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Greece is unique. Every corner of this country is not like another. On the one hand ancient history makes it unique in its own way on the other - in any resort in Greece, there are places for noisy crowded gatherings and secluded corners.

Have you heard the saying "a guest in the house, the house of God"? So in Greece these words is not an empty phrase. You certainly hit the rough Greek hospitality.

Greeks live search for them it is the most precious treasure, so cherish it carefully. Some citizens of the sea helped to put together a really huge fortunes (at least remember the shipowner Aristotle Onassis), but it helps ordinary fishermen are not in poverty.

Greece and its iconic landmarks is impossible to know, having been there only once. Every city carries its own characteristics, to meet every need to come to Greece again and again. The best time to visit Greece is considered spring and winter, as at this time fewer tourists than usual and there is no hustle and bustle as the holiday season.

Athens - a city with a thousand years of history

Visit to Greece can be called a real journey through the historical epochs. Here are closely intertwined antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Turkish rule and the present. Greece is so beautiful that it's hard not to fall in love.

Attractions Greece - a paradise for lovers and connoisseurs of art. Athens - the capital of the state, is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom. The history of this town can be studied for years, and hours to talk about its features, and to go home, do not want out of here. Thanks to the Olympic Games the city has found a modern infrastructure. Each hotel has a water park with lots of slides, pools, jacuzzi, sauna - everything you need for fun and relaxation. Athens - a bustling modern city and very temperamental.

The most visited place is the Acropolis, which rises majestically above the city. And over the Acropolis - the ancient Plaka district - this is a real treasure: there are many churches, traditional taverns, shops and cafes. Also in the capital, it will be interesting to visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Panafinsky Stadium.


It is believed that not only churches and museums, and the cities themselves in Greece and attractions that reveal the spirit of different periods. These include, for example, Heraklion. It is the largest city on the island of Crete, the economic center of it. In the historic center of the city to this day preserved picturesque streets and in their traditional Greek coffee house.

The fortress wall with three main entrances encircles the old city. The fourth entry - this Venetian port. Lighthouse fortress destroyed long ago, but has remained a symbol of Venice - the lion. Inside the fortress walls go towards the square Nicephorus Phocas, and then to Venizelos - another area, famous for its fountain Morosini. Pool this fountain built in the form of vosmilistnika, it is crowned by four lions and decorated with sculptures of mythological scenes.

Very popular with tourists Church of St. Catherine, there is the Museum of icons - a little unusual place. Be sure to visit Martinengo Bastion. Along the fortress wall mounted ladder. Climbing up on it, you will have another famous landmark of Greece - at the grave of one of the most beloved Greek writers Nikos Kazantzakis. Also from this hill you will discover an unforgettable view of Mount Ida and Giouchtas and a breathtaking panorama of the whole of Heraklion.

 Greece Sights

A little more about Crete

Probably the main attractions of Greece - this is her island. They are really a lot, but each is unique in terms of recreation, and in terms of history.

Let's start with perhaps the most famous and beloved island - Crete. Here, you will not suffer from the heat, as the breeze blowing in from the sea and the mountains provide cool. Crete - is the southernmost point of Europe, at the same time, the largest of all the Greek islands. From here to the Greek mainland approximately 100 kilometers.

Cretan town of Chania is much older than Rome itself, even in this difficult to believe. Unfortunately, traces of antiquity there are very few, and from the sea city like Venice, but Venice, restored and sunny, without poets and gondolas, but with Sirtaki and warm waterfront.

The style of the city defined the Middle Ages. In the XIV century, Venetian merchants were building itself is a fortress and palace. For example, one of them - with rectangular battlements Frangokastello - miraculously survives to this day. However, it should be noted that within the fortress completely empty, because it was not a refuge of civilians, and was built in a purely military purposes. And yet, this is a fortress in Greece is very popular tourist attraction because of the unusual phenomena that occur once a year. In mid-April, the road to the castle is virtually impassable, people want to witness the mysterious spectacle: before dawn in the sky you can see the white ghosts - a riders, gradually stretching out to sea.

