Ballerinas 2012

It is no secret that in the wardrobe of every modern woman has at least a few pairs of shoes, including ballet flats occupy a special place. These incredibly stylish, comfortable, practical and elegant ladies' slippers "has long won the hearts of the ladies all over the world. And all thanks to the fact that they are in perfect harmony with many things - both in everyday clothes and clothes official style.

Ballet 2012 - this is a great opportunity not only to replenish or renew your spring and summer wardrobe, but also change the style and image. Although traditionally this type of shoe is designed exclusively for the warm season, many fashionable women would not refuse to wear their favorite shoes all year round. Considering this request, modern designers have created a lot of models that women with pleasure can be both at work and at home in the cold of winter and summer in the city and on vacation.

To keep abreast of fashion trends, suggest to familiarize with the most popular models of 2012. Flat shoes this year as never popular. Even designers who in previous years were clear supporters of high heels, this year decided to include in its collection shoes on a platform sole, which no doubt have pleased admirers of such shoes.

 fashionable ballet flats 2012 photo

Trends 2012: materials, colors, shapes and decoration

Fashion ballet shoes in 2012, the photo you see on our site - it is mostly fabric, leather, patent leather, suede, and combined models in pastel colors, embroidered with gold, decorated with metal chains, a variety of satin bow and decorated with glitter crystals. From the presented variety of stylish shoes every girl will be able to choose the ideal for any occasion, whether it is a ceremony, a wedding or a private business dinner in the restaurant. A wide range of fashionable and stylish ballet is represented in the collections of 2012 in all the fashion houses of the world. Meet the most current model of the new season:

  1. Ordinary fabric ballet shoes - the best option for everyday wear. Colours comfortable and stylish sneakers on a flat platform this year is so diverse that highlight the most popular of them are quite difficult. The current fashionistas certainly will like pink, purple and turquoise colors and metallic shades - silver ballet flats or golden color. The designer collections Spring-Summer 2012 also represented a lot of models of denim, mainly variegated colors and carnivorous - the jaguar, leopard, zebra, python, and the like. In such models, choose to appear in public, some celebrities. Take an example from the stars, and you will always be in the trend! Taken care of fashion designer and the warmth of ladies' feet, including in his collection of models of warm fabrics are ideal to be worn indoors: at home and at work in the cold season.
  2. Wedding ballet shoes in the collections of famous brands look very elegant and at the same time quite "innocently". To create models for such exceptional cases as the registration of marriage and wedding, most designers choose natural leather, shiny satin and other fabrics delicate shades. As decoration bridal shoes are traditionally used sparkling and shimmering gems, rhinestones, fabric draping and small bows. Opting for a shoe, no bride will not be disappointed. In fact, besides the fact that the wedding ballet shoes are very beautiful and elegant, they are also very comfortable, which is crucial when choosing shoes for wedding or other event are identical. In these shoes your feet will not get tired, even if you spend on your feet all night, dancing and participating in various recreational activities.
  3. How dictates the modern fashion, women's ballet shoes in 2012 differ restrained and elegant décor. Fashion ballet flats this season often have a rather simple appearance. Most often they are made in low-key colors and different shapes and laconic modest design. But this does not deprive them of grace and does not prevent them considered the most versatile shoe suitable for work in the office, and for any other occasion.
  4. Judging by the latest fashion show on the catwalks abundantly present as a favorite for many women of fashion ballet shoes with rounded toes and a tapered toe, it was seen even models with "mouse" muzzle. Unusual at first glance, ballet flats, with a very original shape, no doubt, attract the attention of those girls who used to be always in the limelight.

If trendy and stylish shoes, the name of which, "ballerina", have not yet become part of your everyday life, stylists advise to think carefully, because these cute and comfortable "slippers" may not only supplement your collection of shoes, but also greatly facilitate your life!

 Ballerinas 2012: stylish and insanely attractive

 Summer shoes

For any of the fair sex summer shoes for women - is a very important article of clothing. Summer pampering every girl splendor variety of models of shoes. After all, every girl starts to dream of new shoes or sandals, long before the onset of warm weather. We want to drive crazy men with their legs, to do this we need to study the future of the fashion trends of summer 2012 season.

