• Proud England, London and other cities
  • Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

The island is proud to dissociate itself from the continent the English Channel and the Pas-de-Calais, is small in size. But not for nothing that it is called the "UK": the history of the island is full of majesty. Not only a state can be compared with the United Kingdom on the influence exerted on the development of European civilization. No wonder that the UK and attractions located here monuments of history and culture tend to see millions of tourists.

It is difficult to grasp the immensity. To get into the spirit of Britain, here to live.

But even a short sightseeing UK inquisitive traveler will give unforgettable impressions. The main thing - to choose from a long list of interesting places most attractive and well-designed route.

 Westminster Abbey

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Proud England, London and other cities

England - the most significant area of ​​the UK. It is here that the state capital: bustling London, the first of the attractions of England. Tourists love to roam the streets of the historic part of the city, where every stone breathes antiquity. Royal dungeon gloomy Tower, still remembers his crowned prisoners. Strolling through the Tower Bridge, so easy to imagine the historic events, friends from school years. At Buckingham Palace, and now lives the royal family. Tourists can see how to walk in the garden of the royal dogs is replaced by the guard post gallant Guardsmen in the famous bearskin hats. And hear the impressive tower of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey protected wall, old clock strikes ...

Tourists enjoy visiting new neighborhoods of London - City, where you can see the real masterpieces of modern architecture.

The list also includes London attractions:

  • St Paul's Cathedral;
  • Trafalgar Square;
  • famous ferris wheel called the London Eye;
  • Wembley Stadium.

Lovers of nature and animals get a lot of pleasure from visiting the London Zoo, one of the best in the world. Noteworthy gardens and parks of London for centuries perfected the hands of masters of landscape art.

Special mention deserve the museums of London. This is the National Gallery and the British Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street and the museum Madame Tussauds. It offers an interesting exposition Museum of Natural History, Museum of Tea and Coffee.

And fans of shopping be sure to look into the store Harrods, where, according to Londoners, is almost everything. Unless, of course, the appearance of tourists will meet the strict rules of this unique shopping establishments.

Outside London worth seeing Windsor Castle with its magnificent parks - the summer residence of the royal family. At a distance of one and a half hours away by train, near Salisbury, is a silent group of Paleolithic megaliths - the world-famous Stonehenge. Lincoln attracts the attention of travelers majestic Gothic cathedral, and it is impossible to escape the seaside Brighton Royal Marine beautiful pavilion. The Stratford Shakespeare Museum is worth a visit, and at Oxford and Cambridge - university complexes. In the county Nottinghamshire pleasant to wander through the paths of the most famous forest in Europe: Sherwood Forest. However, the sights of England - is only part of the cultural and natural wealth of Britain.

 Wembley Stadium
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Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

The country is proud highlanders and whiskey has a rather harsh climate. In Edinburgh, the tourists enjoy visiting the Museum of Whiskey, the buildings of the old university, the royal residence of Holyroodhouse, hovering over the city of Edinburgh Castle. Glasgow noteworthy Cathedral Gothic cathedral, the Museum of Transport and luxurious Botanical Garden. But this places of interest in the UK end.

In the north-eastern Wales, travelers can marvel at the old, the current and still navigable Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. On the territory of Northern Ireland, is to visit the amazing natural monument - a stone Giant's Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if the body of water to overcome the Orkney Islands, you can see the ancient and mysterious Tomb of the Eagles, discovered recently by archaeologists. Ancient people lived in this inhospitable land, prayed to their gods and brought severe they sacrificed eagles. These are the conclusions made by scientists on the basis of studies. And in Jersey operates a wonderful zoo, founded by the famous zoologist and writer Gerald Darrell. The zoo, which contains rare and endangered species of animals and birds, is rightly considered to be one of the most exciting sights of Britain.

Britain is rich in stunning beauty of ancient castles and palaces that make up most of its attractions.   But to see them, usually have little to deviate from the beaten tourist routes.

 Attractions in Britain: history comes alive here

 Eiffel Tower in Paris


  • Eiffel Tower - the card of Paris
  • Residence of French kings
  • Beautiful parks France
  • Religion and Parisians
  • The past and future of Paris
  • And another bit of history

Finally I realized your old dream and you have a chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a city-fairy tale, a haven of lovers - Paris. The heart of France, the city of Paris is beautiful at any time of the year. Even rainy autumn evenings give the appearance of its special charm, so do not hesitate for a moment to meet the mysterious and at the same time welcoming capital.

