Trendy hairstyles for women


  • Fashion asymmetry options
  • Selecting the type of asymmetrical haircuts face and other parameters
  • Care asymmetrical haircut

Short asymmetrical women's haircuts - it is always stylish, bold and creative. But it is not only their dignity, because asymmetry - a great way to highlight the attractiveness of natural persons, to emphasize the eyes and divert attention from minor flaws.

That asymmetrical haircut short hair can make the image of a harmonious!

The undeniable advantage of these hairstyles is the fact that even short hair can be installed in different ways, so that holders have asymmetry, there are always a few ways left laying on different occasions.
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Fashion asymmetry options

Today still relevant asymmetrical haircut with some elongated strands or fringes. The most popular hairdo of the plan is the pixie (hairstyle in which the hair of the person are longer than on the top and back of the head). Also it looks great modern version of a bob haircut with ragged ends.

Perhaps the main element of the hair, which takes the asymmetry is the fringe. That it effectively corrects and simulates the shape of the face beyond recognition, as breaks in the asymmetric geometry of the zone clear complexion.

Very fashionable complement asymmetry bright hair color. It can be beautiful coloring all over the head, or staining of elongated strands of bright color. Also will look great and asymmetrical hairstyles for plain rich black hair, red color and perfect blonde.

 asymmetrical haircuts for women
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Selecting the type of asymmetrical haircuts face and other parameters

Short asymmetrical haircut is suitable for any type of person.   However, in dependence thereon, hair will have its own characteristics. For a round face fit hairstyle with volume on top and with ragged strands around the face. Excellent complement such thinned hair oblique bangs that give the image of individuality and visually make the face look narrower.

Women with oval face can only envy, because they fit any hairstyle. A very interesting option for them asymmetrical haircuts - a model with a straight and long bangs in combination with a few thin strands in the area of ​​the cheeks.

The fair sex with a triangular type of face (high cheekbones, narrow chin) suitable asymmetrical bob length not below the cheekbones. For women with a square type of face (high cheekbones and forehead) asymmetrical hairstyle - just perfect. It should give preference to models with diagonal lines in the area of ​​the ears, with slanting parting, but to avoid the thick, long bangs.

A more detailed explanation appropriate asymmetric way can a hairdresser in a personal assessment of the exterior features.

For what hair suits asymmetry? Select an asymmetrical haircut can both holders of thick hair, and girls with thin hair, long strands because the individual is not only a unique way of doing, but also give extra volume stacking. For fine hair hairstyles are perfect with an emphasis on a bang, that is achieved through the asymmetry.

Full of girls should choose an asymmetrical hairdo with oblique long bangs, which can be curled in ringlets romantic, thereby visually make the face thinner. It can also be a bob haircut with asymmetrical sides of the person, the length of one of the parties must be at the level of the chin. For thin face fit asymmetrical haircut with some long locks, but better to choose bang in the form of an arch.

 asymmetrical hairstyles for short hair
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Care asymmetrical haircut

Choosing asymmetry should be understood that such a haircut requires constant care. Hair styling with a haircut - a mandatory procedure for each day, this may take a hair dryer or iron is. For maximum effect, will need tools such as wax, gel, foam and modeling mousse.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the asymmetrical haircuts lose their shape rather quickly, so go for services to the hairdresser will have a bit more often.

These haircuts - a great option for girls who dream to excel and become more vivid and unique. In addition, the asymmetry is to choose those who want to change their image dramatically.

 Asymmetrical haircuts: stylish, cheeky, creative!

 Women's hairstyles for short hair


  • What to consider when choosing a short cut?
  • What haircut is right for you?
  • The perfect hairstyle for a low forehead and a short neck
  • Options for pear-shaped face and full of people
  • Rack for any occasions

2013 brought a new trend for short stylish haircuts. Strict classic, stylish, glamorous, daring and original - they are capable of dramatically change you, give personality to emphasize refinement and style. Today popular models haircuts include an amazing variety of textures, shapes, they give hair expression, volume, curls forced to play all the colors.

Placement of hair is also different at ease, to make it possible even at home, observing the canons of fashion. Now, your hair will never look flat, it is absolutely lifeless and dull. And the ability to use the widest range of styling and coloring will give you the chance to always be new and compelling, thanks to one only a short hairstyle!
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What to consider when choosing a short cut?

Trendy hairstyles for short hair can not only make you irresistible, but also young. It allows small length hair back image of the young, while the long hair makes even a young girl or older. Beautiful short hair - is not only attractive, but also the ability to constantly experimenting with their image, styling does not give a lot of time, and just take care of such hair is much easier. Short stylish casual hairstyles help to solve many problems:

  • such hair is easy to fit into a fashionable hairstyle, spending a minimum of time;
  • a person gets older, beautiful short haircuts for all ages;
  • such a simple haircut is considered to be universal, it looks great at work and at rest.

