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Mom's milk, without a doubt, is the most useful and valuable food for infants. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons to breast-feed the baby sometimes can not at all, or very short time. It is in this case to help young parents come infant formula.

Infant formula for newborns cause a variety of responses. This - like the mixture of domestic manufacturers, and someone prefers foreign analogues. In more rare cases, some parents still prefer to breastfeed infants with cow's milk. However, according to modern pediatricians - nutritionists, cow's milk is strictly contraindicated in infants. It explained by the statement that cow's milk does not correspond to the physiological needs, which has a baby.

Cow's milk protein is very poorly absorbed and processed children's digestive system, often causing the baby such negative consequences, such as:

  • Indigestion - the baby may occasionally occur that constipation and even diarrhea.
  • Also, very often the cow's milk is the baby provokes such an unpleasant and difficult to treat diseases, such as intestinal dysbiosis.
  • As a consequence of the above two reasons, the crumbs may occur strongest intestinal colic, which delivers a lot of unpleasant moments as a mom and baby.

In addition, cow's milk contains too much calcium and other minerals, which also negatively affects the vital systems of the body remains.

And if in the past this kind of feeding was the only way to save the baby from starvation, but now there is a lot of variety of ready-made infant formula milk. There are a variety of mixtures, for almost any kid can find exactly the mix that optimally suits him.

If we talk about the classification of infant formula, they are divided according to several criteria:

  • Artificial milk infant formula of the previous generation.
  • Artificial milk infant formula of the modern generation.
  • Artificial milk formula designed for feeding children without any health problems.
  • Artificial milk formula designed for feeding children with various health problems.
  • Dry milk impurities intended for artificial feeding of infants.
  • Liquid ready to use composition for artificial feeding infants.

And if about the infant formula of the last generation especially many not tell me something about the infant formula of the modern generation can talk a lot and for a long time. It is about them and will be discussed below.
Despite the fact that most of artificial infant formula is produced on the basis of cow milk, they do not have the same negative influence on the child's body, which has a cow's milk in pure form. At industrial processing of cow's milk for the manufacture of infant formulas in the milk decreases the amount of minerals and other substances that have a negative impact on the health of the child. A content of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, by contrast, increases.

Also, many infant formulas enriched with various vitamins or trace elements. For example, if the kid says iron deficiency anemia, a mother should give preference to the dairy mixture with a high content of iron, but if there is a lack of calcium - the mixture with a high content of trace elements. Be sure to read the information found on the label and remember, be sure to pre-consult with your doctor - a pediatrician who has been your baby, and who knows the peculiarities of the development and health of your baby.

Types of infant formula

To a mixture of the past generation, about which little was said above, is infant formula baby and toddler. By themselves, these compounds are good, proven more than one generation of kids, but if you allow the financial capabilities of the family, making a choice between the past generation mixes and modern, yet should give preference to the modern blends. Many manufacturers of infant formula produced various brands of baby food. For example, the company "Nestle" is produced infant formula nan, which belongs to the class of "premium", but also nestozhen infant formula, which is much cheaper, with almost no way inferior in quality. In any case, even the cheapest dairy mixture of cow milk is much better.

How to choose the milk mixture?

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When deciding on the choice of infant formula, parents just need to consider some very important factors, which largely depends on the health of their baby:

  1. Most importantly, you need to look for when choosing a mixture - this is for the kids what age it is calculated. In each mixture for each age group, there are certain differences in the structure, focused on the needs of the age group for which it is intended. Trying to feed a newborn baby with a mixture intended for the six-month crumbs can turn enough dire consequences.
  2. The second thing you should pay no less attention to it on the shelf life of infant formula. In no event it is impossible to rely on the integrity of trading networks - the human factor, unfortunately, will always be present, and careless employees of commercial enterprises are often on the shelves fall overdue items. Infant formula in this case is no exception to the rule - always check the expiration date of infant formula - on the lid of the jar with a mixture and on the bottom there is always information about the date of manufacture of the batch mixture and its expiration date. If you buy a liquid infant formula, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the storage conditions comply with the requirements.
  3. Also consider very carefully all the information that is available on the label of infant formula - its composition, further enriched with vitamins and other features of this type of formula.

All of these compounds have approximately similar vitamin - mineral, and fatty acid composition and protein content. However, the protein itself, as well as fats and oils can vary considerably. But to say exactly which one is better and which is worse - it is impossible. After all, what is perfect for one of the crumbs may not suit another. And price is often not an indication of any infant formula is better.

As a rule, to clarify the question 'milk formula - which is better? "In most cases, the parents have to act by numerous trials and errors. That is why until you just pick up your crumbs suitable milk mixture, do not buy large amounts immediately. It is much wiser to buy a package mix and watch, whether it is suitable for your crumbs. There are certain signs by which we can determine that the mixture does not fit your child:

  • Any allergic skin rash on the skin that did not exist prior to the introduction of a new type of diet mixture.
  • If your child has disrupted normal stool - there constipation or, on the contrary, diarrhea.
  • If crumb became worried and crying because of the increased gas production and, consequently, intestinal colic.

In the event of one or more symptoms pediatricians usually recommend that parents change the infant formula.

Lactose-free mix

In some cases it happens that the mother has enough milk, but the child found his intolerance. Usually this happens in two cases:

  • Allergy to breast milk. It occurs in about 5% of cases.
  • Severe lactase deficiency in the baby.

If you encounter this problem in your baby, remember that it is strictly contraindicated not only breast milk, but also ordinary infant formula. In that case, if your pipsqueak suffer lactose deficiency, for its power is required or Low-mix or, more optimally at all lactose-free milk formula for newborns. Trying to feed your baby the usual mixture can cause serious health problems to your crumbs. Lactose-free infant formula are essential for these children.