The future of the summer will be as bright and varied use of colors. The most fashionable will be red, yellow, orange, green and all shades of blue. Bright summer shoes perfectly with the solid, consistent and multi-colored clothing. But still it does not lose their positions and classic, provided always white, black and various shades of brown and cream.

 summer shoes

What to choose: a platform or tankette?

Fashion designers are also increasingly focused on slippers and sandals, sandals and summer shoes any other platform or wedge heels. And that's fine, because thanks to a comfortable board or platform, all the girls will feel comfortable while still beaming rays of grace.

The hit of the summer season will be the new sandals with wide ribbons to tie around the ankle. Lush bow or knot give careless feet sophistication, sexuality and attractiveness. Bright colors have long captured the entire world of fashion clothing and bloom on dresses and pants, blouses and coats. But now the flowers bloom on the platforms fashionable summer shoes and make everyone around you freeze in admiration.

So, the most fashionable shoes coming hot season will be presented spanking, sandals, sandals, clogs using sophisticated laces, intricate weaves, chains and nets, wide ribbons.

At high positions still will dazzle multicolored stripes. Marine motifs surprised by their novelty, appeared immediately on the heel, sole and shoe uppers.

Despite the fact that shoes with high heels gives any figure elegance and grace, and the feet makes a visually slimmer, yet comfort is paramount. Convenient flip flops, sandals and sandals are the undisputed fashion trend summer 2012 fashion colors such shoes will be silver, bronze, gold and metallic.

Clog Crocs and will also be in the spotlight. This women's shoes is not yet so well known, but she sure steps is gaining widespread popularity. This shoe is made of rubber, and unusually soft, so it is extremely easy to use, and any representative of the fairer sex can feel Crocs are so comfortable, as if walking in the warm sea sand.

 Summer shoes - simplicity and ease of each pair

 summer boots

Surprise modern woman is almost impossible. However, fashion designers offer several unexpected models of shoes: here and open boots and shoes with warming backs. But the most surprising and original surprise waiting for you in the coming 2012 season. We present our summer boots! Their wide variety of styles and delicious! You can not go wrong if you combine your wardrobe with this kind of shoes.

Immediately it should be noted the ease of the material from which they sew - it is cotton, lace and jeans.

Too extraordinary listening to many it may seem, this new product, but it is only when we first met. To build up the image virtually any woman can wear summer shoes, especially because they are very comfortable.

The top of these boots is quite wide. This is done so that the feet can "breathe." It's hot in them will not be exact, and they look just as stylish and fashionable as well as winter. You can wear them with a mini skirt, well, or what you enjoy.

The choice of models is striking in its diversity

  • In order to warm weather was as comfortable as possible, there are models that are decorated with perforation and straps.
  • Running shoes can be made, and at the Vienna-heeled shoes, and even a heel in cowboy style, though there are also high-heel column that does not lose its relevance.
  • It is also relevant is the top concise, devoid of decoration, but the most fashionable decoration are the various metal additions.

Effortless floral pattern dress, complemented by short jeans jacket, will help you create a romantic summer look. Summer Soft leather boots classic bright brown color will create an original image. The narrow, knitted or cotton dress in conjunction with models without spikes will not look less attractive.

Ease here is the determining aspect! The original summer boots will look to the site, if your outfit is flying and flowing. This unusual combination is the strongest effect. In the 2012 season to fans of the latest fashion trends, designers offer to wear models with different combination and bright accents. Boots with a wide range of lace, fringe, and even open before using on their most famous fashion catwalk. Excellent combined with such boots leather bags.

Boots laces

With boots, made of lace, familiar to every fashionista. Often these shoes is totally handmade and made to order. In these boots elegance, comfort and ease are guaranteed.

Bootleg such shoes are usually made of leather, suede or suede. It makes no difference whether the summer boots made lace to order or have a sewing factory. Materials such as beads and satin ribbons are widely used in sewing.

Lace boots can be worn in dry hot weather. You can put anything in tandem with them, all the same it will be beautiful and fashionable.

Of all young lovers of the original mod is also not forgotten. Style boots with a wide funnel fashion designers offer fans of street fashion. Boots made of suede with a free overlap also enjoyed great attention. For those who prefer the style of casual, this set is fine.

It is always tempting to look like women's legs in boots. Boots Summer 2012 will give additional emphasis to your feet and become a beautiful part of romantic image. Have a good shopping!

 Summer boots - 2012

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