basal temperature during pregnancy

In most cases, the expectant mother carefully preparing for pregnancy, trying to learn as much as possible information. And so, of course, such a thing as basal temperature is unlikely to surprise someone. However, let's refresh your memory and remember once again why basal temperature changes. In all stages of the menstrual cycle, the levels of certain hormones in a woman's body is changing. And it was under the influence of hormones basal temperature changes.

Everyone knows that after ovulation normal basal temperature should not be below 37, 2 degrees. And what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy? That's exactly what will be discussed below. In fact, very often the expectant mothers do not know that in some cases, the measurement of basal body temperature in early pregnancy is a very important diagnostic value.

They believe that the pregnancy has already occurred, and thus to measure the basal temperature completely useless. But it is a dangerous delusion - increase or decrease in basal body temperature can indicate that there is a threat of a normal pregnancy. For example, a decrease of basal body temperature can often indicate a danger of spontaneous abortion. And in some cases - even on the termination of further development of the fetus.

Of course, the basal temperature should be measured not during pregnancy, and not all women. So who is to control the basal temperature? How long will it be measured and what she can testify? As a rule, to measure the basal temperature gynecologists recommend that those pregnant women who have previously been cases of termination of the fetus and spontaneous abortion.

It is also necessary to carefully measure the basal temperature is when doctors believe that the future mother is a risk of miscarriage. In this case, control of basal body temperature can help to notice and fix the problem at the very beginning, thus saving much valuable time.

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  • Basal body temperature during pregnancy to delay

One of the most pressing questions is what should be the basal temperature of a woman who has become pregnant, however, delayed menstruation yet. As mentioned above, the basal temperature is raised to 37 - 37 and 3 degrees in the second half of the menstrual cycle. But she declines to 36 and 9 degrees in just two days before the onset of menstruation.

In the same case, if the basal temperature is not reduced during the 18 days, the probability is very high that the pregnancy yet occurred. Moreover, doctors are advised in such cases to hold a pregnancy test even if the onset of menses. Increased basal body temperature during this period due to the influence of women on the body of the hormone progesterone.

  • Normal basal temperature during pregnancy

As already mentioned, the deviation of basal temperature from normal values ​​may indicate different pathologies. And what is the norm and can vary the temperature? Doctors call the average basal temperature ranging from 37, 1 to 37, 3 degrees. But in some cases it may be a little higher - up to 38 degrees. It depends on the individual.

  • Basal temperature for ectopic pregnancy

It is believed that the ectopic pregnancy basal temperature rises. However, it is not - in the ectopic pregnancy is produced is the same hormone progesterone, which leads to an increase in basal body temperature. Therefore, the increased basal temperature, alas, is no guarantee that pregnancy is a masterbatch. And use the basal temperature as a diagnostic tool in any case impossible.

  • Too high basal temperature

Despite the fact that the mean basal temperature within the range 37 2 - 37 3 degrees, it is permissible to increase to 38 degrees. But if the body temperature rises even slightly above, it should serve as an alarm. The reason for this increase may be a variety of inflammatory processes - both local and general.

In any case, with an increase in basal body temperature should not try to establish the cause of their own. Firstly, you are unlikely to succeed on their own to establish the diagnosis, and secondly - any treatment of a pregnant woman should be under strict medical supervision. But do not just scared - very often the reason is in the wrong measurement of basal body temperature.

 basal temperature during pregnancy to delay

What can cause low basal body temperature?

What kind of temperatures considered low? Doctors are beginning to sound the alarm in the event that the basal temperature falls below 37 degrees. This may indicate a rather serious complications of a normal pregnancy, so in no way is unacceptable to delay treatment to the doctor.

Firstly, upokoytes and peremerte temperature again observing all the rules. The temperature is still below 37 degrees? Calm down and wait a few hours. One-time temperature reduction is often associated with the general state of the body, so do not panic.