Admiration certainly visit you after landing the plane, because the sights of Paris since the beginning of the local Airport. Charles de Gaulle, which is a perfect creation of modern architecture, which itself resembles a bustling city with its customs. The designers have taken care of so you do not miss a minute of the first visit to the capital from the platforms to the exit of passengers transported translucent cars, the kind of which is simply breathtaking.

Opinions of tourists about whether to use the services of a guide during the trip to France, radically diverge.

Someone is afraid that just physically did not have time to see all the most important, because to see even the main attractions in Paris, you will need more than one day. you have already heard about the famous Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, but it may well be that you do not like other less comfortable, though not as popular places in Paris. Here, every yard, every street is filled with romantic atmosphere, unique charm and glamor. So please be patient, a good look at a map of Paris and the scheme subway and go in search of unforgettable experiences that are sure to give you France.

 Triumphal Arch

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Eiffel Tower - the card of Paris

Most tourists start with this iconic landmarks, because to be in Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower is considered bad form. The closest thing to it from the underground station called Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel, and there you do not need a guide - the tower is visible from afar. Cheering on the ground in front of the tower does not stop for a minute, even in bad weather. Some join groups, and some strive to stay with this unique creation of human hands alone. The Eiffel Tower has three observation platforms at different heights: from a greater height than you are going to explore Paris, the more expensive it will cost you. In late autumn, and even more so in the winter, wear on the day of the tour is warmer because the temperature at the bottom and on the top floor can be very different.

On the territory of the tower and at its first level, there are cafes where you can eat, but for a relatively small fee, you can popolzovatsja telescope and make unique pictures from the bird's eye view. Take pictures, where you will be well seen and the entire tower, perhaps from the observation deck of the Trocadero but the most amazing shots are obtained, if you wait for nightfall, when the Eiffel Tower sparkle, recalling the fiery language of a giant dragon.

 The Palace of Versailles
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Residence of French kings

Louvre - the history of France

The most majestic tower of the architectural ensemble of the Louvre was built back in 1190 by Philip Arthur, who wished to be closely monitored over the River Seine. In the 14th century Charles V moved the royal treasury, making the castle his residence. But the construction of the palace, which now catches the eye of many visitors, began with a paradox. Parent tower demolished, and in its place there were two wings of the new palace, which later joined the palace Tyuilri. The greatest artists of the time - Romanelli, Lebrun and Prussia - have put their talents to the creation of this magnificent abode of French kings.

France then spun in a whirlwind of revolution, the Louvre became unsafe. Louis XIV chose a place outside the city, but the Louvre for a time forgotten. It was only in November 1793 it transformed into a museum, which originally were collected royal collection of world art. During the revolution among the exhibits of the museum turned the confiscated paintings and sculptures, and Napoleon joined the atmosphere spoils of war from the Middle East and Egypt. The origin of some of the exhibits is shrouded in mystery. For example, a picture of Paolo Veronese's "Marriage at Cana" allegedly stolen from a monastery in Venice. Today, the museum of the Louvre, there are about 300 thousand exhibits, but not all are on display visitors. Those who are not so well preserved, placed in storage.

Louvre - the oldest art museum in the world. In addition, he is the heart of Paris, for those considered to be the statue of Louis XIV, which is located on the museum grounds. France is proud of its rulers, because they created all this greatness, able to attract huge number of tourists today from around the world.

Legends of Versailles

The power of the French rulers repeatedly multiplied their pomp and luxury residences that have survived to our times and attract tourists from all over the world. Here, time seems to have stopped, and we find ourselves in the past, hearing the loud voices of those whose names will remain forever in people's memory.

Unsurpassed architectural creations, which boasts France, considered the Palace of Versailles. It resembles a provincial town with cozy streets, cafes and small shops. From the capital it takes only 18 kilometers of road, protected on both sides by forest. And here we seem to find ourselves in the time of Louis XIV, whose name is synonymous with French absolutism.

