famous landmarks of London


  • Big Ben - the most recognizable watches in London
  • Palace of Westminster and Westminster Hall
  • Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London and Tower Bridge
  • Kensington and St James's Palace
  • Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus
  • Theaters in London: "Globe" and Covent Garden
  • Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Residential complex in Knightsbridge

London - the city of dreams, go where the dreams of any traveler. The British capital, nestled on the banks of the Thames, attracts tourists unique flavor, peculiar only to her.

London attractions located throughout the city, and to see at least half of them, you need to spend in the city for at least a week. Attractions in London - it is not only the historical buildings, museums, squares and picturesque gardens, and modern skyscrapers and shopping malls. The British capital is the most expensive real estate on the planet, the acquisition of which - a matter of honor for any self-respecting millionaire.

 Tower Bridge in London
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Big Ben - the most recognizable watches in London

Every tourist to walk on the ground in London, the first thing tends to see the historical buildings of the city. One of these attractions is the Big Ben. Legendary clock counting down the exact time for one and a half centuries, considered the hallmark of the metropolis. The construction of the clock tower lasted during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1859.

The height of the building is 320 feet (97 meters). The name Big Ben is the largest of the six bells of the tower, whose weight - 13, 5 tons. However, Londoners and visitors used to call that name and hours, and the entire tower as a whole. In 2012, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of stay on the throne of the Queen of England the main symbol of London officially was named Elizabeth Tower.

Sometime in the clock tower was a prison, which put members of parliament who do not agree with the will of the queen. Today Big Ben is one of the most popular and recognizable sights of London. Its chimes opened the 2012 Olympics, the ball exactly 40 times, the first time in 60 years, changing its precise schedule. Clock Tower is so loved by filmmakers and animators, they have repeatedly shown her in his film works. Big Ben can be seen in the frame of the movie "Mars Attacks," "The 39 Steps", "flooding", "Shanghai Knights." The scenes in which the action takes place in the famous tower is in the popular children's cartoon "Peter Pan," "Cars 2" and "101 Dalmatians."

 Buckingham Palace
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Palace of Westminster and Westminster Hall

Big Ben is one of the towers of the Palace of Westminster - at least well-known landmarks. Prior to the XIV century in the palace, located on the banks of the Thames, the residence of kings. The terrible fire in 1834 destroyed most of the old castle. Of all the luxurious facilities of the building survived only Westminster Hall, which served as a hall for receptions, and Tower of Jewels, which once kept the treasury of King Edward III.

In the middle of the XIX century on the site of the old palace was built new. Today, there are meetings of the British Parliament. Modern Westminster Palace belongs to the neo-gothic architectural style. It has almost 1,200 rooms, which can get in through the corridors with a total length of 5 kilometers.

Westminster Hall deserves special attention, as it is considered one of the most valuable architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. The luxurious reception hall began to build in the end of XI century, and 300 years later it was rebuilt, laying out the walls with stone and erecting wooden beams, which are not supported by any support.

Westminster Hall has survived not only during the fire that destroyed the old royal castle, but in 1941, when German bombers destroyed mercilessly located him nearby hall of the House of Commons. Area grandiose Westminster Hall occupies 1,800 square meters, its height is 28 meters. By the end of XIX century in this room sat the Supreme Court of England. It is here that were sentenced to death, Thomas More and King Charles I.

 Tower Tower
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Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace

A little to the west of the Palace of Westminster stands Westminster Abbey or St. Peter's Church. This Gothic structure was built with breaks exactly 500 years (1245-1745). Throughout its history, Westminster Abbey has served and serves to this day the only place the enthronement and burial of British monarchs.

Besides royals, are buried in the abbey famous Britons who glorified their country to the world. The on-site church Poets Corner buried Dickens, George. Chaucer E. Spencer and others. In Westminster Abbey ashes of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Inside the building, a plurality of plaques and sculptures of famous political and cultural figures of the UK. The western facade is decorated with statues of the martyrs of the last century.

