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... Country Italy olive oil and wine, spaghetti and mafia, ancient ruins and high fashion. In this country it is impossible not to fall in love, even if there has not been. Sunny corner of the world that can offer its guests thousands of points of interest that contains a thousand secrets, and gave birth to thousands of famous people. Every city in this country is a miracle, and everyone can tell something special. Any of them can devote an entire book, revealing the great mysteries.

On the shore of the Bay of Naples, on its northern side is located in Naples, whose sights are so interesting that even the noise and bustle of the city will not be able to dissuade you from visiting. Naples city is quite controversial in Italy. Its either love or not. And, despite this, he is an extraordinary, lively and bright!

The song "O sole mio", Pizza Margherita, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius ... But that's not all! Naples is considered the most romantic city of Italy, and it is the unofficial capital of the north. No wonder the city attracts passionate people and lovers of antiquities. After 2500 years of existence, it is not a joke! Over the years he has seen enough, experienced the trend of several civilizations, beginning with the Greek, Austrian and finishing. Here, any fan of history will find for himself something interesting.

Attractions of Naples is not only the famous ruins of ancient times, that simply captivates with its greatness, but also the well-preserved palaces, churches, and even the simple dwellings of different times. It is on the shore of the Bay of Naples were building their palaces Roman patricians. They are attracted by the mild climate and the beauty of these places, even the existence of the volcano did not stop the growth of civilization. And, as you know, is brought up to no good, Vesuvius has not suffered neighbors.

Each part of Naples as a separate page history textbook, each street has its secrets, and everything is so colorful and vivid that looks like a decoration for an exciting show. Attractions Naples attracts not only tourists, even the native Italians from other regions of the country come here to fully enjoy this ancient Italy.

Castel dell'Ovo - Castle eggs

Primarily, this southern city is remembered for its amazing beauty of locks. For example, Castel dell'Ovo - Castle eggs. This landmark Naples consists of several towers, belonging to different periods, and at first glance at this amazing structure, you can see a huge ship sailing on the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

According to legend, in this place, and it began its existence this amazing city. The castle was rebuilt several times on the taste various generals and emperors, and in 476 BC the monks settled here, who remained full and the inhabitants of the fortress for several centuries. In the time of Charles I of Anjou, in the XVII century, there was a prison for dangerous political criminals.

So, how you can see it now, Castel dell'Ovo began in 1139, and at the same time got its name thanks to the special shape of the buildings. There is also another version, gave the name of the attractions of Naples. There is a legend about the Latin poet Virgil, which had a capacity for witchcraft. Poet hung in one of the rooms of the castle jug with egg, and the vessel is to fall and shatter, like a castle, and the whole town turned to stone ruins.

For tourists, the castle has kept a lot of interesting stories and unique landscapes. On the topmost terrace offers a magnificent view of the bay and the island of Capri. The interior contains both a medieval fortress and Gothic design, as well as very ancient, such as the remnants of pagan buildings of San Salvatore. And what is most interesting - Castle of the Egg is remarkably similar to the Chateau d'If, where he was serving his imprisonment loved by many literary character Edmond Dantes.

 Naples attractions

Royal Palace

Royal Palace - one of the most famous buildings, which can boast of Naples, an important landmark of the city, the main residence of the monarchs! Great things doeth the walls of this building, and no less than the great people have visited them. There was hiding from arrest Tsarevich Alexei lived Joachim Murat - Napoleon Bonaparte Marshal.

Luxury apartments preserve a well-known works of art, Neapolitan way of life, the gifts of the Russian tsars. Particularly attracted the attention of the Throne Room, Hercules Hall, Central Hall, library. They form a museum where you can see the works of the great masters of Italian artists, a collection of ancient papyri and thousands of volumes of unique books.

Cathedral of St. Januarius

A great many interesting and unique places can show us the southern Italian city of Naples, all the attractions of the city are so diverse that here will find themselves something important every - historian and archaeologist, a businessman and a housewife, an atheist and a believer.

