Finland attractions

Pronouncing the name of this country, everyone is just what you want it to him, rivers and lakes, deer and Santa Claus, snow and ski slopes, friendly and unhurried inhabitants, and of course, fishing. All this is Finland, where attractions will tell you many interesting stories and show even more interesting places.

Finland for several hundred years, successfully communicating with neighbor Russia. It is very friendly to our compatriots, respect and appreciate the Russian culture and history. And in the center of the Finnish capital - Helsinki stands a monument to the Russian Tsar Alexander II, which is already a manifestation of respect for Russia.

The local nature of the phenomenon as a fairy, she lifelong impact on residents and visitors. Nature Finland gradually turned into one of its best attractions. The country is magnificent in any season, but it does not boasts of historical monuments, but the natural beauty and charm make her fall in love with everyone who has been here at least once.

An integral part of Finland are water expanses. All of its numerous rivers and lakes attract anglers. A sea fishing in winter on the coast of the Gulf of Finland? What could be more desirable for the avid fisherman! In addition, you can learn how to cook real Finnish soup with milk. This dish leaves no one indifferent!

Lapland - familiarity with Santa Claus

Attractions Finland winter offer us a wonderful world - a world of miracles and fairy-tale characters. Undoubtedly, the most fascinating places are in Lapland - the northern part of the country. It is home to Santa Claus and his mesmerizing beauty of the aurora borealis. Millions of children and adults dream of visiting a guest of the fabulous Santa, ride in a dog or reindeer, to take part in races on a sleigh. Winter joy Finland are endless.

Of course, Santa Claus is not the only attraction of northern Finland. Nature lovers, this region presents a lot of surprises. It is very rich in flora and fauna. On hilly terrain covered with pine forests inhabited by many different animals and birds.

Winter in the area begins very early - in mid-October, the ground already covered by snow, Lapland and turns into a paradise for skiers and lovers of winter safari. In combination with the clean air and natural beauty of the holiday will be unforgettable.

 Finland attractions

Away from the Snow Queen

City break in Lapland is not inferior to outdoor recreation. The most unique of these places is considered the center of Kemi - a city that holds a special attraction of the winter in Finland, one of which is the Snow Castle. His erect from year to year, and every winter, you can go away from the Snow Queen. There is a hotel, restaurant, chapel, and even the snow gallery. Impressions weight, both for children and for adults.

Kemi also famous for gems Gallery, which exhibited more than three thousand different decorations. This collection is considered one of the richest in the world.

Must-See icebreaker Sampo, it operates throughout the winter and there are guided tours at Botany Bay.

Porvoo - a city of the past and the present

One of the oldest cities in Finland - Porvoo. It is of great interest to people who appreciate and history. Here you can find echoes of several eras. At one time the city hosted the great kings of antiquity, famous artists and priests. Thousands of pilgrims have passed through it, making your hard way.

One of the most interesting attractions is the Old Town of Finland in Porvoo and its unique cathedral, considered the third largest and attendance throughout the country. Even a simple walk through the winding streets of the Old Town will bring you a lot of pleasant moments, leaving the soul only positive emotions and memories. In this part of Porvoo he lived and worked great poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. Now his house is decorated in the Empire style, attracts many tourists.

 Finland's winter attractions

Turku - the city museums

The charm of the Finnish city of Turku, undoubtedly lies in its unusual, if not exciting atmosphere. The city developed and built around a trading post. Ancient castle Turunlinna - the heart of the place, played a rather important role in the development of Finland, and Scandinavia as a whole, and has become the most visited attraction in Finland.

It is also noteworthy that this Turku since its foundation has been the capital of Finland, it focused all the important points of the country. Transfer of the current status of the rule of capital - Helsinki hurt the pride of local residents. And from that moment between the two cities is a constant rivalry.

Today Turku modern city, with a lot of training centers - here is the best university in the country. Good restaurants, a rich and interesting nightlife offer unlimited opportunities for recreation.

The pride of the museum are of Turku. All the troubled past of the city gathered in them. One should visit the Museum of History "Kyulyamyaki" Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Crafts "Luostarinmyaki." These attractions of Finland tell a lot about the life and development of both the city and the country as a whole.

