bacterial vaginosis

In recent years, increasingly common variety of vaginal infection - bacterial vaginosis. This group of diseases is the leader in the list of obstetric - gynecological diseases.

The structure of the female reproductive system itself is designed to protect the body from invading a foreign pathogenic bacteria and maintain normal biocenosis (the balance of bacteria in the vagina). In addition, nature provides a unique system of self-purification of the vagina, which is also intended to protect a woman's body from a variety of pathogenic bacteria.

But, alas, do not always protect these systems are working properly. There are a number of situations in which you might fail a balance of flora in the female reproductive system, or the infection of pathogenic microorganisms. These cases include:

  • Antibacterials

Surely, almost every person at least once in his life heard that treatment with antibiotics can lead to the breaking of intestinal dysbiosis. But that there is also a dysbiosis vagina, only a few know. But in practice, similar to the side effects causes about 70% of all antibiotic use in women.

  • Hormonal disorders

Often bacterial vaginitis develop in the event that a woman has certain hormonal disorders. Most often this occurs as a result of disruption of the normal functioning of the endocrine system. And about the use of hormonal contraceptives also can not be forgotten. To avoid such problems, hormonal drugs should choose your doctor - a gynecologist.

  • Treatment with cytotoxic drugs

Often the development of bacterial vaginosis is triggered by the treatment that gets people suffering from various cancers. Cytotoxic drugs lead to bacterial vaginosis.

  • Diabetes

Almost all women with diabetes, sooner or later, face a variety of bacterial vaginosis. Most often, such bacterial vaginitis is well known to everyone thrush or, in scientific language, the yeast Candida.

  • Various blood disorders

Such blood diseases, as various types of anemia, as well as acute and chronic leukemia, often also lead to the emergence of bacterial vaginitis. This is due to the fact that any blood disease will inevitably lead to a weakening of the immune system.

  • Violation of the structure of the genital organs

Very often, yet sometimes there are cases of congenital abnormalities of the structure of the genitals. Such violations often make it impossible for the normal functioning of the process of the reproductive system, and in particular, lead to permanent bacterial vaginosis, which are almost constant companions women and gives her a huge amount of discomfort and unpleasant moments.

  • Malfunction of the immune system

In almost all cases, the disruption of the normal functioning of the immune system leads to the development of bacterial vaginosis. It does not matter what exactly caused the weakening of immune factors - what - or severe impairment of the immune system or the common cold.

Types of bacterial vaginosis

Doctors - gynecologists identify several different species of bacterial vaginosis, depending on the nature of the disease, its symptoms, and most importantly - the causes of its development. Thus, the bacterial vaginitis are:

  • Trichomonas vaginitis

Vaginitis caused by bacteria Trichomona, is the most common sexually transmitted disease through. The disease at least once in his life had been ill with one in four women. Every third woman, see your doctor - a gynecologist with complaints of abnormal vaginal discharge, it is suffering from Trichomonas vaginitis.

By the way, faced with this disease not only women but also men. For women habitat for the pathogen of the disease is the vaginal mucosa, and men - the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. Infection occurs through sexual contact with an infected person without using protection. That's why those women who have more than two partners, the infection rate of infection is much higher.

The incubation period in this type of bacterial vaginosis is 10 - 15 days. After that the woman observes the appearance of grayish - yellow frothy with very liquid consistency and a distinct stench. The data highlight very quickly lead to the fact that the vaginal mucosa and external genital organs affected, develop strong irritation, and in severe cases, it is possible ulceration.

The woman is almost always feels quite strong feeling of itching and burning. Burning, incidentally, is particularly strong increases during urination, urine drops in contact with the surface of the vaginal mucosa. All manifestations of bacterial vaginosis at times worse for a few days after menstruation.

When viewed from a woman doctor can observe the existing inflammatory processes not only the vagina, but the cervix. These lesions can be very diverse - from simple moderate hyperemia of the mucous membranes or the cervix, before the emergence of cervical erosion. The vaginal cavity itself constantly frothy that emerging outwardly lead to not only the irritation of mucous membranes, but the skin of the perineum. Often, because of the constant exposure of the skin secretions of such a woman having genital warts.

In the event that a woman does not address timely medical treatment to the doctor, the disease goes unnoticed in the chronic stage - acute symptoms disappear. At first glance it may seem like a woman, she completely got rid of the disease. However, in reality this is not so - in any weakening of the immune system - even with ordinary colds, after intercourse, consumption of alcoholic beverages disease returns.

Treatment of trichomoniasis is rather complicated and lengthy process - sometimes it can take many months, or even years. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and treatment is started, the higher the efficiency and the chances that the disease will not relapse. It is therefore very important that the woman went to the doctor as soon as possible, at the first sign of the disease. To self-medicate can not in any case - it can only exacerbate the situation. Treatment should only appoint a doctor - a gynecologist or venereal diseases.

  • Candida vaginitis

This type of bacterial vaginosis is probably the most common among all the others. According to the statistics of doctors - gynecologists, with the disease periodically faced about 90% of all women of different age groups. Agree - very impressive figure. The development of this type of bacterial vaginosis causes yeast fungus Candida.

This fungus is found in the vagina of any woman. Sometimes, however, under the influence of various unfavorable factors, such as treatment with antibacterial drugs, a woman's body starts increased growth of the fungus Candida. As a result, a woman develops yeast candida.

