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Now it is even difficult to say, when the very first artificial flowers. It seems that they have been popular always and everywhere. The first documented mention of them refers to the III-II centuries BC. Archaeologists tend to think that they have come up with the ancient Egyptians. Later, mastered this art in ancient China, Greece and Rome.

Flowers made from a variety of materials - fabrics, porcelain, paper, metal, precious stones, clay, wood, feathers and all ... you name it. Some copies were real works of art. Yes, and it was very expensive. Just imagine what the price may be, for example, a bouquet of roses platinum and gold set with diamonds!

In the nineteenth century the fashion for artificial flowers peaked. They were decorated with everything - from hairstyles and clothes to the interior. As the demand was very high, the production of flowers was a real profession. Opened special workshops, schools and crafts courses. In 1894, in St. Petersburg came even guidance on making flowers out of paper, leather, wax and cloth. Since then, anyone could learn about how to make artificial flowers with his own hands.

The twentieth century brought about changes - an artificial colors, seemingly forgotten. But in the early twenty-first century, they are again firmly in vogue. Today, these accessories occupy a worthy place in the collections of such renowned masters like Galliano, Valentino, Christian Lacroix and many others. And art tsvetodeliya again gradually moving from the category of hobby in the category of professional skill. However, to make artificial flowers and quite possibly their own hands - nothing complicated about it. And materials can be very different. Let's look at some simple ways to create these elegant ornaments.

Flowers Organza

You will need:

  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • beads;
  • Candle;
  • a sheet of construction paper;
  • pencil;
  • organza.

Take a sheet of heavy paper and pencil. Draw three flowers of different sizes - small, medium and large. Each of the flowers must have five lobes. Using scissors, carefully cut out the figures on the circuit - you get the template. Take a tissue and received using stencils cut flowers already organza.

Light a candle and carefully anneal all the petals of flame. Just do not forget that organza is highly flammable. Therefore, to carry out this manipulation should be extremely careful. To flower was like a real need to wrap the material in the right direction - inside. To achieve this it should be held with one hand so that the thumb was inside. Move the flame of a candle in one direction.

When all the blanks to be processed, put them on one another, and seal it with the help of thread and needle. To knot the thread was "hidden", only connect the first two petals, and then sew them the lowest. Use beads or beads - they will represent the stamens of the plant. The final step - fixing thread. In order to get it accurately, pierce two layers of fabric with a needle and thread for secure stitch so as to form a strong unit. That's all! The original and surprisingly delicate flower is ready. It remains to figure out exactly what you will decorate this little miracle.

 how to make flowers with his own hands

Paper Flowers

Of course, the most important thing on the festive table - it is delicious. But, frequently, beautiful design plays no less important. If your intention is to surprise its guests not only culinary delights but also serving the original, it will help you to realize our plans colors of napkins.

For creativity you need:

  • tubes for cocktails;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • layered tissue;
  • thread matching the color of the napkins.

Duct best to use plain - white or black suit. But napkins should be bright and colorful. Then the decoration will be more noticeable. Take a tissue and gently flatten it. Fold in half, and then assemble in the "harmonica". Tie the resulting "concertina" thread strictly in the middle. Take a pair of scissors and trim the edges of napkins, giving them the desired shape.

If you want your flowers look more gentle and romantic, the petals should be cut in a semicircle. If you prefer the sharp edges - to make the petals triangular shape. Fan each of the petals, gently twisting the paper. Take a cocktail stick and carefully glue it to the base of the flower - turned stem. The flower is ready! It remains to make a few more of the same and decorate these original bouquet festive table.

Flowers of felt

To manufacture these furry, cute and lovely flowers with his own hands is very simple. They are ideal for decorating home interiors - such as curtains or decorative pillows. They can also be used to create various accessories - collars, rubber bands or hair pins, brooches.

You will need:

  • thread, selected to match the tissue;
  • scissors;
  • felt.

Take the felt and cut them into pieces. The length of each piece to be ten, and width - two and a half centimeters. Using scissors make a fringe around the perimeter of the entire piece of fabric. Just do not overdo it - it should not be too narrow! Otherwise felt begins to crumble, and all the work will come to nothing. Then fold the fabric "accordion" and tight tie thread in the middle. Fan flower, carefully unfolded petals. Done!

Flowers from beads

Beads - very fertile material for creativity. What are the only crafts and decorations do with it! Some of them - true works of art. Of course, to learn to work with this material, it will take time and patience. But it is necessary to start somewhere! Why not make a start for something simple - such a cute and very simple bouquet. Perhaps, the easiest to manufacture beaded flowers - daisies and forget-me-is.

For this bouquet you will need:

  • soft wire;
  • beads of green, yellow, white and blue;
  • pliers;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • scissors.

Let's start with forget-me. Take the wire and cut with pliers long piece of 8 - 10 cm. This piece of string on a yellow bead. Add to it the five blue. Bend the wire and pull it the end of the first bead blue. Then - in a second and then a third blue bead. Then skip to the yellow bead wire and twist together with the free end. The result was a forget-me-with the stem. Make a few of these flowers. Now we have to make a leaf. For this string on the ends of the wire beads on the green pattern: 1-2-3-4-4-3-2. Twist together the free ends of the wire - a bouquet is ready!

With the forget-me-understood. Go to the daisy. In order to make the petals, you will need 10 - 12 pieces of wire nine centimeters long. Take the white beads and weave petal. Make sure that the wire ends are directed towards each other. Make the middle of the flower is very simple - nanizhite seven beads on a wire and turn them into a spiral. Carefully collect flower petals center and twisting together. To make the leaf of a plant using the scheme: 1-2-4-4-3-4-3-2-2-1. In the process of weaving it is recommended to bend the sheet in such a way that it looked like a real one. And the last step - string on the stem of your daisy green beads and attach the sheet. However, you can leave the stalk and "naked." But only if your wire has a silver color - otherwise it will be not nice. Chamomile is ready.

 how to make artificial flowers with his own hands

Flower of tulle

It's amazing romantic and delicate flower will enhance any hairstyle or clothing. And it makes it very simple. You will need:

  • tulle;
  • velvet ribbon;
  • feathers;
  • leaves of velvet;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • hairpin-shaped comb.

Cut the tulle into squares measuring 20x20 centimeters. You will need eight squares. Take one and fold it in half twice, and then diagonally so that a triangle. Cut with scissors wide end - the petals should have a triangular shape. Repeat this procedure with other squares of tulle. Fold one preform to another. Secure the middle of a few stitches. Grasp the center of the flower petals and lift it up - it will bud. Secure its base at a distance of five millimeters from the edge with the help of thread and needle. Make sure that the flower is sewn very tightly.

Take a velvet ribbon length of 25 centimeters, folded so that the ends converge in the middle. Secure with thread. I must obtain a bow. Sew to the base three velvet sheet. They can be purchased in the store for needlework, or simply removed from the finished artificial flowers. Gently flatten and smooth feathers and secure so that their base was hidden under the leaves. Secure the top bud of tulle, using a needle and thread. If you wear a flower as brooches - sew a safety pin, if the clip - fix on the crest. The work is done.

Of course, this is not all ways to make artificial flowers. We have considered only the lightest of them. As you can see, no special knowledge and skills such work requires. All you need - it's a little bit of imagination, patience and a great desire to make the world brighter and more beautiful. You all must succeed. Just try it!

 Artificial flowers with his own hands - to make life brighter

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