Here is the old cathedral Tuomikirkko, which is the main Lutheran church of the country. The ringing of its bells every hour sounds throughout Finland - it is transmitted by radio to all corners of the country. Within the walls of the cathedral is an amazing museum of church artifacts, gathered a huge collection, starting from the XIV century to the present day.

Water Paradise Ice Age

On the territory of one of the many lakes in Finland is an amazing and unique place - National Park Kolovesi. This natural wealth here probably will not find in the world! Lake Saimaa - the biggest lake in Finland, and formed around the reserve serves as a place to save the wildlife of this region.

The vast expanses of the park torn opportunity for canoeing on the vast expanse of water. Landscape countryside just fascinating eye-catching! Sharp rocks, towering over the water, in some places exceed forty-meter height. The formation of this natural corner has occurred during the Ice Age. It was here in the early days of the Stone Age hunted and hunted the ancestors of modern Finns, evidenced drawings carved on the rocks. And on the hill Ukonvuori - is the eastern part of the reserve - there are large deposits of quartz, so popular today, the material used in the decor.

 finland historical sites

Moomin World

Anyone who has a child reading a fascinating tale about the fascinating creatures Moomin know that they were just in Finland. Now on the island Kailo houses a museum dedicated to these amazing creatures. It's kind of a theme park, created in the image and likeness of tales Tove Janssen. Even those who come here with a bad mood can not help but smile at the sight of the hospitable inhabitants of fairyland.

It is unfortunate that the Moomin country is open to the public only in the summer, and if you are here in the winter, you can not make a trip to the world Moomin Troll. But do not be upset, because you can visit Finland again, and why not this summer?

Marine City

And, of course, Helsinki! Amazing city - the capital and cultural center of Finland. Helsinki is built on peninsulas, its streets round the bays, islands connected by a bridge, and the connection to the remote islands is maintained by ferries. The city is completely saturated with the smell of the sea, and in the area of ​​its many ports is constant noise created by ships.

Helsinki has its own attractions and places associated with the history and appearance of the city. There are several interesting museums, famous all over the country opera, magnificent parks, churches and cathedrals. Here, the best cuisine in the whole of Finland, you can taste wonderful dishes of venison and fish, only the Finns know how to cook them!

Each city is an amazing country, Finland has its own attractions, and each in its own way important to her, as played in the development of many important. A stay here is really worth it! If only to meet with Santa Claus - fabulous bearded grandfather, whom we all are waiting for miracles in the New Year's holidays!

 Attractions Finland winter

 Florence attractions

Florence and the Renaissance. These two titles are closely linked to each other - they are practically inseparable. Where every corner hides the secrets of the Renaissance, there still feel the spirit of victory - victory over the Middle Ages! The city created great people, those who led the world to new discoveries, who created the immortal works of art, the people who showed the world of beauty!

In this city live, build and die Alberti and Machiavelli, Michelangelo and Galileo. Dante Alighieri was born here - the founder of the Italian language and poetry, and many places in Florence connected with this great man!

Now we are not surprised that the famous French writer Stendhal, on his arrival in Florence experienced "culture shock". And after many more tourists and do experience a shock, trying to know the splendor of Florence - the city of the Renaissance.

Over the centuries, Florence did not lose its shape. The city is fascinating for its churches, palaces and medieval streets quiet.

Where to start - the Uffizi Gallery

As paradoxical as it may sound - this majestic city is not large in size. Take Florence attractions worthy of the time and they do not remain in debt, revealing to you the secrets of the new birth of the world!

Uffizi Gallery - the brightest and most memorable landmark in Florence. Gallery unites two buildings: Mint, where once minted gold coins and church of San Piero Skeradzho, which at one time were Dante and Boccaccio. Here you can admire the originals of Leonardo da Vinci and Rubens, Caravaggio and Titian, Giotto and Peruzhdio. Only in the Uffizi Gallery you can see the work of Michelangelo - "The Holy Family", as well as famous works by Raphael, Fabiano, and Botticelli. This accumulation of the best works of art you will not find anywhere else!

