Stockholm attractions

The capital of the Kingdom of Sweden - Stockholm, totally different from the bustling European metropolis. Ironically, here you will not see vanity, flows of people, always hurrying somewhere, will not breathe the smog and smoke, will not find dirt in the streets. Here everything breathes tranquility, harmony and measured. The green lawns jumping wild rabbits in the pond of a park, located in the heart of Stockholm, you can see the white swans, not tame, but most of these - the wild!

Stockholm wonderful city - the city attractions and quiet cozy parks where you can be alone with yourself, breathing the fresh air. The streets of the city consists of colorful houses, so close to each other that you can easily arrange a ride on the roofs, stepping from one to another. So it is no surprise that in this city there was loved by all the children Carlson, who lives on the roof.

Stockholm sightseeing begins with museums! Only they will tell you many interesting stories about the life of the city.

The ship - Museum "Vaca"

Ship Vasa - the pride of the Swedish navy, its design is impressive and lots of gold jewelry. However, all this grandeur, pathos and not quite accurate calculations lead to the fact that the ship sank in 1628 off the coast of Stockholm, unable to make its maiden voyage.

Removed from water depths of the ship only after 333 years, and now stands around the museum in seven floors, telling exciting stories about life of seamen. Here you can also watch a film about the history of the vessel, the film is broadcast in sixteen different languages. Ship Vasa - is the artistic value of Sweden and Stockholm is worth a visit even for one of the museum!

Nordic Museum

This landmark of the city of Stockholm tells the story of the ancient Scandinavians, is their culture and way of life. The museum was built on the initiative of Arthur Hazelius known culture expert. Completion of the fall on 1907.

The main hall of the museum is decorated with a statue of Gustav Vasa - king, who did a lot for the country, and most importantly restore the state in Sweden. Here you can see copies of silk brocade XVIII century drum Sami shamans of the tribe and even the first furniture IKEA.

 Stockholm attractions

Skansen Museum

This museum is probably the most interesting of all the unique places that reveal to us the sights of Stockholm. This is a real old Scandinavia, opens the door to all comers! The museum is open air, here represented 150 different estates and buildings, showing how people lived and live in different parts of Sweden.

You can walk for hours, viewing huts and lodges. Children will be interesting to visit the zoo, in the possession of the museum, and adults, especially those who honor national traditions, to become parties to the Swedish festivals and stroll along the world-famous Christmas market.

Exclusive attractions

Only in Sweden, you will find a truly exclusive museum dedicated to Nobel, the man is not a simple but amazing destiny, which gave the name of the most prestigious prize of all time.

And, of course, as in Stockholm would not have been a museum dedicated to Carlson - "a man in the prime years"? This museum will remind you of those memorable evenings of his childhood, when the wonderful world of Astrid Lindgren's stories led to believe in miracles, and fat little man with a propeller on the back.

Royal Palace

If you want to see the biggest palace in the world, be sure to visit Stockholm Chamber. The palace still serves as the residence of the head of Sweden - Carl Gustav XVI.

Many prominent attractions of Stockholm are found among the 608 rooms of this building: jousting Chamber arsenal antique museum of King Gustav III, a ballroom, and, of course, the apartments of the King, made in different, seemingly incongruous styles. Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classicism, eclectic styles of the XIX century - all these kinds will visit the palace unforgettable!

And if you are lucky enough to walk around the palace at the right time and at the right day, you will witness such a spectacular sight as the changing of the guard.

Town Hall

Want to see Stockholm from the bird's eye view? Then be sure to visit the Town Hall Tower. This symbol of the city opens before you wonderful views, peep into every corner, visiting the tower is simply breathtaking!

Here in the Blue and Golden Halls City Hall, passes the Nobel Prize. Of course, the ceremony itself will not get there, but decorated with millions of pieces of golden mosaic room, will be compensated this disappointment.

To get to the town hall is not just all wishing never decreases, but it's worth it. After rising to the top of the narrow corridors - you will find yourself in a fairy tale, and even a strong wind blowing here in summer and winter, will not prevent enjoy the amazing scenery. But the wind will warm jacket with a hood!

 Stockholm attractions of the old town

Palaces of Stockholm

Built in the XVII century palace, perfectly preserved Rosenberg for his ancestors interior decoration. Rooms in a luxury old-style lead you into the world of balls and brave knights in the world when the words of honor and valor have taken place in my life.

Exquisite furnishings Rosenthal Palace has remained untouched since the days of the XIX century. Perhaps the only place in all the splendor of the French Empire style is revealed in the Swedish version. Excursions to the royal apartments are only a guide, which will surely not let you get bored.

Skokloster Palace - one of the most prominent attractions of the Royal Stockholm Baroque. This structure is considered to be the great monument of the XVII century, it is the time Sweden experienced the best stage in its development, and was one of the strongest in Europe. It exhibits unique exhibits of weapons, paintings, furniture and fabrics of the time. Tired of sightseeing, you can go to the cafe or buy souvenirs to friends at a local shop.

