fried bananas

Any mother knows how difficult sometimes to feed the little gourmet. And that he would not, and then he do not like - who among us has not encountered such statements? But to feed the crumbs still something must be, because solar energy is definitely not the most suitable food for a growing organism, although the baby seems to be not against it. And many moms try to "cram" in crumbs or anything, sometimes reducing the whole baby food diet to sweets and yogurt. However, this is not the best option - a very big risk of beriberi.

So how do you break this vicious circle? Try to find a compromise. Scarce want sweet? So let it be even a sweet and helpful. For example, ask the child a banana. Nowadays, hardly anyone could surprise a banana - people are accustomed to this fruit and take it like once the potatoes. But this popularity is largely due to bananas still relatively low cost.

The low price of bananas is largely due to the conditions of cultivation of fruits and their subsequent transport. Bananas grow on their own and do not require any material costs for processing, in addition to the collection. Yes, and during transportation to the place of sale of bananas do not spoil as they tear a little immature, and ripen the bananas already then. That is why bananas are very beneficial for sellers and comfortable.

Due to the fact that bananas are cheap, can buy them in any family with material prosperity, which undoubtedly is a big plus. Most often, bananas are used by people as a "snack" and a very fat people know that bananas can be prepared so that get a full meal. And when you consider that today's talk about how to feed crumbs - maloezhku, we're talking specifically about children's meals.

Useful properties of bananas

The fact that the products used by children, should be not only delicious, but also useful, no one doubts. Let's try to figure out whether the bananas helpful. The structure includes such necessary bananas growing body substances such as:

  • Cellulose

Despite the fact that the fiber is not a nutrient, which provides the body's production of energy, it plays an important role in human life. And the most important role of fiber - a full adjustment of the normal functioning of the intestines.

  • Starch.

Starch is easily and quickly absorbed by the child's body. Under the influence of certain enzymes starch is broken down and converted to glucose, which is vital for both children and adults.

  • Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main supplier of energy, and in addition, they determine the normal operation of the liver. A further digestion of proteins and fats is not possible without the presence of carbohydrates.

  • Proteins.

As you know, all of the proteins in their composition are amino acids that define the type of protein. It is the body of amino acids to build new cells, which are so necessary for the harmonious development of the child and growth.

In addition to the above components in bananas also contains vitamins B2, B6, B1, PP, provitamin A, pectin, flavoring and tannins, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, malic acid. Also, the banana is very valuable to its high content of potassium, necessary to complete the work of the heart muscle and vitamin C, which is not less than the citrus fruits.

Bananas have the ability to improve mood and concentration, which is indispensable for students, and "Sadowski" kiddies will only benefit. Have you noticed that your crumb became sluggish and tired quickly? It takes only one - two bananas a day to vitality crumbs quickly rose up.

Indispensable effects of bananas on the body of a child, if the crumb is suffering from diseases such as:

  • Violation of the urinary system.
  • Disruption of the normal functioning of the liver.
  • Violation of the gastro - intestinal tract, especially gastritis and dysbiosis.
  • Enteritis and colitis of different origin.
  • Gastrointestinal infections - banana is an excellent absorbent.
  • Canker sores and bleeding gums.
  • Allergic reactions foodborne.

And this is not a complete list of useful than bananas.

Contraindications to the use of bananas

However, despite the fact that bananas have useful properties very different, there are also a number of contraindications for their use. Giving baby bananas, be sure to remember that bananas themselves are quite heavy food. They are slowly digested, while hampered the flow of bile and increased flatulence. Therefore, if there is crumbs tendency to colic and flatulence, do not feed him bananas too often.

Speaking of which, without exception, the bananas must be there very slowly, carefully chewing it. And in any case, do not let your child drink any bananas and dishes of them with cold water. It is much wiser to offer the child a hot tea. And if your baby gastritis with high acidity, bananas, it is better not to give.

Unfortunately, in recent years more and more frequent cases of children with diabetes. And so kids with eating bananas need to be especially careful - ripe fruit banana great way to raise sharply reduced level of sugar in the blood, but can not have them every day. But at the same time slightly unripe fruits are very, very helpful.

By the way - ripe bananas, heat-treated, for example, baked in the oven, have a good therapeutic effect in cases where the crumb starts coughing. Of course, easy to deal with pneumonia banana will not under force, but from mild cough very quickly will be over.

The baby food banana is one of the most essential products. Banana, thanks to its low content of vegetable fiber, ideal for use as a first feeding. Banana puree is just perfect to fulfill the requirements for children's lure: it has a delicate texture and a pleasant smell and taste it like all children, without exception.

Banana is a very high-calorie foods, so kids with low weight it is a godsend - very small amount of food will fully satisfy all of the details of the child in energy substances. But in that case, if the crumbs are overweight, bananas have to be extremely and highly accurate and does not get involved in a lot of them too.

We have already mentioned that bananas are contraindicated for children, who suffer from gastritis, arising on a background of increased acidity. Well, in that case, if the acidity in gastritis lowered the banana may be the best medicine. Bananas stimulate the increased secretion of a special mucus that protects the inner walls of the stomach from irritation and promote healing of the epithelium.

Too many children are faced with the regular occurrence of such unpleasant phenomena as stomatitis. In order to alleviate the condition of the kid and accelerate the healing process, physicians - nutritionists recommend parents give the child a piece of banana and make sure that it does not immediately swallowed it, and chewed slowly, and a few minutes to take in the mouth. Repeat this procedure must be not less than every two hours, and as a result of the disease has receded within hours.

Banana menu

However, no matter how useful bananas, mothers do not forget that kids do not like monotony. And usually a banana or mashed to a pulp very quickly get tired of your baby. So do not be lazy and show a little imagination - you can cook quite interesting and varied dishes from bananas. And we hope that our article will be for you a source of inspiration to create even smaller, but still culinary masterpieces. So, what can you make from bananas?

 dish of bananas

Banana puree

For the little gourmets mom can cook cheese with banana. Preparing it is very, very simple. You will need 100 grams of cheese and a ripe banana. For the preparation it is desirable to use low-fat cottage cheese. Remember that the banana itself is a very high-calorie foods? That is why you should not buy another and fat cottage cheese - otherwise the dish will turn out too heavy and nutritious. Also prepare a few spoonfuls of pasteurized milk.

So, a banana, cottage cheese, milk, mix thoroughly using a blender. As a result, you should get a plastic homogeneous mass. In principle, the dessert of bananas ready for little gourmets. If your pipsqueak willingly have fruit purees, on top you can pour a meal - two spoons all ready baby puree.

If you are cooking banana puree for older children, you can sprinkle it with grated walnuts or chocolate chips. However, keep in mind that cheese with banana is very, very satisfying and nutritious meal, so do not expect that after the child agrees to eat - anything else - a soup or chop with mashed potatoes, for example. Typically, the feeling of hunger in the child does not occur earlier than 4 - 5 hours after he eats like puree.

Banana split

If your pipsqueak is enough self-confidence wielding a fork, mix it interesting and very tasty dish - a banana split. This dish is another shining example of what to do with bananas. To prepare two servings you will need:

  • A medium sized banana.
  • One hundred grams of fat-free yogurt.
  • One hundred grams of any cut fruit. Do not use citrus, as they may lead to allergic reactions in the crumbs.
  • Whipped cream - nice suit ready, sold in stores.

Despite a rather exotic name, is preparing a banana split is simple enough. Pour a small amount in a bowl the flour, slice the banana slices thickness of about one centimeter, dip them in flour and place on a preheated pan. Note that the pan should be only slightly oiled - excess of it quite useless. Fry banana slices approximately half - two minutes, turning periodically from one side to another.

Add a small amount of cheese milk and mix thoroughly with a fork or blender. Take a beautiful baby bowl and place slices of fried banana on his middle, pyramid. Curd lay around the hill banana, the whole structure decorate with whipped cream and pieces of pre-sliced ​​fruit. Dessert is ready!

Banana - cottage cheese casserole

Another delicious dessert of bananas for the kids - a banana - cottage cheese casserole. For its preparation you will need:

  • One pack of nonfat cottage cheese (200 grams).
  • A medium-sized banana.
  • One hundred grams of wheat flour.
  • One hundred grams of milk.
  • One egg.

Take a deep container, put there a pack of cheese and mash it with a fork. Beat in egg and cheese to sift flour. Mix well, then add to the milk and knead the dough. Cut the banana into small cubes, mix it with the dough and place the dough in a baking dish. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, place the form in the oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the form from the oven, place it in a bowl of cold water for a couple so that the water did not reach to the edges - thanks to this measure, you can easily eject the pudding out of the mold, it will not stick to its walls. Before you cut the pudding into portions, sprinkle it with powdered sugar on top.

Banana boat

Banana boat will delight the sweet tooth of any age - both very young children and their parents. This dish is not only very tasty and nutritious, but also very original. To make it, you will need:

  • Two medium-sized banana.
  • Two tablespoons of wheat flour.
  • One teaspoon of powdered sugar.
  • One egg.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.

Peel banana peel, mash them with a fork to mash. Then you need to prepare a white sauce. To do this, melt the butter in a water bath and add to the flour. Thereafter dissolve milk pinch of salt and sugar. Using a mixer, mix the flour, milk and butter, put in an enamel bowl and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. While the sauce is cool, using a mixer, beat the egg whites and combine all the ingredients. Place a banana peel on a pre-greased baking sheet, put them in the resulting cream. Preheat oven to 300 degrees and put the baking sheet for about 5 minutes. Before serving boats can be poured caramel syrup.

Salads with bananas

Almost all children, both very small and older with great pleasure eating fruit salad of bananas. There are several types of lettuce:

  • Banana - yoghurt salad

To cook it you need two bananas a medium-sized and one small cup every yogurt. Bananas need to peel and cut into small cubes the same size. Pour chopped banana yogurt and mix them up. Put the salad on a plate of crumbs and garnish with a slice of apple.

  • Fruit salad with banana.

The next type of salad with a banana is a real storehouse of vitamins. To cook it you need apples, pears, kiwis and grapes. Take a quantity of fruit which the child can eat at one time or else be prepared to eat up the crumbs for a salad - chopped vegetables very quickly lose all its useful properties.

Cut the fruit into small cubes the same size, fill them with yogurt and mix. Note that in salad not add citrus fruits, to prevent the development of allergic reactions in children. And just in case you have firm belief that the child is prone to food allergies, the composition can include lettuce orange or tangerine.

Fried bananas

Fried plantains are also enjoying success as in children and in children older. They are prepared very, very simple - almost as well as the fried potatoes. Peel banana peel, cut them into slices or strips and pour into the pan a small amount of vegetable oil (preferably olive to use, but in the absence of an ordinary suit and sunflower), bananas and fry until golden brown.

The only thing that my mother should pay attention - this is the amount of bananas. We have already repeatedly stated that bananas are very nutritious, so your child can not eat large amounts. A fried bananas kept very, very small - no more than a few hours.

Fried bananas in cream caramel sauce

I would like to offer you another recipe fried bananas. It is ideal for school children as a dessert. To prepare 4 servings of bananas, you will need:

  • Four medium-sized banana.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.
  • 200 grams of cream 20% fat.
  • Five oatmeal cookies.
  • Five tablespoons of sugar.

Peel bananas, peeled and cut into large cubes them enough. If you narezhete banana too small, in the final cooking, you may get the most ordinary banana puree. Oatmeal cookies crumble in some pre - or capacity.

Simmered in a skillet, melt butter cooked, sprinkle in sugar in it and constantly stir until until the mixture is like a candy - toffee. After that, the pan must be placed sliced ​​bananas and mix them with caramel syrup and cook for several minutes. After that, pour cream and bananas, then on a very low heat for at least a few minutes.

Put the finished dessert on plates, sprinkle with crumbled oatmeal cookies, and can bring to the table. The best drink to this dessert for the child will be the ordinary milk.

Milkshakes with bananas

Another great recipe that can be cooked from bananas - a banana milkshake. To prepare 2 servings you will need:

  • Two bananas.
  • Two glasses of milk.
  • Several blocks of milk chocolate.
  • Cinnamon.

Mash banana with a fork, then add the milk. Using a blender or mixer bring the mixture to a homogenous state, then add cinnamon (a small amount, approximately at the tip of a knife). The resulting cocktail pour into a glass baby, rub grated chocolate bar on top and sprinkle with chocolate chips resulting beverage. The drink is ready. Banana milk is very well absorbed and has virtually no contraindications, of course, if your baby does not suffer from food allergies to lactose.

Bon Appetit!