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  • Chicken on the salt: the first recipe
  • Bird with potatoes
  • Stuffed birds with fruits
  • Sweet chicken in honey-mustard sauce

According to nutritionists, a critical component of good nutrition is poultry. Therefore, in the diet of every person, especially a child and a teenager must be present turkey, duck and other birds. If these birds are quite expensive, the chicken is considered a more economical product. From it you can make soup, roast with vegetables, stewed potatoes. All these dishes have one thing in common: the procedure for their preparation takes a lot of time. If the precious minutes in the account, and in the refrigerator ball Roll, offer baked bird. Moreover, it is very fast and easy, and most importantly, incredibly delicious. The easiest option - salt chicken in the oven.

Today we look at the most interesting recipes that are easy to learn, even a novice can cook. You do not need no more time or some special products. All ingredients are commercially available in any supermarket and the market. If you stick to the rules of a healthy diet, it is advisable to purchase poultry. It is a bit expensive store broilers, but good for the body of it is a hundred times more. So do not skimp on your health. In order not to mess with the preparation for the future garnish meat dishes, we recommend to take note of the recipe of chicken with potatoes. So you're in one fell swoop kill two birds with one stone, thus save time. So, let us consider in detail each of the suggested cooking instructions.

 chicken in the oven on salt

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Chicken on the salt: the first recipe

Chicken - extremely useful product, which is required for the use of everyone, regardless of age. It contains potassium and phosphorus, in addition, meat is rich in protein, and it includes a lot of other nutrients. If you follow the weight and trying to lose weight, nutritionists recommend, before you enjoy bird advance to remove her pelt. The fact that the latter contains too much fat. As you know, fried - the enemy of human health, so experts advise to cook chicken for a couple, or in the oven. Let's look at a very simple and delicious option - make a bird on salt. You will be surprised how simple it is, and delicious.


  • 1, 5 kg of chicken (preferably buy poultry from approved vendors)
  • salt - one pack
  • olive oil and seasoning - optional
  • fresh dill or parsley (useful for feeding)

Cooking method:

As you can see, for this dish you will need a minimum of ingredients. You can just bake the bird without additional components or, if desired, to experiment a little, brushing her special olive sauce. In the first case, the dish will sufficiently dry and harsh, so to speak, for an amateur. The second recipe will make chicken more tender and juicy. Let's look at both options.

So first, if necessary, remove the giblets from the carcase, pluck it, then rinse thoroughly under running water. Warning, the bird have to drain well, so wipe it off with a paper towel and wait for the leaves excess fluid. Now pour in the pan with a thick bottom, or in a special packet of salt bakeware. Top gutted carcass lay back down. Send your dish in the oven, preheated to 200-220 degrees.

This was the first embodiment serves, however, as mentioned above, the same recipe exists in another interpretation. For those who love spices and wants to get to the exit tender and succulent dish, be sure to rub the bird simple homemade sauce. To do this in a shallow piala mix olive oil and dried herbs. This can be basil or rosemary, and turmeric give the carcass ruddy, orange-brown hue.

By the way, try to enter the fragrance into the oil one or two cloves of crushed garlic with a press. You'll see, will very tasty. Thoroughly rub the ingredients, then treat the resulting mixture Pancake bird. This should be done not only outside but also inside. Remove the carcass for 30-60 minutes in the refrigerator. When it is sufficiently saturated, remove the remains of a napkin sauce and act in the same way as described in the first case. That is, sprinkle an even layer in the pan salt, put the chicken on top of everything and send in the oven.

Just before serving, a little cool the carcass, got cold feet with her the remains of salt, then cut into pieces and sprinkle with finely chopped greens. In this form, the dish will look even more appetizing. As a side dish to suit him boiled rice or, for example, mashed potatoes. And if you watch their figure, we recommend to restrict fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers - or a light salad of them seasoned with vegetable oil. Bon Appetit!

 delicious chicken salt in the oven

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Bird with potatoes

The following recipe - perfect for busy housewives, who have no time. At this time the chicken is baked in the oven with potatoes, so you get two in one: the juicy meat and a tasty side dish to it. The carcass cooked described way - to salt, perfectly baked through and browns well. To the dish turned out even tastier, we advise not to neglect spices. Take a pinch of black pepper, a bit of dried marjoram and rosemary, a clove of garlic - all of these products will give your creation a truly unforgettable flavor and a wonderful rich flavor.


