signs of asthma


  • The main symptoms of asthma attack
  • Symptoms requiring medical care

The character of an asthmatic attack depends mainly on the type of disease. Infectious-allergic type of asthma is characterized by slack-current symptoms, the first signs of which appear quickly, and then slowly begin to increase. The causes of adult may be stress, emotional stress or respiratory diseases. The reason in atopic asthma is usually contact with the allergen. In this case, the signs of the disease appear suddenly and begin to grow rapidly.
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The main symptoms of asthma attack

As a chronic respiratory disease, asthma, can be the cause of different symptoms and severity of seizures. Some people suffer asthma almost without noticing, while others are constantly plagued by symptoms such as dry cough and shortness of breath.

The main symptom of asthma is difficulty in breathing. This symptom is always accompanied by shortness of breath, chest tightness and a feeling of lack of air.

During the attack, a man tries to take a strictly vertical position, standing or sitting, and lean forward, as if to help himself breathe. But because of the narrowing of the airways, breathing out is not effective, even though the patient's lungs filled with oxygen. The breath of the patient during an asthma attack is accompanied by wheezing. This is due to the passage of air through the compressed due bronchospasm. However wheezing alone can not be a proof of asthma, since they are observed in other diseases. Therefore, for the diagnosis of asthma in adults, it is necessary to observe and other symptoms.

The main symptoms of asthma, accompanying the patient at night, is coughing and choking.   Why these symptoms often occur at night, it is still not clear. But it can be assumed that the cause is a natural human airway constriction at night. For asthma patients whose airways are already narrowed due to illness, this process is causing great concern.

For some adults, the only symptom of asthma, bringing considerable discomfort, is dry cough and slight wheezing. Starting thus sometimes attack leads to mucus. In the absence of infection in the lungs and bronchi, it should be clear in color. In rare cases, the sputum is yellow because of the presence therein of eosinophils - immune cells. Sometimes mistakenly diagnosing pneumonia, the doctor prescribed to patients treated with antibiotics. But when coughing caused by asthma attack, antibiotics do not help.

 correct treatment of asthma
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Symptoms requiring medical care

During severe asthma attacks, adult patients lose a lot of physical and moral strength, since they have not put enough effort just to breathe. Symptoms of the disease, interfere with a person to speak and do not allow to take a horizontal position. During acute asthma attacks in adults can show signs of oxygen starvation: bluish tinge to the skin, confusion. Breathing becomes superficial and fills the lungs. All these symptoms are very dangerous and require immediate medical attention.

Also surrounding the need to pay attention if a patient with an acute asthma attack, abruptly stopped wheezing, audible at first. It is a mistake to assume that this means an early end to the attack. In fact, the termination means wheezing worsening condition due to further lock the airways. This condition is dangerous full stop breathing, and requires immediate medical attention.

But even in the absence of severe attacks, it should be understood that asthma - a serious disease that requires treatment under the supervision of a specialist. A qualified doctor prescribes treatment, based on the history and symptoms of the disease. Treatment of asthma always includes not only medicines but also a special mode, and certain actions during seizures. Often, to cope with the disease, patients have to radically change the style of life.

 Asthma: Symptoms and signs of major diseases

 causes of herpes on the lips


  • What is a cold sore on the lips?
  • How is the disease?
  • Treatment against herpes on the lips
  • What complications can develop herpes?

It is unlikely that among all sets of human diseases will be possible to find a more common disease than herpes on the lips.

95% of the world's population is infected with the virus. And only 20% during the life it is manifested.
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What is a cold sore on the lips?

Pharmacology of the world is not the first decade of trying to derive a formula tablets from herpes on the lips, which could relieve the human body of this disease once and for all.   But while searching for drugs have not brought any results. There are many kinds of herpes. The most common are: herpes of the first type, which acts on the lips, and herpes of the second type, the localization of which occurs on the genitals. The first type of herpes virus (also known as herpes simplex virus) spreads by droplet infection from person to person, through a common dishes, doorknobs, etc.

For human infection goes unnoticed. This type of virus enters the body through the micro-cracks in the skin and mucous membranes. Nestling in the nerve fibers, the virus remains in the body for life. Usually it is in the inactive state for a sufficiently long period of time. A year, two, ten years or even more. Some people live with the virus all their lives and are not even aware that they have it. But sometimes there comes a time when this same virus wakes up.