Another attraction of Greece, and in particular, and the island of Crete are the White Mountains and Samarinskoe valley between them. You go along the path between two cliffs, and runs parallel to the river. Landscape and feel fantastic. Guides to the sights of Greece are full of references to the Kri-Kri goats, and it is believed that they are found here, but to meet them is rarely any tourist.


Absolutely not similar to each other buildings and ruins create the unique beauty of this island, because what then were combined, it would seem, is not subject to any connection. Warm sea air, mixed with the intoxicating aroma of the orange and cypress groves, rocky mountains with coniferous forests - all this creates a real cocktail of health, resulting in a rate of the respiratory system.

Corfu Town - Corfu Town is required to visit. Not where else will you be able to view the ancient Italian architecture. And here it is retained even after the terrible earthquake of 1953. Ever since school years, we know that the main building in the city is the medieval fortress. And in Corfu as many as two. Old (Maritime), it was built by the Venetians, and the new (Coastal) - for protection against the Turks.

Unforgettable experience will bring you to visit the Palace Arhilleon - another state attractions of Greece. It was built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She also served as the main work in decorating the interior. Very pleasant to walk in the palace park. Elizabeth established there muses statues of marble, as well as two statues of Achilles. And, of course, such a woman could not forget about his beloved, so at the main entrance visitors can see a marble double Empress.

If you feel that magnificent architectural masterpieces already bored, take a course on Zooduhu Pigis Monastery on Paliokastritse. The wisdom of this citadel, located in Greece, preserved landmarks since the XIII century, is well to reflect on the eternal and beautiful.

Siim Island - a perfect place for lovers

Greece and attractions which are fraught with many secrets, famous for another unique place - an island Siim. There is silence and peace. It is hard to imagine, but this seemingly small area is located near five hundred churches and temples.

A popular place for locals and tourists alike - Monastery taxiarch. It keeps the icon of the Archangel Michael patron saint of sailors. It was in this church for a long time led the girls of marriageable age, looking after their husbands. Under the icon of Michael specially constructed an unusual altar where pilgrims leave offerings in gratitude for the wishes come true. It is believed that if the couple to leave their photo, their marriage will be long and happy.

 Greece Sights

Pearl of the Mediterranean

Rhodes Island, Greece is another attraction. Such a beautiful name he has earned not only natural beauty, but also the numerous archaeological sites. No wonder the island itself brought it the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. According to legend, the sun god Helios decided to leave the island for the sake of Olympus, and, according to travelers, he obviously did not miss. Rhodes has long been considered the most popular resort in Greece. So here there is a powerful industry, leisure and various entertainment, complemented by a network of restaurants, taverns and cafes with traditional Greek food of European class.

The symbol of the island of Rhodes considered the statues and doe deer in the columns located at the entrance to the ancient port. According to legend, this place was once a renowned bronze Colossus, who portrayed the god Helios with a torch in one hand.

Just above the port was built Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes, recognized the most striking medieval buildings. It was erected in the XVI century, but during the Turkish rule it was destroyed. Italians restored it only in 1939. Not far from the palace is the most ancient city, where the streets Ippoton once lived the knights.

The island has a Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Here you can see exhibits of world importance - the statue of Aphrodite of Rhodes, and even the head of the sun god Helios. On the hill is the ancient acropolis of Montreux. This place will not leave indifferent because there are remains of the Temple of Athena, Zeus, Apollo, the ancient stadium and the Olympic Games. Few places you can even touch the monuments of all eras and in Rhodes, they still live.

Greece - it is certainly a dynamic and prosperous state with a strong economy. Here, in a modern, fast flowing life, developing industry, crowded shopping malls and beauty salons. But in some parts of Greece lives as if stopped, and then we can remember what a huge role in the history of Europe has played a small country. Greece can not be understood, having been here only once. But the beauty is that after the first time you have will be very difficult to stop.

 Attractions Greece. Rest of the gods

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