Among the main attractions of London include Buckingham Palace, which today is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Construction of the castle began in 1703, and its original owner was the Duke of Buckingham. The main residence of British monarchs palace began in 1837 during the coronation of Queen Victoria.

The whole area of ​​apartments is more than 600 rooms. Elizabeth II with her husband live in the northern part of the castle. If the queen is in his residence, on the building waving the British flag. When the monarch away, at Buckingham Palace guided tours for tourists, which include a visit to the throne hall and ballroom, art gallery and the royal stables. Guests can London look at the guard replacement ceremony that takes place every day at 11.30 on the square before the palace.

 Kensington Palace
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Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Enumerating the major attractions of London, one can not call another symbol of the city - the Tower of London. This ancient structure, built in 1078, is located in the historic part of the British capital. Perched on the north side of the Thames, the Tower in all its centuries of existence managed to get a defensive fortress, the residence of the kings, mint, an observatory, a place of detention for prisoners and even a zoo.

Prison Tower impressive past, its walls were languishing, not only ordinary citizens, but also sovereigns such as King of Scotland, James I and Charles Duke of Orleans. During World War II, the fortress contained the German prisoners, among whom was Rudolf Hess. Tower consists of several buildings, the main ones are Armouries Museum and the British crown jewels.

Tower Bridge was named in honor of him located near the Tower of London. Adjustable steel bridge linking both banks of the Thames, was inaugurated in 1894. Characteristic of him is a Gothic architectural style. Tower Bridge consists of two 65-meter towers, connected by a central passage, where the wings for the passage of large ships are raised to an angle of 83 degrees. Pedestrians can cross the bridge, even at a time when the wings are in the dissolved state. To do this, at a height of 44 meters is specially designed footpaths, on which you can climb the stairs located in the towers. Today, the upper part of the Tower Bridge is used as a viewing platform for tourists.

 Piccadilly Circus
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Kensington and St James's Palace

Kensington Palace, located in Kensington Gardens, from the XVII century, is one of the royal residences. It was here in 1981, the couple settled Prince Charles and Princess Diana. After their divorce in 1991. Diana of Wales stayed at the palace with his sons. After her death at the gates of the palace is almost always lie armfuls of flowers.

Today Kensington Palace is the unofficial residence of Diana's son Prince Harry. The palace has a proud history in its walls born grandmother, Queen Victoria, and now the ruling monarch Elizabeth II Queen Mary. Some apartments Kensington Palace is open to tourists. The luxurious rooms of the castle is a museum, which collected paintings of the XVII century and a collection of clothes of British monarchs and their courtiers servants.

St. James's Palace was built in the XVI century for King Henry VIII. The castle served as the residence of the monarch's second capital, here he died in 1558. Queen Mary Tudor (Bloody). Her heart and internal organs are buried in the palace chapel. King Charles I lived in the castle of the last years before his death. St. James's Palace is a red brick building. It is quite well preserved, its entrance, gobelin hall and chapel are part of today is exactly the same form as in the time of Mary Tudor. Elizabeth I lived in this palace until his ascension to the throne, and Princess Diana spent there days waiting for marriage to Charles. In St. James's Palace British Queen by tradition each year receives congratulations on his birthday. The ancient castle is closed and it is not allowed visitors.

 Trafalgar Square
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Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus

London Square and the streets are no less impressive than the palaces. The famous Trafalgar Square - attraction, located in the heart of London. It is a magnificent 44-meter column of Nelson, made of gray granite. At the top of the column a statue of Admiral Nelson's fleet which in 1805 defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar Marine. The column is surrounded by fountains and sculptures of lions.

The decoration of the square can be called the Admiralty Arch, the National Gallery and the church of St. Martin. It is in this area in 1945, Prime Minister Churchill proclaimed the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition over Nazi Germany. Every year on the eve of Christmas in Trafalgar Square in London set the main tree.