This is due to many factors that weaken the immune system, thereby giving impetus to the awakening and development of herpes. These include: bad habits, hormonal disorders, poisoning, hypothermia or overheating of the body, stress, acclimatization, other bacterial or viral infections, abuse of tan, medication, pregnancy, breast-feeding and cancer.

 Ointment for the treatment of herpes on the lips
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How is the disease?

Upon activation of herpes infection are six stages:

  1. Prodromal stage. It lasts an average of about six hours. The patient feels itching, burning and tingling in the area where in the future will be cold sores;
  2. Step erythema. It lasts about a day. In the affected area there is redness;
  3. Stage vesicles. In the place where there was redness, small bubbles begin to appear with a clear liquid inside. Within three days the liquid becomes turbid. It was at this time one allocates to the environment the greatest number of virus particles and becomes highly contagious;
  4. Stage erosion. The bubbles burst and form painful area of ​​skin from which oozes fluid;
  5. Stage of solid crust. Moist area of ​​the skin dries. At this point, the crust is formed, which is constantly itching;
  6. Stage Dry peeling. Complete drying moist before the plot. When skin lesions were extensive, most of all, at this point formed scars. The most common cold sore appears on the lips. It may also occur around the nose or eyes. There are cases when it is manifested in the nose, in the place where the mucous membrane passes into the skin.

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Treatment against herpes on the lips

Quickly get rid of cold sores on the lips is possible only if the treatment was started against him correctly and on time. Even at the prodromal stage, just when you start to feel the itch, you have to start taking action. Typically, doctors prescribe treatment for herpes infections antiviral ointments, which significantly improve the symptoms of the disease.

Ointment for herpes lips reduce discomfort and speed the healing of wounds. If these ointments to treat herpes at the very first sign of illness, it is likely that it will stop and herpetic skin rash of small blisters will not. Doctors recommend that those patients whose herpes is not uncommon to carry your ointment for herpes. Some ointments herpes treatment can be carried out even during pregnancy.

Tablets against herpes should start to apply as soon as one finds at the first signs of the disease. If you have time to do it early in the disease, it is possible to avoid skin rash. If you do not take pills from herpes on her lips once, then bubbles appear, but the course of the disease will be much shorter. Besides tools such as anti-viral creams and pills to people who suffer frequent relapses of the disease, doctors recommend a comprehensive treatment, which includes tools for correcting impaired immunity. These pills activates the body's own cells in the production of enzymes that are able to overcome the herpes virus.

If the person did not have at hand the special drugs, you can use the following tips:

  1. You can lubricate the cold sores on the lips of a cotton swab dipped in a solution of salt (1 teaspoon salt in a glass of water);
  2. In the affected area can put a compress on the basis of pharmacy chamomile or calendula. good help against the itching on the affected skin;
  3. Dissolved with water aspirin or paracetamol applied to the affected area, too, can help against herpes;
  4. In the absence of an allergy can refer to aromatic oils. The oil of bergamot and eucalyptus is recommended to mix with olive in equal proportions and lubricate the affected area of ​​the skin;
  5. The pulp of aloe or Kalanchoe applied for several minutes to the affected area on the lips, also brings relief. No clinical studies have proven effective if such treatment. But the harm, as opposed to self-selected medicines, folk remedies will not do.

What tablets fit a specific person against herpes, a doctor can determine.

 tablets for the treatment of herpes on the lips
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What complications can develop herpes?

Complications of the disease there is a large set. This herpetic lesion of the cornea, the bronchi, trachea, lungs, esophagus, etc. During an exacerbation of the disease need to follow some rules to avoid potential complications:

  1. No need to touch blisters;
  2. If, however, you are touched, then wash your hands immediately, and in any case, do not meddle in the eyes and hands do not rub;
  3. You can not squeeze out the bubbles and otkovyrivat crust;
  4. Antiviral ointment should be applied only disposable cotton swab. It must be remembered that if herpes failed after 10 days of drug therapy against the virus in order to avoid complications it is necessary to consult a doctor. Subsequent treatment can only assign it.

To minimize meeting with herpes, you must first deal with the strengthening of its immunity. A strong immune system is able to repel almost any viral infection. A man should pay attention to what he eats. The diet should be a lot of fruits and vegetables. In the off-season should be consumed immunopodderzhivayuschie vitamins and pills. Very good for maintaining immunity in good condition affects physical activity and hardening. If you adhere to these guidelines, it is possible to minimize the recurrence of the disease and reduce the risk of complications from herpes.

 Treatment of herpes on the lips