Tullgarn Palace was considered the favorite residence of King Gustav V, who ruled in the late XIX century. The most beautiful rooms of the palace state rooms can be called Prince Frederick Adolf - they have survived almost intact.

Built in 1644 Ulriksdal Palace is a true work of art. King Gustav VI Adolf and Queen Elizabeth were the last who spent time here. Their apartments are perfectly retained their grace and splendor, as used them not so long ago, to 1973 inclusive. Rooms are decorated with antique furniture and unique items. The park area has a palace court theater of XVIII century, which is also worth a visit.

Earlier in the palace of Drottningholm summer residence of the Kings, now is the house in which resides the current royal family. It can be reached by boat, and get into a delightful castle park, visit the Chinese Pavilion and the court theater.

Old city

Old Town - the heart of Stockholm, its historical value. There are still preserved medieval streets, old churches and cathedrals. Here you will see a real museum in Stockholm. Sightseeing of the old town - this is the city itself, with its cobbled streets, souvenir shops and houses painted in different shades of yellow.

This is where the most of the wonderful palaces in Stockholm, including the Royal Palace. Walking through the old town are particularly good in winter, when it turns into a real fairy tale!

Generally, Stockholm is good at any time of the year, though many prefer to go here in the spring, probably in the spring it is still a bit more beautiful!

 Attractions Stockholm

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Holidays - the best "time of the year." This is an opportunity to break out of the usual circle, get new experience and implement a long-standing dream. Holidays - the ideal time to travel. Are you looking forward to the trip, the route develop, write a list of the necessary things ... and suddenly stumble upon a dedicated, full of love, think of your dog. Where did it do on vacation?

Well, if you have relatives and friends of people who trust you and your pet. Then, consider that the problem is solved. Just leave the dog with him - so it will be more easy for you and for your pet. And if such a person is not? Traveling with a dog - a serious matter and it is necessary to prepare in advance.

If you go on a trip to Russia, to bring your dog will be quite simple. A minimum of documents - veterinary passport and veterinary certificate №1. On trips abroad, everything is much more complicated.

Going abroad

Before you take your four-legged friend abroad with you, you must contact the consulate of the country you are visiting.

Already at this stage can cause serious problems. Rules of entry of dogs in different countries are very different. Somewhere banned the import of dog fighting and other aggressive breeds. In many countries there is a ban on the import of puppies that are less than 3 months old.

All these points need to be clarified "on the bank" otherwise you risk to get into trouble - you will be released from Russia, but in the destination country, you will not be able to enter. And what will you do on the border with your pet?

In addition, in some countries there is a quarantine. For example, in the UK the quarantine period - 6 months. Therefore, if you are going on holiday in England for a couple of weeks to bring the animal does not make any sense - you will still be separated.

If there are no restrictions on the name of your "beast" in the legislation of the country you can not find - we move on.

Ask information about the necessary vaccinations - some countries require additional, against certain infectious diseases.

The test for antibodies to rabies

At the entrance to many countries - such as Ireland, Sweden, the UK and some others, may require the test results for the presence of antibodies to rabies.

Prepare in advance, it should be - it is unlikely that you get to make the analysis and get results in 2-3 days. The fact is that to do such a test have a right only to laboratories accredited by the EEC. In Russia, there is one such laboratory - it is located in Moscow. There is also the possibility to send blood to your pet in the laboratory, located in Finland.

If the content of the antibody is less than 0, 5 IU / ml, then the animal will be required to make a re-vaccinated against rabies and then, after 3 months, repeat the test for antibodies.

If the test is successfully delivered, the longer it will not have to hand - the result does not have a statute of limitations. Of course, if you do not miss the next vaccination.

To understand? Good.


If you go on a journey with a dog in Europe, this procedure is obligatory for you. Make chipping can be in almost all state veterinary clinics in Russia.

A small electronic chip - the size of a grain of rice - administered subcutaneously. The chip contains the unique information about your animal that falls into an electronic database. Chipping no worse than the usual subcutaneous injection. Chip is an animal for life - it can not be lost or damaged. At the same time it is absolutely harmless and does not interfere with an animal - it just does not feel it.

Carefully read all the documents of your pet. They you have, right?

What else should be mandatory?


The international veterinary certificate

To travel abroad with the dog absolutely need an international veterinary certificate. Make sure that your passport is international - there is a certain standard. He filled in English. It shall contain all the data about you - the owner - and your pet.

Must be the date of the last treatment of endoparasites and ectoparasites - simply put, fleas and worms.

Particular attention must be paid to vaccination. They should be made vaccines that meet international standards. Be sure to note the date of vaccination. All vaccinations must be made not less than 30 days prior to your departure time. If the expiration date of the vaccine is about to end, it is better to make booster.

