Feng Shui to attract love and luck


  • How to put the furniture in the house
  • How to Use Feng Shui married

Since ancient times, all the women have sought to understand the harmony of love, but not everyone is able to achieve reciprocity. The art of Feng Shui helps to grasp this very harmony.

This doctrine says that our house has a special area of ​​love. However, over the years, such areas are always changing places, so there are a few simple tips to help you use feng shui for the benefit of . Only it must be remembered that it is necessary to be ready for a serious relationship, not an easy affair, otherwise all your work can be wasted in vain.

 correct placement of furniture according to Feng Shui
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How to put the furniture in the house

To attract love, you first need to remove from the house all the things that remind us of past relationships. They are the new love will definitely be a hindrance. Burn all the letters you have received from past fans, remove all the pictures and decorations. New love should start with a clean slate.

If you sleep in a small single bed, you pre-program yourself to loneliness, because there is not exactly masculine fit. Buy a big bed. And be sure to put her head against the wall to pass the bed was on both sides. So you are to attract the energy of qi, and therefore love for you be attracted much faster.

Yet many teachers say that when Feng Shuya is necessary to place some men at home signs to lure the man. You can spread out on a shelf men's magazines, you can even tie to hang in the closet. It should also arrange for home paired souvenirs. For example, two porcelain doves or two fluffy toy kittens.

In short, all the items in your house have to say that you are completely open to love, and then she pulled herself to you, and the male energy is at a distance feel your feminine.

 feng shui in the apartment
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How to Use Feng Shui married

Sometimes in marriage, too, need to attract love, or rather not even attract and stir up again. This can also help the art. We need to find the direction of the south-west and put there any thing of the earth element, such as a large flower pot. In this case, the relationship will be more robust and stable. But if the relationship is, on the contrary, it is necessary to shake it to look for objects of other elements. For example, you can put some bright orange light.

Do not forget about the flavors. If you do not have enough passion, we can deliver flowers peonies. They will stir up passion cooled down, and their scent will fill your soul with love anew.

Bed spouses must again be shared, and the mattress has to be continuous, not separate, or one spouse will live their lives. In no case, the marital bedroom should not be any extraneous sofas, bedroom because the couple - is their own secret world in which there should be no temptation sat someone else.

In the art of attracting love still many mysteries and secrets that have to gradually learn and implement, because learning something new is never too late, and the reward will be studied throughout the greatest feelings that have on the planet - love and devotion!

 Arts attract love

 apartment on Feng Shui


  • Party light of feng shui
  • Making the apartment according to the rules of feng shui
  • We make northern and western zone of the apartment and attract good luck into the house
  • Eastern space and marital happiness

According to ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, every house has its own positive and negative space, which have a strong influence on our karma. And how well these areas to issue depends how will shape life, the fate of the children of others.

Find the energy space is very easy using the special compass, which shows where and what areas are.

Positive sector are divided into:

  • the main place, that is the most favorable of the apartments, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms;
  • place health;
  • zone of longevity, characterized by comfort and harmony;
  • place of prosperity, responsible for the progress and development.

In such places, it is recommended to put special symbols that allow you to activate the zone to enhance their positive impact on the lives.

Negative areas are divided into:

  • the place of death, it is the worst place apartments, associated with failures, disease, suffering;
  • disaster area, leading to loss, delays, misery;
  • place six sha, which is associated with legal problems, persistent diseases;
  • place five spirits characterized by fires, financial difficulties, thefts.

To counteract these areas, you must use special characters that are not in these places have living rooms, bedrooms and children.
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Party light of feng shui

According to feng shui, a great impact on the overall better off having the so-called zone, that is the part of the world, the proper use of which will help to create harmony at home, coziness and comfort, bring happiness in family life, give health. Such parts of the world of feng shui stands out more, look at each of them:

  • north linked to career development, this way of life, which is to go to each;
  • Northwest - an area that favors the travelers. If you would like to travel a lot around the world, put in the northwest corner of the paintings of the places where you would like to visit;
  • the north-eastern zone - this knowledge and wisdom, the development of this angle and the correct execution of an impact on positive experiences;
  • South - it's popularity, fame, status of the family. Such zones must be drawn up in a bright, fiery style; permitting opportunity, then you can put a small oil lamp, candle holder, a fireplace;
  • south-western part of the apartment is responsible for the successful family life, relationships, love, loyalty;
  • Southwest - is the wealth and well-being. These areas are best to register the plants with round sheets. For many centuries it uses so-called money tree, about pot is made to throw coins with holes;
  • West - creativity. According to feng shui, this side is decorated with jingling metal objects - a tube that emit thin jingle at the slightest breeze, coins, etc.;
  • East - a zone of family well-being and happiness, love. There is usually recommended to place plants.

 identification of areas of feng shui

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Making the apartment according to the rules of feng shui

Check the apartment according to the rules of feng shui is not so difficult, you only need to follow the recommendations of experts.

