bachelorette party before the wedding

Many Hollywood films tells the story of the adventures of fun and swashbuckling adventures of the guys decided to note the unusual stag one of his friends. But in this age of equality of both sexes and women tend to have some fun and to celebrate the glory of his farewell to unmarried life in a big way.

The most traditional scenario in which conducted the wedding bachelorette party, - a female team of friendly gatherings in any restaurant or, for example, a barbecue at the cottage. And the most popular and rather bored all the attractions at this festival - order private dance for the bride. You could even say that it is a kind of tradition, but no lap dance, no matter how passionate and erotic, it has not been, will not make the evening a bright, memorable and equally attractive for all its participants.

If you dream of a bright and unusual wedding, why not give yourself a bachelorette party? You can use your own imagination, or use one of the existing ones, but at the same time very original ideas.

Thematic hen parties

If you consider yourself a brave woman, banal trip to the bar or restaurant, you can vary the kind of procession through the city. Together with her friends pick up clothes of the same color, or even prepare a special themed costumes advance zagotovte placards and banners, all kinds of surroundings. And then, with all this, good humor and cheerful laughter go through the streets of the city, along the way going to the falls on the way of bars and cafes. People on the street happy to support your mood and help you to make this evening a memorable one.

If you are a supporter of a more relaxing pastime, you can make a real pajama party. As a rule, these women pre-wedding gatherings all the action takes place on a soft sofa or among the pillows on the floor, and all its Member States must always be dressed in a nightgown or pajamas. As a complement to this bachelorette party, you can arrange an evening of memories, Prepare meals with friends who loved as a child, bought sweets and reconsider their common childhood photos, remember the most amusing stories from his childhood. Charge of good mood you provided!

It has recently become popular party in retro style and fashion for the Chicago gangster of the thirties is not spared and hen parties. Arrange an evening can be at home or in the stylish restaurant or club. Inviting friends to this evening, do not forget to specify the subject matter and the dress code. Customize the evening can be a talent contest. All numbers must also be stylized theme of your evening.

If you can afford it, you can arrange a bachelorette party or abroad, such as at the seaside. However, such an event would require quite a lot of effort and money on training. So if you want to arrange a bachelorette party on the road, it is much easier to go to the recreation center or the nearest resort.

Bachelorette party can spend in the spa or beauty salon. Nothing relaxes as cosmetic procedures in the company of best friends. At this festival, you can naboltal enough, because at the time of marriage, you will not have much time on their girlfriends.

 tenders for a bachelorette party before the wedding

Competitions and other fun stuff

Let's say that the style of your bachelorette party and its venue you have decided. But there is another important question: what to do with the guests at the celebration. Indeed, in between meals, champagne, dancing and sincere conversation to somehow entertain guests. And the success of any holiday - the variety and the constant change of activity.

Tenders for a bachelorette party before the wedding - the easiest way to occupy and entertain guests. And options such contests are a great many.

  1. Print a large poster with a picture of your favorite male stars, and it is desirable that in the photo you choose, it was at least clothing. Then purchase men's thongs and thumbtacks. The essence of the contest is simple, but in the meantime, he always causes a storm of positive emotions. Simply attach the image of a star on the wall, tie one of the girls eyes and handed her thong, punctured button. The task of the participants - blindfolded attach underwear to the star, and just in the place where it should be.
  2. Divide the guests into two teams and gave each of them a few rolls of toilet paper. It is better if they are a few different colors. Each team must choose his bride (you can get it, or be a simple party), and then over a set period of time to build her wedding dress from this paper.
  3. The girls all the time love and love guess. Make this a part of their tradition of bachelorette party. Prepare sandwiches, among ingredients which will cheese. Zagotovte small notes with wishes or pleasant predictions. Fold them into the tube and put it in a sandwich. Each girl can choose a snack at the same time get a good wish for the future.
  4. To increase the activity of its guests, you can use the active competitions. For example, inflate balloons, filling them with pre-colored rice. Then divide the guests into two or three teams, and each participant hand out the regular fork. The essence of the competition is to pass the ball to the first team member last, taking advantage of the plug only. Those participants who have the first ball burst, respectively, lose. Alternatively, you can use the competition transfusion of water: choose the two participants and awarded them two glasses. If one of them should be filled with water. The goal of each participant - to pour water from one cup to another, taking advantage of the only tube.

You can do the preparation of this event by yourself or ask someone to help you organize a bachelorette party before the wedding: competitions must not only select and prepare, but also to spend wisely and leading talent is, unfortunately, not at all. Pay special attention to music for a bachelorette party, because loud and cheerful music, as a rule, is one of the main components of a good night.

Many girls are hesitant to present the presents to the bride bachelorette party. Etiquette on this matter does not give precise recommendations, but a small gift in any event, only raise the culprit celebration mood. It is usually a day of farewell with a free life presents sexy lingerie and other women's accessories.

