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The main feature of this style - the absence of rigid features. Dresss code? Forget, for casual style of dress is versatile and is able to combine the paradoxical contradictions: everyday comfort and a strict classical, energetic sportiness and sensuality light - all this creates a unique diversity and abundance of options for modeling clothes. Follow the casual style is fairly easy even without a special reserve of Finance, so did the availability and attractiveness "everyday" sloppy image of a very popular, especially among young, active people. «Casual wear - this is an appearance of everyday life with all its diversity" - described the image of Karl Lagerfeld. Casual style translated means "dress casually," so feel free to throw away the stereotypes and fashion concepts, and experiment.

If you analyze the origins of this trend in the fashion world, then some say that his origins are the British Isles, other critics and historians attribute it to fashion the appearance of Scandinavia as a distinctive feature of the wardrobe locals.

It is safe to say that young people choose this style is not so much because of the comfort, convenience and brightness, though it leaves a huge footprint, both to express and emphasize their own individuality. The main thing - freedom and emancipation, and democracy and an abundance of clothing options make it possible to uniquely combine perfectly incongruous things. Therefore, it is often fashionable youth magazines are placed on your pages style of casual, photos clearly demonstrate that this image was created mainly for the young.

All sorts of habitual jeans, shirts or T-shirts, tighter pants, even in places hoodies, skirts and extraordinary sloppy dress - are the main components of street style. If these outfits have served for country walks, they are now ubiquitous on the streets.

Attire casual, find your own version

Casual image, casual - this is a favorite way to dress up the youth, the direction is formed in Scandinavia and England, now it has spread to the bohemian population and the so-called "golden youth". Women's clothing in casual style relies on a sloppy gloss, elusive comfort in combination with a vintage retro style, most clearly noted in the latest collections of fashion designers. The relevance and versatility - these are the main attractive features that form the image of the street. The dresses in the style of casual woman will always correspond to the place and time. There are several lines of this style, however, delimiting the scope is very blurred:

 style of casual photos

  • All-Out-Casual (literally - negligence). Quite eccentric direction is extremely careless of the general style. This wardrobe is attractive in some circles, of course, the street, but its use is discouraged in a business atmosphere. But for a stylish, memorable stay with friends or nature walks will be very important.
  • Sport-casual - the name speaks eloquently for itself - this involves combining clothes closet with sports elements. Be assured that by choosing this outfit any woman can be stylish, even on a treadmill.
  • Street-casual: means "the fashion for every day," there is a vast field of fantasy where you could express their own individuality. The main supporters of this style - young, energetic, appreciate the stylish comfort without losing luster. Rife with street-casual brand collections Claire.
  • Smart casual dress code - different ostentatious aristocracy, includes elements cheeky ease with aristocratic strict dress silhouette. Similarly, you can meet the "share-girls' students, as it is not without the time representation. The most convenient kind of thing on any of the walks, especially romantic. Smart-casual use on the show brand Redgreen
  • Business casual is the "Friday the office fashion", distinguished by great elegance, often used to this way of intense negotiations and meetings. Wardrobe of this style is less formality than just a business, office style, considered to be more simplistic, but it is very popular among the most well-known business people, both men and women. Often these outfits featured in the tracks of the brand Redgreen.

Casual - this ...?

Clothing style casual fashion world predicts a bright future, it is now the direction is at its peak of popularity, but not exhausted its possibilities. Just go outside and see abundant bizarre combination of comfortable and elegant clothes on young people, in women's magazines displayed labels precisely this direction. Casual style - what is it? It is necessary to understand the topic in more detail.

 Women's clothing in casual style

Street style - a contradiction! "All this fickle and different everything" - is not the heroine of one of the trendy - a woman, slave style casual. For a lady to combine the power of asexual trench coat dress and trendy club in conjunction with the high heels. It is necessary to pay special attention to detail: it is not recommended to fasten all the buttons, it is best to use a thin belt to help casually smell, this is the highlight of the street direction. Most can be found in the magazine the fashion shows, which represents the style of casual, photos from the latest collections is particularly pleasing unexpected combinations 'rocker' jackets with solid, inconspicuous turtleneck, somewhere on the shelf finds the pencil skirt and extreme stud.

