Austria attractions

Austria is considered one of the most beautiful countries of the European continent, in whose territory the combined ultramarine lake and the majestic Alps with never melting glaciers, emerald-green lawns and ancient alpine town with a truly splendid architecture. To understand what is a luxurious regal Austria, Vienna sights worth seeing in the first place. Only in the majestic capital city built a lot of monumental buildings of the imperial era, decades-old operating cozy cafes and unusual confectionery. These attractions will appreciate the old Austria, without exception.

Visiting Vienna

 Austria attractions

Walking through Vienna, you will see the grand Opera House, appeared on the map during the infamous Emperor Franz Joseph in the early XVIII century. There were famous balls, the Austrian aristocrat shone in expensive dresses, and even now the Vienna Opera makes an indelible impression on every tourist who goes to one of the most interesting performances, or simply view the exquisite facade of a grand architectural monument.

If you are interested in royal Austria, its sights to be seen for a long time and carefully, without losing sight of the palace complex, no world-famous European capital. One of these systems is an exquisite Belvedere, Rococo, it consists of two built in the XVIII century mansion, located opposite each other. On the territory of Vienna is yet another royal palace and park ensemble - it is light and almost weightless Schönbrunn Palace, for more than two centuries played the role of the summer residence of the Austrian imperial family.

This Austria, amazing attractions which will acquaint visitors with the history of the Habsburg dynasty, will open during a visit to the magnificent Hofburg Palace. The palace complex has appeared on the map of Vienna yet in 1279, but over its long history, its architectural appearance has undergone many changes, as each emperor wanted to make the architecture winter residence something special. Today Hofburg is the interweaving of buildings made in different architectural styles, high walls and a cozy patio, weightless galleries, where works of art are exhibited.

On acquaintance with the Hofburg have to allocate a whole day, as other attractions of Austria will not be able to offer such a wide-ranging program of excursions. On the territory of the Imperial Palace is the residence of the President of Austria, so for tourists is only open part of the grand palace complex. But tourists will have a lot of experience during performances of students riding school, inspection arena, visiting the royal treasury, the imperial apartments and the chapel, the building of the National Library.

Passing through the gate, in the style of the Renaissance, you can go to the Swiss yard, construction of which is associated with the name of Maria Theresa. This is one of the oldest parts of the imperial residence, the formation of which has been completed in the middle of the XVI century, and a dominant building in the middle is the palace courtyard of the Swiss Shtalburg. The three-story building with a magnificent arcades is the artistic value and its lower tier are still stable, which contains only the best racers lipitsianskoy breed.

During a visit to the Hofburg palace complex, you can see the castle Amalia and Leopold wing gate Mikaelertor, view the exposure of Ephesus and the Ethnographic Museum, admire the collection of musical instruments and weapons. But during his stay in Vienna should not be limited excursion programs, relating to the Hofburg palace complex, as you wait at least interesting sights of Austria, including the majestic St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The main Catholic church in the Austrian capital is the square Shtefanplats, and it was the harbinger of a small medieval basilica, which is being completed, remodeled and rebuilt more than one century. Who is St. Stephen's Cathedral is a striking masterpiece of baroque architecture, its facade walls are decorated with carved masks and sculptures stringent. But especially look great portals of the church because of its unusual ornament, in patterns that trace the outlines of birds and people, as well as the mythical and fantastic animals.

Attractions Salzburg

 Austria Vienna sights

Another city, attracting tourists is Salzburg, in which there are the most interesting sights of Austria, and some of them are connected with the life of the great composer Mozart. On the street Getreidegasse 9 is a house in the Rococo style, which was born and spent the infant years of Mozart himself, and in local cafes can still hear the unforgettable music, written by the most famous native of Salzburg.

One of the masterpieces of medieval architecture perched in the middle of the Alps fabulous Salzburg can be called a powerful fortress Hoenzalburg. Initially, its fortifications were made of wood, and only in the XVI century in their place was a stone-built impregnable fortifications. By the walls of the fortress can be quickly reached by cable car, not climbing up the mountain trails, and from its territory offers a truly fabulous views of the historic quarters located at the bottom of Salzburg, gives us all the sights of the old Austria, located in the city.

Strolling along the banks of the River Salzach, you can admire the views of the powerful bastion Hattver-Bastei, and then go to the picturesque park of Mirabell, which appeared on the map of Salzburg, in the XVII century. One of the highlights of the park - an unusual garden gnomes, immersing visitors into the magic world of unusual creatures that have influenced the mythology of Austria.

During a vacation in Salzburg can combine skiing in the town located in the vicinity of ski areas with a tour of the unique monuments of architecture, inspection ensembles Mozart Square with the largest temple Mihaelkirhe. With architecture residenzplatz you need to get acquainted closer, because on its territory is a lot of interesting buildings, among which is the Archiepiscopal residence and romantic fountain Rezidentsbrunnen.

