to raise money for Feng Shui should be left in a prominent spot fines


  • Fundamentals of the theory of Feng Shui
  • The principles of interior design
  • Things to consider and remember

The ancient theory and the experience of many generations embodied in the theory of feng shui, which literally means wind (feng) and water (shui), a Chinese master Jan I. According to her, all the events that occur in our lives, depend on the dragon's breath, his awakening , the search area, the house, man.
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Fundamentals of the theory of Feng Shui

At the end of the last century originated and received the greatest development esoteric method, mainly intended for the common people, and based on the separation of dwelling on such parts: a zone of wealth feng shui, the area of ​​money, children, love, career ...

Organizing a certain order of arrangement of talismans and amulets in various parts of the house, hovering clean and tidy, you can focus or redirect the life-giving energy of Chi that surrounds all things in the world that changes life and health for the better. Another method name - a symbolic, based on the images and associated events. Key Charms, attributed to the school of Chinese Feng Shui: Dragon trehlapy toad Chinese phoenix and unicorn, Budai, the dragon turtle.

One of the symbols of the movement of energy - eight "on the side", an endless flow of life of Yin Yang, distributed in space and time, which is measured using a compass and calendar. Harmony or lack thereof defined in the feng shui of the attributes of the elements, the elements of nature: water, metal, fire, wood, earth at any given point of habitats.

The concept of wealth in Feng Shui is very broadly interpreted. It includes not only the abundance of money, but also the intellectual and spiritual, and cultural development of human communication, and much more.

You want financial freedom and prosperity, tired of constant problems with creditors, live from payday to advance? Take the south-east part of the house or room, where he spent a lot of time. To simplify the task, create a floor plan, identify the location of parts of the world, make a copy in order to avoid possible errors. You can help the sunlight, space and the absence of clusters of furniture and belongings.

 the zone bogastva can put an aquarium with goldfish
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The principles of interior design

Crystal crystals, pyramids have the ability to collect and accumulate the energy flows that generate money. Live plants, fast-growing, rounded as a coin or a bill like elongated leaves, have to take its rightful place itself. For this purpose, a nice way so-called money tree of the genus tolstyanok. You can use a much more powerful methods of feeding the energy of Feng Shui. Aquarium with beautiful, fun frolicking fish or the now available room fountain of arbitrary shape, or at least the image of any water, tending upwards, the windmill will complement the area to attract wealth.

The color scheme of this corner should be in the range from green to blue and blue tones, the furniture should be made of wood, wicker, preferably unpainted.

 feng shui area of ​​wealth should be in blue green tones
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Things to consider and remember

The main thing in this case - not to overdo it, do not frighten away your luck. A huge, overcrowded fish tank in a small space, the image of Niagara Falls, stormy ocean can do more harm than good, plenty of images of rushing water can not bring into the house of wealth, but rather carry it in their foamy streams.

The presence of this money will help out of place in the interior of the zone of wealth. Place to your liking a certain number of notes in a prominent place, they belong to the countries and continents is not important, only that they are in use, place the detail in the corners and inaccessible places. Money is like a society of their own kind.

Regardless of the geographical location of the hall, it also should be given the appropriate form to remove any trash and debris, not to leave shoes and robe thrown haphazardly, take care of proper lighting, free entrance to the house to light energy. Absolutely contraindicated to place a mirror opposite the front door, all the good that aspires to enter the house at the same hour, after reflection, leave him.

Under the mat at the entrance to put a handful of useful metal money, for example - the Chinese coin related red thread 3 pieces. Amulets and symbols can be placed next to the door, or in front of it.

And the main thing. It must be understood that the methods of Feng Shui - is not a panacea for all ills, all the effort and costs may be in vain if you do not change yourself, do not tune in to the best in the action, for good luck and success, do not realize that are already rich.

 Attracting wealth and money in the house on Feng Shui

 the use of feng shui for an apartment


  • Feng Shui for the rooms: tips and tricks
  • Accessories Feng Shui Home

Anyone who would like to live in a comfortable, cozy home. Important is how arranged the furniture, home furnishings which are present in the house - all this says about the character and interests of its owner. However, not everyone knows that his success and prosperity may depend on the specific rules of the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui.

Thus, it is necessary to consider some of them. First you need to start the purification of the energy of the space.

Carefully inspect and pay attention to those things that are not used in everyday life for more than two years, you need to ruthlessly get rid of them (dispose of, sell, give away).

This is necessary not only to vacate the house, but also remove the burden of negative energy. Rooms should be ventilated as much as possible and the doors and windows is recommended to lubricate with water and rose oil.

 Feng Shui for bedroom
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Feng Shui for the rooms: tips and tricks

Kitchen - one of the most important rooms of our homes, because there is in the process of eating. It should be noted that the condition of the stove and refrigerator. They should be sure to clean the burner - serviceable in the fridge - only fresh products. For wealth and prosperity can put a beautiful pot on the stove, in the refrigerator - a jar of red caviar and champagne at the dinner table - a basket of fruit. Once ate, immediately wash the dishes and dispose of garbage, do not leave all this "for later". It defiles the house and the aura of its owner.

Bedroom - a place to relax, there is usually a person spends about a third of your life, so you should know how to equip the area for maximum comfort. The plants should be removed, since it is believed that they take energy from the sleeping man. Computer, TV, aquarium with fish is also not the most successful attributes Lounge. The teachings of Feng Shui is very negative about the mirrors, especially opposite the bed - it is believed that they also take energy from the sleeping man.

Bathroom and toilet have to be perfectly clean, but at the same time do not need to decorate the place. The rooms should be left only to those things that bring joy and give positive energy. Sometimes, should light candles, but it is recommended to install them in the northeast, but not in the southern part of the housing space, because the energy of fire will dominate, but it does not always influence favorable for the hosts. In order to improve family relationships, can be placed houseplants with oval or rounded leaves on the south-west.

 Feng Shui Kitchen
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Accessories Feng Shui Home

Mirrors - a powerful source of energy, so they must be placed so that they reflected the luxuries landscape from the window, artwork, dining table.   Charms bells and scare away evil spirits and negative energy. Hang them to be in such a way that due to the air flow, they created a sound effect in the area of ​​the metal or water, namely in the east, northeast, west and southwest.

If you take advantage of all the tips and tricks from the experts of feng shui, you can create in your home positive energy, as much as possible to make your home cozy and comfortable.

 We are making the house more comfortable using the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui