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Spring only came into its own, and we are already looking forward to the summer, when you can go on the coast of the warm sea. Time flies, so now is the time to take care of the wardrobe for the summer holidays. What things other than swimwear should be in the arsenal of every girl, is sent to the resort? Of course, fashionable, stylish, beautiful and comfortable clothes for the beach and vacation!

This year offers a beautiful beach fashion ladies and young ladies huge selection of tunics, dresses and sundresses for summer holidays, of which the undoubted hit of the season will be a beach dress - photos of the most recent models of the new fashion season you can see in our gallery. Having familiarized closely with the fashion trends of the new beach season, any representative of the fairer sex can seamlessly pick up the indispensable thing on holiday - a dress or a sundress.

 Beach Dresses 2012 photo

Fashion Trends - Summer 2012

To look fashionable and stylish this summer on vacation, designers are advised to choose dresses for walks and trekking to the beach as much as possible with all kinds of colorful flowers flower arranging displays. Fascinates with its extraordinary beauty options beach dresses and sundresses with fruit prints and a variety of patterns on a bright background have already conquered the hearts of a lot of women. Should we be surprised? This elegant dress is able to decorate any girl, emphasize its individuality and make the image more vivid and memorable.

Also relevant and pastels - very popular this spring and summer will use yellow, light brown, pale green and beige beach dresses. Favorite of the 2012 season - beach dress white that looks best on tanned body.

When choosing a fashionable dress do not forget about the convenience and practicality of this part of the female wardrobe, giving preference to natural fabrics. The most suitable fabrics for hot summer - cotton, linen, chiffon, silk, voile, viscose mesh.

It is advisable to take along on vacation several different dresses and sundresses for any occasion. On vacation this summer can not do without fashion this season a short dress-shirts and long trapezoidal positive sundress bright shades - they are very comfortable and versatile and suitable for a hike to the beach and for exploring the city or waterfront.

Again back in fashion dress-robes - this option can be a good solution to hike to the beach. This dress looks particularly impressive on the owner of a slim figure and beautiful legs.

For the holidays as perfect and comfortable kimono dress. Judging from the photos, this beach dress style this summer on the fashion catwalks can be found in many variations: decorated with floral prints, drawings eastern theme, with and without odor, mouth-watering made of silk and other marlevki finest fabrics.

Also very impressive look to the coast and summer knit mini-dresses. Knitted dress always looks very elegant and feminine. In addition, this outfit like no other is able to give the female form the tenderness and charm.

Feminine dresses, tunics - another indispensable option summer beach wardrobe that every year more firmly grounded in the ranks of the dresses in the style of casual. Tunica on almost any figure looks very impressive and stylish, it is good for the beach and for the town. Particularly fashionable this season bright dress tunics, embroidered with beads, crystals and sequins.

Beach Dresses 2012 photos that you see here, relished many damsels from around the world. Which of them will be able to attract the attention of our fashionistas and conquer your heart?

 Beach Dress: Picture the most relevant models in 2012

 Swimwear - welcome summer!

A long time ago swimwear   not be considered only as a thing to dive into gentle waves of the sea. They enjoy a holiday on the beach, play sports, and of course compete - who can rightly be considered the most attractive and charming. But such clothes - it's not just an element of the wardrobe and weapon almost dueling competition between women of fashion, but also a tool to compete with each other to fashion designers. Yes, because everything in their collections more often you can see a model not only comfortable and designed for active recreation, as meeting the requirements of luxury, elegance, style and fashion. Chiselled figure models, extending the runway, they look particularly striking. Plenty of interesting details and accessories gives this kind of quirky things, and not always easy to remember their original purpose.

However, such shifts allow designers to win himself fame: experts easily guess where Italian swimwear Amarea And where - swimming costumes from other brands. What about those who are still looking for options, where you can swim and sunbathe on the sand? Creators of style and thought about them. Very often, they release a clothing line that in some essential details repeated collection from the world of high fashion, but made of a more accessible tissue and with fewer non-functional elements. This significantly reduces cost and increases the practicality of clothes. However, they are beautiful and uplifting, and what else is needed during your vacation?