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are very specific - any doctor can easily diagnose the disease. However, the smear is still needed in order to avoid any possibility of error, even a little. A woman suffering from yeast infection, there are abundant thick discharge, with white and sour odor resembling that of yeast sponge.

Typically, under high temperatures - hot tubs, saunas, or just a hot summer day, symptoms of thrush is largely enhanced. Also, the woman's condition is getting worse a few days before the onset of menstruation. Incidentally, this feature is unique to bacterial vaginosis, caused by the fungus is Candida. All other varieties of bacterial vaginosis most acutely being felt in the first week after menstruation.

 treatment of bacterial vaginosis

Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis

To diagnose bacterial vaginosis, a woman doctor prescribes a number of analyzes. The first step is a study to determine the content of the vaginal pH and microscopic examination. If necessary, also produced microbiological, immunological research and PCR - diagnosis.

In order for the test results are accurate, it is important to properly prepare for the exam. Firstly, you should not start taking any whatsoever drugs until until smears. Drugs can greatly distort the results of analyzes.

The same goes for irrigation - many women care about cleanliness genitals directly before going to the doctor douche. However, such a measure leads to the fact that the analysis can be completely ineffective. The same applies to cleaning the visit to the doctor - of course, cleanliness is very important. However, the limit to a simple washing the genitals with clean water. The use of different tools for personal hygiene can also distort the results of the analysis.

A wrong result analysis will entail an incorrect diagnosis of the disease and, consequently, the appointment of an incorrect treatment. At best, this treatment is not expected to have any impact a woman's body, and the disease will continue to progress. And in the worst case, in addition to the treatment of advanced or improper pharmacological agents can have a very negative impact on a woman's body.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis

As mentioned above, at the first symptoms of vaginitis woman should as soon as possible, seek medical help from a doctor - a gynecologist. Driving medication in this article will not be considered - it has to paint the doctor, and self in this situation is unacceptable. However, below you will learn about some of the recipes of traditional medicine, which can be a great addition to the basic treatment, doctor's appointments, as well as the basic principles of successful treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

  • Treatment of both sexual partners

As already mentioned, the bacterial vaginitis is a typical female disease. But, in any case can not lose sight of the fact that the man is a carrier of the disease. That is why when a woman noticed at one or more symptoms of vaginitis, seek medical advice should both partners: a man - a doctor - urologist or venereal diseases. And treatment is also necessary both sexually Ground floor - otherwise the woman immediately after recovery, can be re-infected.

  • Restrictions on the period of treatment

Doctors strongly recommend that sick people at the time of treatment to completely abandon the sexual acts in order to avoid permanent infection each other. In an extreme case, if we give up sex have no ability or desire, it is mandatory to protect themselves using condoms. Otherwise, the whole effect of the treatment will be reduced to zero. Treatment lasts too long - about 10 - 14 days, so it is all the same to give up sex life. And, besides, for the entire period of treatment to the sick person should be completely abandon the use of even low-alcohol beverages. And this restriction is introduced with an ulterior motive - those drugs that are most commonly used to treat bacterial vaginosis, in combination with alcohol can be a major blow to the body of women and lead to irreversible pathological.

Another very important step in the treatment of bacterial vaginitis is a correction of various disorders of the immune system of the female body, and treatment available to all women comorbidities. If necessary, the doctor - a gynecologist must refer women for consultation to specialists and a doctor - immunologist.

Traditional methods of treatment of vaginitis

In folk medicine, there are some very effective prescription treatment of bacterial vaginosis that will be a wonderful addition to the basic treatment of the disease, which is prescribed by a doctor. For all of these recipes use different herbs.

  • Infusion of calendula

In order to minimize the unpleasant symptoms of vaginitis, gives a woman a lot of inconvenience (burning, itching), douching is recommended infusion of marigold. It is prepared as follows: place in a thermos one tablespoon of dried marigold, then pour two cups of boiling water. Cover the thermos lid and leave to infuse for at least a day. After that, with the help of a gauze fabric, strain the broth and use it for irrigation.

Douching should be carried out before going to bed, making sure that the solution remains in the vagina at least 10 minutes. The course of treatment should be 21 days, and in any case it is impossible to stop it as soon as symptoms of the disease disappear, otherwise the disease will very soon again be felt.

  • A decoction of the root Bergenia

It is also very effective for bacterial vaginosis helps decoction of the root Bergenia. For its preparation must be thoroughly crushed root fill it with half a liter of water and bring to a boil. Once the water boils, the fire must be reduced broth and cook for about 20 minutes. After that, a container of broth should be tightly cover and leave to infuse for 5 hours.

After the specified time is necessary to drain the broth and used for irrigation twice a day - morning and evening before bedtime. The treatment thus should last at least 15 days. After that you need to do a week break and repeat the treatment. By the way, this recipe is particularly effective for treatment of Candida vaginitis, or, more simply, thrush. Too many women, try it for yourself, unanimously claim that they were able to forget about thrush.

The woman can try any of the above recipes treatment of this disease. However, remember that if you have bacterial vaginosis, treatment of traditional methods alone will not sufficiently effective. After all, most of these recipes help to get rid only of the manifestations of the disease. A medication successfully eliminate pharmacological agents.

Timely visit to the doctor - a gynecologist is a very reasonable act of a woman who takes care of your health!

 Bacterial vaginitis

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