If the baby suffers from allergies, parents need to work together with your doctor - a pediatrician pick up the crumbs for the mixture, which he will not have allergic reactions. Moreover, the mixture may be the most expensive in the mixture of the latest generation, and the usual cheap mixture of the "Baby".

Very often in such cases the parents come to help children dry mixture based on soy milk instead. Soy in its pure form is a quite useful product for the human body, it's thanks to containing protein. Soy protein in its composition are very close to the composition of the meat protein, but it contains no cholesterol. Of course, and soybeans has some drawbacks - for example, a substance which greatly hinders cleavage of the protein. However, the infant formula for infants soy deprived of this particularly unpleasant as they are bred hot water, which destroys and prevents cleavage of the protein substance.

In addition, the composition includes soybean certain sugars, which are fermented in the colon of the child, thereby causing unpleasant phenomena such as bloating crumbs (flatulence) and, as a consequence, intestinal colic and abdominal pain.

In order to prepare a lactose-free infant formula based on soy protein used in the industry maximum purified soy protein - soy isolate. It is used to replace the protein or female bovine milk. Such mixtures did not contain lactose, which means they are perfect for children with lactase deficiency.

Recently, a very great tendency to get a movement aimed at combating the use of genetically modified products, including soybeans. This fact often confuses parents when selecting a mixture of a child who has a lactase deficiency or allergic to cow's milk protein.

However, such fears of the parents are absolutely groundless, because they have no foundation. After all, without exception, all of the products made from soybeans, are very strict quality control. And baby formula, moreover, are subject to mandatory registration and certification of the Ministry of Health. All kinds of mixtures are very thorough research, such as:

  • The study of the structure of DNA soybeans.
  • Study of allergenic properties of soy.
  • Careful study of the DNA of soy for mutagenic properties.

And only after all the careful research Ministry of Health gives permission to the fact that the mixture has gone on sale. And that means only one thing - buying in a store or pharmacy soya blend for your crumbs, you can be absolutely calm and confident that nothing but good, a mixture of the baby will bring.

However, remember that the soy mixture is not the only alternative power for crumbs, who suffers from lactose deficiency or allergy to cow's milk. It is a good substitute for human milk infant formula may be on the goat milk. In Russia, very widespread Nanny infant formula produced entirely in New Zealand.

Nanny - a hypoallergenic infant formula is made based on goat's milk. Best infant formula is designed to power as a completely healthy children and are prone to atopic dermatitis. This infant formula is unique and is ideal for children with individual intolerance to cow's milk protein. There are different milk formula for newborn Nanny - both ordinary and enriched with prebiotics. Before you make your choice, be sure to consult with your doctor - a pediatrician.

Medicinal mixture

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As mentioned above, there are infant formula from birth, which not only satisfy the child's need for nutrients, but also help solve some health problems that sometimes occur in children. Modern firms - manufacturers of baby food presents to the user a lot of different therapeutic compounds:

  • Dairy-based mixture of soy protein. As mentioned above, these formulas are not contain in their composition no bovine protein or lactose. This feature of this type of infant formula can be used to feed their children, who can not tolerate a protein as cow's and mother's milk, as well as children with lactase deficiency.
  • Children artificial dry mixtures, made on the basis of the split (waterproofed) cow's milk proteins. They are considerably cheaper than compositions made on the basis of soy protein, but they have similar features. Because the milk protein by artificial changes significantly like mixture may be successfully and without - any fear used for feeding children who suffer from allergic dermatitis, lactase deficiency. Also, pediatricians recommend similar infant formula for feeding children who suffer malabsorption of food in the gut hypertrophy (weight loss).
  • Lactose-free infant formula designed for feeding children suffering from primary lactose deficiency.
  • Low-milks intended for artificial feeding of children suffering from secondary lactase deficiency.
  • Children artificial mixtures that do not contain in its composition phenylalanyl. Such mixtures are vital just kids who are suffering from a debilitating disease like phenylketonuria. The disease occurs in the child as a result of congenital defects of certain enzymes that are responsible for a full exchange of phenylalanine - a substance included in the structure of protein molecules. The disease causes severe disruption of normal metabolism in the body of the child and, as a consequence, a significant backlog, both in physical and mental development crumbs. In our time, like the disease is diagnosed at its earliest stages. In the hospital, without exception, all the kids are subjected to testing for the presence of the disease. Timely appointment of a special diet allows the child in the future almost a full life.
  • Artificial feeding mixture to children, containing in its composition prebiotics. Prebiotics - are certain substances that are not digested in the gut, but is very effective in stimulating the growth crumbs affecting certain groups of bacteria in the body of the child.
  • Infant formula containing probiotics in its composition. Probiotics - a culture different bacteria, necessary for normal functioning of the body. Such mixtures are needed kids who suffer a violation of the normal intestinal microflora or intestinal infections.
  • Infant formula with added special thickeners - polysaccharides. Such mixtures are designed for feeding babies, who observed the constant exhausting regurgitation syndrome.
  • Artificial infant formula that contain in their composition medium chain triglycerides. Such mixtures are designed for feeding children who are largely disrupted the normal intestinal absorption of nutrients, as well as children suffering from various diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tract.

Finishing the story about the healing mixtures for artificial feeding of children, it is necessary once again to recall that parents in any case should not have to put on their own - or diagnoses and choose the mix. It is difficult to say with certainty what infant formula is better.

All therapeutic mixture for artificial feeding children should appoint a doctor.

Overview of popular infant formula

Despite the fact that the Russian market for a wide variety of infant formula, there are several kinds, most in demand and love from their parents. Below are a brief description of some of them:

  • Infant formula Nutrilon