The clothes as Balenciaga is impossible to assess the first time, it is necessary to understand, "digest", and then you will be able to understand whether it is your thing.

At Balenciaga complete mix of styles - metallic futuristic fabrics, unusual texture and immediately floral ornaments such contrasts is battling outright. But when you recover from the shock, you will realize that this is the most fashionable item of the season.

Cristobal Balenciaga opened his fashion house Balenciaga in 1937 in Paris and created his graceful and elegant masterpieces of more than 30 years. Already in the late 30's, he was awarded the title of secret "Cristobal great." His sense of form, skill and ability to express the possibility of each tissue delighted audience. Balenciaga believed casual clothes should be simple and low-key, and the evening - gorgeous. Particular attention he paid to the texture of fabric. Thanks to the master became fashionable fabrics such as matting, and boucle tweed jackets and coats for, taffeta combined with velvet.


It is suggested to wear Balenciaga Kritobal closed Front evening dresses with bare back blouse without a collar. He introduced the fashionable tailoring Shirt sleeves and jackets with volume back. A modern girls have to say "thank you" to the great couturiers of the dresses in the style of "baby-dollars" with a high waist.

Balenciaga's clients were celebrities such as Princess Grace of Monaco, Marlene Dietrich, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and many others.

In 1968, the fashion house Balenciaga closed. Couturier himself explained this by saying that he sees no future in high fashion. He did not see widespread street fashion, its vulgarity, simplicity. In short, Balenciaga Kritobal acted like a true artist.

Until 1997, the fashion house did not exist, and in the late '90s began a new period of life Balenciaga.


The artistic director of Balenciaga was a young fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière. He got to talk about fashion house Balenciaga and of itself thanks to a fresh and unexpected solutions, original design ideas, he skillfully played with the volume and shape. Back to the brand fame.
Ghesquière create outfits based baseball uniform and surfers, he throws fashionistas calls one after the other. It makes patchwork tops in the style of "patchwork" and inflates the shoulder while playing with the volume. A public perceives his ideas with enthusiasm.

 Balenciaga (Balenciaga)



  • History Missoni
  • Chronology of success Missoni

Missoni - the world famous brand, based in Milan and has become famous for its famous zigzags. Bright picture adorns the tops, skirts, low-cut dresses. Home shapeless knitted Missoni have transformed into a seductive air material. In addition to the fabulous famous brand zigzags smooth flawless seams that make the joints of the connection parts hardly noticeable. Clothing brand Missoni is universal, it is appropriate at home, in the office and at social events. Agree, more than enough advantages to one company? So what is the secret of success of Missoni? Let's try to understand. But let us start from the ground - the brand itself and the history of its occurrence.

 Missoni fashion

History Missoni

However, you can not write about a company, without thinking about its creator .  Ottavio Missoni was born in the ancient city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia in 1921 .  As a six year old boy, Ottavio with his parents moved to the town of Zadar, where he spent his youth .  Of the major hobbies Missoni be noted athletics .  Ottavio was a serious athlete, and even managed to win before the start of World War II, eight national titles .  However, the dream of a sports career ruined war .  Missoni went to the front .  We can not say that the time in the army held as rosy as in civilian life .  In 1942, Ottavio taking part in the Battle of El Alamein and the result is captured by the Allies .  He had protomai Egyptian POW camp as much as 4 years .  Then (in 1946) worn out soldiers returned to Italy .  There Ottavio quickly comes to his senses and even enters the Lyceum Oberdan .  But one can not live a scholarship, and enterprising Missoni with his friend Giorgio opened a small workshop making tracksuits brand Venjulia, which later became the main form of the Italian Olympic team .

Apparently the success of the event was due to the fact that Ottawa - a former athlete, and he's like no one knows what suits needed during long workouts. One way or another, but it is not only their own youth brought benefits, but also helped to find happiness in your personal life. Ottavio Missoni in 1953, met with the Rosita Dzhelmini and proposes to her. And then sewing workshop sportswear, you ask? The fact that the future bride is the successor of a factory to produce fabrics and embroidered shawls, so young had much in common.

I must admit that the couple quickly joined forces and created a company Missoni. It happened in the year of their marriage. Initially, it was the usual knitting workshop. Spouses long fine products sold to customers at random before received a large order. Knitwear in a large scale needed famous house "La Rinashente." Needless to say, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni coped brilliantly with the order? Therefore, in 1966, he had his own brand Missoni. The workshop had the equipment, which are produced only smooth and striped fabrics. That is why, rather than in connection with the creative ideas of the spouses, there was a famous and recognizable throughout the world drawing Missoni.

Another happy event was the fashion show in 1967, when Rosita asked to remove bra models, so as not to disrupt the geometry of the dress. But she did not think that under the spotlight dresses become translucent. But in the end, this case turned world-famous.

 beautiful Missoni

Chronology of success Missoni

1958 - the world of fashion was presented the first Missoni collection titled «Milano-Simpathy».
1965 - acquaintance with the Rosita stylist from France Emmanuel Kahn. There was a significant event in New York led to a fruitful cooperation.

April 1967 - the first time the couple Missoni invited to the Palazzo Pitti (Florence) at a fashion show.

1970 - Missoni supported by Vogue editor Diana Vreeland American opened the first boutique in the department store Bloomingdales.

1976 - Ottavio and Rosita opened its first boutique in Milan.

1978 - the 25th anniversary of the fashion house Missoni. In honor of this great event held screenings in New York and Milan.

1979 - the company first creates a line of men's clothing. In the same year the brand Missoni receives a diploma "For the contribution to the Italian Republic" and the medal "For Civil Merit."

80 years - the company creates costumes for the opera «Lucia di Lammermoor» Gaetano Donizetti.

1994 - the 40th anniversary of the brand, which the couple celebrated the extraordinary exhibition "Missonologiya - Missoni world", which was a success in several countries.

1997 - Ottavio and Rosita transferred to the company in the management of Angela Missoni, his daughter.

2005 - The brand Missoni signed a contract on the construction of hotels with the company Rezidor SAS. The first buildings were in Kuwait, Edinburgh and Dubai under the name Missoni.

We believe that this chronology of Missoni does not end and will delight fashion brand colorful zigzags more than one generation.

 Missoni: a famous brand and the history of its occurrence