Aromatherapy for Children


  • A little about aromatherapy
  • Choice of essential oils
  • Terms of aromatherapy
  • Colds
  • Indigestion
  • Stabilization of the nervous system
  • Conclusion

Scents play a huge role in the life of modern man. Moreover, a person begins to appreciate the smell of a child, though not always consciously. Do you remember the smell of biscuits, baked mom, the smell of the sea, where you carried on a vacation? Moreover, these odors are so deeply in the subconscious of the person, even in adulthood instant cause relevant associations - is to close your eyes and it seems like you've got back to my childhood.

This feature of the human body interested physicians. They spent a huge amount of research, during which significantly revealed that odors tend to directly affect the operation of certain internal organs. And this feature of the physicians did not fail to take advantage - there is such a thing as aromatherapy. And aromatherapy for children are not less popular than for adults.

However, aromatherapy to treat children today are not very popular. Therefore, parents have a lot of questions. For example, for the treatment of any disease using aromatherapy, there are any contraindications and the like. This is what we will discuss in this article.

A little about aromatherapy

In fairness it should be noted that all new - it is well forgotten old. And our ancestors have long been successfully used the healing properties of various scents. Using scents can relieve stress and mental instability, to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, normalize the functioning of internal organs and systems.

The concept of "essential oils," appeared in the 10th century - it was then that people have learned to be separated from the carrier substance fragrances. As you know, the essential oils in their chemical composition is fundamentally different from the fatty oils such as olive, sunflower, sesame and others.

The composition of essential oils include components that have strong anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. In addition, a number of essential oils in the most positive effect on the immune system - it restores and strengthens.

Doctors have noticed a surprising feature of the child's body - he is able to accurately identify the required him exactly at the moment the smell. A child psychologists in one voice say that the various odors are essential for the normal and harmonious development of the child. Scents needed nothing less than striking visual images, sounds and tactile sensations.

Choice of essential oils

Tragically, today about 80% of essential oils available in the free market, are chemically synthesized. A children's aromatherapy allowed to use only natural essential oils. Therefore, the choice of aromatic oils for the child need to be careful and attentive.

And no matter for what purpose will be used aromatic oil - massage, inhalation or creating a suitable atmosphere in the baby's room. It must be very natural. Of course, the natural oil is much more expensive than chemically synthesized, and find them much more difficult. But it is not necessary to save the health of the child, is not it?

Artificially synthesized aromatic oils very often lead to negative consequences such as allergic reactions, severe irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, sleep disturbance, and the youngest children can be observed too restless behavior. Therefore, when buying oil quality certificates required to ask - it will help reduce the risk of buying counterfeit oils.


Terms of aromatherapy

There are a few rules that will ensure the safety of aromatherapy. No exceptions to these rules simply can not be, if you do not want to face the complications:

  • Preliminary consultation with the doctor the child

Whatever was not safe aromatherapy, pre-consult with the doctor of your baby. Usually, aromatherapy is absolutely safe, but nevertheless, remember that we are talking about a child. A child's body quite unpredictable and the presence of any chronic disease aromatherapy may be contraindicated.

  • Dosage

Aromatic oils for children can only be used in very small doses. It does not matter whether the oil burner, applications or baths - specified on the packaging necessary to reduce the dosage of 3 - 4 times, depending on the age of the child. It is much better to take a smaller dose than you need than most.

Essential aromatherapy oils have one interesting feature - their effects on the body depends on the concentration. Low dosage has a pronounced positive effect. In the same case, if the dosage of oil is too large, no effect, you will not wait. Moreover - in overdose often appear emotional excitement, nausea, tearfulness.

  • Water Treatments

If you are preparing for the baby a bath, do not add the essential oils directly into the water. Experts advise to dissolve the oil in half a cup of yogurt, skim milk or yogurt, or else in a tablespoon of honey. And only then dissolve itself in the bathroom. This measure ensures a uniform distribution of water in the essential oil. Thus the efficiency of the procedure will improve significantly.

  • Systematic

Do not expect an immediate effect - usually perceptible effect occurs only after two or three weeks, not earlier. And only on condition that all the procedures you will systematically lead, not just from the times.

  • Allergic reactions

Aromatic oils - the substance is very peculiar. Sometimes they can cause allergic reactions, even in a healthy baby, and sometimes can be successfully used to treat children who are prone to allergic reactions. Therefore perform a kind of pre-test for an allergic reaction - apply the essential oil on the wrist of a child, after dissolving it in water, in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Carefully observe the reaction of the child's body for two hours. If the child's behavior does not change, breathing trouble, and no skin redness or rash, allergic reactions in the child there. And you can safely experiment with aromatherapy.

  • Shelf life of essential oils

Always strictly follow the shelf life of essential oils - as a rule, this information is available on the packaging. The maximum number can be stored for essential oil - is two years. With the exception of citrus oils - grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and orange. These oils do not have to be stored for longer than one year. Using expired essential oils often cause allergic reactions.