 Swimwear - welcome summer!

The need for constant stimulation of imagination leads to the fact that there are more and more new styles, as well as opening up new names - now considered competitive, not only the French and Italian brands, but also Hungarian Swimwear Magistral Russian creators, representatives of other countries. And it can not estimate the owner a variety of shapes. After all, although it is believed that there is a limited number of types of complexion - such as "apple", "pear" and several others, in fact - every woman is unique and has its own advantages, which we would like to emphasize and disadvantages, which it seeks to hide . And today, the existing product range allows it to do so easily, causing others to be assured that she is - the most perfect figure in the world.

 Swimwear - welcome summer!

 avant-garde fashion style

The avant-garde style of clothing created by young and extraordinary, those who are bored to be in the framework of modern and traditional styles. Vanguard does "going ahead", that is, one who is ahead of fashion. This image is characterized by a combination of seemingly incongruous styles of things, accessories, fabrics and styles, it has an unusual mix of a variety of fashion trends.

But the avant-garde style of clothing does not necessarily put on everything that comes to hand, because it would look ridiculous. Your extravagance should reflect the individuality and originality, to be as well thought-out, and all the elements of this style of clothing should unite one direction plan.

Areas of avant-garde style


It is used primarily as simple materials, monochrome and uniform shape. Minimalism is characterized by the presence of not more than one color, such as white, gray and black. It is characterized by clean lines and simplicity of the silhouette, a minimum of parts and drawings.


This trend emerged in the late 60s and is characterized by the destruction of old-fashioned tradition of classical structures and proportions of the garment. Things should like to enter into conflict with each other, so this way of always looks shocking and work in progress, complemented zastrochennymi seamy, offset clasps and rough edges.


It's a garment that is designed not to wear it, but for the sake of self-realization of a particular designer collection that embodies his concept, idea. Such things can be made of anything, for example, cellophane, paper, metal and plastic elements.

 avant-garde style of

Create an avant-garde image

Here, there are no prohibitions or regulations, so avant-garde style of this dress gives you a wide choice and space for your experiments. The usual thing can also turn into outrageous, if you make it out of unusual materials: for example, a jacket made of organza, a top fur and velvet shorts. In this case, all the attention will be focused on the fabric from which the clothing is made, rather than its style.

Very impressive looks combination of different fabric textures in one thing: cotton and velvet, fur and lace, and maybe even an oilcloth with fabrics or simply relief and smooth, matte and glossy, metallic surface - it all depends on your imagination. You can even use completely different materials, which are not intended for clothing, for example, oil cloth, here we add accessories plugs or metal plates.

  • Designers are advised to choose things with abstract paintings, embroideries, prints, unusual shapes and asymmetrical cut. This can be a jacket with bulky shoulders, collar, and the edges are of different lengths. For the avant-garde style of dress suit and skirt on a variety of frames, supplemented by pompoms, spikes, and other decorative elements. That is, the unusual and original forms of things, the better, the main thing - do not overdo it.
  • Dresses in this style can be called the most interesting part of the wardrobe. This outfit can combine a variety of decorative elements and surprise the most extreme forms. For example, a huge bow at the waist, a massive variety of parts in the chest, shoulders and hips - all distinctive features of avant-garde dresses.
  • Avant-garde fashion, first of all, is built on contrasts - it is the foundation of every outrageous costume. Start with a combination of black, gray and white colors and dilute all this lush patches of yellow, orange, pink, blue and green. The main thing - to avoid too colorful combinations that will distort your style and personality.
  • Pick clothes with massive, attracting the attention of embellishments: buttons, plastic, with applications of metal plates or lightning, contrasting inserts and embroideries. As a complement of accessories fit all the same volume bracelets made of plastic or metal.

The best option considered complementary shoe boots or shoes with curved heels or the most original form. The best example is the model represented in the collections of Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano.

In conclusion it should be said that in fashion, like everything else, should know when to stop. And, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, but avant-garde style of dress, a photo which you can view below, and should not create the effect of a parrot or a bogey.

 The avant-garde style of dress: create shocking image!

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