curls on long hair


  • Types of hairstyles for a particular face shape
  • Hair care when they are long

Many girls are proud of their chic long hair, causing envy among other representatives of the weaker sex and excitement in men. But only the owner of luxury braid know how hard not only to grow hair, but also to take care of them every day.

Creating hairstyles - is a painstaking process that you want to prepare in advance and gain experience at a crucial moment to look amazing.
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Types of hairstyles for a particular face shape

For each form, there is a certain type of facial hair, which emphasizes the dignity and skillfully conceals flaws. Girls who have an oval face shape can use any kind of experiment with hairstyles and haircuts. Ladies with a heart-shaped (triangular) shape need to work on some of concealing defects and soften the sharp lines of the face.

Here comes to the aid of the arcuate shape bangs. When the square face shape is desirable to avoid long thick bangs, and at one elongated face ties the best option would be sports hairstyle and a small length of hair . But there is a universal type of installation, which is suitable for any girl or woman - it curls and ringlets . There are many ways by which you can create a masterpiece on his head of long hair at home. Such hairstyles we talk a little lower.

 Curling Irons
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Hair care when they are long

Do not forget to take good care of your hair, if they are long and you will periodically lay them in ringlets or curls. Beauty requires sacrifice, you probably have heard it. So in a situation with styling products are more susceptible to loss and breakage. Especially, if you resort to curling irons, irons and hair lacquers. The care includes washing the head of a size shampoos, use balms, conditioners and hair masks. Sprays should not be abused, as they are heavier and clog the hair, preventing him from breathing.

So wash your head, caused the entire length of Volusia care, begin to create curls.

  • Proven reliable assistant - curling.

Tools: curling irons curls. The larger the diameter, the more volume will curl.

Process: separate the strands in the course of hair growth and wound on the tongs so that the roots remain untapped about 10 cm. Hold the curling iron for about 10 seconds and carefully remove them without stretching the strand. So work your way around the circle, departing the same number of centimeters from the roots.

  • Curlers: clocked forgotten.

Tools: Curler a diameter styling.

Process: Wash and dry the head hair so that they stay a little moist. On each strand, apply mousse and styling gel. This will help the curls hold longer. Screw all the locks in the same direction, starting from the back. For a more stable result is required to leave the curlers for 8 hours, but if you do not want to wait, use the hairdryer.

  • For help in creating hairstyles come pigtails.

Tools: gum hair styling.

Process: cornrows braid all over the head, but remember that on their volume and the amount depends result. For light waves rather braid 5, and for the elegant volume - about 30 braids. Braids braid to clean and wet hair styling products can be applied to the entire length of the weaving process before and after.

  • Easy negligence on long hair.

Tools: hair, styling.

How to: Apply to dry hair mousse hair and slightly twist the strand into a bundle by sending it a hairdryer. surprise you all at ease with their long tresses.

  • The concept is simple.

Tools: hair, styling.

Process: my hair thoroughly and dry them with paper towels, then tilt your head forward so that the hair hung down. Separating the thin strand and put on her hair gel with superstrong fixation. Next, we add up the same strand of accordion and direct a stream of hot air. We do the same with the rest of the hair.

 Beautiful curls with your hands

 haircuts for long hair


  • Cascading hairstyle (layered)
  • Ragged hairstyles for long hair
  • Elongated quads
  • Haircuts "Hollywood" and Sidecut
  • Asymmetrical haircuts
  • Selection of a type of facial hairstyles

In the current 2014, as previously, relevant fashion beautiful hairstyle on long hair. When it comes to hairstyles for long hair, stylists imagination has no limits.

This year will be fashionable thick bangs or stylists advise for long hair completely abandon them. Also relevant hairstyles with slightly disheveled, shaggy hair.

So how do you choose from a huge number of fashionable hairstyles that which will help hide flaws and highlight the dignity of the person? First, you need to know about fashion trends in the world of hairstyles, and secondly, a good understanding for what appearance they fit most.
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Cascading hairstyle (layered)

Haircut "cascade" know everything, but it can have many variants. Only styling can be perfectly smooth, flat, wavy, asymmetrical. In the selection of beautiful hairstyle of the "cascade", should take into account the length of hair, their thickness and type of person.

Also for hairstyles "cascade" essential condition of hair. Curls must shine, look healthy and have no split ends that need to be cut once a month. Haircut hot scissors will add beauty. It is desirable to continuously apply the balm and nourishing mask for hair. After haircut "cascade" effect adds lightness and "waterfall" only shiny and healthy hair.

"Cascade" is a multi-stage hair from head to the tip, which can have a variety of options: soft, smooth transitions and pronounced "torn" tiers. Hair of this type are useful for those who did not want to lose the length of the hair. With perfect transfiguration appearance hair length remains practically unchanged.

