famous landmarks Alanya


  • The medieval castle and the Red Tower
  • Caravanserai Alara Han (or Alarsky yard)
  • The shipyard Tersane
  • Caves Alanya: natural sights
  • Canyon Sapadere
  • Marine Park Sialanya

Turkey - one of the most popular countries for the rest Russians, and one of the popular resort town of Alanya is. And it is no coincidence. Alanya is washed by the warm caressing the Mediterranean Sea and has a sandy yellow beach, which is unusual for Turkey. In addition, holiday in Alanya is one of the most economical among the resorts of Turkey.

But not only cheap hotels and gentle sea can be proud of this city. Unique and interesting attractions of Alanya.

 Red Tower
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The medieval castle and the Red Tower

Almost every city in Turkey, located on the sea, there are the remains of the fortress that once protected the city from attacks by sea. And Alan is no exception.

The main attraction of Alanya, which is examining even those tourists who spend most of their time at the hotel, it is a fortress, which was built in the XIII century. While it is protective. Up to now it has been preserved in fairly good condition and is an open air museum.

At the museum you can see the remains of ancient buildings - baths, the ruins of the castle church. And just take a walk here is interesting, because the walls of the fortress have a length of 6, 5 km away.

If you walk along the eastern section of the wall to the sea, then you will go to the Red Tower - the symbol of Alanya. Despite the fact that the tower was built in 1226, and it is still open to tourists. On the ground floor of the tower houses a museum. But the most interesting entertainment - climb the 85 stairs to the top of the tower. If you decide to accomplish such a feat, then go to the tower in the early morning, when it is not very hot.

From the Red Tower you can go to another symbol of the city - the Cape Dzhilvarda. Cape Dzhilvarda - a rocky ledge, stretching into the Mediterranean Sea, at 400 meters. It was often portrayed in the brochures. Cape is open to tourists, if desired, and the availability of comfortable shoes, you can go to the very end. From there a panoramic view of the city Alanya.

 Alarsky yard
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Caravanserai Alara Han (or Alarsky yard)

If you touch the history impressed you, then you should definitely explore other historical sights, such as Caravanserai Alara Khan. Alarsky yard as the place is called, was built in the 1200s, 45 km from the modern Alanya. The main purpose of this site - Overnight caravans to follow the Silk Road to Antalya.

Such destinations located throughout the Silk Road, but it Alara Khan was considered the safest and most comfortable place in Turkey. On the area of ​​more than two thousand square meters is located recreation room, rooms for the camels, spring, hammam, mosque. And almost all the walls were built of carved stone. It is a unique place.

Nowadays caravanserai it renovated and opened for tourists. Despite the fact that there are open stores, a restaurant, you can feel the spirit of antiquity.

Not far from the caravanserai is Alarsky fortress, which offers an incredible view. On it you can enjoy for hours. But the problem is that the path to the hard - 120 steps, dark corridor. This journey will take more than an hour, but the experience unforgettable. The fortress remains of the mosque and palace.

 shipyard Tersane

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The shipyard Tersane

Around the same time, with the construction of the caravanserai Alara Han it was built shipyard. Location chosen for her sunniest. Size to get the impressive width of the building - 56 meters, depth - 44 meters. The building has five cameras, a mosque and a guard.

For many centuries in a row in the shipyard built and set sail for the Mediterranean ships.

Today the shipyard is open to tourists, the entrance fee. The shipyard is located in the port city before it can be reached by boat or go out to her, beating the walls of the Red Tower.

 Caves Alanya
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Caves Alanya: natural sights

Another very popular tourist attraction in Alanya is the Damlatas cave. This cave is located near the center of the city, it was accidentally discovered during the construction of the Turkish builder of the port. And this unique caves with their stalactites and stalagmites, which age reaches, according to unverified information, tourism companies, 15 thousand. Years.

The cave is a narrow 50-meter pass, after which you will discover the unreal beauty that you could previously only see in the movies.

It is believed that to be in this cave is very useful for asthmatics, since it is always high humidity and large amounts of carbon, and the air temperature constant.

The cave entrance fee. Can it go down in the tour group, and independently.

After visiting this unique cave you can wander through the little market next to it, or go to the famous Cleopatra beach.

Alanya - one of the "cave" of places in Turkey.

If you visit the cave Damlatas entice you to visit four caves: phosphoric, Dim, pirates and lovers.

The cave Dim - 410 meters! It is the second largest cave in Turkey. In a cave overlooking the great room with a lake inside. A very beautiful sight.

The cave is fully equipped for tourists, so no danger.

Not far from the caves of the river Dim Dim Sum Tea. Be sure to find the river, offers a great view!

Phosphoric cave attracts people with its unsolved mystery - from the cave in the water you can see the light. No one can determine the source of the light. And since this kind of glow reminiscent of phosphorus, such name and gave the cave. By the cave you can swim up to the boat to swim in this magical water.

Pirates Cave anything special, besides its interesting history is no different. Legend has it that it was hiding in the cave and kept their wealth plundered by pirates. Entrance to the cave is under water, and like a magnet attracts divers who dream of finding a gold coin pirates.

A beautiful story is shrouded and cave lovers. It is believed that the lovers secretly met here from prying eyes and swore loyalty to each other. The entrance to the cave is possible to select only swim, the boat will not be able to swim, but many tourist excursions include such entertainment, how to get to the cave, go through it and jump into the water from a height of 8 meters.

All the caves are for the Cape Dzhilvarta.

 Canyon spadere
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Canyon Sapadere

The unique natural spot is located 40 km from Alanya - it Sapadere Canyon. It is convenient to visit him in the tour group. First, you bring in the Turkish village, which feed local food and talk about the lifestyle of the local people. Then you go to the canyon. We take care of your comfort and made a path straight to the canyon. There is an incredible view of the mountain river. you can take a dip in the waterfall, the water temperature of no more than 12 degrees, even in the hottest season, but very few people stops.

It's nice and easy to listen to the sound of water, take a look at rare plants and animals. Very peaceful place. Locals from all over Turkey come here to admire.

 Marine Park sialanya
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Marine Park Sialanya

At 20 km from Alanya is a place that you must visit, especially if you stay with children - it Sialanya marine park, the largest in Turkey. The show of dolphins and sea lions leaves no one indifferent. After the show you can go for a swim in the pool with the actors.

Nakupavshis with dolphins, go to the adrenaline entertainment - skating on the water slides. Well, if you want something really extreme, go to the big aquarium with sharks, stingrays and other marine animals. What is extreme? And the fact that you can immerse yourself in the pool, of course in special cells, but the emotions and impressions of these cells did not waned.

In Alanya a lot of interesting things, for one vacation to explore all definitely not out. After visiting this city, you will see that Turkey - is not only a country where "all inclusive", but also a country with an interesting history and beautiful nature.

 Attractions Turkish city of Alanya