  • bird chicken broiler
  • Dried seasoning
  • Nine large potatoes
  • Packaging fine salt
  • 10 ml of olive oil
  • a few cloves of garlic

Cooking method:

Going to the market or to the store, pick the ready, that is completely gutted and plucked bird, then you do not have to spend extra time on these activities. Rinse it under the tap and let drain, meanwhile pour in a little bowl of dried marjoram, basil, rosemary, Provence herbs or other spices of your choice. This also add a few pinches of salt and mix well the ingredients. Once the chicken is dry enough, wipe it with a clean towel and treat spices, first inside, then outside.

Garlic is clear from the peel, chop his large plates. Make several cuts into the chicken, in which slide the garlic. After wrap it in a special film or foil and store in a cool place for two or three hours. While the bird marinated, cut a potato peel and chop it into large wedges. Salt them, then season with dried herbs and drizzle with olive oil.

It remains the case for small: take a baking sheet and sprinkle salt on it, distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the dish. Top with the bird breast up, and wrap potatoes in foil and define near the carcass. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and put it in the dish. After about half an hour the dish is ready, remove it from the oven and cool. If you want the potatoes turned golden and crispy, during cooking, open the foil. Hopefully this recipe will have you on the soul.

 delicious chicken in the oven on salt

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Stuffed birds with fruits

If the previous dishes described above, are suitable for everyday use, the following can rightly be attributed to the festive dishes. For this recipe you will need a little more food, but the result is guaranteed to please, you'll see. Prunes, apples and raisins give the chicken a little sweet, very sweet, fruity taste. For a side dish we recommend rice or boil Round easy to make salad. You can also submit a stuffed bird of pickles: pickles, sauerkraut.


  • Three large sour-sweet apple
  • Chicken carcasses
  • fine salt - 500 grams
  • a handful of prunes
  • 50 grams of soft golden raisins
  • freshly ground black pepper

Cooking method:

To the meat has turned soft and slightly sweet, choose juicy large non-acidic varieties of apples. First of all, clean them from the skin, then remove them from the core and chop the flesh into small cubes. Prunes and raisins spread out in different plates, pour the ingredients with warm water and let them brew. After about 20 minutes, get rid of excess fluid, and pat yourself dried with paper towels.

On the flat metal pan pour a thick layer of table salt. Then turn on the oven and bring it to a temperature of 220 degrees. Dried prunes cut into thin strips and mix with apple slices and raisins, and now treat the bird with the inner and outer sides with pepper and a little salt. When you manage, nafarshiruyte carcass weight of the fruit, so that it does not fall out, secure the opening with wooden skewers, or do a few stitches thick thread. Put a bird on a bed of salt and send the dish in the oven, bake the dish is not less than one hour. When the chicken is covered with golden brown, remove it from the oven, cool slightly and cut into pieces. Before serving, be sure to cut the thread.

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Sweet chicken in honey-mustard sauce

The following recipe will be enjoyed by lovers of sweet. We offer baked chicken, marinate it in pre incredibly fragrant and savory sauce. The last is made from mustard and honey. There are plenty of options for the poultry grease: based on tomato, cream, sour cream with Provencal herbs. Each dish has its own characteristics, so if you want to experiment, learn recipes presented on our website, and cook for fun.


  • 1500 grams of fresh chicken
  • package of common salt
  • 35 grams of green - supply
  • three large tablespoons of flavored honey
  • Fifteen grams of soft grainy mustard or regular
  • ground turmeric and coriander
  • black pepper - optional

Cooking method:

Gutted and dried carcasses dry well. Then turn on the oven, with the note that it is recommended to cook the chicken at a maximum temperature, therefore heat the oven to 220 degrees. In the meantime put in a bowl of honey and melt it on a steam bath. After enter into a bowl, ground spices: turmeric and coriander, if desired, add a few pinches of rosemary or basil. Combine all rub with mustard and active movements of the fork. The resulting mixture liberally grease a bird on all sides. We proceed to the final stage: Put the carcass legs up on a baking tray with salt and store it in the oven. Bake until a beautiful golden brown.

To bring the pleasure of cooking, it should be simple and not time-consuming and energy. It is these recipes today and have been proposed to our readers, we hope at least one of them will resonate in your hearts. Prepare chicken according to the occasion. So, for a celebratory dinner suit stuffed bird with fruit, and for everyday meals can be limited and common dish in honey-mustard sauce.

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