 Florence attractions

The era of the early Renaissance

Palazzo Medici Riccardi - the palace, built by renowned architect Michelozzo in the distant 1444. According to the model years later, many of the palaces were built in Italy, the structure of this form came to symbolize the early development of the Renaissance.

And the building, and the courtyard is a right tetrahedron, in the yard grow fragrant lemon trees. The first floor of the palace was conceived as a symbol of invincibility Medici - it revived with rough stone. On this floor there were rooms for servants and a kitchen. The two upper floors were used for residence of the royal family and their facade looks a little softer, it is made of smooth slabs.

Unfortunately, the palace is not completely open to tourists at the moment it takes most of the city government.

Another one of the magnificent palaces of Florence - Palazzo Pitti, has a long and interesting history. Its owners changed several times, and the building was reconstructed several times. On the territory of the palace are several museums. Palatine Gallery, which keeps the works of Titian and Raphael, Rubens and Velazquez; Gallery of Contemporary Art - is presented later paintings by Italian artists; Silver Museum, the Costume Museum and the Museum of carriages - these places will tell you about the life of different eras, show vintage jewelry, as well as coaches and carriages of XIX century.

The spiritual world of Florence

The most prominent building in the city is the cathedral of Florence. Its dome rises over the buildings and parks - we can not ignore this amazing sacred place! In the XIII century the best masters took part in the construction of the Cathedral and the octagonal dome is pumped spire cathedral brought worldwide fame. The highest point of the cathedral at a height of more than ninety meters, and even the great Michelangelo created a machine that raised up the ball, crowning the dome.

The Cathedral is just a huge, its dimensions are dazzling! Today it is the fourth largest in the world. In addition to its size of the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, famous works of art stored in it - "Lamentation of Christ" by Michelangelo and "Mary Magdalene" by Donatello.

You definitely need to see these sights of Florence, and after watching the climb to the observation deck at the top of the Duomo - it offers a wonderful view of the whole city!

Continuing to walk on the spiritual place of Florence can not be neglected by the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Like all the attractions of the city, made in the Gothic style church, it keeps its secrets. Capella temple decorated with frescoes by Italian masters, attract tourists from all over the world, and not only they - great people are buried here: Galileo, Dante, Michelangelo. Machiavelli, and other famous Florentine residents.

One of the oldest places of Florence - Basilica of San Lorenzo, the church was consecrated as early as the year 393. Its present appearance of the temple building has received much later and got some Romanesque features.

Church protects peace Grand Duke of Tuscany - the representatives of the Medici family. The marble tomb is decorated in baroque style, and two sarcophagi are decorated with statues, embodied in the life of the famous Italian sculptor Tacca.

 Renaissance Florence attractions

Activities for Children

If you are traveling with children, take them to the fabulous world of the country "Fabialandiya." Here, they can visit the castle wizard stray the mysterious labyrinth of dreams and to see Lake gold mine, and big, but good-natured caterpillar luck on their own after a fantastic cave ants to the sea frog.

The sea of ​​positive emotions your kids will be provided. Also here you can define a child for a whole day, and as long as he enjoys his tale, you will enjoy his, took a walk around the most interesting places in Italy.

Taking a walk around the city ...

Be sure to visit the Piazza della Signoria - here are the most iconic landmarks of Florence. Palazzo Vecchio - the palace, so like a fortress, Neptune fountain, built in the XVI century, copies of famous sculptures by Michelangelo and Giambologna, whose priceless originals can be seen in the museums of the city - all this you will be remembered forever.

Walking around Florence - is not just inspection of its attractions. Here, everyone will find something special. Visiting all its palaces, churches, galleries you will feel like in the shower poured warm as the awareness of beauty penetrates you to the tips of your fingers, because the people who lived and died in this city, left their mark on all the streets and houses in all gardens and parks. And if you look good, you will see - they are still here, they left an indelible mark on the entire Florence.

Great people - great city ... The city, which for the time of its existence, has seen many things, the birth of a new culture and a change of religion, and the decline of the war, a change of the authorities, and finally the incredible rise in popularity, which has never been extinguished.

It is impossible to see all the sights of Florence in one day, you need to come here for a long time, and to give every home, every corner of the city special attention. Only then can we know what the Florence - Renaissance landmarks that will last forever!

 Florence Attractions

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