But if you decide to choose a short model, it is necessary to take into account such features:

  • for fine hair is necessary to provide the amount. There are not all models are suitable, select an image to be very careful;
  • short hairstyles are more suitable for tall women, it is necessary to give preference to low haircuts that will visually increase the height. Not all models of the short suit, should consult an experienced stylist or barber.

 Unusual hairstyles for short hair

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What haircut is right for you?

Modern haircuts on short hair should be not only beautiful, but also is perfect for facial, hide all the defects of appearance, it is advantageous to emphasize dignity. Short hairstyles, despite their appeal is much more complicated in this matter, because the correct mask defects with hair much harder than long. When choosing a model on short hair should be remembered that the value has everything from the shape of the face, thinning hair, his characteristics.

Stylish haircuts on short hair to long, rather narrow face provide an opportunity to visually shorten the face to make it more proportionate features. For this purpose, long curls that fall below the ears, and very low bangs completely covering the eyebrows, can be asymmetrical.

Options for short hair cuts for round faces the most complex and difficult. After all, they are easy ways to make that person even rounder, and the goal is to narrow it down a little bit. Therefore, in this case, we forget about bangs that categorically do not fit here. Exit - to use long curls, reaching the corners of the lower jaw. Part of the neck should be slightly covered, the back hair can be much shorter.

The ideal situation is a haircut with parting and long, smooth curls around her face.

For a person with a square jaw perfect simple hairstyle with bangs and short hair, closing angles of the lower jaw. This can be a severe bob, bob.

A lot of problems to preserve the symmetry of a woman's face may be the wrong nose shape and size. In this case, Trendy hairstyles should remove the focus from the nose, bringing it into unusual shapes curls. With a long nose are great with short hair sticking forelock, low lush fringe. For a small nose is better to do curls without bangs, and for the snub - the hair should be brushed on top. For a flat, rather broad nose it is highly recommended to lift the hair above the forehead.

When cut chin modern short hairstyles should be slightly lengthen the face, allows you to visually push the jaw. This hairstyle with bangs to her eyebrows, rounded lines along the temples, around the back of the neck.
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The perfect hairstyle for a low forehead and a short neck

If you have a low forehead perfect simple but are stylish and sophisticated hairstyle with lush bangs that extend up to the eyebrows, a little close them. Nape recommended rounding, making lush area near the top of the head and neck. For this purpose when laying hair a little curl, tease and fixed in this position. This is a very modern hairstyles that are perfect for any situation, they can be severe, and very sexy, giving its owner a youth.

Short neck need to visually lengthen a little bit. For this purpose, the model hairstyles that open neck, with tapering neck, long, asymmetrical bangs covering his eyebrows. For fine hair hairstyles are not suitable.

In order to make thin hair more volume, tapering strands should be used. This will not only make the model more volume, but also to return to her sense of elasticity, the greater splendor. This is usually the use of rather short bangs, separate locks can be directed in different directions. These hairstyles are very trendy, they look great in any situation, but the styling of their rather complicated.

 female youth haircut
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Options for pear-shaped face and full of people

Popular models for pear-shaped face - this hairstyle with short, curling strands, long bangs. The strands can fall on the cheeks, forehead, ears shut. Above the ears recommended beams with curls. When wide-set eyes hair over his forehead go upstairs, put a wave. But for the close-set eyes give the splendor of the best at the temples.

Casual smooth hairstyle with hair combed for the perfect face shape, which is considered an oval, could be not just a stylish and very elegant and refined. This model is completely open person, stresses his every dash, but is not for everyone. For dark hair clippers are not very good, the more they are a natural blonde, Light Brown.

Pretty complex modeling hairstyles for full-face, but they make it possible to complete the image, appealing to distract from unnecessary shapes. In this case, it is best to look trendy, lush hair, well suited classic bob. When curly hair a lot more options, such locks provide an opportunity to highlight the chin, the face seems narrower interests.

Fashion hairstyles with bangs for short hair allow yourself to model your way. It may be an everyday model with a short straight bangs, long, thinned, or graded model with asymmetry, length of the individual strands of hair along the face. Ragged bangs help to create fancy hairstyles, they are suitable for almost any type of person. They are excellent for classic bob, ultra-modern "ball", adding elements of elegant messiness.
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Rack for any occasions

Four of a Kind - this is one of the most commonly used model, it has many varieties, it can be used for different types of faces. This spectacular hairstyle for thick and thin hair, light and dark. Rack can be used to correct oval face or in order to mask the very high cheekbones.

Professional hairdresser just one glance is enough to determine exactly what kind of haircut you will face. But modern types of haircuts depend largely on the fashion trends, in 2013 brought the popularity of the Universal, very stylish short haircut. It's not only the best classic models such as a square or a bean, but also a great variety of changing textures, glow of natural shades, use of bold, unexpected stroke.

Short everyday hairstyle, glamor, youth, business and versatile - they allow you to stand out from the crowd, to improve its image. But the model and simple short cut largely depend on the type of face, the hair, the desired image, so the approach to the selection should be very carefully and attentively.

 What form to choose a hairstyle for short hair?