Be yourself

Today, in a fashion personality. Blind imitation of idols - a lot of teenagers, or women who are hopelessly behind the times. His style and his own demeanor - are signs of a strong identity formed. How to create your own style, choose a fashionable dress, on the basis of their own individuality and not be known as a failed copy of an actor? First, let's understand what style and how it should be selected.

What is your own style?

Individual style of clothing - this image of women that reflects her mood, character, casual demeanor and even habits. It is formed over the years. The style you can know a person describe it. Each actress, known in history, had his own style. Think Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepbern. Both of these beautiful women were his own unique style of dress, they choose accessories for the dress became objects of imitation of thousands of women around the world, and that makes them stand out the taste of the total weight of the Hollywood actresses.

From the foregoing it follows that choose your style you need, based on their individual habits, lifestyle and character of the warehouse. If you prefer to play sports, you pick things up in the sports style, but do not go too far. Sports tights in the theater is still not fit. A lover of the feminine image certainly like flowing dresses and high-heeled shoes.

How to start the formation of his style?

First of all, remember one small rule. If you decide to choose any one style of clothing, it does not mean that you should strictly adhere to all of its canons. For example, during the working day can be a business woman, and in the evening pereoblachitsya in fatal seductress. Home-style clothes - the presence of the rod on which everything else is built up.

As such the bar can choose the classic style of clothing and dilute it with vivid detail of the sporty, feminine or rock style. Classics in this case is considered optimal because It never goes out of fashion. In addition, it is on things classic style detail futuristic look particularly favorably. It's like a blank canvas on which you can write any landscape. The main thing is to be able to pick up these items and not change his preferences. If you love roses, for example, why not supplement the massive black evening dress with a brooch in the form of scarlet roses? Any idea is worthy of attention. Be yourself - and you will succeed.

 Be yourself

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 Fashion trends for stylish girls

The main trend of fashion collections Spring 2013 is the brightness of the colors, juicy shades. Will be popular in the following colors: rich shades of yellow and orange, bright blue and bright green colors, colorful pink and red shades. However, the riot of colors does not end there. Fashion will not only bright-colored patterns, as well, and quite unexpected combinations of bright colors in one outfit. You must be prepared for bold experiments to choose the most inimitable and unique combination of colors, patterns that emphasize your individuality. However, in their search for fashion needs to be extremely careful, because the vulgarity and hype when the combination of various colors are not welcome.

Spring-Summer 2013 pleases us with a riot of colors, it is still relevant and classic colors. Dark fitted jacket is recommended to wear with short trousers of bright cloth. I love the things in the style of "Chanel"? You definitely need to purchase a straight line below the hip jacket and skirt style Godet or a long skirt with a wide frill. Solid outfits recommend to dilute original features and accessories. For example, it may be a narrow leather strap, fringe or lace, satin gold or silver.

Pleased fashion collections and a return to the past, the designers of the most remembered Fidler trends. Another novelty of the spring season will be unjustly forgotten overalls and shorts free cut with intricate prints.

The establishment of such models, it is important to choose the right color scheme, it has not turned a failed combination. In this case, you should remember the basic rule - every element of the image must be monochrome. An exception is the fabric with a bright print. Such material may be used to create one piece.

The spring season will be very relevant skirts and dresses with jagged hem, for instance, "with corners" or oval. It is the fashion trend of the season Spring 2013. These trends can be observed in the spring-summer collection of designer from St. Petersburg Svetlana Zotova. Her collection is called "Basic Instinct." Designer produces women's clothing trade brand «S & S by S.Zotova». Fashion designer collection that can satisfy every taste. And to get things from the St. Petersburg designer, please visit By the way, it has already begun wholesale spring collection.

 Fashion trends for stylish girls

 American style clothing


  • Origin and Transformation of American-style clothing
  • Fashion modern Americans

America is still for many is a country of dreams and unfulfilled expectations, which in the minds of Soviet man advocated a model of full freedom in everything: thoughts, behavior, manners. Today it has both supporters and opponents, berated the US government for the aggressive foreign policy, opposing the American culture, encouraged by her standards and lifestyle. But whatever it was, if you look at its native inhabitants, you will see people, free from prejudice, not notorious, open-minded, to do what they like and gives pleasure, and not imposed from outside.