So, let's look at all what kind of aromatherapy there. Of course, ideally, it should turn to a specialist, who will pick up the individual program of aromatherapy. But, unfortunately, such a possibility exists does not always and not at all. But despair not worth it all, we will tell you about the main types of treatment.


Aromatherapy very effective in the treatment of various infectious and colds - acute respiratory disease, SARS, runny nose, sore throat and other. In addition, essential oils can be a great preventative measure during seasonal epidemics of influenza. Moreover, this treatment can be carried out completely kiddies of all ages, including infants - no harm to their body will not.

For the treatment of colds need to use essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree - in this case they are the most effective. Citrus oils should also be avoided - they are absolutely useless in this case. Use essential oils as follows:

  • Baths

Prepare baby's bath as usual. In half a glass of milk or yogurt dissolve one of these oils and then pour into a bath of water and mix thoroughly. The duration of this bath - just 15 minutes, no more, no less. Baths should be carried out as long as the disease does not recede. And if the baths are held as a preventive agent, they need to conduct until the epidemic has not passed.

  • Inhalation

Inhalation can be carried out over three years old kiddies who are already able to understand your explanation. Inhalations follows - pour into a glass container of warm water, wherein the pre-dissolve one drop of any of these essential oils.

Ask your child to lean over a container, cover his head with a towel. Duration of inhalation - not more than 5 minutes. Such inhalations are especially good for treating existing colds, but also suitable for prevention. The duration of treatment - no more than five days.

  • Other ways

As a precaution, you can do an easier way. For example, place a large drop of oil on the mattress or pillow, or the clothing on the collar, if the child is older. Thus, the child will continue to inhale the vapors of essential oils.

 Useful aromatherapy for children


Digestive problems are relevant to so many children, of different ages. And these problems are starting almost from birth crumbs. Probably, it is very difficult to find a kid who could not faced with such unpleasant phenomenon of intestinal colic. Doctors say that the attack concerns about 95% of all children.

Over the centuries, parents have invented hundreds of ways to alleviate the suffering of their children - dill Vodicka, massage the abdomen, warm diaper. And today's moms and dads in the arsenal there is another very effective tool - aromatherapy. And in this case the parents come to the aid of chamomile oil.

For the treatment of intestinal colic chamomile oil can be used in two ways:

  • Warm pelenochka

Three cups of warm water, dissolve three drops of chamomile essential oil, soak small pelenochku. Fold the diaper several times, if necessary - if it is not warm enough - iron the iron. Strictly follow the temperature - we can not allow the burn tender baby skin.

Diapers put crumbs on his tummy and leave for about 15 minutes. Normally, intestinal colic passes almost instantly. But do not get carried away too much by this method - no more than once per day.

  • A warm bath

No less effective, and a warm bath with the addition of chamomile essential oil. The duration of such a bath - no more than 10 minutes. Do not feed the crumbs immediately after the bath, or intestinal cramps resumed very soon and with a vengeance.

Incidentally, chamomile oil well helps in the period when the crumbs teething - it relieves pain and normalizes sleep crumbs. Those moms who tried chamomile oil in the period of tooth eruption, in one voice say its positive impact.

Stabilization of the nervous system

Essential oils are very well stabilize the nervous system. Scarce or very bad sleep restless sleep? Try essential oils of peppermint and sandalwood. They can be added to the bath, and can simply be dissolved in a few drops of pure water glass. Put a glass of water at the head of the bed - and probably sleep the crumbs will be strong and serene.

If your child was in any - any stressful situation - for example, recently I went to kindergarten, or in the family has a new member, or the family to relocate, either in his school any problems - surely he will experience emotional instability.

But this problem can be solved entirely by using aromatherapy. It is best to use this lavender oil. Make child bedtime warm bath, which was dissolved in a few drops of lavender oil. Total weeks of such treatment, and the child's condition improved markedly.

In addition to the bath, you can use a special oil burner - but do not get too much abuse. Do not place the lamp in the room like a child longer than an hour. Remember, we have already talked about that too long the impact of essential oils on the body of a child can lead to the opposite effect.

If a special lamp you do not, you can do with improvised means. Prepare a small glass bowl - quite suitable glass. Put it in a few wadded disks, fill them with water so that it is almost all absorbed into the cotton pads. Then place a large two - three drops of lavender essential oil. All kind of aroma lamp is ready.


So, let's sum up. Firstly, before any use of essential aromatic oils you should consult with your doctor - a pediatrician. Second, be sure to always check the expiration date are strictly essential oils. Third, it is always based on your child - if you see that he manifested anxiety, signs of discontent or discomfort, stop aromatherapy. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that such cases occur very rapidly.

 Aromatherapy for Children

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