Cathedral of San Gennaro is known in the religious world very well. And this fame came thanks to his main relic - a vessel with the blood of the saint. The vessel was sealed for almost two thousand years ago, but when his show really a believer, blood vessels become liquid (live). A miracle happens three times a year: September 19, December 16 and every Saturday, which goes before the first Sunday in May. All these dates mean a lot to the Neapolitans, it is a day of glorification of San Gennaro, the day of deliverance from the eruption of Vesuvius, and the day of travel holy relics.

Some scientists are trying to convey to people that view a "live" blood just falsification, and even provide evidence of its claims. Well, the Church has always had the power even of smart people, deceived, forced to believe in miracles. Not for us to judge those who still believes, and does not renounce his faith, although the evidence of deception, alas, there.

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Garden prisoners

The tragedy, which occurred in 79 AD with the city of Pompeii, is still considered the worst of all known in the world. Such a large number of ash, steam, and threw stones not no volcano. Vesuvius spewed molten lava at the head of the unfortunate inhabitants of Pompeii, with incredible speed, stones flew from a height of thirty kilometers. The city is completely wiped out, and the 16 000 people were buried alive under the sea of ​​lava and ashes.

Thousands of years later, when archaeologists started to dig on the site of the city of the dead, were found fossils of the statue - the people who lived in Pompeii. Such findings have been many, but one remembered much more than others, and has now become perhaps the saddest sight of modern Naples. Once this place was located a flourishing garden, and now it has become a "dead" garden prisoners. Thirteen fossilized bodies - the people of different age and sex, instead of trying to overcome the terrible disaster, and so they were frozen in bizarre poses, waiting for rescue.

Many exhibits excavations are now kept in the Archaeological Museum of the city, one more sight of Naples. There can also be seen as a rich collection of Greek and Roman antiquities. Museum rightfully occupies a leading place among the cultural attractions of Naples, and not only Italy, but all over the world. The exhibits of ancient sculpture, ancient frescos and mosaics, illustrations of the ancient city, and the famous Temple of Isis - all sure to touch the heart of sophisticated people skills.


Active Vesuvius volcano and still is the most dangerous tourist attraction in the world, but this is hidden and so its popularity. After all, people are by nature very curious, and no danger make them turn from the path, climbing to the crater of Vesuvius. A volcano just look at the guests, and when ever makes itself felt, releasing small wisps of smoke, frightening the local population and urging the curiosity of tourists.

Vesuvius National Park - Nature Reserve on the territory of the volcano, tourists visiting the self-selecting one of nine possible routes. Climb to the crater of the volcano is on foot because the lifts never recovered after the last eruption.

 Naples tourist attractions

Cappella Sansevero

One of the most mysterious and famous works of art of the city can be called a sculptural composition "under the shroud of Christ." All the attractions of Naples, located in the Chapel of Sansevero, inferior to her mystery.

Chapel once belonged to the princes of Sansevero, he served as the burial place of the chapel and family. You can hear the legend that the marble veil over the body of Christ once was a piece of fabric, but the prince invented a special brew, which has transformed the fabric into stone. This legend makes the inimitable effect on lovers of mysticism, and the sculpture is very popular among tourists.

Here are the other famous sculptures and tombstones, embodying various characters and human virtues.

Things southern Italian city of Naples is quite extensive. You can not tell all, they need to see! A stay in this town, then plunge into the world of contrasts and antiquities. Naples can hate, you can fall in love with him at first sight, but remain indifferent to it, nobody can.

Here people live their own lives, different from life in other Italian cities, here the rules, its own kitchen, and even their own language - a special dialect, which speak only indigenous people. Italians call this city theater life, the theater in which everyone can go, but not everyone is like an idea by playing there.

Therefore, the attractions of Naples, such as the colorful and contrasting as the very life of the city, which can be called the pride of Italy, but at the same time her pain and shame.

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