• Temple complexes
  • National parks
  • Other entertainment

For the first time visiting Cambodia, a person is able to get confused by the abundance of attractions.

Therefore it is recommended to make a list in advance, which will include places of special interest for tourists wishing to get acquainted with the culture of the exotic country.

This list must enter:

  • Large range of Angkor.
  • Small Circle of Angkor.
  • Park Phnom Bokor.
  • Park Ream.
  • Park Virchay.
  • The village folk crafts.
  • Central Market Siem Repa.
  • Park I-Ball.
  • The show "Apsara".
  • Plantation lotus.

 Bayon temple

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Temple complexes

For centuries, ancient temples, located in Cambodia remains a mystery for visitors to the complex, and for the men of science. How did we manage to build a fabulously beautiful building in the middle of the jungle? Of particular interest is Angkor, built in the past as an urban-type settlement. At the moment of the dwellings was gone. Houses were built of wood, which could not stand the test of time.

But until now the tourists have the opportunity to evaluate the Angkor attractions such as temples of the Small and Large Circle and Angkor Wat. Stone churches successfully withstood the weather and the time and still are cultural and scientific value. The Small Circle includes the most famous Angkor temples, built during the Khmer Empire, its undoubted prosperity. Although the construction and belong to a different time, they share the original performance and undeniable beauty.

If the pyramids of Egypt are the most majestic places of worship, the temple Small circle represents one of the most beautiful. Among them is considered to be a real gem of Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world. The complex has three levels, but to visit only two are visible. The first level introduces the elegant bas-reliefs, and the third is a closed Buddhist temple, in which tourists are not allowed to open the knees and shoulders. It is recommended to visit the temple at dawn, at which time the complex looks more attractive.

Bayon temple has more than fifty towers, each of which shows the four faces of Buddha. The complex also is of interest as a rare attraction with bas-reliefs dedicated to everyday life Rouge. The temple should be visited on a full moon, when the moon light walls gives the dairy glow.

Terrace of elephants once served as a platform used for ceremonies of national importance. It is believed, for example, that it is here that the emperor examined the army, built at the foot of the stands and kind consisting of elephants. No less interesting is the Terrace of the Leper King, decorated with exquisite carvings. At this point, the cremation took place the ancient rulers.

Temple Mount, built of sandstone, the Royal Palace, belongs to the great circle of Preah Khan and Preah Neak Poan, island structure, located in the center of the lake, created from the combined four reservoirs - is, of course, the majestic and unique monuments of the past.

 Phnom Penh
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National parks

Wanting to preserve the integrity of the forests of Cambodia, the government announced the creation of several protected areas and national parks. As a result, in the territory of Cambodia are 23 national parks, among which the Park Phnom Bokor, Ream, Virchay.

Phnom Bokor earned fame not only the most beautiful national park in South-East Asia, but also the most mysterious. Located in the Elephant Mountains, the park attracts tourists pristine jungle, as well as the possibility of close to a herd of wild elephants enjoy. The top point is the pagoda, which is visited relatively rare because of the difficult journey. The park inquisitive tourist finds many small lakes and large waterfalls, an abandoned casino, built in the days when Cambodia was a French colony, uninhabited French town of the 18th century, the old church and other attractions.

Underwater reefs and picturesque beaches, mangrove forests and two charming islands - all the Ream National Park, known as Pre Sihanouk. Among the advantages of the park you can mention hundreds of species of birds, quite unusual for a European citizen, freshwater dolphins, often appearing in the coastal waters and, of course, a lot of funny monkeys. If interested to get acquainted with the life of a simple Cambodian family, you can take a boat trip on the Prek Tuk Sap river on stilts over which they built their houses.

Virchay - the largest national park in the territory of Cambodia. This northern region of the country, which is inhabited by Gaura, tigers, elephants, loris, macaques and many other species of wildlife. In addition, this region is home to the small nations whose life is of some interest for ethnographers and tourists. For the park has excellent observation. You can go to a small, or, on the contrary, quite a long tour that allows you to fully familiarize yourself with the culture and sights of Cambodia.

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Other entertainment

If a person is sufficiently assess the attractiveness of cultural facilities and pristine nature, he likes entertainment that abound in Cambodia. For example, you can visit the amusement park I-Ball, specially created for young tourists, is not afraid to show a little folly. One of the curiosities of the park - riding in the area with plastic slides. This is a real chance to feel the feelings experienced during washing linens.

Phnom Penh can rightly be called the center of nightlife. Approximately 21 hours opens up numerous pubs and clubs that attend both tourists and locals. There are also special night clubs for men with female service personnel, live music and the opportunity to see Khmer dancing.

Tired of the nightlife, tourists go traveling again on a small, but incredibly rich in surprises country. If you want to indulge in romance, worth visiting Sihanoukville, the island with hotels in a bungalow. The show "Apsara" will be interesting to fans of dance khmeriyskih. Submission takes place to the accompaniment of drums.

Lovers of ancient buildings will be useful for a ride to the east of the temple complex Tommanon. A total of two hundred kilometers away is Spean Bridge TMAR created several centuries ago. This is one of the best preserved monuments. Plantation lotus - rest for the eyes and soul. Admiring the pristine colors, involuntarily forget that grow them for practical purposes. Lotus seeds - Russian analogue of seeds. Leaves are on the packaging material and stems made of solid mats.

Before returning home should be reserved souvenirs. The best choice, of course, in Phnom Chung Ching, village handicrafts products, created specifically to attract tourists. If you do not want to go to the village, all the gifts for close and distant relatives can be purchased at the Central Market in Siem Rene, opens at six o'clock in the morning. Visiting Cambodia once, will want to come back to this exotic paradise.

 Attractions exotic Cambodia

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