Street style - a fine chance. Equip your most luxurious dress, it can be decorated with sequins, embroidered with beads, embroidery, shiny rhinestones, vintage lace or fringe, and on top of this shine can be muted reserved cardigan or vest strict lines, but the most extreme option would be a combination of dresses sweatshirt.

 smart casual dress code

Street style - a multi-layered outfits. If your childhood was characterized by avoidance of multiple layers, but now, as adults, women feel a certain desire to put on a lot of different in texture and purpose clothing. On the streets you can often find an option combination dress with short sleeves and a thin turtleneck. Excellent ensemble comes from a combination of short summer dresses with simple jeans, for such is attached along with a cheerful peas blouson or a strip. Women's clothing in casual style superficially different absurdity, but looking more closely, we can see a clear image of reasonableness and completeness.

Street style - comfort and convenience. It is difficult to imagine modern woman who would not be found in the wardrobe of a few denim outfits. But precisely because of the style of casual everyday and familiar, denim has become a permanent member of club parties. How do you mix denim mini skirt with strict office jacket? What could be simpler!

Smart casual for the young and trendy

The conservative business style since the beginning of transformed and diluted less restrictive options such as smart casual - style clothes, has elevated the elegance and freedom, especially in relation to the strict, laconic office clothes. Literally, this is an offshoot of the total casual style translates as "intellectual everyday life".

Why is the trend of substitution of the usual business clothes more comfortable? And it all is that a dynamic lifestyle features for convenience. Strict rules that impose dress-code of the business style of dress, not coordinated with the self-expression and freedom. Smart casual - this is a very versatile area since encompasses incongruous: negligence and severity, the second name, which is used by this line - business-casual. In advanced Western countries considered possible to include this area in the category of permissible things in the working environment and corporate parties. How to recognize the boundaries between the real classic business style and a way of "intellectual everyday life?" And even more difficult question: where it ends and smart casual in possession enters the traditional casual?

 style of casual fashion world

The main differences from the business style of the following:

  • Requirement of a tie, the top button, usually unbuttoned collar is not strictly starched, and a little free.
  • It is acceptable to have to roll up a sleeve shirts strictly up to the middle between the elbow and the wrist.
  • Permission-style casual clothes include clothes, knitted items, for both men and for women.
  • The men will be pleased with the opportunity to use similarity scarf, which will be called upon to replace the tie, surely, this item of clothing to be virtually identical in tone to the suit.
  • A very progressive point is that this style allows wearing jeans, but always close to the classic version, without the frills.
  • Ladies are allowed to periodically alternate office skirt and jacket with a conservative dress, which is very close to the traditional classical style.

How, then, be phased replacement business style to a more free? It all started with the so-called «Free Friday», namely Friday is the final day of the working week, in connection with the permissible deviation from the dress-code. Now, office workers provided comfort in smart casual style, is an innovation in the world of fashion has revolutionized, increasing labor productivity and quality of work, plus there is an opinion that this approach improves the expression of employees and improves mutual understanding in an informal setting.

Complementary manner: game accessories

 casual dress code 2011

As stated in a well-known adage: King creates a suite, so you should pay special attention to the selection of accessories that help to accentuate and highlight the desired part of the entire style. Youth clothing style casual fashion world is not deprived wealth of combinations and accessories only emphasize the abundance of opportunities to experiment.   They must be sufficiently massive, especially bracelets, always bright, preference is not natural and noble materials, as was customary in classical dress, but on the contrary, made such products can even be made of colored plastic, but it is better if it is a semi-precious stone.

The leading role among the accessories bracelets casual style is removed. If a woman has a thin wrist, you should choose a massive, carved bracelet or making connections many chains. It is very relevant in this season will be the youth-themed pendants with animal: fish, sea stars and the like. You can choose the material for the organic accessories, such as the skin. Rings - an essential element of a woman's wardrobe, prefer massive kind of signet in the latest collections of designers met frequently rings buds. Indispensable for all kinds of women are thin belts, they can run as a color of the skin and of the metal units - a matter of taste.

Casual wear - clothes, which made it a rule to monitor the absence of any rules. This unique combination of paradoxes: slight negligence and reasonableness of details and comfort combined with style and a touch of gloss. But most importantly, it makes a difference is the direction - the variety of options. Absolutely every woman can find the best outfits for her, without losing the comfort and convenience. Casual wear - this is the way to her, the path to its own personality!

 Attire casual - become personal!

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