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  • Hair masks
  • A few tips on the use of masks based on red pepper

About thick, shiny and healthy hair every woman dreams of, because it is a real natural jewel. Unfortunately, not all of the nature bestowed such happiness. What to do in such cases? To ensure proper hair care, pamper them a good shampoo and masks, to establish proper nutrition.

But sometimes our hair start to happen all the terrible things. Probably each of us had seen in the morning on my pillow lost hair. By and large, the process of hair loss is perfectly normal and natural. In place of the fallen grow new, young, hair, short, everything is in order. But if every day you lose your hair in large numbers, it is a cause for concern for the doctor's visit.

We will tell you why the health problems of hair, particularly hair loss, and learn to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

Why does hair fall out

Bald man familiar phenomenon, and a bald woman? You say, this does not happen. It happens, unfortunately. And the causes of hair loss are many. Often the mechanism is triggered by stress, which can be caused by chronic fatigue, nervous overloads. As a result, the hair follicles that are in the active growth phase, freeze. Accordingly, the natural process of hair loss continues, and new hair does not grow, and within two or three months, lush hair turns into something miserable.

Often hair loss seen in women who often sit on various low-calorie diets. A limited supply of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements results in the non-operation of the whole organism, as well as a negative impact on the health of hair.

Trigger, trigger undesired processes are also possible infectious diseases and hormonal disorders. In particular, during the period of pregnancy and the onset of menstrual pause many women there is increased hair loss, deterioration of nails, teeth, bones. Clearly, this is a natural phenomenon which we can not cancel or modify, but correct backfire quite possible.

 Useful hair mask with red pepper

What to do

The first thing that needs to be done in intensive hair loss is to visit a doctor trihologa, who will be able to understand the problem and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Usually, hair loss occurs when the blood circulation in the scalp (no matter what caused it - illness, stress, long-term strict diet), in which the hair follicles no longer receive the necessary nutrition and just fade away.

Usually in such cases, prescribe a course of therapeutic massage, mask, improve nutrition and blood circulation, give advice on nutrition and adequate hair care, prescribe the necessary intake of vitamin preparations.

Hair masks

For the treatment of hair, prevent hair loss and improve growth have long been used masks, which includes substances that stimulate blood circulation. This fully applies to the different masks, the main component of which is a red pepper.

We offer you several options like masks, time-tested and proven.

Mask for hair with red pepper and honey

Affordable and very effective mask. Mix chili liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 4. If honey has sugar, it can be a little warm in the microwave or in a water bath.

Mask with red pepper is applied to clean hair. Then, put on plastic cap and wrap up head with a towel. The exposure time is 30-40 minutes. Mask with red pepper washed off with warm water.

It is recommended that a course of treatments (from 5 to 10), twice a week. As a result, it stops hair loss and noted their strong growth.

Hair mask on the basis of an alcohol tincture of red pepper

Mix a tablespoon of liqueur with a spoon of burdock or castor oil, and one or two spoons of any hair balm. Mask with red pepper is applied to the hair roots (it is necessary to carefully rub). Wear a cap, wrap a towel and leave for an hour and a half. Wash your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo.

Recommended course of treatments at intervals of every other day for two months.

Hair mask based on infusions of red pepper and herbs

Two tablespoons of alcohol tincture of pepper mixed with a decoction of St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus (for one tablespoon of each). Mask with red pepper thoroughly rubbed into the roots of the hair, and applied along their whole length. Wrap a towel and leave for a couple of hours. Wash your hair with warm water.

Vitamin mask based on infusions of red pepper

This is a very simple mask. Two tablespoons of liqueur mixed with oil solutions of vitamins A and E. Mask with red pepper is applied to the roots washed hair. The exposure time of 2 hours. Recommended course of treatments. As a result of strong healthy hair.

 homemade hair mask with red pepper

A few tips on the use of masks based on red pepper and hair care

Any mask with red peppers, regardless of what other components it comprises, does give a good effect. Blood flow stimulates the hair follicles, the hair becomes shiny, vibrant, healthy, celebrated their intensive growth. However, many are afraid to use such masks, assuming that the mask with red pepper can damage the hair. However, these fears have not baseless. However, there are some points on which we wish to draw your attention.