Piccadilly Circus Circus has a nearly 200-year history. It was founded in 1819 at the intersection of Piccadilly with Ridzhenst Street. It is the famous café "Royal", where a century ago the British liked to gather poets, writers and artists. In 1906, in Piccadilly Circus was opened underground. Guests of London come to the square to see the location on her fountain, the top of which is crowned by a statue of a naked winged Greek god Anteros, armed with bow and arrows. Piccadilly Circus was one of the first, which in the last century on the walls of buildings were bright neon signs. There is an unusual underground auditorium Criterion Theatre, which accommodates 600 spectators. His first theater presentation given in 1874. The modern buildings of interest is the Museum of London Amora, founded in 2007.

 Covent Garden
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Theaters in London: "Globe" and Covent Garden

Modern theater "Globe", opened in 1997, is a replica of the building of the theater of the same name of the first half of the XVII century. He managed to recover thanks to the archaeological findings and descriptions of surviving contemporaries of Shakespeare. New "Globe" is located on Benksayd, 200 km away from the spot where once stood the old theater. Architects and builders managed to convey exactly all the details of the legendary Shakespeare's "Globe", even the roof of a modern building is lined with straw.

Protruding scene inclined tiers of seating with expensive and cheap stand-up - all in the "Globe" takes viewers into the Shakespearean era. The roof covers only half of the theater, its middle part is in the open air. For this reason, there are representations only in the warmer months. But trips to the "Globe" are held year-round.

Covent Garden is known throughout the world as the main theater in which soloists of the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House London. The current building was built in 1858 on the site burned down two years earlier of the old theater. The first performance, which was given on the stage of the restored Covent Garden became an opera by Giacomo Meyerbeer's "Les Huguenots." Theatre managed to survive during the two World Wars. At the end of the last century it was reconstructed. Today, Covent Garden is the largest theater of the British capital. On its stage are the world-famous ballet dancers and opera tenor. Tickets for the performances are inexpensive, so enjoy high theatrical art can not afford anyone.

 Madame Tussauds
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Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum

All London attractions are noteworthy, however, is in the capital, a place where you can be photographed next to the stars of show business, the members of the royal family or historical figures of different eras. To do this, we need only to visit Madame Tussauds, located on Marylebone Road. Wax figures of celebrities exhibited in the museum, it is impossible to distinguish from real people. In total, the London museum displays more than 400 exhibits, among them the legendary band "The Beatles", Kate Middleton with Prince William, Michael Jackson and other famous people.

Lovers of thrills, you can visit the House of horrors, which collected wax copies of maniacs, thieves and butchers, who lived in the UK for the past five centuries. The collection of exhibits of the Museum of Madame Tussaud's always updated with new figures. The London museum has branches in 14 cities around the world.

The British are so fond of Sherlock Holmes, that even established in the house on Baker Street, a museum dedicated to the famous literary detective. The museum is located in the four-storey building, built in 1815. On the ground floor is a small lounge and a gift shop. The second floor has a living room and a room of Sherlock Holmes. One floor above the chambers are Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson.

In the last, fourth floor are wax figures of characters from books about Sherlock Holmes. The British tried to the last detail to recreate the house in which he lived detective. In the museum you can sit in your favorite chair in front of a fireplace Holmes, to see him smoking pipe and fiddle. In light rooms reigns mess as if the owners had gone away for a moment and was about to return home to do another high-profile crime clues.

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Residential complex in Knightsbridge

Tourists in London attracted not only old buildings but also modern buildings. One of these is a luxury residential complex Ouen Hyde Park, located in Knightsbridge. The miracle of architecture, constructed of glass and concrete constructions, is a 4-standing tower. Ouen Hyde Park, famous throughout the world astronomically high prices for their apartments.

Here is the most expensive apartment in the world, for which the owner had to shell out a few years ago $ 220 million. But the rest of the apartments of the residential complex are slightly cheaper. See the luxurious decoration of apartments in which living billionaires, the common man is not possible. But walk through the prestigious area of ​​Knightsbridge and photographed against such expensive buildings can afford any tourist.

To describe all the sights of London impossible. They are so many that you can talk about them endlessly.