a haircut will depend entirely on facial contours and the structure of curls. Stack it is easy to direct and thick hair, it is enough to apply mousse to damp ringlets and ruffles start their fingers. You can also delay the locks in the direction of the face while drying "skeletal" comb.
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Bulk packing

There are several voluminous hairstyles, one of them - a haircut "page." It's pretty popular, but, nevertheless, the classic hairstyle, allows to achieve a good visual volume. It is best to "page" suit owners of straight hair. The length of the locks can be quite short, and elongated. Especially stylish "page" looks with slanting bangs with curls at the tips of tapering.

Very often, young women selected "page" with the "ragged" ends, because the effect is visually rejuvenates and hide facial imperfections. During drying, the hair should be combed forward, after drying should be recorded vanilla or honey wax and polish with average fixation.

 Secrets of volume cuts