 Bachelorette party before the wedding in a nontraditional style

 a gift for the wedding

Wedding procession in the streets - a phenomenon quite often. But for every young family wedding is the most important event. This is a step into a new life, in which two young hearts will beat in unison. However, the wedding troublesome event not only for the bride and groom. They worried parents who suddenly made a couple family, experiencing no less. For wedding guests as an important event. Primarily because the important question: "What wedding gift do young? "It is no accident it is so important!

Giving gifts to the wedding - this tradition has always existed. Honeymooners gifts to everyone that they may need in their life together. Therefore, the choice for a wedding gift should be treated responsibly. You can, of course, to allocate a certain amount, perhaps even very well, from the budget, put it in an envelope and saying the wishes of family happiness and well-being, give young. They will be grateful to have such a gift for the wedding, but it is unlikely he will remember for a total weight of cuts. Gifts for the wedding should be memorable to young and remembered a dozen years, who gave them their.

Keep in mind that the wedding gifts made to two young couples. You should never give gifts to each individual - only that it will be necessary in the family. Choosing gifts for the young to the wedding should take place in detail, and weighed in advance. Do not put off the purchase of the last day, otherwise you can get lost in all the diversity of choice, and in a hurry to buy is not what was planned earlier.

Giving utensils

As usual, I decided to give this solemn day? Firstly, the dishes. This can be sets of pots, tea and dinner sets, sets of dishes, cutlery, but they must be of excellent quality, made of expensive materials. Sets of china, it is desirable to give, your gift for the wedding was memorable. For such dishes is usually decorates the table in the family celebrations. It can also be made of crystal glassware - luxury vases, which will decorate the interior of the house young family and reminded of this exciting event. A nice gift for a wedding would be and silverware. Such things usually become family heirlooms and handed down from generation generation. So why not give the young a new tradition in their family.

 wedding gift

Wedding bedding

A wonderful gift for the upcoming wedding will be the bedding. Now the choice of underwear is so huge that you're sure to find the right kit for a gift. Now you can buy clothes, made specially for the wedding. These kits are very refined, with lace or embroidery handmade, and an interesting design. Help the young sought to decorate the place in the house where they will spend the first hours of their life together. So a wedding gift to you, of course, will rejoice, and the bride and groom.

Gifts that are useful in everyday life

A good gift to the wedding the couple will be different appliances. Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, TVs, computers. In general, all that usually happens every home than good in daily life any family. Such gifts for the wedding will be needed in the household of a young family. They will not allow a family boat does not break on the way of life in the first years of life together. No wonder they say that these are the most difficult years.

Do not interfere as a gift for wedding items that decorate the interior. Chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, paintings, vases help young tastefully arrange their joint nest.

You can then transfer to the wedding gifts that are usually present close relatives. This is usually more expensive items such as furniture. Depending on the financial situation of the giver it may be the original coat rack in the hall or a small coffee table, and maybe a luxurious sofa or bedroom suite. Undoubtedly, this is a very boring gifts to the newlyweds to the wedding. However, going to make the furniture set for a wedding gift, it would do well to consult beforehand with the very young. Believe me, it will not be superfluous. Because only they know how to plan to arrange your house, what interior prefer. People have different tastes, and choose another person furniture, may not be very welcome gift for the wedding.

It often happens that the invited guests did not have sufficient funds to buy a wedding gift for young and memorable way. Do not despair. After careful consideration of the range of our stores, you can choose a gift for the wedding of the future is not expensive, but necessary. Small mixer, hair dryer, set of pans, camera, plaid - this is not the whole list of inexpensive but necessary in everyday life objects. All of them are wonderful gifts for the upcoming wedding. Do not worry because of its low price. After all, the right gift for the wedding of the young - this is the most successful gift.

 gifts for wedding

Let your gift will be original

It is more difficult to choose gifts for the upcoming wedding honeymoon from well-off families. Usually such people already have everything. They do not need no TV, no washing machines, no expensive dishes. Money in an envelope as a gift for the wedding of a couple also did not fit. In this case, the wedding gifts should only be original.

What are the gifts the newlyweds a wedding can be considered original or claim to that title? For example, a fascinating journey through the cities of Russia, sea cruise by exotic sea voyage in a balloon - any trip. When the front of the honeymoon, such gifts for the wedding will be particularly welcome. It is also possible to present a gift certificate for two for a romantic dinner or a Thai massage. Such a lot of variants.

Unique gifts for the wedding can become handiwork. This bronze clock decorated with natural stone, and desktop photo frames, made by experienced masters - this gift will keep the memory of the wedding, and will decorate the interior.

Whatever gifts the newlyweds to the wedding, they must be originally packaged and decorated. Gifts for the upcoming wedding may not be in store packaging or worse, with the price tags pasted. However, if as gifts for the wedding was acquired by consumer electronics, the darivshie must keep receipts, in case of problems with the operation of the device could contact the store where you bought it.

And, of course, in addition to gifts for the wedding have to be flowers. What is a wedding without flowers! Beautifully decorated bouquet will be the logical culmination of the main gift. It remains only to hand a gift selected in a solemn ceremony with words of good wishes for the young in the most important day in their lives.

 Ah, this wedding ... Gifts for the wedding

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