The mentality of the Americans manifested in music, history, and, of course, clothing. Simple cut jackets, pants and frayed denim shorts, sports shoes, voluminous robes can be seen as both boys and girls. Is not freedom from the usual division of dresses for women's and men's and prejudices imposed by society?

A typical inhabitant of America for the trip to the store would never choose a suit for a long time - she put on the first thing that comes to her by the arm comfortable jeans, sneakers and T-shirt. In this country, women do not tend to emphasize their sexuality, putting on elegant dresses, colorful blouses, skirts strict. Perhaps all this is a consequence of such a development here of the feminist movement, or simply reflects the true nature of American women, for whom freedom above all else. At the same time, mind you, they are exactly the same as a resident of the former Soviet Union, creating a family, have children, build a career, and all this in simple clothes without any frills.

Today, the American style of clothing became popular far beyond the United States. His preference for boys and girls around the world, choosing a convenient and comfortable way for everyday life. If you also follow the principles of simplicity and practicality in the locker room, you want to dress like the characters of youth Hollywood films, be more familiar with the features and characteristics of modern American style.

 a beautiful American style clothing

Origin and Transformation of American-style clothing

The main features characteristic of American-style clothing, include the convenience, practicality and simplicity. It is often confused with the "Western", remembering the brave cowboys and harsh sheriffs of the Wild West. However, these are two completely different trends in fashion, the American way - is primarily a dress every day, for work or parties, united by a common idea of ​​freedom and equality. Let's take a closer look at the conditions in which this style was born.

Fever Great Depression that gripped America in the 30s, and after the Second World War caused great damage not only to the moral foundations of society, but also hurt the financial position of citizens. While the fashion to think there was no time and no need to, because the people did not have enough funds to meet even the minimum needs for food and shelter provision. So how to dress well, there was no question - sewed his own clothes out of curtains and curtains, bed linen worldly-wise, shabby skirts and suits. Having lived through many years of hardship and need, the Americans came to the conclusion that the clothing is not important and determining factor in the life of society. From that moment, the style of the US population has become different from other lack of pretentiousness and simple silhouettes.

However temporarily - replace the black belt in American history comes to white. Now people tend to forget as soon as possible about the years of hardship and need, plunging headlong into the luxury and abundance. So gradually emerging new society which would later be called "the generation of consumption."

At the beginning of 40th, many girls are not very feminine and more like the men: had broad shoulders, combined with a thin body, cut their hair short, acted decisively, aggressively, sometimes even aggressive. However, little is recovered after the war, they again want to feel like a true lady: weak, beautiful and elegant. And provide women the opportunity the great Christian Dior, who turned utterly beyond all notions of fashion, he reveals the world his collection titled «New Look».

The main secret of its success lies in a completely new way of girls is fundamentally different from the style of the 40s. Apparel demonstrated mannequins on the podium, were incredibly feminine, gentle and graceful - putting on them, even the fat lady immediately turned into a lovely and elegant lady. Dior said so on its work: "I decided to leave behind an era of war, universal labor service, uniforms with wide" boxing "shoulders. In developing the model, I painted women, reminiscent of flowers. That is why my clothes are characterized by smooth curves and rounded line chest, slender waist and wide skirt diverging downwards, like rose petals. "

This collection made a splash in the fashion world, returning to the American wardrobe bright colorful materials, pads for hips and chest. Thanks to Christian Dior bustier and there were the first new type of elastic waist slimming corset. In only one skirt tailoring the designer took up to 40 meters of fabric, and he developed the design of the silhouette, which remained rigid form, still for all remains a mystery.

Vita at the beginning of the 1960s, feminist and pacifist sentiment in society spawned a fashion for stretched thick jackets and sweaters, corduroy pants Bursiform occurred popularization of jeans. The boys began to prefer pants with low waist hips, which were called "hipsterz" and the girls mostly wore miniskirts.