  1. Before the procedure, using a mask with a red pepper is necessary to conduct an allergy test. To do this, apply a small amount on the inside of the forearm. If the reaction is normal, you can safely start the procedure.
  2. Do not use masks with pepper, if you have lesions on the scalp. Wait until the wounds heal.
  3. If you have problems with hair reconsider your diet. If you want to be sure to consult with a specialist profile and dietician. There are a number of products, the use of which has a positive effect on the health of the hair.
  4. Watch the hygiene of hair, use only high-quality cosmetics that suits your hair type.
  5. Do not abuse the means for stacking and hairdryer. At every opportunity, try to dry your hair naturally. If you want to make the styling with a hair dryer, the best thing is almost completely dry the hair and then use a special tool and a hairdryer.
  6. If you are used to tighten the hair into a tight tail, making bundles, use different pins, hoops, etc., you should know that hair needs a rest. Change the type of hair, do not use tight elastic bands.
  7. If you color your hair, try to use only high-quality ink from manufacturers and be sure to provide the right - colored hair in desperate need of it.

Tips are simple, their implementation does not require you to some great effort, and following them, no doubt, will benefit you and your hair.

 Beautiful hair: Hair Mask with red pepper

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 short haircuts on the wavy hair

  • How to Care for wavy curls
  • We select the right hairstyle
  • Patience and desire - are your best helpers

Women who have curly unruly curls know how much time and effort must be applied to hair looked perfect. It may seem that any haircut on the wavy hair looks natural - nothing like, pick up her hair, put her to care for her incredibly difficult, especially if the length of the hair does not even reach his shoulders. Short wavy hair even more naughty than long. They are and strive to go the wrong way, disheveled and "stand on end." And especially after blow-drying. Therefore haircuts to curly hair look better when their length is below average. But if you are "lucky" to become the owner of a short unruly curls, then you need to consider the choice of hairstyles with all responsibility and entrust this matter to a true master.

How to Care for wavy curls

Before considering women's haircuts for short wavy hair, you need to pay some attention to the rules of such hair care. The main criterion for a successful installation is the correct drying. Do not be overdry hair such as your head will look like a blown dandelion and you'll have nothing to do with it. It is best to let the hair dry naturally without the use of a hair dryer. Shampoo chosen strictly according to the type of your hair.

The use of air conditioners and balms wavy curls necessarily, because these funds make hair more manageable. Styling wavy short hair must contain silicone. It has the effect of weighting, but it does not adhere to hair, gives no fat, thus hairstyle looks natural.

 short hairstyles for wavy hair

We select the right hairstyle

Considering options for hairstyles for short curly hair, pushes away from his face shape. And be sure to leave it "to direct the beauty of the" only professional hairdresser. Master accurately select the type of hair and tell you how to properly care for her in the future.

The simplest and most common example of a hairstyle on curly hair - hair in the form of caps. It may be of different lengths. If you want to remove as much hair - choose a layered bob haircut. This form is quite easy to install, just need to apply the gel to damp hair with your fingers to give the desired shape and dried.

For wavy hair good fit and graded haircuts that give curls ruffled mobility without effect. This hairstyle always looks neat and natural. Short haircuts look great, implying feathery outline. They look stylish and unusual, thus making you visible. If you are the owner of soft wavy hair, then you will approach a short cut on the type of punishment. Today, the square is especially important, because the retro style is gradually returning to fashion.

Fashionable this season women are considered layered haircuts, which are made on the hair of varying lengths. Too short in this case, it is not necessary to get a haircut, the best option would be to chin length. This haircut for short wavy hair turn you into a charming beauty, flirtatious, and playful, and a little hope. Cascading haircuts for wavy hair has always been and will be popular. Here, as in the case of multi-layered haircut is better to leave a length just below the chin. This hairstyle is a kind of "soothing" unruly curls, each line emphasizing their beauty.

Patience and desire - are your best helpers

Pondering over the choice of hairstyle, remember, if your hair is too curly, short hair cut is not much you need, otherwise instead of beautiful hairstyle you get the effect of unkempt lamb. You should also remember that the wavy locks must be periodically milling, it is sufficient to do this for the tips of the hair, as a form of haircut longer continue.

Yes, women's wavy hair, of course, are the adornment of every girl. However, in order to be transformed into luxurious curls, which pay attention to everything around, you need a very, very hard work. Patience, weight styling and, of course, the desire to become the most charming! And let this thing is considered to be complex and time consuming, but it is, believe me, it is worth the time spent!

 Short haircuts on wavy hair. Make the right choice!

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