Visit Innsbruck and Tirol

 Austria interesting sights

During a trip to the Alpine region can visit the town of Innsbruck, known as a prestigious ski resort. Like other ancient cities, here are the unique attractions of Austria, among which are the churches and the old castle. The emblem of Innsbruck is considered the "Golden Roof" - is an ancient medieval building where once was the residence of the Habsburgs, and now in the old walls is a museum that introduces visitors to the life of the ruling family of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

During a trip to the Tyrol - Alpine region, do not miss the magnificent Ambras castle, built in XIV-XV centuries, which is called the miracle of the Austrian renaissance. In summer, in the middle of the old medieval walls are organized theatrical shows and concerts, and the access to the castle courtyard, open year-round. In addition to the lush park surrounding the old castle, you can see its inner chambers, and the museum exposition. Of particular interest is the Spanish Hall and unusual Portrait Gallery, where works by Van Dyck, Titian and Rubens, as well as a collection of ancient weapons.

 Attractions Austria

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 if the holiday fell in the winter

It is considered that a good holiday can be only in the summer. Before the eyes and gets picture - wonderfully warm sea, white beach, an exotic cocktail in hand, music and heat ...

But one summer, in any case, should work. What to do if holiday fell in the winter?

Perhaps, we should not shed tears, feeling sorry for yourself, your favorite - a poor and unlucky. You should not blame the colleagues' dirty intrigues, "and heads - of injustice. Any vacation can be a holiday. Do not believe? Just need to get together, sit down and think about it, what you want really.

Tempting picture with sea surf firmly lodged in the mind and is not going to go there? Well, okay!

Let's go to the sea!

Selection of the country depends on the amount of money that had saved for this moment. Oh and by the time remaining in the reserve - in some countries are required to obtain a visa.

Exotic Arab Emirates, temperamental Cuba, Goa cult-like tale Thailand, Maldives respectable - a few hours flight from freezing, dull winter you will fall in the summer. Leave the winter on the sea can give an amazing feeling - particularly "warm" thoughts about colleagues who have remained out there ... among the snowdrifts.

You do not approve of the mindless "doing nothing"? After two hours spent on the beach, you have the feeling that we must stand up and run somewhere? Or simply you decide to spend a vacation with the lawful use and to learn something new? Then, it's time to ski.

 winter vacation


It does not matter if you've never skated, and you do not even have the necessary equipment - almost all resorts have rental equipment.

You can stay in Russia - Elbrus, Dombay, Krasnaya Polyana suitable for both beginners and professionals. And in Moscow has several ski resorts with a very "European" level of service.

Doubt? Well, then - to Europe. Relatively inexpensive and very nice resorts can be found in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The prestigious and respectable - in France, Switzerland and Austria.

Whichever option you choose - a few days skiing successfully replace many hours of training in the gym. "Delicious" mountain air, the winter sun and dazzling white snow - in the afternoon, cozy bars and cafes - in the evening. And let all colleagues jealous!

I do not want to go anywhere? Do not need! Holidays - a perfect time to come to grips with them. For you at home - one!

SPA and other pleasures

If you decide to stay at home - not to tell colleagues. Be sure to start ringing. And in the case of Abraham and in the job can cause - is difficult to resist when a valuable employee is within reach. Feel free to turn off the phone and do what you have long wanted, but constantly postponed "for later" - go to the spa.

In winter, the experts recommend relaxing, anti-stress systems. For example, in conjunction with hydrotherapy massage - hot stones, bamboo sticks, plates of buffalo horn. The effect is simply amazing!

Do not be lazy and consult with the experts - they will help you find the most suitable program. After all, not everyone knows that some procedures are not compatible.

You do not have to miss - Spa Day takes about 8-9 hours. Hurry - the main enemy of spa treatments. However, in the rush to the cabin is almost impossible - time seems to stop. Spicy aromas, soft music, tea breaks and a pleasant feeling on the conductivity over you "manipulation" to help relax and push the bustling city with all its problems.

Sadly, it is cold and do not want to leave the house? Arrange a lazy vacation.

 winter vacation on the sea

Lazy vacation

Think of how many books you want to read, but - did not have enough time. How many movies have postponed "for later". It seems all the opportunity to catch up.

You can get to his feet on the couch, wrapped in a warm blanket, turn lamp, put on the table a glass of wine and a plate of something delicious, forbidden. And let the snow falling outside the window - you will be warm, quiet and comfortable.

However, if you spend your whole vacation so, then it would be long to get rid of "stuck" kilogram. Therefore abandon lazy more than 2-3 days, nevertheless, it should not be.

Assign meeting her friends, go to the rink, but just take a stroll through the streets of your favorite city, and then wrap it in a little cafe.

And who said that to go on vacation in the winter - a bad idea?

 In the winter vacation? No problem!

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