American style of the 60s was characterized by straight silhouettes, materials, psychedelic colors, with images on them with geometric patterns. This decade has become a triumphal procession of youth fashion, devoid of the usual, already had time to get bored all shapes, cut and texture, and most importantly, yavivshey world the true spirit of freedom. This naturally was displayed not only in the clothes of young people, but also their lifestyle, musical preferences, demeanor. The mood that prevailed at the time, can be described as rebellious - is the period of the protests against the fabric of society, the usual values.

Through emerged and are becoming increasingly popular artists, is born a new direction in music - rock, which naturally has an impact on American fashion. So the guys in the legendary group "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones" coined the elegant men's suits, and hippies protested against the Vietnam War gave rise to the clothes in the style of "military". African-American community also contributed - added to the style of their cultural, ethnic folk elements.

At various times, as a result of certain events and the emergence of new attitudes in society, the American fashion gradually evolved, transformed and broken up into a variety of areas and species. To top it all neoclassic '80s changed the current trends in clothing, bringing them to the state of the grotesque.

 bright American style clothing

Fashion modern Americans

After passing through a kaleidoscope of fashion trends, crazy designs, as well as the excesses of youth protest, American style found himself. Now imitate him, admire him and inherit his boys and girls far beyond the United States.

Contemporary American fashion is simple nevychurnye outfits, in which every detail has been planned to the last detail, and takes its place. The mood of the garment - freedom, equality and ease manifested in everything - silhouettes, fabrics, accessories. Consider the main features of a typical resident of the United States wardrobe:

  • There is no luxury in the clothes - simplicity and convenience in the first place.
  • Preference is given to an adjacent semifitted and silhouettes, as well as natural fabrics: cotton, linen, cotton, knitted. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the not passing trend - denim material. As for color, the dandies and ladies of America are choosing bright saturated colors.
  • On T-shirts, sweaters and T-shirts are welcome variety of prints: the image of cartoon characters, positive, original and unusual inscriptions. In recent years, many well-known brands began to produce clothes with her photo printed on a black US president.
  • To see an American high heels, in an elegant dress or a suit, of course, possible, but mostly "live" these ladies in the business district. A resident of the so-called one-storey America, which makes up a large part of the country, prefer convenient and practical attire: jeans, shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, moccasins or kedam.
  • Priverzhenka sporty style can not do without baseball jackets and sweatshirts with a picture of your favorite team a college or university. These outfits are probably familiar to many of Hollywood movies and TV shows youth.
  • American style is impossible to imagine without the traditional denim clothing: pants, vests, jackets, skirts and jackets of varying lengths. These things are perfectly combined with leather goods, natural suede or cotton, so adding them your wardrobe, you will receive a harmonious image of this American Girl.
  • As for accessories, the daily life of American women are quite rare ornaments of gold, silver and other precious metals and stones, leaving them for special occasions. Going to work a walk or a party, the girls prefer the quality, but not too expensive jewelry - beads, rings, earrings, pendants.
  • Makeup American ladies are often noticeable, is the main rule - a minimum of makeup, maximum naturalness. Therefore, women are foundation, powder, blush, gives the skin a fresh, ink and dim matte lipstick. However, for special occasions - parties, celebrations, fancy-dress meeting friends - they transform into Hollywood divas with false eyelashes and red lips.
  • Jacket, skirt, coat, dress or jeans can be bought Girl on sale at the ridiculous price, but the bag and shoes must be branded and expensive.

It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the American style - it is something definite. Rather, it is a collective image, consisting of various trends in fashion. Thus, the modern resident of the United States may well appear in public in tight jeans and a T-shirt stretched over which a stylish jacket draped over "masculine" style. Similarly, girls elegant dresses combined with rough "cowboy" boots or, for example, light summer dress with short leather jackets. Add to that the dark glasses, plenty of accessories, expensive bag and quality shoes, and you get an answer to the question of what is the American style of dress.

 American fashion style: freedom of thought and simplicity in one bottle

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