Beads own hands

How does a woman become noticeable? This question is best answered the famous Coco Chanel - "We need to change all the time." And to change, need money, and considerable. That's reason many women. However, this is very misleading. After all, you see, the same suit will look completely different if for him to pick up a few different beads. And why buy? You can make them yourself! And, you can connect to the process of their children, and help you and your child the joy, engaged in business next to his beloved mother. Remember as a child you were making their first beads made of paper? Surely there were only positive emotions from this lesson.

Where to begin? To make the beads with your hands, you must first pick up the beads of various shapes, sizes and styles. Mastering the technique of creating beads in the first stage, use plastic beads, because they are easier to handle. Yes, and you can buy a plastic blank at any store for creativity. You can, again, be trained in a simple accessories of paper. For example, as a decoration for the birthday child.

Beautiful and stylish accessories can be obtained not only from expensive scrap materials. You can weave the beads of colored ribbons, tie the yarn created from clay or leather. Picking up some interesting ideas for inspiration, be sure to fantasize. Use the most unusual and bold materials, then your crafts will be unusual and even exclusive.

 with their hands beads

Knitted beads - modern trend

If you love to knit, and your house preserved many skeins of colored thread, try to create a product, simply tieing the old beads. Such beads knitted thin hook, and to give them a beautiful shape can be undergirding the conventional plastic beads. Planning to tie the hook beads, thread, use rich colors, alternating yarn several colors. And especially such a product is suitable for children as the original knitted necklace will look great with a summer sundress and interesting ideas will help to avoid banality. With this accessory, your baby will be irresistible.

To tie finished bead hook, you need to make a few stitches and start a circular piping to knit cloth in the end it turned round shape. Work hook - a very exciting experience. Assembling tied crochet beads for beautiful handicrafts made in the usual way, you need to string them on thread and attach the clasp. Similarly, created and textile beads with your hands, but you must first think through all the ideas on the use of colored ribbons with different textures.

 how to make a necklace with their hands

Textile beads made of leather or fabric

Creating beads with your hands, do not restrict the use of leather and colored ribbons. The production of such an unusual product, you can add pieces of colored paper, silk thread, but whatever! The main thing - your imagination! If you plan to collect beads from strips, take a few strips of colored fabric and braid are kind of braid, or use other ideas, for example, a combination of cloth and leather laces or other material. Collecting beads is not limited to using only cloth tape, because in this way you will not get round beads. Unique beads made of leather, too, will not be rounded, but these crafts unusual form will allow you to be original and unique.

 both with their own hands to make beads

Beads of colored plastic

When deciding how to make beads with your hands, you can not use the children's materials - natural stone, for example, or made his own clay beads. In addition to clay beads, very successful products obtained from the stones, but in this case it will first have to find the right size pebbles, and then pre-prepare each of them. And if to create products made of paper or fabric, you can easily connect your children, in the processing of stones you will probably need expert help. Each of the stones used have to carefully drill a hole subsequently to data crafts is easy to assemble in a single product.

But back to the pottery. It is made of this material can create a truly original and unique masterpieces. Most likely, the mold out of clay you have learned as a child. Well, clay modeling is not much different from the molding of the clay, so you can easily manage. Just stuff a little bit different - colored plastic or polymer clay. He almost did not get their hands dirty and is not toxic, and beads made of plastic with your own hands turn out to be extremely beautiful.

So, how to make a necklace of plastic with your own hands? Choosing to store the desired shade of the material. Prepare a work surface - the table was covered with oilcloth, put a bowl of water, put a thick needle. Now we can start. To create your first crafts - especially any plastic in the hands, until it becomes soft and pliable. Then tear off a piece of the correct size, and carefully roll off of him the ball.

You get a standard round bead. To do it in the hole, it is necessary to moisten the needle in water pierce through the workpiece. The hole should be large enough to be strung beads on a string. By the way, when stringing, help children - it is exactly what you need. And the child is useful, and it's easier. When the desired number of balls in order to make the plastic beads from their hands ready, they must be placed in an oven heated to 150 degrees and left there for 15 minutes. Now you can collect the product.

However, you can come up with something more interesting than the standard round beads. For example, to combine two colors, combined with each other, or come up with an original form of beads: square, triangular, oval. There is no end colors, no forms. You can make solid plastic beads from their hands, and it is possible to string the workpiece through the knot. For this you need a rope longer. Tie a knot at the end, put on the bead. Then, a couple of centimeters, Do the same. These crafts not only decorate your outfit, but also bring satisfaction. After all, the process of creating jewelry can inspire so that over time will become a favorite hobby. Of course, this is not a necklace made of paper cut!

 Beads hands - original ideas for the fashionable lady

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 how to make a box with his hands

"Ribbons, pins, needles, ribbons - all to bring the gentleman with the mind. Lace, studs lipstick - everything lyubeznitse necessary. "

Surely we all remember this song from the popular film. And where is the fair sex store all these accessories? Of course, in a casket. These mini-chests for jewelry have always been and will be popular among women. By the way, they can be added not only rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches. Boxes for storage and use of buttons, yarn, beads, rhinestones. In general, all that is so necessary to the woman, was fond of needlework. And if you're a creative person, you just can not do without such a useful item.

Needlewoman. This word means only one thing - a lover of tinkering something with their own hands. Beads for yourself doll for the baby warm socks for her husband, flowers for home decoration. So why not make your own box? Especially since a lot of effort, money and some special gift for that you do not need. Accessory, which will be discussed in this article is suitable for storage and ornaments, and various small things right. So how to make a box with your hands? Let's look at this issue in detail.

What is needed?

  • Sticks Manicure
  • Acrylic white paint
  • PVA glue
  • The box is made of cardboard
  • Paint brushes
  • Eggshell
  • Napkin paper with any pattern
  • And of course, a little patience

 how to make a box with his hands

Operating procedure

Take a cardboard box with a lid. Size can choose any - it depends on how you will serve as a finished product. If you are thinking about how to make a box for jewelry with his hands, then you can stay on the box from under the iron, for example. But if you are going to store in her yarn and knitting supplies - choose a larger blank.

So, the choice of the box is made. Now, with the help of sandpaper, we treat our blank of cardboard on all sides. Both inside and outside. Use should be two types of "skins", first major, then fine. The surface is perfectly flat. Next, apply a small amount of glue on cardboard separate section, we take half or a third of the egg shell is applied, and presses his wand so that it broke up into even smaller pieces. The same stick, just the sharp end, distribute the shell, forming a pattern on the perimeter of the box. You can lay a solid pattern, and can make the "islands" of the shell. Here is where to turn imagination!

When a pattern is ready, it must be fixed with glue. To do this, they treat the whole surface of the box. Now we are waiting for the mosaic of shells dry. Then take the white paint, acrylic is best because it is well hide natural coloring of the shell and completely paint the future of our box. Again, we wait for drying. And here it is, the most crucial and difficult time - pasting tissue paper.

Typically, paper napkins are made of three layers, so you need to separate them. Selecting wipes huge, so you can easily pick up the right color and pattern. Again, we cover the entire surface of the box with glue, take the part of the napkin and put on the selected area. And now the most difficult. You need as quickly as possible fluff PVA cloth with a small brush. This is in order to prevent the contraction and release paper from under her air. Repeat this procedure until the entire surface is not sealed with a napkin.

That's it! Original accessories from the carton ready. Now we have to fill it dear to his heart trinkets. And maybe this box is destined to keep a lot of secrets that will solve the skilful hands of masters? Bead to bead, thread the strings - and are born true works of art!

 How to make a box with his hands

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