"Cascade" will, together with a suitable color to give fine hair extra depth and volume.

Owners thick mane can afford to create a huge number of layers, causing hair to become more elegant (there is a sense of dynamism and lightness).

For curly locks, this option is also suitable, but there is a problem, which is the difficulty of execution and selection of the appropriate wizard. The shear curly tresses cascade is very difficult. This requires skill and dexterity. But the result is worth it, because the lightness and dynamism of curls - the dream of any girl.

Alternative hairstyles for long hair type "cap" should be considered separately. The best solution is to "cap", combined with a torn thick fringe.

It looks wonderful haircut "cascade" in conjunction with a long oblique bangs. However, choosing an oblique cut, you must remain aware of the health of your hair, split ends shear and in any case to prevent drying out. Attractive hairstyle of a healthy and strong hair. Most important is the right care.

Styling hairstyle is different and can be in the form of slight negligence, be a strictly straight hair or wavy tresses.

 cascading hair clippers
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Ragged hairstyles for long hair

Ragged hairstyles for long hair this year will be at the top of popularity. Torn haircut, made a good master, gently reminds ragged tufts. Girls with thick hair can be without fear of choosing a hairstyle. If you want from a very thick, voluminous hair to make a light and airy, the ragged hairstyle handle it best.

For fine hair so hair does not fit and the best choice is another, no less beautiful long hair.

Stacked hairstyles are different. Combed hair in a side parting, we can emphasize the ragged hair with wax. If you use a curling iron, you can give your hair a playful negligence. Ragged hairstyles are very diverse and give scope for the imagination.
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Elongated quads

Do not forget about a very beautiful haircut square. This haircut is suitable for all. Four of a Kind "on the leg", the French ranks, and to all the other kinds of hairstyles are relevant in 2014. The thick, curly, and even thin hair, clipped under the square, look very attractive. In addition, the hair is very taxing on the square in the packing. Just 10 minutes before the mirror - and you're irresistible!

Remembering the world famous Queen Cleopatra, you will see that she chose the square. Mowing is perfect for going to work, and for the theater. A good hairdresser, quality installation, and you just will not stay away from the admiring glances. This year, the most important "square" a square, slightly rounded at the edge. Thick bangs allowed. Or bob-bob haircut, the hallmark of which are elongated ends.

You can not get round the long straight hairstyle with a long fringe. Any fashionista will tell you that this version is suitable for all occasions. Thick bangs perfectly flat, reaching to the eyebrows, certainly draws attention to her eyes. His eyes, as everyone knows, are the mirror of the soul. Very beautiful and actual fringe, ending slightly above the eyes (about 1 cm).

Bangs with ragged edges give the look more languid, soft and gentle look. This hairstyle visually rejuvenates possessor. Long bangs suit for ladies who want to look younger.

Hairstyle having one level, is one of the most beautiful hairstyles on long hair. All attention is focused on it to the hair. They serve as the main decoration of the girl. For this hairstyle, you must have perfectly straight, healthy, shiny hair without any hint of curls.   For curly locks need to purchase special and iron is a good means of thermal protection.
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Haircuts "Hollywood" and Sidecut

Haircut "Hollywood" loved by many stylists. It has two levels, and the bulk of chosen of their own accord. The length of the first level varies depending on the shape of the face, visually or its narrowing opening.

For a bright expression of individuality or give the image of a rebellion well suited haircut Sidecut. It is quite extravagant and is suitable for bold, self-confident girls. The main feature is a short cut or shave the head. Some species are characterized shaved temples on both sides and staining in a light tone. Moreover, this hairstyle shaved suggests drawings and symbols on temples.

 asymmetrical hairstyles for long hair
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Asymmetrical haircuts

Due to the asymmetry can be corrected deficiencies shaped face, so many designers offer similar haircuts.

There are several quality options asymmetrical haircuts. The most popular options are asymmetric "cap", where the main length remains the same, profiled ends; hairstyles with the front locks, trimmed in the shape of a square, and the remaining hair is aligned in a straight line. And so you can experiment with long hair, coming up with various options. However, it should be noted that these hairstyles suit ladies who have healthy hair. Otherwise hairstyle will look sloppy.
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Selection of a type of facial hairstyles

Choose a hairstyle must be tailored to the type face.

Square face. With a square shape to smooth facial rigidity. For this hairstyle is to begin in the middle of the cheek. Thanks to this stretches the face and chin softened. Bangs should be thick and ragged. Ladies with this type of person fit any asymmetry.

Round face. In order to soften the face and narrow it down, create volume in the form of "cap." It is desirable that the hair found on the face and partially closes it.

Triangular face. Ladies with this face shape should get round volume on top of the haircut, but they fit asymmetrical haircut and hairstyle bob with curled inward ends. Bangs flat or oblique, but long.

 Attractive hairstyles for long hair