Peremerte again after 3 - 4 hours. On the thermometer the thermometer again not up to the mark of 37 degrees? More tarry not worth it! Immediately go to the examination of a gynecologist. Because it is often still possible to improve the situation. If the basal temperature dropped due to insufficient amount of progesterone, the future mother is admitted to the gynecology department and immediately begin to carry out the necessary treatment. Approximately 90% of these pregnancies doctors save - born successfully emerge hundreds of tots. And you can save the pregnancy even if you have already started spotting spotting.

In addition, unfortunately, reduced basal temperature but in some cases may indicate that the fetus is no longer to develop. A similar phenomenon is colloquially called a missed abortion. Yellow body in such cases ceases to perform its functions, the level of progesterone in women is dramatically reduced. And a woman's basal temperature goes down. However, in some cases non-viable pregnancy basal temperature and may remain elevated. Therefore, the only way to diagnose basal temperature can not be used.

How to measure the basal temperature?

Very often pregnant women, worrying about their children, the basal temperature is measured every few hours. And very often they get very different results - in the morning, it may be 37, 2 - 37, 3 degrees and during the day can vary. And very often it is changed in the smaller side. However, doctors say that the reduction in basal body temperature in the afternoon is not a disease and should not greatly frighten pregnant women.

And very well be able to properly measure the basal temperature. This is done as follows: - the night before, place a thermometer so that you can get it without getting up from bed. Immediately after waking up, lubricate the tip of the thermometer with any fat cream - preferably common baby cream, type it into the anus of about 2-3 centimeters. The temperature is measured within 5 - 7 minutes.

Only if all these requirements, the information is considered to be reliable. In that case, if you are not that go to the toilet, and even just climbed out of bed, no diagnostic value of measurement of basal body temperature is no longer. There are several significant factors that may affect the basal body temperature:

  1. Any physical activity. And it's not just that you can not get out of bed. Doctors do not recommend even once again to roll over in bed. Take convenient to measure the temperature of the body posture and try not to change it until then, until you finish the measurement of basal body temperature.
  2. The vertical position of the body. To measure basal temperature should be strictly in the supine position. It is unacceptable even to sit down in bed - thus you certainly will strengthen the flow of blood to the pelvic organs. And this is sure to affect the measurement of basal body temperature, distorting the result.
  3. The duration of continuous sleep less than 4 hours. It makes no sense to measure the basal temperature and if the pregnant woman slept less than 4 hours. However, we hope that you are aware of the need for a pregnant woman full of sleep.
  4. Sex on the eve of the temperature measurement. Of course, pregnancy - is not a disease. However, if the doctor has recommended you to take control of the basal temperature is at a certain time to give up sex. As a last resort, try to make a break between sex and measurement of basal temperature was at least 12 hours. Although, as a rule, in such cases, sex can trigger a miscarriage.
  5. Eating immediately after waking up. Very often, expectant mothers early in pregnancy suffer from toxicosis. And doctors recommend them immediately upon waking, without getting out of bed, have a snack. This method is actually very effective, but remember that you can only eat once measure the basal temperature. Otherwise you will not get accurate information.
  6. Some pharmacological agents. There are a number of pharmacological agents that may also lead to changes in basal body temperature - how to increase and decrease. As a rule, a gynecologist is aware of this. Of course, if the expectant mother is not engaged in self-medicate. Therefore, in no case do not take any medication without the doctor's knowledge.
  7. Various colds and infectious diseases. And, of course, do not look for normal basal temperature is when a pregnant woman is sick. Improving the overall temperature of the body will inevitably lead to and increase in basal temperature. Of course, this state in any case can not be ignored - it is necessary to consult a doctor. Because even normal temperature during pregnancy requires special treatment.

And finally, it is worth recalling that the basal temperature is accurate diagnostic point of view, no more than the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. After that, the future mother hormonal changes completely - and basal temperature is greater than nothing suggests.

We sincerely wish you an easy pregnancy, safe delivery and a healthy baby.

 Basal body temperature during pregnancy - questions and answers

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