Versailles from the start of construction and to this day shrouded in many legends. This is where Louis XIV was trying to hide from the political intrigues, bribe numerous retinue luxurious balls and awards. Today, experts estimate the whole situation of the palace of 260 billion euros! It is not surprising that tourists often do not have enough days to examine everything. The most spectacular sight of the whole ensemble is considered to be the Hall of Mirrors, where seventy meters of the wall is filled with seventeen gold sculptural lamps.

Do not yield to his library and Versailles Versailles Park. France construction of the Palace of Versailles, with its exposed on display luxury served as an example for many European countries, and if the rich palaces could then boast of many monarchs, surpass the palace gardens of Louis XIV could not be anyone.

 Paris Louvre
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Beautiful parks France

Luxembourg Gardens - a miracle of landscape design

France - a country immersed in the green deciduous forests, so the sights of Paris is unthinkable without the emerald gardens and parks, which create independent bands and exquisitely complement the architectural works.

French charm and comfort emanates from the Jardin du Luxembourg, without which the eponymous palace unthinkable. The palace itself is a little different from other royal residences: the here and ostentatious, overt luxury, elegance and surprising, because it was built for Marie de Medicis herself in memory of carefree childhood.

But times have been wonderful, and the construction of the palace was delayed for a long time. But today, visitors have the opportunity to be in several eras, from antiquity to the times of the French Revolution, because in the park you can see many sculptures of prominent figures of history and culture. It is here that reduced the Statue of Liberty, which was constructed by the famous American - French gift for the 100th anniversary of independence. Luxembourg Garden is open to visitors all year round, and the palace itself - only the first Sunday of the month. The beauty of the garden can be enjoyed free of charge and for visiting the palace will have to pay.

Shady alleys and fountains allow visitors to relax and reflect on the meaning of human existence, in fact, even create such beauty, one can not admire it forever.

The splendor of the Tuileries Gardens

Tired of the bustle of the streets beckons joint creation of Nature and Man - Tuileries Gardens. Translated from the French its name sounds like "tile factory", because before there was a quarry, where took clay for pottery. Another French aristocrat Catherine de Medici was chosen this place to himself a palace in the 16th century and the beginning of its construction. And to the ensemble further reminded her of their childhood, ordered to arrange a large park. That he survived to the present day, and to the palace was destined to rest on the ruins of history.

The first sketches of the garden created the André Le Nôtre, and the work of his grandfather finished his equally talented grandson of Pierre, who through the magnificent main fountain, the central alley and an unusual form pools gave the garden a new look. Figures of the French Revolution have chosen this place for a variety of celebrations, and Napoleon I made it his residence.

The sculptures in the garden are made of marble and bronze, and in front of the entrance tower of the work of Antoine Kuazevoksa - "Glory, seated on a winged horse" and "Mercury". Everywhere placed iron benches that are rarely empty. Children can take in the emission of artificial reservoirs were rented sailboats. Often in the garden are arranged an exhibition of works by contemporary sculptors, attracting a great number of representatives of bohemia.

Garden Albert Kam

The most consummate beauty considered Albert Kam - private garden on the south-west of the capital. It was founded by wealthy French banker, whose name and called creation. It was he who had the idea to put together the elements of landscape art of all styles and ages. What came out of it, have the opportunity to judge the visitors, access to which, although not free, is open from April to November.

It is impossible to describe in a few words all the splendor of the Albert Cama. It starts already contrast - Japanese garden. The author was impressed by the country and could not provide the most honorable place their impressions of the culture of the East. There is even a small, but with all the necessary attributes, tea house and a small copy of Mount Fuji.

There dazzled by the diversity of colors, but there is nothing superfluous. Each, even the smallest detail is in its place, is unthinkable without the whole ensemble. Rare exotic plants here are cherished by numerous gardeners invited from around the world. There was a place in the garden and children's memories of Albert: Vogelsky forest resembles countryside of France, which are characterized by thickets of wild ivy.

 Garden Albert Cams
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Religion and Parisians

Religion has been and remains an integral part of life in France, so do not hurt its people, ignoring the local churches that belong to different epochs and architectural styles. Being in Paris and not visit the famous Notre Dame de Paris, Montmartre (Hill of Martyrs), the Sainte-Chapelle (Holy Chapel) - means nothing to lose time.