Particular attention should be paid to vaccination against rabies. If they are not affixed to the passport, the animal will be immediately deported from the country. And if this is not possible, it can be put to sleep.

Also make sure that the data entered in the chipping veterinary passport.

All documents are in order? Excellent!

Export license

The problem here is the same as with the test antibody - a license can be only in Moscow. Depending on the breed of dog, you will need to apply to the Russian Dog Training Association (RCA), the Central Club of service dog (TSKSS) or RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz.

However, if the dog has a pedigree, the show "good person" is not required. Simply submit a document. If no pedigree - will have to bring their "beast" on a trip to Moscow.

Tickets for animals

When buying or booking tickets, be sure to let us know that you will "accompany" four-legged friend. This is especially true of travel with a dog on the plane.

Many airlines there is a rule according to which the board can not be more than two animals at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary "to err." Suddenly, someone has already booked a room for "shaggy passengers?"

Check with your airline regulations for the transport of animals. While they are roughly the same, each company has the right to make minor changes. First of all it concerns the maximum size cell transportation. These "small" changes can be a very big problem if you do not get ready in advance.

The cell-carriage

By the way, the presence of cells - transport with a waterproof bottom - a general requirement. At the bottom of the container must be put waterproof "dog" diaper. However, fit and regular children.

If your pet weighs less than 8 kg, it is likely to be allowed to take into the cabin. The exceptions are flights following through Miami, Shannon Irish and German cities. They are categorically forbidden to transport animals in the cabin.

Large dogs are forced to travel in the baggage compartment. Moreover, before departure they are given a sleeping pill.

All animals must be leash, collar and a muzzle. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a Chinese crested and muzzled York - yes, as a rule, no one makes do. But as it is written in the rules, it is better to buy this "accessory". Then you will have the opportunity to "show" him on demand. Why create unnecessary problems, right?

If you leave you're not going to sit in one place and are planning to travel with a dog in Europe, it is necessary to clarify once again the right to transport of animals taken in this country. Everywhere nuances. For example, in Sweden, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Yugoslavia, dogs are not allowed on the rail. And in Finland, you will be obliged to buy all the seats in the coupe.

In either case, be prepared to pay the luggage ticket for your pet. Tariffs are different everywhere - they set the shipping company. But even if your pet weighs just a few kilograms, his weight is not permitted to enter into free baggage baggage allowance - will have to pay separately.

In order to insure themselves against unpleasant surprises in the day of departure, it is better to weigh the dog with cell checking fares carrier and prepare the required amount - and with a small margin.

 Traveling with a dog in Europe

Veterinary certificate №1

Regardless of whether you go on a journey with a dog in Russia, Asia, America, Australia or Europe, you still need a veterinary certificate №1. This - the main document of the dog-puteshestvenitsy. It is necessary to register 3 days before departure.

Get this certificate at any state veterinary clinic in your city. In order not to waste time, it is necessary to specify in advance if you bring along your pet. Somewhere certificate can be obtained on the basis of veterinary passport, somewhere - you need to show a dog doctor.

At registration certificate, make sure that all data is made to you and your dog, including the exact route of your trip.

Border crossing

On the day of departure you will have to go through customs veterinary control. Therefore, you need to arrive at the airport in advance - to the vet are often long queues.

Please show your doctor all the papers that you have been painfully collected:

  • International veterinary certificate;
  • veterinary certificate number 1;
  • Test results for antibodies to rabies;
  • license for the export of the animal.

If you did everything correctly, you will have no problems - you simply change a veterinary certificate obtained at the clinic on the other, the international standard.

With this document, go to the registration. They weigh the dog along with the cage and you pay "dog ticket".

All - the path is open! You and your dog are fully prepared for the journey!

"Dog" trivia

What else you need to take care before you travel with a dog?

If the trip is long, be sure to grab a 2-3 waterproof diaper. Moreover, they need to be put in such a way that at any moment they are at your fingertips. In unfamiliar surroundings are nervous animals and such "reserves" can be very useful.

Some dogs swayed in transport. There must also be "fully prepared". Keep a plastic bag - you can even 2-3 pieces. Be sure to take wet wipes. In case of trouble all this will help you to quickly "eliminate the consequences".

It is advisable to carry a small bottle of water. Especially in hot weather. Water is better to buy at the airport, after passing the examination - or forced to throw away.

Very convenient for travel special "hiking" dog bowls. They are made of food grade plastic and which is folded substantially without space.

Take care of the "subsistence". If your pet is accustomed to any particular kind of dry food, it is best to take it with you. It is not always possible to find exactly the same abroad. The trip - is a lot of stress for the animal. If more and change the food, the dog may simply be ill. You have to leave it?

You have not changed your mind go on a journey with a dog? Then, let your journey will be pleasant and interesting. After all, a vacation is usually only once a year.

 Traveling with a dog - how to prepare and not be trapped