Southwest side - area mothers, wives and partnerships. This zone is required in any home, its absence can cause a disorder of family relations. Activate zone is very simple, it is necessary to put a simple composition, consisting of nine stones, among which two should be the greatest, and the remaining seven - smaller. Hill should be bandaged red ribbon. Himself corner area must be well lit, you can put it in a decorative lamp with crystal suspension or a shade of red and bright pink.

Electricity better not to save, there may be the use of the output of LED lamps (or energy saving). It will be good to put in the place of a family photograph, which shows all nearby. This area is recommended to place these decorative elements:

  • world map,
  • a small globe of glass and natural stone,
  • an image of mountains,
  • beautiful mirror.

Good to decorate one of the decorative elements of the symbol of "love."

South-eastern zone of feng shui - a zone of the Dragon or the financial well-being. In this zone of feng shui is necessary to put the image of this proud, regal creatures, to ensure the well-being. Many experts recommend to put a small aquarium here, a bowl of water or a decorative fountain. The water must be changed very frequently, about once every three days!

It is advisable to put in the southeastern corner of indoor plant with rounded leaves that resemble coins put under pots metal coins or bills tied with red ribbon or paper. The energy of this area also contributes to the well-being and welfare of the eldest daughter in the family. The apartment in this corner of the need to put the character "Energy", the frog statue, mirror, small decorative teapot.

South Zone in the apartment - a place that ensures the preservation of the reputation of the family. If this zone issue properly, the members of the family will enjoy the esteem and respect, which is very important. Making the angle must be maintained in red and green colors. This can be a pot with a potted plant with sharp leaves, picture rooster, sunrise, peacock, pink flamingos. South Zone - Diocese of fire, then you can put a small oil lamp, but at the same time take into account the safety rules. To decorate the southern zone of great character "Flower", a vase of flowers or paper Chinese lantern.

 Stones Feng Shui
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We make northern and western zone of the apartment and attract good luck into the house

North - Zone career position, career advancement. If this angle is absent, then the chances of getting proper operation are minimal. Activate the situation can put in a corner of the aquarium with goldfish, hung a picture of a waterfall, beautiful scenery rushing river. Effectively location statuette tortoise (or black water). North Zone has the patronage of the middle son. Considered the appropriateness of the location of the character "Beauty", symbolizing softness, passivity, it will be good to put a small figurine of a dolphin, a picture of the flow of water.

The northwest area of ​​the apartment - a zone of care, support and business relationships, husband and father. The absence of this corner - a disaster for the family, you must activate it as soon as possible. This can be done by using metal objects, bells on the red ribbon. Very well, if that zone has to the kitchen, then the angle is lined with tiles of pressed chips and stone. Character here has to be "Unity", symbolizing the world order. Immediately recommended to put figures gods.

The angle of the northeast - feng shui area that relates to their studies, the acquisition of knowledge, raising the intellectual level, life experience and wisdom. In this sector, it is recommended to put the desktop, small ornaments of ceramics, paintings of mountain landscapes. Color choice should be: shades of red and yellow, rich and juicy. Character, which is suitable for this angle - "Wisdom". Area of ​​Feng Shui has a positive impact on the fate of his youngest son.

West in the apartment - a sector of prosperity and good luck, according to feng shui. The apartment in this place should be framed picture of mountains with snow-capped peaks, white tiger figurine. This is a sector that affects the younger daughter of destiny, it is necessary to issue appropriate way to make it a happy and rich. According to Feng Shui it is necessary to put the character "Happiness", placed coins, wind chimes, figurines of cats.

 figure of Buddha in the apartment on Feng Shui
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Eastern space and marital happiness

Eastern zone - a place in charge of the family fortune. This is the area of ​​development, personal growth, striving for spiritual unity. For this area it is recommended to use the image of the dragon, put here houseplants. The color scheme - green, blue, gray. The development of this area has an impact on the fate of the eldest son. Character of this corner apartment - "Longevity", then you can put a mirror, a small green plant, dragon figurines.

Science of Feng Shui - is the ancient Chinese teaching, which defines how to attract luck, good luck, well-being in the house with the help of the proper use of the energy that surrounds us on all sides. For many, it's just a mystic, but precisely because of this doctrine in ancient China built grandiose buildings that still exist, and the family and scholars who lived in them, became known throughout the world. In a typical city apartment is used by the doctrine on the basis of data on the effect of light on the sides of the well-being, health, welfare, living in it. Using the simplest objects and basic knowledge, you can have a strong positive impact on their own destiny.

 Attract good luck into the house according to Feng Shui