There is a popular place where believers gather from all over Europe than Notre Dame. It is ironic that before in this place, on the Ile de la Cité - the source of Paris - a pagan temple. The modern form of the temple was in the 12th century thanks to Bishop Maurice de Sully. The grand plan clergyman is reflected in the magnificent appearance and internal environment of the Cathedral, which became at that time the largest Gothic building in Europe. The French Revolution did not spare it.

Dilapidated, the 18th century Notre-Dame de Paris is first turned into a Temple of Reason, and then the economic warehouse. Only Napoleon Bonaparte brought him back to life. The trick of this interest - arched colonnade, decorated with the famous gargoyles, chimeras.

Hill of Martyrs (Montmartre) - a former small village that entered the city limits in the mid 19th century. The name she was given the tragic events of the early Christians. Three of them - the first bishop of Paris Dionysius, the priest and deacon Eleutherus Rustica - executed on a rustic hillside. Today, it is quite a poor neighborhood of the capital, but there is always plenty of tourists. The fact that at the top of the hill at the end of the 19th century was built the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Christ (Sacre-Coeur), which is only one steep staircase. But the effort is worth it: white with pink tint dome overlooks the bustling city, reminding its citizens of the eternal.

Chapel Sainte-Chapelle - an example of a mature French Gothic and the first refuge of Christian relics brought from East Saint Louis. Idleness building chapel leaves no one indifferent. And it is unique in that its construction was first used in France, metal fittings, which in Europe was considered a novelty.

 Montmartre hill or martyrs in Paris
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The past and future of Paris

There is a corner of Paris, which is very fond of the inhabitants of the city, dedicating it to their innermost secrets. This undoubtedly is transmitted and visitors who rush to visit the Cite island from which, in fact, began in Paris. There lived a tribe of Parisii that after the attack the Romans moved to the other side, founded the city, was surrounded by his shaft, and was named in honor of his tribe - Parisot. Today, the townspeople are trying to keep the atmosphere of antiquity and mystery in this part of the city, helped by a lot of details: here is the first bridge, which was named after the restoration of the New Bridge. Walking the narrow streets, visitors feel the special atmosphere of the Middle Ages, from which you can get only through the bridges, which are now here in abundance.

Of course, blocks similar to the Parisian Latin Quarter, in many European cities, but here it is a special area that is not part of the city, but gave the world 12 Nobel laureates - graduates of the Sorbonne and the normal.

Only one step, namely a few subway stops away from the present the past in the heart of France. District of La Defense, Paris called Manhattan, built on the initiative of Charles de Gaulle, who wanted to relieve congestion on the historic city center. The top of each building is equipped with an observation deck so you can enjoy the sights of Paris, even during business trips.

To distinguish where the fairy tale, where a profit is difficult at Disneyland Paris - a favorite place of kids from around the world, who in 2010 succeeded in attendance to outdo the Eiffel Tower. Initially, the park was forbidden to sell any alcoholic beverages, but today, for commercial purposes is generally simplified. Adults often forget about themselves age and time give children here. Guests can try 49 different rides, which are divided into five themed "lands":

  • Main Street USA;
  • The era of the Wild West;
  • Adventure World;
  • Country Fantasy;
  • Country discoveries.

 Disneyland Paris

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And another bit of history

France for centuries has repeatedly shook from different historical cataclysms, witnessed most of them it was the capital. Many would like to forget, much has been reinterpreted three times, but the track remained in history, because the person can know the truth at the cost of mistakes, sometimes even bigger.

Many have heard of the tragic confessions wall Invalides, for many it has become a safe haven on the side of life. It was founded more Louis XIV, who could not imagine their existence without war. And they gave rise to a great number of maimed soldiers who found themselves on the streets and decaying morals. The building did not apply to the Paris attractions, if not the monarch tried for his loyal subjects. Among the six projects granted to Louis XIV chose the work of young liberals Briand Square.

The result is a magnificent building, resembling a royal residence of four buildings and a courtyard, which now adorns the French capital. Today, there are still living war veterans, but most of the premises to arrange a museum. What is there not only to see, from weapons of all countries and ages to layouts ancient fortresses, many of which have already engulfed the time. Here lie the remains of the great Napoleon Bonaparte, and several other prominent military figures.

The most significant ensemble Invalides considered Army Museum, where visitors are exposed to the unique exhibits, including from private collections.